A Splashing Introduction


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Date: July 7th, 2011
Location: Landing: Cove
Synopsis: Rhyviel meets up with Gaelene for the promised picture, and winds up in the water with the pod.
Rating: G
Logger: Gaelene

The soil gets softer and sandier as one wanders closer to the cove to the north of Landing proper, eventually simply turning into low dunes of patches of long grass that is often whipped about by the wind coming off the water. A cart path leads away from the road through the low dunes and to the beach proper where the water laps in an easy, gentle rhythm on most days when there are no storms. The beach of the cove winds in a wide curve, allowing both swimmers and those seeking to fish from one of the piers able to enjoy both at the same time without crowding one another. The main pier stretches from one of the taller and more substantial dunes all the way out into the deeper waters of the cove while a few shorter piers branch off on either side to allow for small boats to moor.

It's just after lunch on a clear, warm day, which means that Gaelene is out in the cove, swimming with the shipfish. Quite literally, in fact, since Dare is pulling her through the water as she holds onto his fin. Gael is laughing and has an expression of sheer bliss, and the other dolphins are squeeing, splashing, and otherwise joining in on the fun.

"Don't have to add you to my book of liars then!" Laughter threads through the bright voice that rings out through the cove, Rhyviel out on the main pier, the skirts of her dress and her hair ruffled by the breeze from over the water. "Aren't you going to introduce me?" she calls to Gael, smiling and shielding her eyes with one hand from the glare of the sun.

Gaelene shouts something, presumably to the young dolphin, because he changes course and heads toward Vee. Gael is wearing a one-piece bathing suit in green, looking unlike any natural fibers since it could almost be called shiny. With an exhuberant smile, Gaelene says, "Hell, Vee! Meet Dare — hes the first dolphin who talked to us. Dare, this is Vee. She's the one Fedren drew the picture of you for." Dare, for his part, whistles "Hello, Vee!" and is echoed by the rest of the pod.

As Gael and the dolphins approach, Rhyviel hunkers down and parks herself on the edge of the peer, legs dangling over its edge. "Hello, Dare," she greets with a broad smile, lowering the strap of her satchel from her shoulder. "Hello, everyone!" is added for the rest of the pod, her expression caught between delighted and ever so slightly bemused. "Nice day for it. I guess this means the picture is done then?"

Gaelene nods, grabbing a nearby towel and carefully drying off before she heads over to a flat stone with a satchel on it. She pulls out a piece of paper with a nicely-shaded pencil-drawn dolphin on it. "He said to say he hopes you like it," she confides as she hands it over. "And thank you."

Rhyviel murmurs her thanks as she accepts the drawing, charmed by it in some fashion, or seemingly so by the faint smile she sports. "It's a good likeness," she utters quietly, glancing up and over at the dolphins nearest. She even turns the piece of paper to show them it, as if asking for their opinion. It's soon carefully rolled up and stowed in her satchel, the once-harper's gaze drifting between Gaelene and the water. "So, is it an exclusive club or can anyone come swim?"

Gaelene notices Dare out of the corner of her eye and says, "No splashing. The picture will run if the paper gets wet." Dare makes a sound which equates to "Aw, you're no fun", but doesn't splash. Gael grins and says, "If you don't mind being splashed, you're welcome to. They do like to play, though."

"I think I can live with splashing and playing," Rhyviel answers, sending a wink the girl's way before she moves her satchel just a little further from the edge of the pier for safety. Standing, she pulls her grey dress over her head, leaving her in her trousers and vest, boots unlaced and kicked off soon after. What was that about splashing? 'Cause into the water she goes, with, yep, a heck of a splash.

The dolphins squee approvingly, giving as well as they get. A few go into deeper water to show off, tail-walking and doing flips, while a ring of dolphins forms around the newcomer. Gael wades back into the water and joins in the splashing, which gets her majorly splashed in return by the ring acting in unison to create a huge splash.

The dolphins squee approvingly, giving as well as they get. A few go into deeper water to show off, tail-walking and doing flips, while a ring of dolphins forms around the newcomer. Gael wades back into the water and joins in the splashing, which gets her majorly splashed in return by the ring acting in unison to create a huge splash.

Surfacing, Rhyviel drags her curls from her eyes and splutters a laugh, the sound increasing in volume as the dolphins team-up to splash Gael. She reaches out to gently smooth hands against the nearest of the pod, murmuring something that earns her a quiet squee and a click in response. "Do the computers mention this lot?" she asks Gael, ducking to try and evade a splash before she throws one back at the dolphin culprit.

Gaelene hmmms, then says, "I forget what I've found since last time I saw you. Everything is happening so quickly. Did I already tell you that the dolphins came over in the first crossing, and they slept like the humans on the trip? Not this pod; dolphins don't live forever like firelizards seem to."

"No, you didn't," Rhyviel replies, sinking right down in the water so that she's up to her shoulders in it. "Is it all on the computers then? All the information about the crossing and the dolphins and… everything?" Cue the twenty-four turn old trying not to sound or look too excited about information she'll probably never get her hands on.

Gaelene begins treading water, which causes all of the dolphins to stop splashing at her, and may well be a signal. "It's hit and miss, really," she says. "A lot of what I'm reading about dolphins we can verify just by watching them. But a lot of times when we try to find out stuff about the crossings, it simply doesn't know or says some really odd things. I think we got lucky with dolphins since it was static information in the data banks rather than interactive."

The blonde dips beneath the surface briefly pops back up again smiling, though the expression begins to fade as she thinks. "Is there no way I can access to the data banks? No ridiculous hidework I can fill out and get stamped by someone important?" Rhyviel muses aloud, shaking her head a little. "Or maybe…" Her gaze turns to the dolphins, but she doesn't utter that thought aloud.

Gaelene ponders, then says, "Mostly the problem is that Traditionalists have tried to sabotage the computers. You could maybe appeal to the Master Computerer, or maybe just hang around and get to know the Computerers, and maybe they would let you on the terminals, at least." At that point Dare nudges Gael and whistles "Classtime!" Gaelene looks up at the sun and thanks Dare, then says regretfully, "I need to get back to class now. Feel free to stay in the water if you want — I'm sure they'll be happy to talk to you."

"Not really a Traditionalist, me," Rhyviel says dryly. As Gaelene makes to head off to class, she throws a mock-salute her way and grins, which earns her another splash from dolphin quarters, for some reason. "Thank you for your help," she says sincerely, amusement edging her tone. "Work hard!" Stay in the water? Yes, she will. And get splashed some more, before she tries to go extracting dolphin histories from the pod.

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