Portrayed By Monica Bellucci
Position Wingrider
Former title(s) Wingrider (Ista Weyr)
Weyrling (Ista Weyr)
Candidate (Ista Weyr)
Weyrbrat (Ista Weyr)
Sex Female
Age 19
Place of Birth Ista Weyr
Family Mother:Tyssa
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Faction Neutral

Character History

The tropical climate of Ista Island was an ideal childhood home for one such as Akyla. Sultry humid weather, and a near-constant barrage of sunshine, was enough to bake any thoughts of politics out of the girl's head from nearly the moment she was born. And growing up in an environment where the politics of the day were very little regarded has done little to influence her desires otherwise.

Akyla began life much as many weyrbrats do. Her mother, Tyssa, was green Sindieth's rider, and her father … well, her mother certainly had healthy appetites, but in all likelihood, it was the rider who's dragon won Sindieth's second flight, but having been too occupied to ask him his name, and he having left Tyssa's bed long before morning, Akyla has little to go on in terms of the man who sired her.

In the end, it mattered little. Her mother was the victim of an unfortunate riding accident, having been preparing for Fall the morning after her flight, when she slipped, fell, and managed to injure herself severely enough that she was grounded for a timely duration. Perhaps Akyla herself would not have called the fall an accident for without it, her mother would not have been grounded long enough to realize she was increasing, and thus, the girl might never have been born.

While there was a certain amount of maternal outpouring and devotion from Tyssa to Akyla after the baby's birth, there was only so much that a mother could do, especially with a dragon to take care of, and the traditional duties of a rider. Therefore, Tyssa fostered the babe off to a woman of Ista's lower caverns, but make no mistake, Akyla knew well, for the course of the Turns that followed, who her birth-mother was. In a way, she was a pampered petted darling, treated with much love and joy by both Tyssa and Sindieth, but without having to bear witness to the childish tantrums and spates of aggravation that a young Akyla caused her foster mother. In a sense, it was the best of both worlds for mother and daughter — they could only experience the joy, without their relationship being marred by the need for discipline and the clash against parental authority.

Akyla was certainly a deft, handy child. Once she was old enough to be put to work, she set to with a relish and an enjoyment of what she was doing. Most of the time, that is. There were chores she just -wouldn't- do, but for the most part, she didn't grow up into a spoiled snob of a girl who refused to get her hands dirty.

Life certainly was good. The beach was nearby, and Akyla learned to swim like a fish, she had friends, sunshine and good weather. Oh, it wasn't all peaches and cream, to be sure — there was storms and bad weather to be sure, and the fog in the summer that seemed to take forever to burn off. But for the most part, growing up in the lower caverns of Ista Weyr wasn't such a bad thing after all. It could have been worse — a lot worse.

It wasn't long after Akyla turned 16 that her mother's green Searched her for a clutch that had been laid on the Istan sands. While Akyla had been raised all her life in the Weyr and naturally took Weyrlife in stride, the change in circumstances was something of surprise for the girl. After all, she'd just starting walking out with a young Weyr lad, and was of the opinion that she was old enough to know what she wanted . Tyssa however, disagreed, and didn't fancy the lad much as a match for her daughter at all. Therefore, she declared, Sindieth wanted the girl to stand, so stand she would. And that would be the end of it, since she'd be in the Candidate barracks and kept mainly out of trouble.

Well, that was Tyssa's hope anyway. Akyla still managed to get into the occasional scuffle, prank and general misbehavior that was typical of Candidates — not that she really was an instigator of said escapades per se, but she could hardly be held blameless for them either. Still, she enjoyed the experience, and made many friends. And somehow, she forgot about that young man her mother had so disapproved of — proving that perhaps Tyssa's intervention was timely enough indeed.

It began too early — at dawn, and Akyla was still yawning and fretting and fussing with her hair and rubbing her eyes and trying to wake up. Herded out onto the sands with the other candidates, she shuffled, she trudged, she avoided hatchlings — although some by mere inches as she was still far too sleepy to really wake up. And the heat of the sands did nothing to alleviate that, making her drowsy and muzzy.

And then, like a draught of sweetest spring water, the thoughts came trickling into her mind, the name carried along with it was that of the small green crouched before her. Her name was Ystwyth, and she had chosen Akyla for her own.

Naturally, Tyssa and Sindieth were thrilled. Despite numerous attempts, Tyssa had never quite managed to carry another child to term, and so the fact that her only daughter — the only one she had ever been able to have — had Impressed a green dragon was undoubtably joyful indeed. They had come to see her afterwards, after Ystwyth had been settled into the barracks, and Akyla had been able to attend the Hatching Feast (which was in more actuality a Hatching Breakfast as such) where she was able to see her mother and her mother's dragon. And acknowledge that searching her had been the right thing to do.

Weyrlinghood was long, enduring and a lot of work. Akyla gained new found respect for the riders of her home Weyr. She had always known they did so much, and were valiant and brave — but goodness, did little dragons ever have to eat so much, and it came right out the other end and she had to muck that all up. And there was so much to oil too, as Ystwyth seemed to grow by leaps and bounds nearly overnight.

Still, she threw herself into learning and growing, and progressing in that learning. Ystwyth grew, learned to hunt on her own, and took to the air in clumsy flight that became steadily better with practice until at last they flew together and ventured the cold darkness of -Between- successfully. Their first firestone run with the others of the weyrling wing was less than successful however — Ystwyth having been scored by a falling clump of Thread and was several sevendays in healing, Akyla having just barely missed being hit herself before Ystwyth had fled into -Between- and they had seen at least one other weyrling be scored badly enough that they could not have survived.

But having been blooded, they learned. Ystwyth learned agility, and the skills of a green's best evasive skipping so that over time they became better and better. They graduated as full-fledged riders, tapped into a wing, and Ystwyth rose in her first mating flight. It would have seemed then that both Akyla and her green were quite suited to their lives as Istan riders.

But young as she was, she felt restless. Ista Weyr had always been home to her and yet … she and Ystwyth seemed to crave more. Oh, they were valiant in fighting the silver menace of Thread, the green never having managed to be scored again, and Akyla's company was often sought in much the same way as her mother's had been. There was nobody she was dreadfully attached to though, and she'd never seemed to have quite the same accident as Tyssa had had in terms of well … offspring. And then there was a sense of well, boredom. Ista was just so dull these days.

Which is why, when the news came about that riders were needed in the South near Landing, she chose to request a transfer there. Perhaps then, she'd have a chance to liven up her life, and see what the world had in store for her. She was young enough to cope with that, surely.


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