A Woman Scorned


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Date: 2010.09.24
Location: EW - Lower Caverns
Synopsis: Indira, smarting more than a little from what she believes to having been scorned by someone else, takes it out on Lorayit when he refuses to be cowed by her tongue and uses him as a quite literal, punching bag.
Rating: PG18 - Language, some violence and adult innuendo
Logger: Indira

Mid-morning finds the lower caverns quiet with most off to tending to their duties and those that had worked nightshifts, such as glow-tenders, now taking their turn to sleep in the dormitories. Indira is taking the lull in activity to do an inventory in one of the smaller rooms being used as a make-shift ‘library’. Assuming herself unlikely to be interrupted, the Headwoman is in a most un-headwomanly pose of currently sitting cross-legged in the middle of the floor with a whole slew of hidebound books stacked about her. She appears however to be thoroughly absorbed by a book she has open in her lap rather than the inventory she’d started out taking.

In comes Lorayit. Even though the gardeners should be out and about tending the very gardens and fields that he's suppose to be doing, the young man is intent on taking a lazy stroll right through the lower caverns as if he had no other destination to go. That is, until he spots the familiar form sitting right in his path to the other side, hands in pockets shifting as his strides slow down to a stop before her. Blue eyes takes in the hidebound books around her with interest, then he makes his presence known. "What's a classy lady like you doing on the ground?" With that heavy pause on the end, it's likely he was stopping himself from tacking on another statement that was probably inappropriate. His tongue is bitten. The smile probably heard more than seen, "Need any assistance?" he offers, because Lo has never been one to not be a gentleman to a lady in need. Even when his help is not needed.

So captivated is she by whatever it is she’s reading, Indira visibly starts when Lorayit speaks. The book snapping shut and an entirely guilty look flashing across the woman’s features. She’s also very quick to slip said book into a pile amongst the others in the hopes of trying to hide its title, which would point to it being a romance novel. “Working,” she gives a little too snappishly amidst all this, probably already dying a thousand internal deaths. With a haughty lift of chin, the tousled blonde sends a pointed look up to the gardener, “Which is what you should be doing.” Yes, let’s just push all the focus onto him and then maybe he’ll forget what he might have seen.

Since the book has Indira's attention, Lo is far too nosy not to ignore it. He's looking to see what he could of it before it gets snaps shut, spying out the guilty look on her face with one of interest showing up in his easy own. Since he definitely catches the title of the book before she slips it away, "Headwoman!" he cries, making a show of being taken aback in his mock-chatisement. To fill out this drama, he even puts a hand to his chest. "You have a unique way of /working/, my dear," he drawls, crouching down to get to her eye level with amusement laced in it. And no, he's not falling for the pointed look at all, for all it seems to do is spur him on further in teasing her. "Aye," he adds long-sufferingly with a sigh at her haughty words. "The gardens can't tend themselves, but I had this overwhelming feeling right here-" and he pats his chest expressively "-that you were in need of me. So here I am. Sorry I didn't bring the wine like I promised, but I figured, you don't seem to be the morning-drinker type." He lingers on the act a little longer, then sends quiet laughter her way as he drops it. "So, does the guy get the girl in that story?" he casually asks, blue eyes roaming over her without apology before he meets her gaze.

With the ‘evidence’ now gone, Indira is in the act of reaching for her inventory list when Lo starts in on his act. Dark eyes start to narrow, two faint spots of color touching briefly on her cheeks. Either they’re signs of an anger that he would probably rather not encounter, or that of extreme embarrassment for having been caught reading a soppy book. The headwoman remains quiet, jaw flexing as he crouches down before her and she tries to ignore him by pulling the list into her lap and reaching for some or other historical tome of harper musings. But then he has to go and say what he does and her head shoots up and she sets a glare onto the man, the heavy tome hefted in her hands as if she means to bean him with it. “Actually…yes,” her tone turning down to an almost dangerously silky level, “he gets the girl by promising her everything her heart desires and then runs away like a lily-livered coward before delivering.” The smile tacked onto the end bearing cold edges to it. And back she goes to her list, noting in feigned distraction of her task, “You should have brought the wine.”

Eyes falling on that very tome Indira hefts, "Then that's not a good story," Lorayit is bold in answering on her response, not looking the least bit scared that that book will hit him. Well, if it does, he might not even duck out of the way in time since he's so close in proximity to her. "Real men don't slink away like a tunnelsnake." Which might suggest that he's one? Or that he's all for plying on smooth words right now. He sets back on his knees, eyes regarding the headwoman for a long moment at that smile and latter words without speaking. He can clearly see that something was eating at the woman. So, he's changing tactics and setting his debonaire facade to the side. "Ever thought about screaming at the top of your lungs, out on a hill, until you couldn't anymore?" he asks the odd question, eyes searching her own in his deliverance. "And well, if it's wine you're wanting, miss, my stash is not that far a walk from here." Which meant he may have been tasting from his stash himself this morning on the way to his work.

Indira eyes the tome, eyes Lorayit and eyes the tome again making it evident that the thought of lobbing at him is rather appealing to the woman right now. She doesn’t however. After marking its title and author down, she sets it down with a heavy ‘thwump’ about a half inch away from the toe of his boot. A soft snort ensues and dark mocking eyes lift up to meet his blue, “Calling yourself a real man then are you?” Putting an openly assessing look over him before muttering in a low and derisive tone, “A dick and balls don’t make you a man, darlin’.” Yeeah, she did just say that. Her gaze slips away and another book is taken up and its details carefully written down, a dark smirk fitting into place. “Sorry darlin’, I’m not a screamer. I prefer to play with knives,” this in response to his suggestion. The last has a brow tipping upward as the headwoman slowly lifts her head to regard him and then let’s loose a short bark of laughter, “Hoping to get me drunk and in the sack?” Jaded much?

"Better than the one that clearly has your panties all tied up in a bunch," Lo is quick to drop, and will probably end up eating those words by the current temperature on the headwoman. The woman gets longer regard then, letting an easy smile linger on his lips at her quip on what doesn't make a man. He could say something, he realy could, but it's the latter statements that get more of his attention. He doesn't flinch at that bark of laughter, then brows lift only a fraction. "I'm not him," he gives quietly, actually soberly for once, and the look he gives that hidden book could mean he's even referring to the story itself or to the reason for Indira's ire. Blue eyes linger just a moment longer as if trying to figure her out, where her head is at, then he's slowly pushing off from the ground to get to his feet. Perhaps he realizes now is not the time for his usual antics, even though it is rather hard for him to set aside.

Oh he did not just say that! Her expression says it all. Eyes narrowing, mouth pressing into a thin line and ire all but crackling about the woman as her voice drops to a quiet hiss, “You forget yourself, gardener.” Aiming a blow she hopes to be low enough to send him running away too, just to prove her point. Though to whom is anyone’s guess. Indira’s spine straightens and she gives a haughty toss of hair before commenting through a cold little smile, “No, you’re not. You’re a little boy that has no idea what he’s talking about.” Ouch! He’d be well within his rights to totally lose his rag with a woman currently behaving like a total bitch. Or perhaps this is what she wants. To goad him into an argument, testing his limits and temerity? As Lorayit stands she remains seated and keeps her eyes fixed on him, a triumphant little smile in place as she drops out in sardonic tone, “Go on then. Run away.” Assuming this to be why he’d stood to his feet in the first place.

"I always do," Lorayit is almost dry in returning when Indira pulls rank, and he doesn't seem to mind it at all. Can -anything- get a rise out of him? Well, the low blow she aims might, for that split second, the gardener is brought up short and he turns dangerous eyes onto the headwoman. The look was nothing like the ones he's given the woman before, alluding to his true self and station before the man remembers where he's at and to whom he was dealing with. This was -not- Bitra, after all. Since she goads him further, eyes linger on her own in the heavy silence before he slowly settles himself back to the floor. Well, no one really talks to him like that. No one other than Vaput, that is. Once seated, blue eyes intent on her own, "I don't? Then stop being a bitch to one who has done nothing to deserve this attitude," he says deliberately, now taking pushing her buttons. Not much easiness to this young man now, is it? Brushing something off his shirt, "Since you're the know-it-all, and I'm not, enlighten me," he practically demands, some of that dangerous demeanor he works hard to conceal coming to the fore once again. Perhaps he thinks she could handle it, or, perhaps he's not as much in control of himself as he seems.

She ignores his comeback, turning her attention back to that oh-so handy inventory list and the pile of books at her side. Perhaps she thinks that if she ignores him for long enough he’ll go away? Which he obviously doesn’t for there he is, right back down on the floor in front of her again. While some woman might feel threatened by his demeanor and words, Indira is clearly not one of them. His next words draw a smug little smile to her lips assuming she’s hit a nerve somewhere with him calling her a bitch, “Baby boy’s feelings have been hurt?” cocking her head to one side in feigned concern and adding a coquettish bat of lashes to boot. Then he’s hitting buttons with his last and one of her hands curls reflexively up into a fist, “Oh, I’ll enlighten you alright…” a slow smile appearing as she leans right forward into his space as if she is indeed about to spill her guts and then delivers with a smirk, “Go fuck yourself!” Challenge and dare setting in those dark flashing eyes. Bitran she might not be, but she’s sure as hell got the same fight and spirit.

Lo will ignore that barb at his age, keeping a tight gaze on the headwoman and her actions in case she does decide to start throwing things. His eyes drop to that fist, however, and when she moves into his space, he does not move at all. Slowly, gaze lifts from that fist to her eyes, and that challenge gets a very low and deliberate, "I will, /after/ I bend you over my knee and give you a spanking you clearly deserve." And with that, he's drawing himself up, perhaps matching her height, her eye level, and tossing the challenge right back at her. Nope, nevermind the fact that this is all going doing in the middle of the lower caverns, the few passing by giving the stand-off mere glances as they go.

If he’s going to have a go at spanking her? She’s going to get her shots in first regardless of where they might be and who might be watching. As such Indira leans back from him, relaxing that fist that had balled and then thrusting her shoulder into the action, lets loose a punch with the other hand that aims at the side of his jaw with more strength behind it than most women would likely pack. If her fist has connected she’ll quickly stand to her feet shaking her hand out and hissing, “Now, go play with the other children!” A toss of hair and she’ll turn her back on him to stalk off. Probably not a very good idea at all and likely also lending credence to whatever gossip might have followed her from High Reaches Weyr about having some rather unorthodox ways of dealing with things.

Now Lorayit maybe no good due to his life choices, but he has yet to hit a woman. He's not about to change that philosophy now, either, so it's with stiff grace that the young man takes that hit to the jaw and lets his face snap to the side with it. The pain is there, but he's doesn't let on when he slowly brings his face back to face her when she gets to her feet. However, in that instant, smarting, he's on his feet as well and tries to get the headwoman caught by the arm and pulled back towards him in that instant. Well, two can play this game, and while Lo was not going to punch back, he was going to deliver something else equally jarring. Even at that barb she throws his way, blue eyes narrow onto the woman enough that if his pull on her towards him succeeds, he'll take the initiative and crush his mouth to hers in a searing, rough kiss. Likely another punch is going to follow with this move, but the gardener just doesn't seem to care at this point when she continues to attack his age.

Yup, she should never have turned her back on him for she doesn’t see him getting to his feet, or that reach for her arm until it’s too late and Lorayit quite successfully achieves his objective. Indira’s too shocked initially to do much else but go board stiff, then a second later she’s instinctively returning that kiss in like manner. However, it’s not a heartbeat later that she comes to her senses (or is just that annoyed with herself for having been reciprocal no matter how briefly) that she’s struggling against his grip and setting sharp teeth to his lower lip if he doesn’t break away in time. If that nip has found it’s target she’ll jerk her head away, and try landing a slap against the side of his face with her free hand too, “How dare you!” eyes glittering with anger and a note of something else. Only now do those few standing about gawping come to her attention and she’ll give one more jerk against his hand on her arm, hissing low, “Let me go!”

Successful in his attempt to stop the older woman, Lorayit goes all in full on that rough kiss up until he feels her sharp teeth to his lower lip. Kiss breaks and he pulls his head back to pin a heavy look on her, eyes smoldering with both anger and lust before that slap connects to his head. Head snaps the opposite direction again and he's reeling back with a loud, "Fuck, woman!" loud enough to cause those passing by to pause and look in their direction. What a scene they're making! "Hit me again and I'll kiss you again," is his heated warning, his ear ringing from the slap as he now forcefully lets her go. A hand steals up to brush at his bottom lip then, a tongue running over the taste of the kiss before finally passes those looking their way a hard look to get them moving. Rubbing a finger back and forth over his bit bottom lip, "At least now I know the headwoman likes it rough," he drawls, letting pointedly amusement enter his tone at this point. He was not going to let this woman fray his temper, and he was making a show of it with that slow annoying smile. "Good to know. Guess I've been …enlightened." Will he stop? Seems like pushing buttons is on the menu today, and he'll stand there to watch what move she makes next - certain she'll do something like stalk off or toss another insult his way.

Trembling with anger, humiliation and something else she’d really rather not acknowledge right now, the other fist she’d been about to swing at Lorayit’s head loosens the minute he threatens to kiss her again. Taking a step back once he finally let’s her go there’s the barest hint of smug delight for the hurting she’s managed to lay down on him thus far and then Indira’s chin goes up in open defiance, a brow arching way up high and a sneer setting back in, “One kiss and you got me aaaall figured out, huh?” The headwoman is bold enough to take a step back in and pat a mocking touch to his cheek if he doesn’t jerk away, “You have –no- idea what you’re dealing with, darlin’.” The last given low and devoid of any taunting as she steps passed him, scoops up her inventory list and then with a cold smile, does just as he probably expected and stalks off, head held high and trying very hard to ignore the snickers and titters following in her path.

If Indira's trembling all kinds of emotions right now, Lo is taking that as triumph in his eyes. He stands firm should another fist comes his way, maybe choosing to duck this time, and then the older woman mockingly touches his cheek - or tries to. Lorayit has had enough of the mockery for one day, and so he jerks his head back from it mechanically. To that veiled threat she gives, he will deliberately step into her path she goes to move pass him and will try to get her full attention. All easy pretenses is gone now, replacing the easy gentleman farmer with the man capable of running with Bitran thugs as he puts himself very close into her proximity. Blue eyes boring into her own, he finally gives Indira a rare sneer as the lust and anger never abates from him, "No, /darlin'/," he taunts back, choosing to be very serious. "It is /you/ who have no idea who you're dealing with." Eyes drop to those lips of hers, trying to unnerve the woman before he finally relents and lets her make her exit. Those snickering immediately silence at the look coming from him, the usually friendly gardener not looking so friendly right now after that intense encounter. Certain that not a one is looking his way any longer, Lo stalks off in the opposite direction with taut shoulders and possibly something taut elsewhere below. Might be awhile before he'll be getting back to work.

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