A Name


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Date: July 16, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Baths
Synopsis: Zen finally finds out Andi's name, and receives a promise that she's not sent anyone out to hurt him.
Rating: PG
Logger: Andi

Eastern Weyr: Baths
Underneath the upper set of hatching sands, this cavern is fairly large in size, though it is dwarfed in comparison to others nearby. A natural hot spring, the steamy water has been diverted into one large pool - capable of holding about twenty odd people - and several smaller ones around the edges. Shelves have been set up along the northern wall, lined with different scents of bathing salts, sweetsands and oils. Under the shelves are benches where folk can dress and undress. Even given the tropical nature of the climate, this is still one of the most popular places in the weyr.

After her little encounter with the muddy lake shore, Andi spent some time composing herself, before a long trip to the laundry had her carefully working the mud out of the skirts, and its only after those are carefully taken care of and hanging to dry that she turns to her own self. Settled up to her neck in the water, her hair is piled on her head, and she's happily trying to ignore the others there in the baths, though there is still a shadow of mud on her face.

Merendezen is walking into the bath at his oh so leisurely pace. The man, surprisingly or not so much, is covered in mud once more, more so than before. Clothing has been abandoned long before and he enters with only a towel on. His examination of the pools leads green eyes to find Andi, first and he approaches. "There's mud on your face little one." But he's polite and doesn't join her pool, instead he joins a few other ladies and makes quiet, but flirty, conversation with them. The woman giggle and blush prettily and he basks in the attention.

Andi really, really was enjoying her bath, soaking in the warm water, and letting it wash away the caked-on mud that had covered her lower arms and legs. That is, until there's that voice, and her eyes are snapping open hurriedly, and her relaxed pose hurriedly disappears, her legs pull up towards her chest, and her arms hurriedly pull across her torso, glaring at him. But then, he's moving on and she's slowly uncurling again, though her eyes still dart towards the man and the other ladies hesitantly. Just keeping an eye on him.

Merendezen tilts a look back to Andi, "there's still mud." A gesture to his face in the general vicinity of where the mud is located on her before he's taking a single woman from the pool and tucking her under his arm. He smiles, leaning in to whisper something in her ear and generally ignoring Andi's presence as he's been helpful already.

Andi mutters something, and shakes her head, turning around in the pool to settle her back to the group, rolling her eyes a little as he pulls a woman under his arm, shaking her head again. And then, when she's determined that he's not looking, she's lifting a hand to rub at her face, trying to wash away the last of the shadow, before she glances back at the pool again. "Really?" She comments a bit more loudly than she probably needs to, turning back to the pool.

"Can't hear you muttering to yourself, little one!" He calls, tauntingly before attention does remain away from her and his gaze is off of her. He continues whispering softly to the woman under his arm, who giggles softly before the other two women chip into the conversation briefly. And when Andi speaks, his head drops back and he gives her a questioning look. "Really what, little one? Do you finally have something to say?"

"Can't you… go somewhere else and do that?" She hisses, glancing over her shoulder at them again, her eyes quickly being averted once more as they hesitate on the group, and the young woman under his arm in turn. And she turns back, sinking a little lower into the water in turn, hastily trying to push her hair back up on top of her head in turn as it threatens to fall. "Honestly." She says softly to herself, the words actually being whispered into the water as she blows bubbles.

"Afraid not, little one. I'm quite the mess and she was just offering to wash my back." So Zen can stare pointedly at her, if he so pleased. The position is shifted and the washing of his back commence and green eyes do linger on the other woman or just somewhere in her general area.

"Filthy man." Andromeda hisses at him without making any move to turn around, in fact shutting her eyes, squeezing them to keep out any temptation to turn and stare. Her hand lifts to rub at her face again, still rather self conscious that there may still be a spot. Eyes slit open, but then are quickly shut again as a young man goes wandering by in a towel, causing a soft sigh from Andi.

"Indeed. I was working out in the mud, so I am quite filthy. So, having my back washed is greatly appreciated." Zen chuckles softly, eyes closing pleasure as his back is washed by random nameless woman. "I haven't actually learned your name, little one, if you're going to go on with this hate of me, I might as well know that."

"Not what I meant." She says softly, face flushing even as she said it, lifting a hand to the side of her face, fingers curling around her face to further shield her eyes. "What.. What does it matter to you?" She pipes up, protest soft, though, and voice starting to quiver just a little bit.

"Then you should be more specific and literal when you speak, otherwise I'll continue to misunderstand you." Zen chuckles as her cheeks flush and he leans back into the woman's hands. "I make it a habit of knowing who hates me, darling. How else will I know who sends men to break my fingers?"

Andi makes no comment back to Zen's smart remark, though a close look would betray a slight shake to her shoulders - a shake that cannot be claimed to be a shiver given the hot water in which she sits. "I.. I'd never.." She stammers hurriedly at his suggestion of broken fingers, hurriedly shaking her head as she swivles to stare across the intervening distance into the next pool, and Zen and his ladies.

Merendezen lifts a single brow, but says nothing to her shivering, simply remaining leaned back as a massage is given. "Don't lie, sweetheart, you've considered it… Sending one of your brother's after me because I hurt your feelings by being truthful." His eyes move to find hers, intent on locking with them and remaining unwavering. "And you'd sit back and watch because you would like to see me take a beating, wouldn't you?"

"Never." She says vehemantly, shaking her head, and the total honesty in her voice hopefully leaving no doubt as to the total and honest truth of her words. "Never.. I.. I would never even -think- that." She says softly, looking a little hurt that he could even have suggested it, her gaze darting away on an innocent spot on the ground somewhere between them.

Merendezen gives her a look, a brow lifting. "Really?" He questions with a cool tone before green eyes close. "And, you stutter. But, little one, I'll believe you if you tell me a name, yes? A fair trade, I think…" And then, he pulls away from the other woman to rest against the ledge, arms folding and his chin resting there. "I would sic someone on me if I wasn't me."

"Really.." Andi says again, sighing softly as she turns and sinks back into the water, tilting her head back to rest it against the edge of the pool, trying her best to ignore him. But, it seems that his continued pressure is doing its job, for while there's a long moment of silence, there's eventually a name given. "Andromeda."

Merendezen stares thoughtfully at the woman as she states her innocence once more, and patiently waiting for the name to follow. "Well met, little Andromeda. Thank you." And then, he turns away and back to his waiting women.

Andi soaks a little more, and with one more glance over her shoulder at Zen, she shakes her head, closing her eyes for a moment before she's scooting to climb out of the pool in a moment of distraction and grab her robe, fleeing without another word or a backwards glance at the young man and his gaggle of girls.

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