Anatomy Includes Ego


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Date: 8/29/10
Location: EW: Upper Bowl East
Synopsis: Randi gives some of the weyrlings their first lesson in dragon anatomy, which they learn includes the ego, especially for Bronze Tuorth.
Rating: PG
Logger: Ahnika

Eastern Weyr: Upper Bowl East

The eastern section of the upper bowl is flat. Compared to the rest of this bowl, it's almost polished. The smell of grass seed and dragon oil permeates the air here, occasionally joined by the sweet scent of timothy hay. On the far eastern wall is the entrance to the beast caverns, surrounded by the strong wooden fencing that encloses the seedlings of grass in the area that will be the Feeding Pens. Further north, the weyrling barracks are nestled into the northeast corner; the whole area is a constant haze of activity. Most of the cross-bowl traffic is further west of here, kept centered by the uneven lay of that ground. Because of that, this area is a popular spot for those who want to spend free time lounging in the sun or taking a meal outdoors. To the south is the ever-growing scoop in the ground where - hopefully - the lake will be soon.

Late morning and Randi is standing in the clearing outside the weyrling barracks. For the first time in a long time, she appears fresh and energetic and ready to go. A single long whistle leaves her lips, a summons reinforced by Kaseth's broad mental nudgings. « Time for lessons, little ones. »

Jhath and Ahnika are emerging from the barracks just before the whistle and easily trot over toward Randi, both offering the weyrwoman a deferential bow, one human form and the other draconic in form, but bows nonetheless. The tall and stocky green dragonet, Jhath, looks freshly bathed and oiled (again!) and they both settle into an stately formation in front of Randi while waiting for others to join.

Coming into bowl from the direction of the barracks, K'din heeds the call to lessons. Of course, he's again wearing the same stuff he's usually been wearing. You'd think he'd have something new by now, and maybe being a weyrling now he might be able to get some better outfits. Trotting along beside him is, of course, Jinith. Who, unlike Jhath, could probably do with a bath as he has what looks to be a light coating of dust on him.

The stride that leads Tuorth and Zen to the bowl at the call is one of utter confidence, the bronze walking beside his rider and the man simply looking as an advisor. The difference between the pair is quite obvious, the bronze as the leader and the rider taking second. The shock of the situation still has Zen in shock and not an entire proper grasp on himself. There's a trumpet of their arrival, Tuorth being none too quiet with his announcement. « We, » the royal we, « have arrived. »

Randi counts heads as she waits for them all to arrive. "Right. First lesson's on anatomy. We'll probably just get into the basics today, but it'll be a good start. She gives another quick whistle, encouraging the stragglers to hurry up, and then begins. "Alright. Now." She looks across the first row of dragons, and spots K'din and Jinith. "K'din. Jinith. C'mere."

As one, Ahnika and Jhath's heads swivel as they hear Jinith and K'din's approach from the barracks, and Ahnika greets them with a smile and slight nod. And then another simultaneous turn of the heads from the green weyrling pair as Tuorth and Zen arrive. The trumpeting has Jhath staring at Tuorth a little longer, seeming either curious or just taking the brassy bronze all in. Not entirely unlike how Ahnika reacted the first time she saw Zen's smile, perhaps ironically, though for obviously entirely different reasons. This is Jhath here, after all. Regardless, when Randi begins speaking, the green pair respectfully return their attention to her and listen, only turning to regard K'din and Jinith once more when Randi calls them up to the front for what they assume will be a demonstration of a sort.

After recovering from M'Zen and Tourth's entrance, Jinith looks up at K'din. «Why did she pick us?» Jinith asks, starting to move forwards towards Randi. "I dunno." K'din replies. "We're special?" he adds, stepping forward as well and looking to the others assembled. Ahnika's nod is returned and the pair moves forward. «She couldn't possible know about the kitchens, could she?» the blue asks, forgetting to send that just to K'din and instead sending it to everyone.

M'zen tilts a curious look to Jhath and Ahnika, nodding in greeting in means for himself and his lifemate. A smile follows, gracious but not entirely charming; simplicity at its best. He turns then, saluting Randi and then falling into position beside Tuorth. « Jinith, if you wish to speak to your rider of private matters, perhaps it is best to address him in private? Spouting something that could lead to punishment on both of your parts is not wise. » The bronze tilts his head just so, considering the blue before turning forward once more. He positions himself to pose with his confidence.

« The kitchens, young one? » Kaseth sounds amused, but distant, like it really doesn't matter in the Grand Scheme of Things. "No, just picked you at random. Conscience eatin' at ya?" Randi laughs, and then reaches down to look at the young blue. "Now, first thing I want ya to notice is that there are several places that ya gotta remember when you're oilin." She gently lifts up one of Jinith's wings. "Most everybody gets the big part here, but there's this little part right…" She touches a portion of hide right where the wing attaches to the dragon's side, "here that you don't always get. If you don't get oil in that spot, the wing can get really sore, and pull more easily, as well as crack." She lowers the wing, just as gently. "Another spot is right here…" She lifts the swirl-covered blue's muzzle, and gently sticks a finger in the folds of skin underneath his head. "There's a spot right there that ya often miss, too." She points out a few other spots, mostly in joints and hidden places, and then looks up. "Now, you find those spots, and make sure to remember 'em."

Returning that curious look from M'zen with a small grin of her own, Ahnika then blinks down at Jhath a moment before looking at Jinith on the blue's approach to Randi, as summoned. "I don't know," Ahnika says to Jhath aloud, and then seems about to say more, but lapses quiet as the demonstration begins. The green weyrling pair are the picture of stately poise, nobly so, but in military fashion, as they fix their attention on Randi and Jinith. As Randi continues on, stretching wing and then lifting muzzle, Jhath and Ahni actually lean forward a little, simultaneously, soaking it all in. Then without even needing to ask, at least not aloud, Jhath's got her wings snapped open and Ahni is inspecting the joint between wing and dragonside on first that side, and then the other, before the larger green dragonet lifts her muzzle for inspection next. It is all handled with the efficiency and regimented form born of disciplined soldiers, or just really assertive and diligent headwomen.

For a moment, Jinith looks between both Tuorth and Kaseth. The blue's eyes flicker yellow briefly before returning to normal. "Uh…no. No. Not at all." K'din replies to Randi before watching the explanation of points to hit when oilin'. Definitely something he needs to know given the dusty state of his dragonet. Jinith, however, keeps trying to look behind him to see what is being done to him as the spots are shown.

M'zen listens quietly, then turning attention to Tuorth beside him. He gestures for the bronze to follow the example given by Randi and Jinith, "move." Not the best command, but he does move with a disgruntled huff. Wings are spread and Zen moves to find the spots with his fingers, feeling easily for the spot and making to memorize where it resides. The second spot is searched for under the folds of skin.

Once she's seen that everyone has found the spots she mentioned, Randi nods approvingly. "Most of the dragon chores you'll be doing during weyrlinghood will taper off as the dragonets get older, but oiling is something you'll be doing until the day you die, kidlets, so you'd better get used to it." She grins at them with an expression that's just this side of too sunny for the topic. "Welcome to the club." Reaching down to run her hand over the young blue's muzzle, Randi waits for her gold to pass along the message then starts to lecture. "Now, one of the most important jobs you'll have while they grow is feeding. Dragons don't have forked tongues like firelizards do. This helps them move the firestone around when chewing the larger chunks and larger bites of food. When they're young, however, it's very easy for them to bite their tongues instead of their food. It's why we encourage them to go slowly and not rush." She pauses to make sure they're getting all of this before moving on. "If you can get your lifemates to open their mouths, you can see their teeth. They'll lose this first set, just like you did as children, so if you find a tooth lying around, don't worry so much. After this set, however, that's all they've got, so it's important to keep an eye on any chips or injuries."

With Jhath folding her wings closed once more in perfunctory manner, Ahni returns to her side to watch and listen to Randi attentively. The green weyrling pair appear to be very much spongelike, nearly to the exclusion of the other weyrlings participating in this lesson. Not very fun, but this pair seems inclined to take training very seriously, even something so basic as anatomy. Once cued, Ahnika glances at Jhath who only happily supplies the redhead with a big, toothy open-mouthed grin. Ahnika leans in, wrinkling her nose only a little at the green dragon's breath — raw meat diet likely not smelling too great, especially for anything that might happen to get stuck between the teeth. "Do we clean them, too, ma'am?" She asks, genuinely interested and concerned. Her Jhath, if Ahni has anything to say about it, will be the mosst fit and in tip-top shape when Thread comes. No slacking here. No ma'am.

"You hear that, Jinith?" K'din says, grinning down at his blue. "Don't just gulp it down." he adds, giving a nod to Randi as she continues to explain about the teeth. «I can't help it if it tastes good.» Jinith sends back to K'din before glancing at Kaseth and giving a nod. Obediently the young dragon opens his mouth as wiiiiiiiide as he can muster. After his mistake in communication earlier, he's now trying to play the perfect lil angel.

M'zen is listening to every word that Randi speaks her lecture, most of his attention is on the bronze beside him, considering all the places pointed out in the lecture of the hide and the needed oil. He pauses, only to consider the next part of the lecture and then he looks to Tuorth, nodding. "Mouth open." No pleases or thank yous. The bronze opens his mouth, unamused and waiting patiently for the rest of the lecture to finish.

Randi, with Kaseth stretched out in the sun behind her, is teaching a small group of weyrlings about some basic dragon anatomy. K'din and his little Jinith are acting as her models for the time being. "If you're very, very careful and tilt their heads back slowly and gently, you can see a little ways down their throat that it splits. That's because dragons have two stomachs. One of them processes food, just like our stomachs. The other one breaks down firestone into a gas that lets them breathe fire to flame thread." Gently, she lowers Jinith's head and lets him close his mouth. "Now, who can tell me something about firestone and flaming?"

Eovarijath comes bounding in, dove-grey wings held in a careful half-furl above her, not quite fully catching air, but definitely flaring out in an attempt to have some effect on the leaps she makes. Her hide gleams with oil and the winter's-morning pale hue, and after three bounds, her tail lashes, completely swinging herself off balance. But, of course, she meant to do that. In fact, Eovarijath holds the pose for a long, long moment, awkward and twisted as it is, ashen talons clutching Terra firma, before she'll swing her head around and note the group, and trots over, continuing the 'meant to do that, meant to do that' cadence.

Ahnika doesn't even have to ask. Jhath tilts her head up and adjusts that noble-bearing poise a little better for the tall redhead to look down her throat while her mouth is still opening and Ahnika is still gazing at her first set of teeth. Losing focus momentarily, Ahnika seems to be entrenched within some internal dialogue, Jhath no doubt wanting a complete and accurate report on what the interior of her throat looks like, precisely, and any hints at abnormalities that might affect her ability to flame Thread one day are to be noted, and likely filed in tripicate with the dragon infirmary. Finally, the green weyrling pair relax their posture and return their attention to Randi, only to straighten up again upon hearing talk of firestone and flaming. With another glance for Jhath, who in turn looks back at Ahnika, then the pair look to Randi as one, and Ahnika opens her mouth to speak… only to be forestalled by the pose-striking gold's entrance. Jhath lowers her head deferentially to the gold while Ahnika smiles, and then looks to Randi, "Jhath will be eating firestone and then using that … somehow … to exhale fire at Thread, ma'am, but I think that's about all I know." Which may be something to remark upon the non-weyrbred girl as having picked up that much in and of itself since being here.

Jinith continues to hold his mouth open while the demonstration is continued, and even tries to tilt it just right for his rider. «Can you see it?» the blue asks of K'din, who nods. "Yeah, I could. And did you hear that? Firestones. Not just any rock. Firestones." The last is said with a little but of a humorous tone before both try to turn their attention back to the instructor only to be distracted by the antics of the gold newcomer.

M'zen takes a grip of Tuorth's muzzle lightly, tilting his head back and looking into the bronze's mouth without a hesitation. There's a shift, Tuorth uncomfortable until his mouth is free and snapped firmly shut before ruffling his wings and letting out a huff. "Yeah, yeah. You're fine. Don't grumble so much." Zen rolls his eyes as the bronze turns his attention to the bounding gold which draws green eyes to follow his lifemate's, an odd sync between the two. The rider's brow lifts for a moment before he coughs and returns attention to his lifemate. "As you assumed, you are fine."

"That's the basic gist of it, Ahni." Randi grins, remembering just in time that the young red-head is not, in fact, from a weyr. "You'll have to learn - both of you - how to concentrate on the second stomach, rather than the first. Swallowing firestone into the food stomach can cause pain and swelling and - if we don't get to it in time - can even cause death." Giving Jinith an affectionate rub across his eye-ridge, Randi jerks her head towards the group. "You two can take your spots again." Brown eyes shift to the bronze pair. "Tuorth, would you please come up front? Your broad chest will make this demonstration much easier." Stroking the ego of a youngling never really hurts. Especially when it means the job gets done much easier.

Eovarijath patters the last dragonlength in, though she'll send a caroling tinny whistle toward her dam. Well, she'd start with that caroling call, but as soon as she becomes aware of how…Very tinny it sounds, the noise is cut off quickly, almost into a nostril-huff. Meant to do that too. But she does stop, finally, between bronze and blue dragons, with an imperious glance toward the big (for little) green, before she'll pause to watch the goings-ons that Randi leads.

The green weyrling pair seem largely uninterested in anything but the lesson at this point, their attention pretty strictly staying on Randi. Ahnika smiles as Randi confirms and expands on her answer at first, but then there is a mention of possible death by mis-swallowing firestone and the redhead's eyes nearly bug out of her head, her smile vanishing. Involuntarily, Ahni swallows and gives a worried look at Jhath who simply remains nobly poised and watching Randi attentively, though the perceptive might notice the green's silver talons digging into the ground just a bit, before both Jhath and Ahni look simultaneously over at Eovarijath as she joins the front line of the class, and then they both, as one again, return their attention to Randi and now Tuorth and M'zen as the brassy bronze is called up.

When K'din and Jinith focus their attention back on Randi, it's in time to hear the warning about swallowing the firestone into the wrong stomach. «That doesn't sound like fun. We should work on that.» the blue sends over to K'din. "Yeah, we will." the lad nods, bowing slightly before moving back towards where the pair was before being called up. Jinith, after the eye-ridge rub sort of saunters back to his spot.

Tuorth freezes as he considers Randi's call for him, puffing up his chest and moving easily forward all while knocking his lifemate over and nudging a few others who stand in his way, if they fall over or stumble, there are no apologies. Zen regains his footing without a complaint, simply following the path left by the bronze and making no apologies as hands are tucked into his pockets. "Yes, you did nudge into people with your broad chest." And, Tuorth even seems proud of this fact, puffing up just a bit more as his lifemate rolls his green eyes skywards for a moment. "No, it really is not a good thing."

"Thank you, Tuorth." Randi's grin is wholly amused. Reaching down to press her palm against the lower half of his chest - just between his legs - she gestures with her free hand for the others to do the same. "If you really concentrate, Tuorth, you should be able to feel the place where your throat splits into two tubes. Try and focus on the tube that leads to the stomach near where my hand is." And if he can do it right, a little belch of residual gases should emerge. A smile is sent over to the airy gold and she grins. "Come here, Eovarijath and I'll show you something special." Turning to the others, she raises her voice just a little. "Gold dragons don't chew firestone and don't breathe fire. Their digestive system works a bit differently."

Eovarijath does not bully /her/ way through the crowd. She perks up and trots the long way around, so she makes her own entrance from Stage Left, thank you very much. The final span is taken in a quick bound, wings slightly extended for balance, before she nearly crashes as the reality of her nervous system does not hold up to the optimism of her idealized self-confidence. But she arrives, and furls those greyed wings across her back, like some folded cloak, to peer at the junior weyrwoman.

Jostled into Jhath's side a bit as Tuorth goes trotting up toward the front without much sensitivity for the bronze dragonet's size and spacial awareness, Ahnika simply scowls at the bronze, not really hurt, just irritated, but allowing it to go for now with just the comment from M'zen, figuring this lifemate will sort it out and Ahni doesn't really need to. Jhath, however, is not so inclined to let such slights go too easily and she lets loose a sharp warning trumpet in deep, throaty alto timbre at Tuorth that seems stronger and more powerful than a green's lungs should be able to offer, and she rakes the ground at her feet a few times with her silver talons before snorting derisively. It takes some effort of soothing and headknob rubbing on the part of Ahni to calm the passionate green down before things are blown too far out of proportion. "Now, now, Nobleheart. Not the time or place. Let's get back to the lesson," Ahni says, "I'm fine. I assure you. But we need to be sure to get this down." With some disgruntedl flapping of wings, Jhath returns her attention to Randi, Tuorth, and now Eovarijath, and the lesson being given.

If Tuorth could puff up anymore, he would likely explode at some point. At least his ego has no limits and Randi keeps feeding it, even with simple thanks. Of course, he focuses his attention on concentrating as instructed and Zen leans in, curious to see where Randi's hand resides. And then, there is a belch coming from the bronze, startling him briefly before he collects himself and stands proud once more. Zen, however, remains unamused by his lifemate. "Good. At least you felt it." However, attention is drawn to Ahnika and her green, remaining straight faced along with Tuorth who keeps his regal pose. He chuffs in response, turning his head away and back to Randi. Zen offers an apologetic look to Ahnika but saying nothing more in reprimanding for his lifemate.

<Weyr> Eovarijath can be heard for the first time, clearly, past the hollow tones of muted instruments, the private litany she uses with her own lifemate. This time, indeed, her soprano lifts on the echos of hoofbeats through a canyon, a single discordant 'E' string scraped, « Tuorth. I see that the lesson you have learned is that if a dragon is large, he can push the lifemate of another dragon around. This must make you large, indeed, little bronze. Do you feel important, when you hurt the Weyrlings of your Weyr? »

"There, exactly right." Randi doesn't hold back her praise just because Tuorth has an ego. It's important to reward good behavior. It helps to stave off the bad. The young bronze is given a rub behind his headknobs and a gentle pat on the neck. "See if you all can get that same belch from your lifemates. I'll be around to check on everyone once I get Eovarijath set up." That said, she turns to the young queen and looks her in the face. "If you have trouble with any of what I tell you, let Kaseth know and she can show you what I mean." Mental images are sometimes so much more effective at communicating. "You can't chew firestone, little flyer. For a very long time, we thought that it would make you infertile. AIVAS tells us that's not true, but nobody's been willing to take a chance yet." Still, she lays her hand over the place where the firestone stomach is. "Concentrate on this stomach, but try to focus on closing it off. If food accidentally falls in there, it won't digest and can rot in there and make you very sick. You must have a care." But then she blinks, stares up into the young gold's face and laughs. "You've got some spunk, little one." Kaseth's links are open enough to let Randi hear as well - after a little delay. Quieter, this time, she offers her own praise. "Well done."

<Weyr> Tuorth speaks with a tone rich with laughter, despite the scent that first seeps in with his voice; muted scents of bloodshed and a fresh kill, dimmed only by the scent of woody smoke that slowly overwhelms. « Do not blame us for them being too small, Eovarijath. She is not injured and has deemed herself so, therefore, I have no blame for her stumble. » His tone strains with mild anger before fading into full laughter. « It was, shall we say, an accident. I am much larger than I had imagined. »

<Weyr> Jhath breaks in with a roaring fire that snaps and crackles and smells of charred flesh. « Impudent male!! Accident or no, you owe mine recompense! As you owe the others you barreled through! »
<Weyr> Eovarijath snorts, the physical manifestation bleeding through to her mental emote: « Perhaps your next lesson should be about your purpose, hatchling Tuorth. To protect those who cannot protect themselves, be they smaller or weaker. And to take responsibility for our failings, so we might change ourselves for the better. » A hiss of bow on violin strings underscores the genuine anger of the gold, though her tones remain calm.

Eovarijath stiffens, her head swiveling around to regard the broad-chested bronze, and red begins to whirl in her faceted eyes, but she'll turn again to attend Randi's words, and, with an arching of her neck, study the section of her own chest, on which Randi's hand rests. There's yet a distraction, though, through the links and Tuorth gets another sidelong look.

Smiling a little at M'zen in return, Ahni just shakes her head with a very slight shrug of her shoulders to show it's okay. This time. Working on getting her dragonet to return to the lesson at hand, Ahnika murmurs, "Alright. We don't want to die without having a chance to flame Thread, Nobleheart," because, undoubtedly, if Jhath died from swallowing firestone down the wrong pipe, as it were, Ahnika would likely follow suit with a jump off the bridge into the river or something. "So, let's see about this stomach you have here." After getting a second look at Tuorth, and more specifically, where Randi had her hand to get him to burp, Ahnika squats down in front of Jhath and feels around a little, looking for that stomach. "This it? No?" She tries again, "Here?" Then sighs a bit and frowns, gently pressing in and obviously having difficulty finding the thing.

Tuorth stands proud at the praise he receives, quite pleased before inclining his head towards Zen as if permitting his lifemate to touch him. A hand is lifted to reside between his headknobs, "you would be better to apologize, Tuorth." Is advised in a hushed tone, "while you didn't mean to, you still did. She is just as right as you are." There's a reluctance on the bronze's part, but he does not turn to Jhath to offer such an apology quite yet, attention drawn by the gold and his gaze transfixed upon her. No indication if it is for the lesson or not before Zen is pulling the bronze head to regard the offended green. "Apologize." At least one of them is not so stubborn as to continue a pointless fight.

<Weyr> Tuorth hesitates, for the briefest of moments before relenting into a brief silence. « My apologies, Jhath. I will pay better attention to where I step from now on. » A flicker of mild annoyance is addressed to Eovarijath but is pushed aside rather quickly. « You are quick to forget that you are a hatchling too, Eovarijath. You are correct, yes, but you are no older than I. »

Kaseth, amused by the antics of her children and Rauzath's, lifts her head and curves her neck for a better view of the proceedings. Randi, privy to this sensation of entertainment, snorts once before continuing. "There, yes." She affirms Eovarijath's motion to look down at her own chest. "Concentrate on that and let Kaseth know when you can close it off, or if you have trouble. She's had to learn this, too." That said, she ambles over to where Ahnika and Jhath are and gently moves the redhead's hand to the proper place. "Just there, Ahni. When she concentrates on it, it closes off the main stomach and stirs up the acids and gases. Don't overdo it, because without stone in there, the acids can burn, but doing it once or twice a day helps to make it easier to concentrate on when it's finally time to use it."

<Weyr> Eovarijath agrees with Tuorth, « No. But I am more right than you are, Tuorth. » Might the sense of fierce ego pervade that missive, with a quick jig-jag of two opposing notes underscoring the words. Punctuation. « I went around, so I did not stomp the frail. »

<Weyr> Kaseth lowers her consciousness onto those assembled like the bright, warm sunlight on a summer's day. « But I am no longer a hatchling, young ones. You will need to learn to work alongside each other. » She pauses to bask in her own sunlight and continues first with the bronze. « You will be a great leader, Tuorth, but you must understand that if those who follow cannot trust you, your power is empty and meaningless, and will not last long. » And then her attention turns to her own daughter. Her own. There's an extra burst of maternal warmth, but not enough to be painful. « With minds like his, my queenlet, you will find they are more willing to listen if you do not shame them in public this way. »

<Weyr> Jhath withdraws some of the heat and crackle of her timbre and the obscene burnt scent fades. « My thanks to you and yours, Tuorth. I will relay your apology to mine. » Because, after all, as Jhath sees it, the apology is meant for her lifemate and not herself. After a pause, however some of the heat returns, none of the fierce crackle and snap and none of the charred smell. She simply states, « Mine is not frail. »

<Weyr> Kaseth chuckles and brushes a sweep of amused affection against the fiery Jhath. « For her kind she is not frail at all, Jhath, but if we are not careful, even one as young as you could do her great harm. I do not believe offense was meant. »

The littlest queen continues to study Randi's hand, and then the red whirls leave her eyes as her concentration becomes full. Randi might feel some twitches, under that hide, and the gold shifts impatiently, trying again, with new and different twitches. She sure won't admit defeat, though!

<Weyr> Tuorth chuffs, in the beginning of a response to Eovarijath, but silenced as Kaseth begins to speak. He does, however, show some respect for the elder gold. The praise is met with the growth of ego, quickly deflated by the rest of her words. « Yes. Of course, Kaseth. I understand. » To Jhath, « wonderful. My thanks, Jhath, for relaying the message from us. We appreciate it. »

With a little nod of her head, turning her attention from Jhath to M'zen and Tuorth, Ahnika dips her head a bit to them both, rueful smile in place and says, "Thank you, Tuorth," rather than pass the message along the mindlink. Ahnika prefers being direct when she can. As Randi arrives, she refocuses her attention on Jhath and her hand, and with a little bit of guidance from the weyrwoman, Ahni appears to have gotten it, feeling the stomach in question. She looks immediately relieved. "Thank you, ma'am," and nods in acknowledgement of her warnings, repeating, "Helps, but don't overdo it. Got it." And with that, and a little bit more soothing of her green, Ahnika helps her lifemate burp briefly, and then the green tries to strike that stately, noble pose once more. Ahem. Pardon. "There," Ahni grins up into her muzzle. "Think you got it?" A pause, and then Ahni nods. She goes back to feeling the stomach again, though this time not pressing so hard, just getting used to where it is for later or the next day. Practice.

No sooner has Randi moved off, than Eovarijath has sidled away. A long glance at her dam, then her clutchmates, but she's done thinking about stomachs. There is an entire rest of the Weyr to investigate, and her Rio doesn't usually sleep either long, or deeply, and might awaken at any moment. So the gold bounds away from the group to see the layout of the rest of -her- Weyr.

M'zen turns his attention to Randi and Ahnika as they find the place upon Jhath's stomach. He moves, considering Eovarijath with a brief look for the red whirl in her eyes, carefully angling himself away and placing his hand upon the stomach of his lifemate, moving with the instructions from the bronze to find the appropriate place for his own memory. Brows furrow as green eyes consider his lifemate again. "You're going to tick off everyone in the Weyr if you keep this up, Tuorth."

"There you are, that's good." Praise for Jhath at the belch and for M'zen at finding the correct place on his bronze. Reaching up to rub at the eyeridges of Ahnika's militant little green, Randi turns to move back toward her own dragon. "That's enough for now, kidlets. It's very nearly lunch time. Practice reining them in to eat carefully. When they're full and settled to nap in the sun, you all will be joining me for a lovely run. Weyrlings, dismissed!"

Ahnika and Jhath both turn their heads simultaneously to watch the gold hatchling depart, with Jhath lowering her head respectfully to the young gold, and then they return their attention to Randi, as the weyrwoman speaks. Jhath doesn't respond to praise verbally, but the larger green dragonet does seem to sit a little taller, her chest out a little more. But the eye-ridge rub forces her head to tilt a little into it. After all, it feels gooood. Ahem. Enough of that now. Time to look serious! With a small affectionate chuckle, Ahni remains standing beside Jhath and looking at Randi as she dismisses them. "Thank you, ma'am," Ahnika offers, smiling. The green weyrling pair offer a bow to both Randi and Kaseth a like, then a salute for the dismissal, before they turn in unison to head off for lunch, but not before Ahni offers a wave to M'zen and Tuorth.

M'zen stands, nodding to Randi and saluting as they're dismissed. "Yes ma'am." He looks to Tuorth, shaking his head and then starting off. He looks to Ahni, returning the wave and then gesturing for Tuorth to follow. "You'll eat just enough, not too much and not too little." And off they go, to get the bronze fed.

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