A Delivery


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Date: 10 April 2011
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lower Caverns
Synopsis: Nenienne delivers Teallan's commissioned jewelry to her.
Rating: G
Logger: Nenienne

Set up for use as both a massive storage area and an everyday workspace, the Lower Caverns is a single, high-ceiling room that has been blocked off into several smaller 'rooms' for different work that needs to be done. This space seems to be used by crafters and non-crafters alike, general purpose business day-to-day dealings for the weyr that don't require a specially smithed room, like the laundry area. A single hallway that loops around with both exits connecting to the Lower Caverns leads to the residential section of the weyr.

It's well after lunch and dinner is a ways off at the Weyr. Children are out of classes for the day, and the lower caverns are buzzing with activity, mostly Crafters crafting. Neni arrives, carrying three plain but intriguingly-shaped wooden boxes, and looks around purposefully.

Enjoying her time to relax before she's busy again, Teallan is seated at one of those work tables, bent over some papers. From time to time, she plucks at strings on a small lap harp she keeps awkwardly balanced upon her legs, but largely seems focused on the notations she's making. A new song, likely.

Nenienne notices Teallan and heads over toward her. When she arrives, she says a quiet "Hello," to alert the other journeyman of her presence.

Teallan mumbles something in reply, remaining bent over her work. It's a long moment or two before she looks up, after jotting down a few notes. "Oh! Hello. Sorry, I was suddenly struck by inspiration and felt I ought to use it."

Nenienne nods awkwardly. "I can come back later if you would like," she offers.

Teallan shakes her head, sitting up straighter as she moves the lap harp to its case nearby. "No, no. It's quite alright. I'm at a good stopping point now."

Nenienne nods gravely, then says, "Good, because I have something which will hopefully keep your attention for a while."

Eyebrow raises slightly as Teallan regards Nenienne. "Oh?"

Nenienne, without further ado, holds out the boxes. One is a long and thin rectangle, one is small and square, and the third is somewhat larger than the second but not as long as the first, not quite a square.

Teallan blinks a few times, as if confused, before it dawns upon her: "Ah! The jewelry? How did it come out?" She likes to get the opinion of the person that made it; it's always a good marker of how things are.

Nenienne says, "I think it came out quite well. The metal on the bracelet is strong despite the punched out filigree, the chain on the necklace gave me refreshingly little trouble, and the Miner who cut the briolettes found two which match very nicely for the earrings."

Teallan beams briefly, setting the boxes on her work table to open them. "Wonderful! I'm glad it didn't give you much trouble. I felt it might have been a bit of a hefty order, but… One isn't promoted every day and I was given a fair stipend by my parents to make the order."

Nenienne looks on, her expression at once nervous and hopeful, as Teallan opens the boxes.

When the boxes are opened, they reveal four pieces of jewelry. The long thin box houses a cuff bracelet made of silver, with a filigree pattern punched out along the center. In the middle of the bracelet is a pear-cut blue-purple zoisite. The small box contains two earrings, both very well-matched blue-purple zoisite stones in a briolette cut, the top part encased in filigree caps which matches that of the bracelet, but finer. The final box contains a necklace with a linked-loop chain, holding another filigreed cap which cups a third briolette of zoisite. The necklace's stone is slightly larger than those of the earrings, and is ever-so-slightly less saturated in color.

Teallan picks up each piece in turn, holding it up to the light to get a better look in the dim caverns. She smiles warmly upon seeing them, glancing past the final piece (the necklace) to Nenienne. "You are truly an artist of your craft," she praises, genuine. "They're perfect."

Nenienne's apprenhension melts away, though she doesn't quite smile. Her tone is modest as she says, "Thank you. I'm glad they meet with your approval."

Teallan replaces the lids on the boxes; unwilling to leave the jewelry to the elements of the workroom for too long. "How much remains in what I owe you? I don't have the order with the numbers right here with me."

Nenienne came prepared. She pulls out a hide with all of the calculations, including the amount of the deposit and the amount left over, and hands it over to Teallan.

"Excellent!" Teallan grinds briefly at Nenienne and looks over the hide. With a brief nod of approval, she sets it and the last lidded box down. "I'll be right back with that." She disappears deeper into the caverns and thus to her room before returning with a small pouch in hand. It sounds unmistakably of marks. This she holds out to the smith woman. "It's all there, including extra. You did such great work."

Nenienne does manage a smile at the last. "Thank you!" she exclaims, taking the pouch and pouring the marks into her hand, then into her pouch without even counting. She hands the empty pouch back wordlessly.

Teallan accepts the pouch and tucks it away. There are certainly enough marks to cover the bill and then some. Not a huge tip, as it were, but decent. Especially for being on top of the order price. "If I should have need of jewelry again, I will certainly think of you."

Nenienne nods, once again grave, and says, "Thank you," again. Then she turns to leave, heading toward her room.

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