And They Said There'd Be A Lake


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Date: 07/23/2010
Location: Lake Shore
Synopsis: Eissa and Randi have a quick discussion at the lake.
Rating: G
Logger: Eissa

Having finished her latest shift in the infirmary and realizing she's not all that tired yet, the newest healer of Eastern Weyr finds herself at a loss for something to do. Instead of simply going back to her little cot Eissa has decided to finally strike it out around the Weyr. Maybe if she walks everywhere she'll remember where everything is and finally stop getting lost. That's how she ended up around the lakeshore … if one can call it a lake. In fact her expression is quite perplexed as she looks at the sad little area, and toes a bit of the dirt around the 'lake' line.

Sprawled on her belly inside the 'lake' is a small - by color standards, at least - gold dragon. Well, small in general terms. Right now her usually slender belly is swollen full to bursting. Her wings are spread out and resting their tips on the ground to give away the most heat possible and though her rider is down there with her - wearing shorts, a sleeveless shirt and no shoes and armed with a bucket and sponge - the poor dear seems, well, rather obviously miserable.

It only takes a moment or two to spy the dragon and her rider and while Eissa is on the farther side of the 'lake', oh all right, hole, the healer is quick to circle it. She wouldn't want to appear rude, and so, when she's within talking distance she'll slow and pitch her voice to carry towards the dragon and rider, "Good day, Weyrwoman." After a moment's thought and a slightly uncertain look Eissa adds for the dragon's benefit, "Ma'am."

Squinting up at the shape now gaining her attention, Randi reaches one arm up to wave the other woman down. "Good day! You wouldn't happen to be not busy doing something else, would you?" She holds up the bucket and points to another similar one not too far off. "I just lost my last helper to duty rotation and there's a lot of dragon here." It's not a bath persay, because there are no bathsalts or scrubbing-type brushes or even enough water to bathe in. It seems more a mission to try and keep the egg-heavy dragon comfortable. "She's just too hot," Randi offers by way of explanation, dipping her sponge in the cold water and running it over a place on Kaseth's neck. "Same thing that happened a bit before she rose, actually." And that might be something to look into later, when she's not got a miserable queen taking up her mindspace.

Eissa can't help but glance at the gold dragon with a healer's critical eye, and perhaps a flicker of sympathy can be seen on her face - she does look very hot and uncomfortable. Granted Eissa isn't skilled at reading dragon body language, but to the healer, it seems the dragon is very uncomfortable. However at Randi's words, Eissa can't help but look a little surprised, "Uh ..", she says in a rather intelligent manner, " .. no, I'm not a busy. What can I do to help Weyrwoman?" She steps closer looking a little lost and unsure, she's never helped bathed a dragon before and she's pretty certain (at least in her mind) it's not like bathing say a newborn baby, still she does spy the other bucket and takes a closer step towards said bucket, while still trying to maintain a discreet distance as well.

"Just grab the other bucket - should be full, since I had the smith top it off before he left - and use the sponge to get her hide wet." Randi ducks under the wing on her side for a moment to wet the dragon across her ribs. "Neck, ribs, chest … Those are the main places. Try and stay away from her belly, but if you can keep her front end cool I'll clamber up and get her back and tail."

Feeling just a -little- out of her element here, the healer can't help but bring a thumb nail to her lips to nibble on, but when she realizes what she's doing Eissa is quick to tuck her hand back at her side. "All right." She says, still with that uncertainty in her voice. Stepping next to the bucket Eissa grabs the handle as well as a sponge, and then hoists the bucket up, she's careful not to let any of the precious water to slosh over and once firmly in hand, she moves towards the front of the dragon. Perhaps she'll try sponging the chest first? That could possibly be safe, right? Of course, she has to wonder if she should greet the dragon again? Shaking her head at her own crazy thoughts Eissa instead dips the sponge into the water and squeezes some of the excess out, "Okay." She adds more to herself than anyone else - she can do this. She does however add to both the Weyrwoman and dragon, "I'm Eissa. Newly posted Healer to the Weyr." THen before she can chicken out she reaches forward to dab the sponge lightly on the dragon's hide.

And Kaseth appreciates it. There's a low crooning sound, but it's soft and without much power behind it. She appreciates the effort, but doesn't have a whole lot of energy for gratitude at the moment. "I'm Randi," the weyrwoman introduces herself right back, peering down from her kneeling perch between the two massive wings. "And this is Kaseth. She says thank you, by the by. It's hard to keep everywhere cool when it's just me." Soaking up water into the sponge from the bucket she'd hauled up to sit in front of her, Randi squeezes it out over the top of first one wing-sail and then the other. She can get even mostly all of the sail, but she's doing what she can. "First posting?" she calls down to the healer. No reason not to talk while working, right?

At the noises from the dragon Eissa can't help but eye Kaseth sideways, but the sounds seem encouraging, and so Eissa gains a bit more confidence from it. Dipping the sponge back into the water the healer once again dabs the dragon's hide. At the Weyrwoman's question, the healer nods, "Yes, ma'am. First posting anywhere, to be honest. I was at my family's cothold and then Healer Hall for all my life, until I came here." The sponge goes back into the water to refill with cool water and its then again pressed to the dragon's hide, along the areas that are easy to reach, "I'm still finding it hard to find my way around, but I'm sure I'll eventually figure it out." Dip, sponge, dip, sponge, "May I ask what happened to the lake? It's so empty."

"Aha," Randi calls down. "Fresh meat, then." There's a laughing lilt to her voice as she says it, so it's more a joke than anything cruel. "I've been here from day one and I still get lost, Eissa. Don't worry." She moves a bit further down Kaseth's back, very careful now that she's hovering over egg-belly. "You'll learn your way around in time. The lake?" At first she's puzzled and so Randi sits up on her knees to look around her for something amiss. "Nothing's happened to the - oh. Well, it's not finished yet. The Smiths tell me we need another thirty feet of depth before it'll sustain the water we fill it with and they just don't know when it'll be ready for water." She falls silent then, though a few grumbling words about just what she thinks of that timeline may fall across 'innocent' ears.

At the mention of fresh meat Eissa can't help but give the Weyrwoman a sideways glance now, as well, still, "True." She offers a smile, "It's no worse then when a new apprentice joined Healer Hall. I often wondered if I looked as shocked and confused as they did, and while I like to think I didn't, I'm sure I did." Her smile turns into a full grin at that point, at the thought of the apprentices. As for the lake she looks around again and even toes the dirt before she adds, "Well, I can't say I understand how to build a lake, but I hope it comes soon." As for the grumbled words, she may not catch many of them, but she understands the gist behind them and so she tries to offer some sort of sympathy, "Well, I'm sure they're working as fast as they can, Weyrwoman. Hopefully it'll be soon. You know the Smiths they love everything to be perfect, before they finish their project. We had a couple of Smiths at Healer Hall once who wouldn't start a project until they had the planning stages completely mapped out. I can't say the Master Healer never lit a fire beneath them, but I will say they did a wonderful job in the end. It was just getting the job started that seemed to take forever. Though I'm sure all crafts have their own reputations."

"Every crafter has their own, as well." Reputations, that is. "Honestly, at this point, I'd be thrilled with a puddle. Anything to make it easier to keep Kaseth comfortable." Not least of which because Randi is quite privy to her lifemate's distress. "Remind me never to get pregnant," she grumbles. It's mostly to herself - and to her queen - but it's not exactly whispered, either.

There's a flash of a grin at the remark about reputation and Eissa can't help but add, "True, however, I think we should amend that to everyone has their own reputation. There's this pudgy little healer in the infirmary who tends to gossip. I suppose he's a nice sort, but I've never seen a man gossip so much. Usually that's reserved for women, or at least, so people often say." She grins again and then shakes her head slightly. Dunking the sponge a few more times the healer continues to dab the Queen's hide, before she dunks it one last time and lets the sponge float in the water, "And as much as this has been educational on how to bathe a dragon, I should probably start back to the Infirmary. I have a few patients to check on before I find myself a cot to sleep in for the night. Thank you so much for allowing me to help, Weyrwoman."

A little annoyed at the loss of yet another set of hands, Randi is nevertheless amused by the new healer. So it is with a laugh and a playful salute that she waves the woman off. "Thanks for your help, Eissa! If you see any wayward brats or Searchbait running about, be sure to send them my way, yeah?" Her smile turns a bit rueful. "I have a feeling I'll be here for a while."

Glancing at the two small buckets and the small (though large compared to the buckets) gold dragon, Eissa offers a sympathetic smile and nods, "Of course, Weyrwoman. I'll happily send a couple of the Infirmary aide workers your way, to help with the washing. Hopefully it'll help it go very quickly." With another wave the healer is quick to start trotting out of the 'lake' and back to the Weyr proper. "Good day to you both, I hope you find some relief."

The End

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