Portrayed By Sophia Myles
Position Weyrling to Green Hadath
Former title(s) Eastern Weyr Scribe; Junior Lady of Southern Boll
Sex Female
Age 18
Place of Birth Southern Boll Hold
Family Lord Kiril and Lady Eliora of Boll, 11 Siblings including Eldest, heir apparent Lord Kelior, and 10th child Lord Liril
Faction Neutral, Influenced Traditional

Tall and slender, Andi stands taller than most of her peers, her slight frame bending a bit, shoulders curved as she attempts to shrink herself to a more appropriate height. Pale blonde hair, normally falling past the middle of her back, is twisted back in a rather severe manner at the back of her neck, keeping it out of the way. Her face is as long as the rest of her, pale blue eyes set there, with thin lips and a small nose, cheeks pink now and again, though she never seems to hold the tan that many of the others do.

Her clothes are well made, and show no patches or the like, skirts long, while a long sleeved, lightweight shirt is worn under a simple vest.

Character History

As Lord Holders tend to do, Lord and Lady Boll had quite the number of children, and thus quite the number of opportunities to increase their ties with the other Holds of the Northern Continent. In the end, a dozen of them made it through infancy and childhood, amongst them the second youngest of the lot, a young girl named Andromeda. From the beginning, she grew up in the shadow of her parents, not to mention her ten older siblings, and became a far quieter child than many of her peers, preferring to settle in corner and daydream than ride runners, or play tag with the other children.

As one of the youngest, she often found herself being ordered around by her gaggle of older siblings, and without the added bonus of being the baby, there was rarely a stop put to it. And so, for turns, she found herself hearing, 'Andi, go tell the cook we want dinner in our rooms', 'Andi, go get the steward', Andi do this, Andi go there And she did. Certainly, the requests were never completely harmful, or particularly horrible, but they did instill a certain instinct in her - to do what she was told without questioning the reasons, or the results. In between her errand running, her to-ing and fro-ing, Andi spent much of her time in the records room, with the steward's staff, learning the proper way to maintain the books, in preparation for her future.

Growing up through the spread of technology, Andi found herself surrounded by a quite neutral view of it all - that is, of course, until the ill-fated, AIVAS guided mission to the Red Star, and the curse it brought upon all of Pern. Her eldest brother, the heir apparent, was certainly the most outspoken, the most adamant about the problems of AIVAS, though their father was careful to maintain a neutral official stance.

When they announced the formation of a new Weyr, meant to protect the growing populace of Landing - so very close to the source of all the troubles - it didn't take long for Andi to be volunteered for duty there. A sign of good faith, her brother claimed, as she was packed off and sent south, with explicit directions to listen, watch, and wait.

Of course, watching and waiting were not suppose to include becoming completely integrated into the weyr, sympathetic to their causes and Faranth forbid, it certainly did not include being -Searched-. However, even the Traditional Lord Boll knew of the duty to the Weyr, and thus it was with reluctance that his youngest daughter was allowed to remain amongst the ranks of the candidates. Lord Kiril expected nothing to come of it, however, beginning to arrange a marriage for Andi after her return to the Hold - A return that never occurred when Andi found herself face to face with a small, fae-like green upon the Sands at Eastern, and became a Weyrling.


Her relationship with Merendezen was certainly one of pure hate - the man having made her cry more than once, as she believes him to be spewing nonsense. However, it seems that over time, things have changed, for now they are (reasonably) happy weyrmates.

Memorable Quotes:

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Trivia and Notes:

Andromeda's name is a result of an early fascination her mother had with AIVAS - and the need to find yet another child's name after all those who came before her. However, after the Incident, as AIVAS continued to fall more and more out of favor with the Holds - the Boll Lord Holder included - her father insisted on her nickname: Andi.

Andi's Logs


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