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Date: 24 Feb 2011
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lower Caverns
Synopsis: Fresh from a visit to Indira, Cee dutifully tracks down Warin and gets set up in the resident dorm.
Rating: G
Logger: Warin

Set up for use as both a massive storage area and an everyday workspace, the Lower Caverns is a single, high-ceiling room that has been blocked off into several smaller 'rooms' for different work that needs to be done. This space seems to be used by crafters and non-crafters alike, general purpose business day-to-day dealings for the weyr that don't require a specially smithed room, like the laundry area. A single hallway that loops around with both exits connecting to the Lower Caverns leads to the residential section of the weyr.

It's slightly later in the afternoon, and Warin is in the residential area, supervising something or other apparently.

Cee approaches and studies Warin briefly, especially the more extravagant version of the resident knot he's wearing, then makes a decision and asks, "Hello, sir. Are you Warner?"

Warin notices the scrutiny and glances curiously at the younger teen, his gaze lingering on her shoulder knot. Aloud he says, "No, I'm Warin. I don't think I've seen you around before. Are you new here?"

Cee nods, then snaps her fingers. "Warin, that's who I was told to look for. I'm sorry; there have been a lot of names tossed about today. Oh, and I'm Cee." Then she confirms, "I am new here, sir."

Warin says good-naturedly, "No worries." He affects an exaggerated "what did I do now?" look when she mentions she was looking for him, and says "Uh-oh," before letting her finish. When she has, he prompts, "Hello, Cee. Why were you looking for me?"

Cee holds out the requisition form given to her by Indira. Suddenly a little shy, she says, "The Headwoman said I should give you this, sir."

Warin nods and takes the form. If he's fazed by her polite form of address he doesn't show it. After a few mm-hmms he says, "Please follow me."

Cee does so, looking around curiously the whole time.

Warin goes to the stores and rummages around, handing her a set of fairly new-looking linens and a lock. The latter is explained by the press he picks up and carries as he heads back toward the residential dorm. He checks a few of the mattresses before putting down the press at the bed's foot, and says with a bow and a flourish, "Welcome to your new home, Cee."

Cee smiles and says "Thank you, sir." She sets the linens on the bed but doesn't arrange them quite yet. She does, however, put the clothing and such she brought with her into the press and locks it.

Warin is getting slightly antsy, being in the female section and all, but he pauses to ask, "Do you need anything else?"

Cee is about to shake her head, but then she asks, "How do I get to the living caverns, sir?"

Waring points to the exit and says, "Outside is the residential hall. It will lead you to the lower caverns, where there are some staircases. Take the set to the west, and from there you'll find a hallway to the south. The stairs on the eastern wall will take you down to the living cavern."

Cee nods at each new point, then says "Thank you, sir." She somehow doesn't sounds quite as confident as her gestures would imply.

Warin nods and says, "Enjoy. I imagine I'll be seeing you around now." Then he hurries off to resume whatever he was doing when Cee arrived.

Cee takes a few minutes to arrange her linens on the bed, then heads out herself… and immediately gets lost.

Continued in the log "Cee No Evil."

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