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Date: August 13, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr - Baths
Synopsis: For Holders, the Weyr baths are certainly an awkward place - even though it does mean they are actually at a Weyr.
Rating: PG
Logger: Andi

Eastern Weyr: Baths
Underneath the upper set of hatching sands, this cavern is fairly large in size, though it is dwarfed in comparison to others nearby. A natural hot spring, the steamy water has been diverted into one large pool - capable of holding about twenty odd people - and several smaller ones around the edges. Shelves have been set up along the northern wall, lined with different scents of bathing salts, sweetsands and oils. Under the shelves are benches where folk can dress and undress. Even given the tropical nature of the climate, this is still one of the most popular places in the weyr.

Stepping into the baths comes the rather dirty form of Darros! Well the man is a farmer, and it's fresh dirt, complete with the scent of the good southern soil and the like. He himself doesn't seem all that interested in looking around and seeing whom else might be in the baths. No, the bearded young man instead moves as far away from anyone whom might be present as possible so he can disrobe and start to bathe off some of that dirt in privacy… well, imagined privacy at least.

It was at a much more sedate pace that Andi entered the baths, the young Lady slipping out of her muddy clothes quite quickly, before she's darting the the pool as fast as she can, arms held strategically over her body, before she's slipping beneath the water and what she likes to think of as out of view. Only then, though, does she take a moment to look around, hurriedly pulling her gaze away from anyone who is anything less than decent.

It wouldn't be -completely- honest to say that Darros doesn't steal looks here and there, because he does. Sometimes he sees more than he wants to, and sometimes not quite enough, but then there are -some- that he sees that make the young man blush something fierce, even noticable through the dark tan of his skin thanks to working out under the sun all day practically every day. Sinking down into the waters more fully up to his armpits Darros starts to wash quite a bit of earth and dirt off of his skin, out from under his nails, his beard, hair… yep the farmer is going to be there a while… or so he thought but with a startled look he notices his container of bathing sand is nearly empty…

Sans Zen's presence, there's quite likely no one that will get Andi's attention lingering somewhere. After a long day helping at the lake - a task that is certainly a million times more ardorous than anything the girl had previously been subjected to - smudges of dirt color her face, streak her blonde hair. After a moment of soaking, she's finally opening her eyes, blinking a few times as she reaches for the Sand.. and finds nothing. "What.." She whispers softly to herself, hurriedly looking around to see where it go to.

Darros dunks his head under the water to scrub his hair out as best he can with as little sand is left before he straightens up and then starts to make his way around the edges of the bathing waters, looking for more sand and trying his best to not interrupt anyone else's bathing or conversations or whichever! Coming up mostly empty on his current path though he finally calls out, "Is there any sand over there to use? We're empty over here." His voice a little deeper and rougher out of his embarassment at having to interrupt people's baths.

"N-No.." Andi offers softly, from where she's sunk down into the water, concealed to her chin, looking cautiously around the edges of the pools for a pouch that may be unguarded and unused. A young woman at another pool however, is helpful where Andi is not, stretching a lazy arm towards the shelves to the north. "Over there, silly.." She says with a giggle before she's back to enjoying herself, and Andi is also watching that pointed hand, narrowing her gaze slightly at Darros, considering.

Of course it's way over there, and of course, the people who are used to Weyr life are going to make the hold born do it in front of everyone. Darros glances at Andi for a moment but he doesn't recognize her given the circumstances. With a bit of a hmph the young man pulls himself out of the pool and makes his way over towards the sand, "Thank you." Darros says to the 'helpful' one and prepares to either be mocked, stared at, or ignored. He doesn't run, in fact he tries to be as casual as possible, but it's a bit to forced and his steps to stiff. Grabbing up a few pouches of sweet sand Darros heads back to the water and slips down into it, tossing one pouch over towards the edge where Andi is so she doesn't have to be embarassed by him coming to close and then Darros moves to place the sand in the other empty places.

The majority of the people in the baths are paying absolutely no attention to any of the others, the twos and threes enjoying conversation, those alone settled in to enjoy their own relaxation rituals. As Darros is moving, however, Andi's quickly averting her eyes, using that moment as an excuse to duck under the water and try and rub some of the mud out of her locks, her still slightly disheveled appearance world's apart from her fancy clothes and perfect hair of the Junior Lady of Boll. As she surfaces, and Darros is there, she's hurriedly putting an arm over her chest, squeaking out a thank you, and a little nod. "I… I appreciate it."

"You're welcome." Darros says with a bit of color touching his cheeks as well, especially when she instantly assumes he'd be staring at her breasts! In fact he'd kept his gaze locked on her own purposefully until she had the sand and the man is making his way away from where she was bathing. Finally once over to where he had begun Darros can go about finishing washing off now that he has sand, and the farmer gets to work, rubbing at his skin like he was trying to wash it completely off in his haste to get clean so he can get out of here.

Andi spares a quick glance at Darros only as the man returns to the water, thus making him a safe point once more. After a moment, she's turning around in the pool, settling against the wall so that her back is to him, and only then does she open up the sweet sand, rubbing hurriedly at her face, and her hair, working away the dirt. "It.. Its not so bad as it seems." She finally offers in his general direction, the statement rather nonspecific.

Busy washing himself up as quick as possible as well Darros blinks when he hears the now somewhat familiar voice of Andi, looking over his shoulder at her as he rakes fingers through his beard to make sure it is clean and soft, "What isn't?" He asks, apparently not catching the point or the subject of her statement, "As bad as it seems?" He asks, he'd been in such a hurry it seems he doesn't make the connection.

"The.. The baths. Most.. Most of them don't look." She offers lightly, turning her head just slightly towards him, enough for him to see the profile of her face without truly looking in his direction. "Really." Her voice is light, but carries easily enough over the space between them. Tentatively, she begins to wind her damp hair up, settling it in a rough bun at the back of her neck.

"I know… but… it's still different to me." Darros says, with another blush as he looks over at her for a few moments but then he is scrubbing at his face again, more sand is then worked into his hair and against his scalp. "Maybe… I guess it's embarassing because they don't." He mentions conversationally, even thoughtfully now as he starts to think on the matter instead of dwell. "I mean… if they looked, then at least I'd know they wanted to."

"I'm quite glad the don't, thank you." Andi says in what's almost a hiss, coloring almost instantly at the thought of it, an arm instinctively lifting to cross over her chest, even with him behind her as he is. "That's.. That's quite improper." She says in a low tone, shaking her head at him, wiping at her face once more with the back of her hand.

"Improper in a Hold maybe, but this… isn't a Hold. It's a Weyr." Darros says, looking up at the ceiling as he looks around again, not at people or Andi, but at their surroundings. "I never quite got it… until I was here. Even the Dragons, and the riders… that's something I had seen before, but this…" He gestures around, "This is what made it sink in, I'm living in a Weyr. I'm not just visiting, or anything else." He beams a bright smile at that, "And even if I never get searched, I am living, in a Weyr."

"Its improper." She says again hurriedly, no matter what excuse or justification Darros tries to offer, instead shaking her head hurriedly. "Its not.. Not a proper Weyr. Not yet." She murmurs, knowing all too well exactly how much work needs to be done, and how much of it rests on the backs of the candidates to do before the eggs hatch. A glance around her, and then she's quickly pushing herself from the pool, hurrying to grab a towel and get it around her form before anything can be seen.

"It's still a Weyr. Dragons live here. There is hatchings coming up… I just wish I could stand on the sands…" Darros says before he dunks his face down into the water again and starts to rinse off, so lost in his musings he doesn't even notice the woman getting out of the water. "Besides, what do we know of proper weyrs?" He asks curiously, "You and I, we're holdborn." He looks over towards Andi then, spotting her out of the water and with a towel wrapped around her he shrugs, looks away, "Holdborn, but I bet with that attitude you were searched…" He says mostly to himself, "Why would the dragons pick people who don't even want to be here?" He asks nobody in particular, and not loudly.

And in that moment, Andi is all Junior Lady Holder, protected from view in her oversided towel even as she clutches it to her willowy frame. "You assume a great many things that you will never know the answer to." As the words leave her mouth, she colors at her honesty, and one one graceful motion she's turning away. Her clothes are snagged, and she glares at Darros once more, looking as if she's about to say something else, before she's turning to flee and find somewhere more secluded to change.

Darros smiles at the response, and at the blush and the way in which Andi looked like she was about to actually show some temper. "I think I do, know the answer to that one. Candidate." The farmer says with a happy smile though his voice isn't designed to really catch the woman as she rushes off to change. Instead he is seemingly talking to himself. "That's a better reaction than the one who just wants to get back to her craft hall, acting like this is some kind of punishment…" He mutters before he finishes washing up and gets out of the water himself and heading towards a towel. Apparently all of that helped to curb some of his shyness as he doesn't seem in any particular hurry or rush.

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