Portrayed By Eve Myles
Position Eastern Weyr Weyrwoman
Wing Pride
Former title(s) Telgar Junior Weyrwoman, Telgar Weyrling, Telgar Candidate, Hold / Harper Hall Nanny, Harper / Printer Hall Brat
Sex Female
Age 24
Place of Birth Harper Hall
Family Mother Marrah, Father Dathon, Siblings: Mathan, Darrah, Damathan, Jamarrathan
Faction Neutral

Character History

Born to Harper Dathon (an extremely Traditionalist Harper Senior Journeyman) and Master Printer Marrah (who was obviously very progressive minded), Alara spent her early life among the presses and among the classes of students at Fort Hold's main Crafthall. She learned her lessons quickly and quietly, not causing the trouble that the other Craft brats wanted to. She had a fairly calm childhood, bar the tension between her parents. They eventually separated when Marrah moved to the PrintCraft Hall full-time, leaving her father at the harper hall, angry and bitter at the situation and the current time.

When she turned 13, she began caring for the children of Fort Hold as their Nanny. She worked tirelessly caring for her younger siblings and the other children, teaching them the very basics of their Harper lessons long before they were due in the class. She was very patient with the children, mediating their arguments without too much effort. When she was 17, a Searchrider from Telgar showed up at the Harper Hall and she stood in the line waiting for the ritual to be over so she could return to the children. A sevenday later, her father called her into his office to inform her that she'd been requested to Stand at Telgar, and she left with the rider shortly thereafter. She had mixed feelings, as she couldn't deny that it would be wonderful to Impress a dragon, but she wasn't sure how she'd fit into Weyr life, being so quiet and shy as she was.

However, when gold Rauzath picked her, Alara's life changed for the better, mostly. Weyrlinghood was a long process of getting to know her very forward, very outspoken gold, and establishing relationships with her fellow Weyrlings. She fit easily into the Junior Weyrwoman's role, taking care of the jobs that the other women didn't really want, much to the consternation of her gold. However, her parents' arguments about the place of technology began to filter all over the Northern Continent, and she realized that it wouldn't die down. All of the area, including the councils and conclave were splitting over the new information, and she felt the urgent need to just get away from the conflict. So, when the Weyrcouncil asked for junior golds, Alara was the first one to raise her hand, much to the consternation of her fellow goldriders, who would miss the hard work and diplomacy that Alara brought to the table. Now, she's arrived at Eastern, and finds the fairly empty Weyr to be peaceful, and Rauzath is having the time of her life ordering the workers and weyrfolk around. The only thing that worries Alara at this point is that Rau is due to rise very soon. She worries about the outcome of the flight, and all that it entails.


Randi — Iardani is a good friend who stood on the sands with Alara when she Impressed. Randi didn't Impress then, but she did Impress later, and Alara is very glad that the two of them were the ones to come down to Eastern together.

Rauzath — Her gold dragon is her life, now. She loves her crazy, loud-mouthed queen. Rau had four clutches prior to coming to Eastern, and she is due another one as we start the game.

T'ryn — One of her friends from Telgar who has some Harper ties. So, Alara enjoys spending time with him. Also, his brown Ockath caught in a previous flight. He's safe.

J'cobi — Her current Weyrleader. He's efficient, but prickly. She tolerates him.

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