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Date: May 30, 2011
Location: Infirmary - Eastern Weyr
Synopsis: Maura finally drags her ass to the infirmary - only to wind up at the mercy of Jonavan
Rating: If above PG-13, please note here.
Logger: Maura)

[ Eastern Weyr: Infirmary ]

Long beds and examination tables are placed strategically throughout this room, each having its own set of curtains to give some sembance of privacy when needed. The walls are lined with counters, each housing cabinets containing the necessary items Healers need to do their jobs. A small sink fills the east end of the counter: the one nearest the entrance to the bowl. The entrance is sloped so as not to allow the sun to shine in the patients' faces. At the far west end of the Infirmary, a small darkened tunnel curves around to the larger rooms where the dragonhealers take care of their draconic patients.

When Maura finally finds herself at the infirmary entrance, it's clearly under duress. She's either unhappy or nervous, neither state making for her usual pleasant demeanor. Not that she's mean or anything. But the bubbly effusiveness is missing, which may well work in her favor today. So with a twitch of her shoulders and a furrowed brow, the newest bluerider to the weyr steps inside and glances around for the healer on duty.

The morning's a slow one as far as patients go, and while apprentices and infirmary aids are bustling about getting equipment ready for the day, changing sheets on the beds, and stocking infusions, there doesn't seem to be a more senior healer on duty. Surely it can't be that unknotted man near the back, rummaging through cupboards and looking for all the world as if he's stealing things, sticking this and that into a duffel bag. Except that no one seems to care, and the man in question is unconcerned, with his back turned away from the entrance.

The guy stuffing things into his duffel bag is certainly cause for a raised eyebrow in Maura's world. But to think he'd be doing somethung untoward? Mmmm, no. This is Maura. She doesn't know the man from a hole in the wall. "Excuse me. I was told to report to the infirmary once I'd settled in. Can you tell me whom I should speak with?" The words are polite, but a little clipped. And she makes a point of not looking directly at the man; instead, her gaze is sent somewhat downward towards her own boots.

Jonavan glances over his shoulder but doesn't turn fully, pausing in his consideration of whether to take a small jar with some sort of powder in it (which isn't his) and a fine porcelain cup (which is). "Uh, him," the man says, gesturing towards a senior apprentice who immediately finds something else he needs to do and somewhere he needs to be, dashing for the tunnel that leads to the dragon infirmary. Those who work in the infirmary are wise to Jonavan's ways. Deciding to take both jar and cup, the healer grumbles, "Someone else should be in." Someone who isn't him.

Looking less pleased with her situation as the healers play 'pass the buck' with her, Maura just looks out in the direction of the bowl with what must be a pleading expression; one that apparently doesn't get her anywhere with the target of her inner thoughts. "Fine, I'll wait." she mutters, wandering over to an empty chair to sit in, watching Jonavan out of the corner of her eye.

And wait she does. Jonavan is in no hurry to be the least bit helpful. He continues rifling through cabinets and drawers in search of things that might be his or at least might be worth taking, coming up at last with a stack of hides. He pages through them, skim-reading, and finally lifts his eyes to Maura. "Still here?"

By the time he looks over at her, Maura's got the back of her head leaned against the wall and her eyes squinched shut. It's no wonder she hasn't made much noise about there not being a healer there for her yet. Instead, she's spent the time doing one of those weird breathing technique things which is supposed to help but NEVER does. "Yes, still here. How long till the next shift starts." Whatever one might say about her naivete, she's apparently smart enough to realize she wants someone other then him looking after her. "I'm sure you're too terribly busy to bother with what's ailing me." Pause "Oh, quiet Rikath I'm here aren't I?" she hisses under her breath.

Jonavan eyes the young rider, taking in her posture and the pain she seems to be in. "I'm not on duty," the man goes so far as to say, which at least acknowledges that he's a healer. With a sigh, he sets down his hides on the counter. "Go sit there," he directs Maura, pointing at a cot with fresh sheets before rolling up his sleeves with every intention of washing his hands before he sees to Maura. "Not sharding soon enough, that's when. I crossed my name off the roster." Which apparently meant nothing to anyone.

"Well, I'm terribly sorry to be a bother. It's waited a few days, it can wait longer." Maura decides, standing up to actually leave, before there's the sound of a snarl from outside. Rikath makes his presence known. So it isn't Jonavan's charming demeanor that has her heading over to the cot. No, it's the force behind her bond that moves her woodenly in the correct direction where she sits down with only the slightest of sighs. "Sounds much like the sweep rosters." she offers, trying to at least be marginally pleasant despite her discomfort and his dislike of doing work.

"Sit your ass down." Jonavan's blunt and severe. "I'm seeing you now, aren't I?" Once his hands are clean, he goes to join Maura at the cot he's directed her to, pulling over a stool so he can sit down in front of her. "Not quite. I'm leaving." More resignedly, "So, what's wrong with you?"

"Charming bedside manner." Maura quips, more curious then anything else. "Yes, that you are." She softens her tone then, keeping her agitation to the way she has hr hands laced together tightly. "Headaches. I still have headaches. They come and go; sometimes they're pretty bad. I was cleared for duty but told to see the healer when I got here. I'd just been… sick. Fever, chills, delirium." she reports, sounding much like she's reporting in to her wingleader or something. "There has to be some herb or another I can take when it gets bad."

"So I've been told." The healer's tone is dry as he reaches out to gently put his fingers to Maura's temple. "Does that hurt?" Jonavan listens carefully as Maura describes her symptoms, interested despite himself. "Any of that still?" He doesn't offer herbs yet, still in the process of trying to figure out just what's wrong.

"A little." Maura admits, stilling herself when she instinctively tries to pull away. She's obviously reluctant to offer even the scant information that she /has/. But, is dutiful about answering questions as best she can. "No, no. They would never have cleared me to transfer here if I'd had any of the other symptoms." she assures. "I'm sure that… I mean, I'm thinking that they thought it might just be stress related. Maybe." Her voice drops to a shy whisper then, as she holds back that Rikath had been sick also. She's not about to spill secrets.

Jonavan moves on to press on Maura's sinuses and the lymph nodes under her jaw and then on her shoulders, each time asking, "Does it hurt here? Here?" He's perfectly clinical even when Maura's remark on her headaches being stress-related prompts him to ask, "Have you tried stress-relief?"

Lymph nodes don't produce a reaction, but the shoulders do. Another wince worthy of a champ, accompanied by her jaw tightening. "Stress relief? Like what? Drinking myself into a stupor? Hardly seems the intelligent thing to do. But then, someone did mention fellis-laced wine." is her reply, completely ignorant of any other avenue she could take. "I just got here, so I've no idea what's done for fun at Eastern. Darts? Cards? They've never seems particularly relaxing."

Like what? It can't be helped; Jonavan smirks at Maura a little as he oh so dryly suggests, "Like sex?" The undisguised way he puts it is most likely meant to shock. He feels the back of Maura's neck too to see if the pain is limited to her temples. "Have you had any recent injuries? Anything that might've hurt your neck or head?" He doesn't respond to the suggestion that Maura's picked up immediately but comes round to it as he sits back. "I'd stay off the wine for a bit. As far as the pain goes, how bad is it? Scale of one to ten. Affect you vision, make you dizzy?"

Is that gasp of Maura's for the suggestion or because the back of her neck hurts as well? Hard to tell, though she does try to smack his hand away from her after he makes the suggestion, even delivered dryly. And that shade of red that her face turns doesn't at all match her outfit. In fact, it clashes kind of badly. Fortunately for all involved, Rikath is -outside-, and if he could manage it without causing too much injury, he'd be banging his head against the stone wall. Ahem. Also note that she makes no verbal response to that at all. "During the day it can be from a… maybe a 3 or 4. And by evening it's more a 7 or 8. Never eough to make me dizzy or my vision blur. It's just sharding /painful/."

Even smacked away, Jonavan isn't deterred and reaches to feel the back of Maura's neck and head again, telling Maura as if nothing happened, "Hold still. Does it hurt here? And did you have an injury?" Since she didn't answer the first time. Only after he's satisfied does he let his hands drop for good. "Okay. I'll give you an infusion for the pain and if not strong enough, then we'll think about trying something stronger like fellis. I want you to come back in two days and tell the healer here how you're feeling then and if there's been any changes."

Maura is feisty enough to glare at the healer when she's told to hold still, but not near enough of a bitch to refuse to answer his question. So, she windsu p submitting meekly. As usual. "Not as much as the shoulder. And no, there was no injury." she murmurs, pleased enough to be able to pull back and away, hands laced together again tight enough for her knuckles to turn white. Now she just has more reason to dislike going to the healers. "Alright, I'll come back in two days." she promises, her reluctance evident. But a promise is a promise.

His questions answered, Jonavan stands and goes back to the counters and cabinets, pulling out a large glass jar that contains a mixture of dried herbs. "I'm putting together a packet that'll last you the two days. Steep a big spoonful of this in hot water for about fifteen minutes. You can have it with your meals. It doesn't taste good, so you might want to add sweetener." Fixing up a packet for the bluerider, he holds it out to her once he's done. "What's your name? I'm going to write down a note so whoever's here when you come back will know what you've told me."

Maura eyeballs the packet of herbs like it's the worst possible thing on Pern to have to take. But, she still holds out her hand for it when it's ready and places it carefully in an inside pocket of her riding jacket. "I'm Rikath's rider. Maura." she replies, without the usual smiles or giggles. Nooo, she's far too embarassed for any of that. So instead she just nods a thanks and flees the room before they have an opportunity to say anything more.

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