A Traditional Search



Also Appearing: Aadi & brown Torcoth and Lenia and blue Orralth

Date: July 28, 2010
Location: High Reaches Hold: Courtyard (aka Sandbox!)
Synopsis: The young people of HRH stand in a line. The dragons sniff. Trouble starts to brew.
Rating: PG
Logger: Bast

High Reaches Hold. One of the coldest places on Pern, at least during the winter time. However, as it's the middle of summer, it's hot. Not so hot as to be unbearable, but just hot enough that the riders riding on Search from Eastern shed their outer jackets rather quickly. Four riders land in the courtyard, their dragons caling their identification to the watchdragon.

Having landed, the four riders dismount. The Steward, clearly expecting them, gives them a cool welcome, and directs them to a portion of the courtyard that is a bit shadier than the rest. Two drudges also step out of the hold proper, bringing the riders cool drinks and sweetrolls as hospitality. Never let it be said that Lord Skarel was unhospitable.

Lenia dismounts from blue Orralth, and gives her greeting to the steward. "Fair day, sir. We ride in Search, as we have said. Are you prepared for our arrival?"

"Of course!" The thin, lanky steward's reply is somewhat terse. "I would not be out here in the heat during this part of the day, were we not expecting you." And he leads them toward a line of young men and women who stand nearby.

Keeping watch from one of the many walls that the Hold has, is one of many clad in the dark motley of High Reaches. Leaning heavily on a spear, he idly watches the courtyard, finding the line up of men and women to be somewhat interesting-well more interesting than the skies, or boundaries of the stone walls and the cotholds beyond. A lick of his lip and there's a turn as a knotted Master at Arms passes by and he is quick to turn his gaze back out to the outlying lands.

Sometimes this job can be boring, and for Jaret-this is one of those times-that is till the sounds of bugling come out and there's a turn of his head Four dragons come riding in. Of course this is not his first time to see a dragon-since the Weyr is so close-however the occurrence of folks being lined up and the dragons is new. He's not seen a search before-well. He's not had courtyard duty when a search is going on, let us say. "Smyck." called over to the other guard who is nearby. "Get a load o' this."

Lenia nods, and pulls out her hide from her pocket. One thing that hide does have over paper is reusability and toughness. She only needs to put her other hand underneath it. "Ok. So." She smiles. "Here's how I want to do it. Our dragons will walk up and down the row. We'll write down your names…." She turns, talking to her blue. "What, Orralth? What's the problem?" She frowns. "Oh, right. That might be an issue. Ok. So, we'll get all of your names, then we'll do the other. Our Weyrwoman will send letters to your Lord Holder requesting your presence, should we find any suitable folk."

Both guards keep their eyes down on the courtyard, since the Master At Arms has already passed by. One hand staying on the stone-warm to the touch, the other half heartedly grasping his speer, Jaret keeps an eye on the weyrwoman who is out getting names. A glance back to the older guard, before he's shrugging. 'Don't know why they need to write stuff down eh? Don't they usually jus' go ahead an pick em an leave?" A bit of a stiff nod from Smyck before Jaret's looking back. "I wondr what makes folks all pickable. is it like they got good legs, so they can cling on more, or err big arms?" A pause long enough to spit over the edge. Hopefully, though not on anyone- before he's bringing up his hand to wipe across his jaw. "Shards it's bloody hot."

The brownrider - the one who hasn't yet dismounted from her dragon - glances up to the two men on the wall and scowls. With a thought to her lifemate, the two of them are suddenly airborne. Powerful brown wings beat several times, holding the dragon in the air. This rider may or may not be familiar to the guards; she's one of High Reaches get, come to make sure this all goes smoothly. "You two lugabouts had better get your sorry arses down t' the ground level an' stand right for these Southerners or I'll come up there and drag you down m'self. Understand?" There's a look about this fiery redhead with the bright green eyes that says disobeying her would probably not be a good thing.

Lenia begins taking down names, and pauses as the brownrider takes off. "Is everything alright there, Aadi?" Lenia checks back to Orralth to make sure she's gotten that right. His whuffle is all the confirmation she needs. While waiting, she grabs one of the drinks from the trays that have been set aside, and sips on it slowly. Best part of the whole thing, she thinks.

The Steward merely thins his lips as he looks over to the brown and then back up towards the walls to the two hooded apes peering down like idiots to the proceedings. A cough and he is calling out. "Jaret, Come down." Smyck on the other hand-is not called down, it seems. With that a look is passed to the bluerider. "My apologies, Dragonlady. I had not thought our own guardsmen would be needed."

With the call from the Rider, Jaret's holding his jaw in a tight line beneath his hood. "Women on browns…" Or women in the fight-seems to be the lad's meaning. Still, when the Steward calls-he obeys. Passing his spear to the other guard, Jaret is quick to make for the small, windy staircase that will eventually bring the guard out into the courtyard.

"Steward." said with a curt nod, as Jaret has yet to pull back his hood. One hand resting on the short blade at his side, as he makes for the end of the line. Taking a slouched pose, the guard is there..Somewhat.

She may not have heard the exact words, but she knows that attitude; she knows it well. Her brown, echoing her fury, bugles his discontent to the skies after landing. It's only the work of a moment for Aadi to clamber down off his neck and once she has, the woman is striding down towards the end of the line where Jaret stands. "If you've got a problem with me or Torcoth, guardsman, you'd best be sayin' it now, outright. In the open, so I can kick your arse to Belior an' back for bein' such a tight-brained idiot."

Orralth gives a responding bugle and then settles back down, clearly amused by the whole thing. Something he's said to his rider makes Lenia laugh, and she does so, shaking her head. "You know it, Orry." She sighs, and returns to writing names down on the list. It takes her a few moments to get all the names down. "Alright." She stops in front of Jaret. "We'll start on this side, since I'm here." She grins over at her new friend, or who she considers a new friend. "Don't you think?"

There's a look over towards Aadi for a moment as he keeps his hand where it is, no matter how close the rider intends to get. "You say that as if it's a bad thing, Rider." And here is where Jaret should clamber his voice down and mind his tongue however, that has never been Jaret's strong point. Specially when he feels insulted. "Just cause am not a rider, doesn't make my station beneath yours." never mind it does. "We put our necks on just the same, rider. But yeah- you wanna know." And there eyes are looking right into the path of dragonlady. "It's with you-not your bloody dragon. It's You-" However before Jaret can get into anymore of his diatribe, he is looking to Lenia before him. "Huh?" and a glance to the hide in her hands. "What do you need?" So he can get this over with and get back on his wall.

"There's not a thing in th' world wrong with bein' a guard. Keeps th' rest of folk safe from themselves." Aadi has no problem with being a guard. "With me?" Aadi takes another step closer, darting her shoulder around Lenia to keep from knocking into the other rider. "What have I ever done to you, boy? I've never harmed you or your kin, never even said a thing against 'em. Only thing I can think of that I've done is end up sprawled on by a big brown hatchling while we was a-waitin' for the gold egg t' hatch, an' that's no more my fault than Thread is." She narrows her eyes at him, then. "So I'll ask you again, guardsman. You got a problem with me?"

"Now, Aadi. Man's got a problem with you, we can deal with it. After we let these others go." Lenia's smile is nearly as feral as Aadi's own expression, and she tilts her head. "Now. Guard. Just stand still and be quiet. Let our boys do the rest." She waggles her eyebrows a bit, knowing the color of her dragon seems to bother these types some. She steps back, and Orralth steps forward, staring down at the man for a long moment before moving along and doing the same thing to the next one.

"Did I stutter? You bloody come in here an pull me from my job-an then ask why I would have a problem with you?" For him it's being ordered around as if someone wasn't even in the scope of command. Well, that and she is a woman. "I'm sorry, that I got a duty to perform besides being sniffed at by your bloody dragons." Jaret, growls out before he's looking to Lenia-and then up to the blue that comes over and stares at him. And he, of course stares right back, before there's a look back to the bluerider once the dragon has moved on. "Can I go now?" Hell why is he even asking?

Aadi steps back and lets Orralth do his thing, her own snapping green eyes never leaving his face. "You had to come down off your high tower for less than a quarter of a candlemark, you sharding arse. Now get back to your post before I do mess up that face of yours." And with that, Aadi's stalking back to lean against her brown and watch the rest of the proceedings with an incredibly foul-tempered stare.

Lenia silently makes a tick on her hide beside the guard's name and snickers softly at Orralth's running commentary. She follows behind the dragon, marking or crossing each, trying to hide which need letters and which don't. "When we pass you, go ahead and return to your duties. We'll send letters to those responsible for you asking for permission. If you don't have another way, we'll come back up and grab you. Your superiors will know how to reach us." This usually means firelizard or communication via watchdragon. She gets back up to the young girl at the front of the line, gives her a small smile, and then returns to where her drink is, emptying it before continuing. "Thank you all for coming. Go on, then." She looks over the list, and checks it twice… then, as one has been naughty, she goes to approach the steward with her concerns.

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