A Day In The Life Of A Gold Mark


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Date: 11/20/10
Location: Southern Hold, Gardens
Synopsis: Bowen and Cheusia's wedding, not exactly the perfect affair their parents may have wished for. The bride and groom weren't complaining though. Jarvys, Cheusia's father, was able to make an appearance thanks to L'han giving him a rider, as well as a surprise visit from Indira, and their new friend from Southern, Ermina, also joined in the revelry. Bo will find that Gold Mark before the night is out!
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Bowen

Bowen and Cheusia either chose the day well, or the day that the crafters, who were ordered to put a rush on all the various wedding details, finally were able to have everything done satisfactorily was a blessing. No Thread anticipated by the charts. The sun is out, though there are some white puffy clouds that herald the summer rain due in this late afternoon and evening. A nice little summer breeze threads through the gardens that have been secured for this purpose today. The gardens have been decorated rather simply, mostly due to the rush nature of this wedding because if the mother of the groom had her way, the place would be much more lavishly done up. Some seating has been provided to amount for maybe a dozen guests, including family, but considering the small turn-out that the bride and groom are anticipating for an event on such short notice, it’s entirely conceivable there are more ‘surprise’ guests than there is seating for. Despite this, no one is being turned away at the gardens. Folks are free to come and go as they please and if there isn’t enough seating, well, as far as the groom is concerned, they can just stand. The harper musicians are already playing a nice traditional melody for the upcoming nuptials as those who have been invited (and some who have not) begin to gather. The officiating Harper is going over some last minute information on a hide with Bowen. The groom looks decidedly pale and ill-tempered in his suit, though if it is the suit itself, or the Harper, or the words shown him on the hide, or even the impending wedding itself, he doesn’t voice it.

Bowen’s kin are all here as well, dressed in their finest, and fairly easily identified with similar looks to that of Eastern’s weyrtanner. His mother, Zeime, comes daringly close to a crimson dress of her own with a deep violet color chosen instead, just shy of wanting to show the bride up, apparently. However, the rest of Bowen’s family look more appropriately dressed. There are a few others milling about, crafters doing the final touches or polishing, and just people who knew and grew up with Bo wanting to be nosy.

Jarvys dismounts from the green dragon bringing him, and sniffs, gazing at the assembled crowd with narrowed eyes before heading toward the front of the group. This is his daughter's 'fasting day. He refuses to call it anything else, even in his mind. He has decided to wear traditional garb, dressing in Smith colors, so that he matches the red of his daughter. Not nearly so bright, however. He strides easily toward the front with the determination borne of dealing with years of apprentices, and waits to be noticed by the wedding party.

L'han also dismounts from the dragon, that being his Escaeth that ferried him and Jarvys to Southern Hold. After making sure she'll have whatever she needs while they're there, he follows Jarvys in staying a respectful distance behind the Mastersmith. He looks over the gardens giving a eye of approval before he looks back to the wedding party as well.

Whether Ermina was invited or not, the raven-haired kitchen worker was deliberately shirking duties so that she could show up. She wasn't kin to either bride or groom, but having had contact with them recently, she figures she should at least make an appearance, right? So, dressed in a simple floral print summer dress, her hair pinned up in curls and looking as if she had taken all day to get ready, she slips in quietly among those milling about and taking in the decorations with open interest. Of course, one can believe that all she sees and hears is getting reported right back to Lorayit back in Eastern, so she's making sure she's catching everything in progress. She doesn't look like a spy, nope. She just merely looks like she's meant to be there, her wide-eyed gaze almost in awe at those she sees dressed up and it's only then that she spots Bowen last.

Indira, hands smoothing over the simple, yet elegant teal blue affair she's chosen to wear, gives the brownrider that had given her a lift down to Southern Hold a browlifted look for some or other comment made and then head of elegantly coiffed hair up, heads directly to where the proceedings are being held. She has no escort and no close bond to either healer or tanner so she's here representing for the Weyr in her capacity as Headwoman right? Riiight. A warm smile goes L'han's way, an interested flick of eyes over Bowen's kin, a dip of head to Jarvys (even although she likely catches his back) and then she finally settles down into a place somewhere near Ermina. Dark eyes skipping and dancing across all those assembled, taking in every small detail as if she were going to write a report or something.

Surprise surprise! Cheusia's mother actually managed to get out to the wedding with her son, but there's no surprise that her husband hasn't showed his face around. They are settled towards the middle of all the seats, remaining rather hidden. Though it's when Jarvys is spotted that Usien does sit up a little straighter while her son then proceeds to badger her with whispered questions.

So much interest in such a humble couple, one of them not even a crafter. Zeime beams with unbridled pride, and then remembers how thrown together and last minute this shindig was. She frowns, worried about the growing numbers of guests and the lack of pomp and circumstance. She looks around. In fact, she probably spends more time looking around at the people and the decorations and the harpers and less time looking at the groom, her own son. But if any of Bowen’s family seem upset or surprised about this, they aren’t showing it. Finally, Bowen swears a string of curses at the Harper that would make a seacrafter blush and throws up his hands a little, “Fine. Whutev’r. Show me th’ hide ag’in though an’ I’ll be feedin’ ya m’fist.” The last managed to actually carry over the crowd as it is said right as the musicians conclude their music. Zeime shoots a look that could kill her son on the spot. Thank goodness the man doesn’t look in that direction. Instead he adjusts his cravat again for the umpteenth time. The Harper straightens and sputters a little at the threat but moves back to where his position at the center of the gathering, with Bo a few paces away now. It’s at this point that Bowen seems to notice the crowd a little more now. He blinks a bit at some of the faces, some her recognizes and others he doesn’t … L’han and the brownrider are both given a curious glance and a nod, but brief. Ermina a little longer a look and a nod in her direction. Eastern’s Headwoman is given an even longer look and one of mild startlement, but he nods to her as well. But the stoic tanner neither smiles nor frowns at seeing any of them. It is Jarvys on approach that captures his attention next with Bowen slowly moving his eyes across the Mastercrafter’s attire and general look and then the knot. He is anything but fast, even when he ought to be, and so it’s a few heartbeats that Bowen finally bows to Jarvys, offering, “Sir,” in politely mumbled greeting as he straightens. Perspiration is clearly visible on Bowen’s brow now if it wasn’t before. The harpers shift their music to something even slower and containing a suitable rhythm for a march.

Southern's Headwoman goes unnoticed by the Gemcrafter, though the whispers of Cheusia's brother catch his ear. Not content, of course, but the hissing sound of a person unable to whisper as softly as the situation dictates. His lips purse in a slight frown as he turns to see who is making such an annoying noise, and gazes directly at Usien for a moment, and his look is one of concentration as he attempts to recognize her. When he does, he's nearly embarrassed, or as embarrassed as Jarvys ever gets. Which, honestly, isn't much. He continues to move toward the front, studiously ignoring her, instead, focusing on their daughter and her intended.

When Bowen speaks nervously to him, he nods his head once, having already promised not to create too much fuss on this day, no matter his opinion of her choice. "Mmm, settle down, boy. I won't eat you." He gestures around and nods. "Simple and laid back. Nice." It's not clear whether he's expressing his honest opinon, or doing that 'nice' thing for Che's sake. "Where do you wish for me to sit?" If there's somewhere specific he needs to be.

L'han nods once Jarvys is apparently talking to Bowen for whatever…. whatever a estranged father does on his daughter's wedding day. Bowen's nod is given one in return before Indira's appearance gets a warm smile in return for the one she gave him as he approaches her, giving a nod to the brownrider that brought her. "Headwoman Indira… you're looking well." A bow of his head is given in deference to the woman before he adds, "Not exactly my idea of a good time, but since I get away from Landing so little these days, I thought I'd take advantage of getting away from there for today."

Ermina chooses one of the back seats to claim, a few of the guests getting her brief attention as she smoothes down the bottom of her dress. She could feel the tension in the room, that much was certain, so she was taking in both bride and groom's families as if trying to figure out where the tension was emanating from. She catches Bowen looking her way and she nods back to him with a bright smile, sending him a thumbs-up sign for luck. She could tell the man was nervous as it was. She did have a package for him to deliver back to the Weyr as well, but she chose not to bring it to the wedding. When Indira settles near her, she gives the woman a once-over with slight appraisal before she turns her attention towards the same people she sees Indira's looking towards - L'han gets a study when he approaches the woman and so does Jarvys, her eyes lighting on his shoulderknot with a thoughtful raise of her brow.

Amusement plays openly across Indira's features for the string of curses let out by Bowen, little more than a faint smile gracing her mouth in response to his startlement at her being there. Perhaps Max had asked her to attend and report back to him? Anything's possible. It's the interplay between Master Gemcrafter and bridegroom that catches her interest and then she's putting a smile onto the stranger seated near her, that being Ermina. In idle and apparently friendly notation, "Such a lovely day, isn't it?" She's talking about the weather right? Mmhm. And then with a curious glance over the raven haired woman for that thumbs up being sent forward, "Friend of the bride or groom?" Dark eyes capture L'han's approach and a brow goes up for his comment, studying him in silence for a moment. With a little lift of her chin, "You have a problem with commitment?" Odd choice of words.

It's the music shifting that is Che's que. Or, maybe she's just a tad early as not everyone is fully situated. Blame the nerves. The bright red is not easily missed as she approaches. It may also be fairly obvious she's done up far more than she would have liked as her hair is done a rather intricate bun, but the dress is simple despite how red it is. Grey eyes briefly begin to scan the gathering crowd, taking in all who are there. There's a pause, brief as she realizes both parents and her brother are present. This fact does briefly shatter the face of calm, and looking ready to flee for a fraction of a second before calm returns and she continues carefully on her path. She'll wait, though, for everyone to be completely seated before approaching her husband-to-be.

Bowen stares at Jarvys for another long moment. His mouth is closed, but his eyes definitely appear vacant for those few moments and unfortunately for Bowen he can’t claim a dragon has internally distracted him. Deer in glow-light? It really doesn’t help the weyrtanner to know that with the last he heard, Che’s previous beau, a full crafter, actually worked for her father at Landing. He’s quite certain Jarvys is silently comparing the two men and finding the simple tanner not quite measuring up. Bowen purses his lips a moment and then finally, eons later, speaks. “Right, thanks,” to not being eaten. That would really ruin the wedding night. Well … eaten by the new father-in-law that is. He darts a look around the front row of occupied chairs, leans over, grabs a cousin by the other man’s cravat and hauls him out of his chair with one hand, grabs the chair with the other hand and sets it down next to him, but more facing the Harper officiating, “Would dis be aw-right, sir?” His cousin shoots him a look that gets ignored and moves to stand in the spot the chair had just been in. “Much obliged ta yer comin’ t’day, sir,” Bowen thinks to add a heartbeat later, “I know that Che—“ and here he cuts off, blue eyes alighting on the woman he has asked to spend the rest of his life with in that beautiful gown… . stunning, captivating, glorious. In Bo’s mind, these are all descriptors that pale to the reality. His breath catches in his throat and his heart beating in his chest so loudly as to drown out the musicians as they continue to play. The officiator smiles to Che, but Bowen doesn’t, not at first, he is too stunned by the sight and by the reality of things playing out as they are. Then he remembers to breathe and that smile, warm and reassuring and loving, slowly curls his lips upward. Well, the man does take his time with everything after all. Bowen’s kin all stand one at a time as they each notice Che and her entrance, smiling at her. Zeime plays it up a little more with tears, but one can be reasonably certain they are tears born more out of a desire to have had a larger turn-out and more pomp and circumstance.

"I'm sure it will be acceptable." Jarvys' tone sounds like it's anything but. However, he does take the seat. He doesn't remember Che's previous beau, honestly, so the comparison is furthest from his mind. At this point, his musings are his own, as he's got a … fairly pleasant look on his face. However, it's not a moment after he's sat down that the others around him are standing, and Bowen's got that look. He stands again, turning, and sees his daughter dressed in gather-finery, and even beyond that. His face remains blank, but his eyes show a tiny bit of pride, something he can't seem to hide for long.

"I'm a dragonrider, Headwoman. It's not that I have a problem with commitment, it's just that I havn't found anyone willing to be my weyrmate knowing that they'll have to share me with others. Although I must say I kinda like that young teaching Harper…" L'han was watching Bowen and Jarvys and thus when they turn to look, he trails off to glance at Cheusia, giving a smile at the finely dressed woman. "She looks quite beautiful… I'm a little jealous of the groom, I think." He grins back to Indira before he just folds his arms and stands there, watching the bride go towards her beau.

Hands folding delicately in her lap, Ermina continues her silent study of the proceedings when she blinks towards Indira's comment on the weather and she blinks again before a wide smile falls in place. Of course, any double meanings she misses, truly believing the woman to be speaking on the weather. "Most definitely!" she cries her voice light as her eyes go towards the sky. "I hope it stays like this and doesn't rain!" It's with easiness that she answers the next, her gaze going towards Bowen before answering, "Recent friend of both," in such cheery tones that one could easily miss the meaning of her words. That was Ermina for you. "Are you?" asked in her roundabout way of trying to glean where the woman's from. She does catch that question for L'han though, the tone of it getting her interest until Che arrives and she quickly scrambles to her feet.

For some reason, the Headwoman's eyes narrow a little for L'han's response but what she chooses to say falls rather to his words on the bride, "Any man with eyes in his head would be." To other men feeling a twinge of jealousy round about then. Ermina's reply draws another curious glance but it's got a smile attached so likely means nothing. Maybe. A low chuckle and short shake of head, "I'm acquainted with them, but wouldn't say I know either of them very well." Which might beg explanation for why she's there in the first place considering she's given up wearing her knot for the event given that…it just didn't sit right with her attire. Indira's attention breaks away from the two she'd been holding brief conversation with and lands on Cheusia, taking in every detail of the bride's attire, from her footwear right up to how she's got her hair arranged. There's no criticism in that dark eyed gaze, the soft curve of her mouth washing away such impressions. Her smile warms into a strangely empathetic line when the poor girl looks for a moment to be set to bolt and then her attention drifts over to the awaiting groom. With Bowen so openly captivated at the sight of his bride, Eastern's Headwoman blinks a few times in quick succession. Her misty eyed? Never!

Cheusia first smiles to the Harper, fluttering and brief. It is nothing like the smile that settles on her lips when her gaze finally meets Bowen and the sight of his smile. Nerves and the like are thrown out completely, and with a certainty that the Healer has prided herself on, she pushes forward and walks to meet her love there. There's only a few breaks in her steady gaze, first to give her mother a small smile and then Jarvys another before full attention is forward and upon the Harper.

The officiating Harper, perhaps fearing that the bride will bolt and the groom will faint, motions the bride forward to get this on and over with, and then motions for those who stood to be seated. Bowen continues to stare openly at his bride, the smile remaining simple but genuine. All looks or conversation from the groom is left off. Jarvys? Who’s Jarvys? Indira? Huh? L’han and Ermina? Aren’t those the names of fancy mixed drinks? Whatever. His gaze remains riveted on the bride. Kayne looks to be grateful to be sitting down again though his attention is politely on his son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law, and Zeime fusses with her skirts as she retakes her seat, attracting some of the attention away, though obviously not most, and then finally settles.

”On behalf of the couple to be wedded here today …” the officiator pauses and looks at the hide in front of him a moment, “Uh, Bowen and Cheusia … thank you all for coming and bearing witness to this joyous occasion.” It’s at this point that he realizes that Bowen is still looking at Cheusia and not the officiating Harper himself, and so he snaps his fingers twice, finally getting Bowen’s attention, who frowns and flexes his hand once into a fist at his side, looking very much like a man who’d rather look at his bride and not the stuffed shirt doing the talking. “Whut?” the groom oh so eloquently says, “She’s plenty purdier than yer shardin’ sorry self.” Zeime’s face turns red with shame and she starts crying on her husband’s shoulder with Kayne patting her back with one hand while he watches the proceedings and takes a flask of whiskey out with the other, uncorks it with his teeth, letting the cork fall away with the chain, and then tilts his head back for a healthy draught. The Harper is a bit redfaced himself as he clears his throat and continues as if nothing happened, “Bowen, do you hereby pledge in front of all your friends and loved ones here today to love and cherish, Cheusia, honor her and protect her for the rest of your life as her husband?”

”Ayup,” Bowen says simply, and then looks back at Che. She was much easier on the eyes.

With a small sigh and a longing look for Kayne’s own flask, the Harper continues to Che this time, “Cheusia, do you hereby pledge in front of all your friends and loved ones here today to love and honor Bowen and his claim, and to bear only his children?”

The man is nonplussed. He blinks twice and frowns slightly. What? This is the man his daughter has chosen to live with until the Red Star falls on their heads? Riiiight. He looks between the two of them, considering saying something, but then catches the gaze of pure admiration on his daughter's face. Oh. Okay. Jarvys shifts his feet a little, still not completely comfortable with this, but he merely tucks his hands behind him in a parade-rest kind of stance, and keeps silent.

"Oh, I don't really know them all that well, either," Ermina is happy to admit despite saying earlier that she was a 'recent' friend of theirs. "Only met them a couple of sevendays ago." It's all said with a friendly smile, but then the wedding's starting and she's staring hard as Cheusia makes it down the aisle with open interest. She notes the look on Bowen's face when he sees his bride, the raven-haired woman's smile turning more warm as she leans forward a little to listen. She can't really see all that much of the wedding, her choosing to be in the back, but her moving about to see between two tall men standing in front of her is yielding some results.

If anything, Bowen's behaviour simply serves to deepen Indira's amusement, giving in an aside to Ermina, "Now there's a man who seems to know what he wants!" However, a dark roll of eyes does go the way of the weeping mother of the groom and she mutters under breath, "You'd swear he'd just dropped his trousers or something." And then she's putting a smile over to Ermina, presumably thinking her to have come across the two during wedding planning or something. With the officiating beginning, Eastern's Headwoman settles back in her seating, eyes drifting between bride and groom, only lighting once or twice back onto the red faced parents.

Cheusia is, at least, facing the Harper, though her attention is on the tanner beside her. Though really, only those close enough can see that look in her eyes and the twitch of her lips that may hint at smothered laughter. There's a soft cough before she composes herself and allows a bright smile to show. "I do." Her attention turns fully to Bowen, and she gives him a loving smile in response. If Che's mother has any reaction to it all? It's silent laughter.

With an expression that reads, ‘Just knife me now and be done with it,’ the Harper officiating turns his attention back to Bowen. The smile he had had in place for Cheusia vanishes. “Bowen, you may present your Golden Mark to Cheusia and ask her to be yours in your own … eloquent … words.” Zeime sobs. Kayne takes another drink.

”Che …” Bowen begins and then remembers to take the mark out, “Oh, wait.” He removes the mark and holds it up a little for all to see, including the officiator. Ooo. Shiny. Then turns a little to present it to Che only to fumble with it, drop it, and try to catch it with his other hand, only for it to bounce off his fingers and end up somewhere in Cheusia’s ample bosom. “Shit,” he says quietly. Bowen, not really thinking, starts to go digging for it and then remembers himself at the last minute. “Fuck,” his blue eyes sweep up from Cheusia’s cleavage (reluctantly) to her face, “Um.” The Harper facepalms with a sigh. Bowen just goes with it, “Well, y’already got th’ shardin’ thing somewhere in there,” he gestures to her bosom, “So, um, I love ya like I ain’t ev’r loved no oth’r. I t’ink yer the best shardin’ thing ta happen ta dis here galaxy, let ‘lone my life. Will ya be m’wife or not?”

By now, with Bowen's antics, Jarvys is embarrassed as well. He hides it well, but his cheeks have a bit of pink color, and his hands twitch behind his back in annoyance that he cannot snark at the man without messing things up considerably. He narrows his eyes, and inhales sharply, letting out his breath in a quiet hiss.

While everyone seems to be looking either nervous or embarrased for the proceedings going on, Ermina seems to be one of those few finding it all endearing. "Charming, isn't it?" she leans over in response to Indira's remark, her smile almost infectious before she's up on tiptoes to see. Not very tall this one, but she could hear very well and the vows get a twinkle in her eyes. How she loves weddings!

Dark blonde brows arch upward and it's all Indira can to do suppress a snicker when Bowen fumbles with that mark only to have it land up where it does. Her body shifts minutely, hands toying idly with the ends of the sash from around her waist twitching as if she might just start applauding the man's down to earth mannerisms and blatant lack of airs and graces. She doesn't however, simply grinning through a fond expression for the words he does finally manage to put together. The Master Gemcrafter's reaction, now that draws a little sniff from the Headwoman and a deprecating look to be sent his way. Stuffed shirt! Perhaps she should take him some of that moonshine Waine's been cooking up in the beast caverns when she gets back to the Weyr. Sort of a 'Congratulations' type thing. That'll put hairs on his chest! Those thoughts flirting through her mind leave an open smirk in their wake. Ermina's return draws another chuckle from the woman, "Thoroughly."

First reaction from the Healer is to stand completely still as the mark pops into her gown. Che looks ready to stop the tanner and then go for it herself, but is carefully restrained more for the fact that they're in public and people are watching. So the Healer only blushes a dark shade and smiles sweetly. "Of course." But note that she's not looking at her father, or mother, or his family. There's no pause, or waiting for the Harper to give the rest of his needed speech because her arms are instantly thrown around his neck and she's kissing him firmly. And who cares? Because really, Che didn't want a traditional wedding in the first place. But this works.

Clearing his throat, the Harper up front turns his attention with a carefully schooled expression to Cheusia, about to ask her if she accepts or not, in some fabulously long-winded and flowery way, and then the woman is saying ‘of course’ and throwing her arms around Bowen to kiss him. The Harper just tosses his hides behind him, “Fine. Kiss the bride,” too late buddy, “and I now pronounce you man and wife.” Meanwhile, Bowen is being thoroughly kissed and he is happy. He wraps his thick arms around her and tugs her in close, ignoring all else around them as he presses his mouth against her own. The musicians strike up some music while Zeime continues to weep and Kayne continues to pat her back indifferently and drink. Others applaud and some even yell and whoop and get up and go find the food and drinks. Bowen is still kissing Che, though, and the Harper officiating clears his throat and leans in to them, “My fee? I would like to get out of here now.” Not stopping the kiss, Bowen reaches one hand into his pocket and takes out a pouch, handing it off to him and then wrapping that hand around Che’s back and continuing the heated kiss once more. The Harper disappears, likely to find some place civilized to drink.

Ermina is not one to cry, so when Che breaks tradition and wraps her arms around Bowen, the raven haired woman is looking rather pleased by it. She claps along with the rest, finally stepping aside to let some folks by before she notes a lot of the guests heading for the drinks table. She wasn't as much into drinking at the moment as eating, and so she starts to head off to where the food is, careful to blend in among the colorful dresses as she exchanges a few words with those near her on how 'charming' and 'lovely' the ceremony was. Her usual exact words.

A laugh from Indira for the manner in which Cheusia greets her now husband's words and a smirk for the harper trying to get away as quickly as possible. Drinks. Now there's a stunning idea. Leaving Jarvys be for the meantime as he looks to be pre-occupied with something, she looks to be heading toward the parents of the groom, meaning to offer her and the Weyr's congratulations despite whether they may be wanted or not. She changes her mind in mid-stride however deciding to rather let the already drinking Kayne, deal with the weeping Zeime.

Poor Harper, but he gets no second thoughts from Cheusia. It's when she does need breath that she pulls away and smiles once more to Bowen. "Should go… Say hi to my father." Is said softly, and there's a glance towards those leaving towards the drinks. Both of her mother and brother have snuck away, but she doesn't seem to mind as she makes to take her husband's hand to lead him over to Jarvys.

The people of Bowen’s association seem to know how to party in very ho-down kind of fashion and that’s quickly the sort of music that gets requested by some of the very Southern guests as the celebration gets underway. He reluctantly pulls away from Che’s kiss, but nods, his smile fading and his adam’s apple moving with his swallow as she talks of saying hello to her father. Bo tugs again at the cravat uncomfortably with one hand, the other fit in Che’s hand as she leads him along to Jarvys. Bo gives his own parents a fleeting look along the way before nodding to Ermina and Indira as he passes. “Much obliged,” he murmurs to them for coming, and is whisked away to Jarvys.

Everything seems to be in order with whatever it is in the bag, as he slips it back into his pocket. Jarvys turns around just in time to see the newly handfasted pair heading his way. He takes a long draught of the drink, wincing slightly at the dry taste, and bracing himself for this conversation. "Cheusia." He hasn't ever given anyone nicknames. False names, yes. Nicknames, not so much. "Congratulations. I must say, I've never been to a handfasting quite as … unique as your own." The expression in his eyes wars between amused pride in his daughter, and pure horror at her mate's antics. "I have a gift for you." He reaches back into the pocket and pulls the small blue velvet bag out, and holds it out for her to take.

Ermina stays around the food table, chatting up a few of the guests as she grabs herself a plate to nibble off on. With the ceremony over she should be returning to the kitchens, but she lingers just a little bit longer. Once her plate is full she heads to the nearest table, settling down to quickly eat while keeping her eye on anyone that looks like they'll be trying to haul her back to work.

Let it never be said that Indira doesn't enjoy a good party, for soon she's carrying on light conversation with a few of the Southerners, no food, but a drink in hand. If asked to dance, she'll likely kick her heels up and happily join in until the wee hours of the morning.

Cheusia gives Bowen a reassuring smile, her hand gripping his tightly to give him more support. "Sir." Because it's still weird to say father and weird to call him by his name. "Thank you, sir. We like unique, I'm glad you could make it." Her smile says so as she speaks. The mention of the present has her lifting her brows and then nodding. "Thank you, sir." The velvet bag is taken with grace and she makes to peek curiously inside it before peeking at Bowen. Then the guests are all considered, checking to see who they should speak with next.

Inside the bag is a yellow gold chain with a pendant on it. Without pulling it out, it's hard to see what the pendant is like, but it appears to have a brightly polished topaz as the centerpiece with some gold filigree around it and on its face. There's some sort of pattern to the filigree, but it's not visible without further inspection.

Jarvys nods and gives a wry snort. "You're quite welcome. Have a pleasant afternoon." He cannot resist quirking an eyebrow, perhaps being the first to make a joke on their behalf. "I shall still attempt to visit you on my trips over…" Status quo is good. He watches her attention wander, and nods quickly. "I shall let you continue your customary mingling. I need to do something similar myself." There is a tightening of his expression, and he gives her another nod, this one deeper, this one in farewell.

Bowen nods a bit more respectfully to Jarvys than the nod he’d give another crafter. He’s already bowed to the man, so leaves off that again, not much on the notion of laying it on too thick. “Sir,” he says in echo to Che, “Thank you.” And then again as Jarvys hands over a pouch, “Thank ya kindly,” in that drawl of his before his attention returns to Cheusia as she looks at him. He smiles at her, and then lets her lead the way, wherever she wants to go.

Of course, Ermina gets spotted. One of the kitchen workers helping with the food comes near her and the raven haired woman's rolling her eyes and getting to her feet. As much as she wanted to talk to the married couple before she left, time was just not on her side. "At least let me bring my plate," she's hissing at the hefty woman heading back towards the Hold proper with flying skirts and a linger look towards those present.

The necklace in the bag is carefully removed, more for her to examine the finer details. Grey eyes find her father and she gives a thankful smile and carefully slips it back into the bag. There is no doubt that Cheusia will be wearing it later. "Thank you.. Father." And then, with that she is carefully angling them to take care of the formalities before they can slip away for some privacy.

Jarvys is walking merrily away, and stops cold, hearing that word from his daughter's lips. He slowly turns around to regard his progeny thoughtfully before he too continues on his way, blinking slightly more often than is his norm. It's dust. Yeah. That's it.

Bowen just wants to get his wife out of that dress, gorgeous as it is. I mean, he lost a gold mark in there somewhere. It needs to be found, right? It really needs to be found. And so, he will distractedly follow Che along to meet and greet those who came and celebrated, but keep it all short and sweet, which is easy for the normally quiet and awkward tanner to do, and then eventually, he will gladly slip away with Che later for some of that … privacy. There’s a gold mark loose in a brassiere, and it needs rescuing! Hubba hubba!

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