The Red Star was supposed to be a threat no longer… but somehow, the heroic venture of riders past didn’t succeed as they first believed. A short 50 turns later, Pern is stuck with erratic and somewhat unpredictable Threadfall. People in favor of the advance of technology are butting heads with those who prefer to do things the “old ways.” After all, the “new” ways led to the new /chaos/!

All Pern’s troubles seem focused upon the newly formed Eastern Weyr: the Southern Continent’s unwanted, unsupported, and secretly-sabotaged experiment, created initially with the public charge of defending Landing when it had no other support. It’s become the place to banish misfits and outcasts alike. Somehow, though, despite concerted effort to bring the place to pieces, they’ve survived. Food and textiles and other supplies showed up out of the blue, and competent riders transferred in — voluntarily! Who orchestrated /that/?

Things were just starting to look up for bedraggled Eastern when one morning a queen and her rider disappeared. The leadership’s floundering in the wake of her absence culminated in a single disastrous Threadfall where nearly a third of the Weyr’s dragons were either killed in action or permanently maimed.

In response, the Weyr Council chose Ista Weyr’s fifth-most-junior weyrwoman to help Eastern’s sole remaining goldrider patch things up, and (of course) learn a few things on their behalf while she was there. But which gold will rise first to claim leadership? And who will the next Weyrleader be? Can Eastern survive with so many losses and such a damaged reputation? (What /is/ the Weyr Council up to?)

Come find out, and help Eastern Weyr rebuild! Residents, crafters, and riders (both instant and future-candidates) are all needed. You can do so as a progressive, who makes use of Landing’s new technologies. Or as a traditionalist who wants to do things the *old* way – AIVAS lied! Maybe you don’t care what technology does or doesn’t get used, and just want to see how things unfold at this crime-ridden Weyr.

Innocents, well-meaning meddlers, criminals, outcasts, and those with shady pasts are welcomed alike. Just about everyone at Eastern has a secret or two they’d prefer to keep. What’s yours?

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