Portrayed By Laura Prepon
Position Weyrling
Former title(s) Candidate, Resident (Eastern Weyr), Holdless
Sex Female
Age 18
Place of Birth Unknown
Family (Biological) Unknown (Foster Parents) Seren & Xavier
Faction Progressive

Ahnika's History

As a toddler, Ahnika was left in a weaver's basket on the doorstep of a small, rural cothold run by a middle-aged married couple of crafters. Her foster parents, Seren, a Journeyman Healer specializing in midwifery, and Xavier, a Master Weaver, made inquiries to try and find Ahnika's parents, but they were unable to find them. Unable to have children of their own, they were only too happy to take her into their already over-sized brood of fosterlings and named her Ahnika, not having any idea what her real name was.

Other than having to learn to share with her foster-siblings and deal with over-crowding and not a lot of personal space, Ahnika didn't have any terribly traumatic childhood issues. It was rather mundane as upbringings on Pern go, although to say it was dull would be terribly off-base. With a family as large as the one she grew up in, there was always someone playing pranks on someone else, or sibling brawls, or someone falling out of a tree or getting lost in caves or going off to the Crafthall for apprenticeship or being Searched.

Ahnika developed a rather no-nonsense maternal instinct, formed initially by her attempt to emulate Seren, who she idolized from an early age. She had hopes, strong hopes, that she would develop strong Healer instincts and wanted to go into apprenticeship for the Healercraft as soon as she came of age. Instead, they found she struggled more with Healer knowledge than she did with cooking and overall running of the household. One would think that the constant on-goings at the cothold with all of her siblings would drive a person to want a quiet, settled life, but Ahnika seemed to thrive on it, really. The more juggling she had to take charge of, the more she thrived. It was the quiet times in the cothold where she found herself in more trouble from sheer boredom. She would experiment with recipes or get into some mischief with Seren's Healer trappings or Xavier's Weaver dyes even at the risk of getting into trouble over it, rare as those days were. It seemed she feared idleness more than anything else.

At first when she finally conceded she'd never make the Healercraft, her bubble was burst hard, but soon she learned that she was needed in this near-headwoman, near-baker capacity. It was precisely this feeling of being needed that allowed her to get over her initial disappointment.

She found contentment in helping Seren run the cothold as she continued into her teen years and passed up a couple opportunities to apprentice in the Bakercraft or become an assistant to a Headwoman because of it. However, this did not keep her from dreaming of being more involved and integral to something bigger and better, of adventure and excitement and other horizons, and when she learned of the exodus to the southern continent, she took advantage of it to seek out those new adventures and knowing that her management skills in hearth and kitchen would likely prove to be helpful at the new Weyr. As long as she continued to push herself to learn as much as possible and broaden her horizons, too, she would never have to risk being abandoned again as she had been as a toddler. She would find a home that needed her the most and if any abandonment happened, she would be the one doing it.

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Jewel - "Hands" ~ Jhath-Ahni theme song.

Ahnika isn't that bad a sort. She's just pragmatic with definition. Sometimes warm and friendly, but sometimes not, depending on the situation. I support ICA=ICC. I only ask that people keep a strong distinction between IC and OOC. Please note that Ahnika's IC behavior does not necessarily mean I, the player, behave that way OOCly.

Thanks for keeping IC things IC and OOC things OOC. :) Look forward to RPing with you!

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