Apologies And Politics


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Date: 2010.07.26
Location: Landing - Main Square
Synopsis: Indira seeks L'han out at Landing to apologize for having been a catalyst to his having been sent there in the first place. The two touch lightly on the politics of the day.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Indira

It's evening here in Landing and thus most people have headed off to bed whilst the night owls remain awake and busy. The guards of AIVAS however do not go to bed with everyone else and that also happens to include Landing's local watchrider as he stands with the guards near the building, the three chatting with each other, but otherwise just keeping a watch over everything. Escaeth is also here, the green resting in the middle of the square, enjoying the cool night air as a reprieve from the hot sun that beats down for the majority of the day.

Being as how L’han is on watch duty, he (or Escaeth) may have noticed the Eastern blue landing and then taking off a few moments later after having safely delivered it’s passenger. Only once it’s leapt back into the sky would the figure of Eastern Weyr’s headwoman be visible, basket at her feet and intrigued gaze taking in her surroundings.

Escaeth is well aware of any dragons entering what she views as -her- airspace, at least for the time being. And the blue and it's familiar passenger is reported to her rider as L'han looks over towards Indira, giving a wry smile as he heads on over her direction. "Evening Headwoman… what brings you out to Landing at this time of night?" He calls out once he's close enough to do so without shouting.

Attention caught by and weaving over the much maligned AIVAS complex, Indira’s response is at first distracted, “Hmm?” Turning toward the speaker her expression folds into one of sheepishness as she finds it to be the very man she’d come here seeking. “L’han,” tone and smile warm as she bends to take up what is obviously a rather heavy basket. Setting the greenrider with her most winsome smile, “Actually, it’s you,” said in such a way as to suggest he’d just won the lottery. “I…owe you an apology,” clearly such things don’t easily from this woman, “And so here I am.” Ta daaa!

L'han tilts his head at the mention of an apology. "An apology? For what may I ask?" He isen't aware of anything signifigant and he really hasn't spoken to the Headwoman since he met her that day and had his green drop a healer on that ledge.

With a discomforted wrinkle of nose for the facial injuries the greenrider still sports. “For those,” a finger lifting and drawing a circle in the air around his face, “I…spoke to weyrwoman Alara and heard what had happened.” Shifting the basket from one hand to the other, Indira exhales slowly, “While I did have good reason for asking you to do what I did. I should not have put you in the middle of it.”

L'han realizes now what she means and he waves it off. "No apology necessary, Headwoman. For the incident with the healer, I knew full well what might happen because of it. These injuries and my current posting are of my own doing, not yours. But thank you for the consideration." He eyes the basket with interest and asks, "But might I ask if that is a good meal from our Weyr's kitchens?" He grins at the Headwoman. "Landing has good food, but I always liked the Weyr's meals."

Stepping up closer to the greenrider, Indira’s head tips to one side as she puts him under intent study, dark eyes roaming over his injuries and then dropping away as she states quietly, “And you did it anyway,” eyes back up to him seeking his out, “I won’t forget it.” Deep sincerity in the headwoman’s tone and then L’han’s eyeing the basket. A chuckle forms as she lifts it up and holds it out to him, “I’ve heard tell that the way to a man’s heart,” and apology, “is through his stomach so I had the kitchen staff put together a few things for you.”

L'han lights up with a smile. He didn't expect it, but well appreciates it. "Thank you, Headwoman. I dunno what other Weyrs teach, but Fort Weyr, we respected the Headwoman because she kept things in the Weyr from going to shard at the worst times." He nods, taking the heavy basket off her hands. "How is Alara? Escaeth tells me that Rauzath is laying the eggs and Kaseth too, although I saw Randi down here just the other day."

Dark eyes light with amusement and a touch of admiration for the greenrider’s clearly resilient nature. The smile that breaks out a small rueful little thing for his words over respect given Headwoman in other Weyrs, “The Reaches, worked a little differently,” she notes. Relieved of the burden of the basket, a glance is sent about the area, “Is there somewhere we can sit?” Indira asks before responding to his queries. “Alara’s tired as can be expected during such times, and I think her gold is a little more demanding than most. But I think having her weyrmate to go home to at night helps. Randi, I admittedly haven’t personally seen for a while.” And then what he’d said catches up with her, “She was down here?”

L'han nods as he leads Indira over to where a nice bench is set against a building's wall. He settles down, brushing off the dust for Indira to sit and replies, "Yeah… it was a suprise, more for Escaeth than me, she still expected Kaseth was going to eat me from the fight… she was really ticked." The green raises her head to look at her rider and Indira, but then settles herself back down. "And Alara has a weyrmate? Who may I ask is the lucky rider?"

Appreciation for the pains L’han goes to in ensuring the bench is free of dust before she sits, turns out in the warm smile Indira sends him. A small grimace follows his words on the fight he’d gotten into which has the headwoman drawing silent as a frown flickers between her brows when he queries the goldrider’s new weyrmate. Eventually she simply takes the bull by the horns, “You’re, not going to like it, L’han,” a careful look going to the greenrider, “but it’s T’ryn.” The very ‘rider that had re-arranged his face for him.

Indira is correct, he doesn't like it as a frown comes across L'han's face. "Please tell me he got some form of punishment for the fight. Because I didn't rake him over the firestone for telling me to send my Escaeth between if I didn't like the way things run, he'd better not have done so in private." He opens the basket though, looking through what's in there and when he finds some lovely rolls, he breaks two out, one for him and one for Indira, offering it to her as he waits for her to answer.

At least he didn’t shoot the messenger. Still, it’s clear that Indira’s not happy about having been the one to deliver the news to the greenrider, “I’m sorry, L’han.” Her own part in the whole affair simply drawing further guilt for this new revelation given him. Shock however takes it turn on her features next, “He said –what-!?” Dark eyes shadowing as the headwoman blanches and sets a horrified look onto L’han, “That…how could…” stopping and starting until a lift of anger finishes the sentence for her, “That’s not something –anyone- should be so sharding flippant about! The stupid idiot!” Oh yes, a nerve has definitely been hit somewhere. The roll offered is taken with a flicker of thanks in her eyes, and then the older blonde drops into silence chewing on a bite.

L'han nods in agreement with Indira. "Wether he meant it or not is irrelavent in that regard. No rider of any rank should ever say that to another. I asked Escaeth what she thought of that… she hissed at the thought, and then I hit T'ryn in the jaw. And thats how the fight started. Unfortunately he's got that size and muscle on me." He shrugs and says, "I highly doubt the Weyrwoman got the full story on that… prehaps you could ask her exactly what T'ryn told her? Once the clutching is done… her and Randi's… I'd rather not disturb either of them at this stage." He bites into the roll, although his thoughts on the whole matter remain entirely his own.

Ill concealed anger still wrapping about her frame, Indira nods curtly, “You can be very sure I’ll be doing just exactly that. I mean, how the shards would Alara feel if you’d suggested her weyrmate’s dragon go Between? Honestly!” The roll going back toward her mouth, it halts and the headwoman can’t but help put a smirk over to L’han for his having decked T’ryn, “Good for you. However, if you repeat that I sanctioned your having hit him, I’ll flatly deny it,” wink.

L'han chuckles at Indira and says, "Oh no worry. Having problems with the two Weyrwomen is enough for me thanks, I'd prefer no trouble with the Headwoman." He tilts his head and looks over at the AIVAS building, "To think… all of this caused by what is in that building." He shakes his head and says, "And if the Holders really get foolish and somehow get soldiers down here to try and destroy it, I'm the first that'll probably meet them."

The greenrider’s comeback has Indira unable to help but chuckle with him and then she’s following his gaze toward the building. “If given the chance,” in other words without being under directive of weyrleaders, “what would your choice be? Let them do it, or fight to protect it?” Intent the way the headwoman watches L’han for his response.

L'han glances to Indira when she asks that question and his reply is almost instant, "Fight to protect it, hopefully without killing anyone. AIVAS caused the problems we're in… it can fix them with time, knowledge, and the wisdom to use it. We just got to increase dragon numbers to deal with the threadfall. But I can't see soldiers sent to destroy AIVAS and someone -not- dying over the matter, do you?"

And that must have been the answer Indira was hoping for as a deeply approving smile is his to own. Gravity settling in she nods, “Nothing worth fighting for ever comes without a cost. I just we’ll be able to ensure somehow that it isn’t too high.” Attention still having been on the famed building itself, she flickers a glance sideways to L’han, “In all honesty, it would be my suggestion that everyone is afforded combat training. Not just the dragonriders. There’s a lot that can be done down on the ground too.”

L'han nods to Indira. "Everyone should know how to fight because you never know who it is or what it is that's going to try and take your life from you… be it Thread, criminal, or just plain wildlife. One dragon and rider can handle quite a few soldiers unless they come prepared for that… if another Weyr joins in the attempt… thats where it gets very complicated… few dragons are ever willing to fight another and the golds themselves aren't willing to go to it either." He shakes his head and says, "I dunno. If it's just soldiers on the ground with plenty of warning, I can handle it, but if they get into Landing, the people here need to know how to protect themselves."

Nodding her agreement with his words, Indira’s fingers start to pluck pieces off of the unfinished roll, dropping them to the ground as she does, seemingly unaware of the action, “Aye, I well know it. L’min used to say that the day Weyr turned on Weyr, was the day we were done for. Unfortunately, it’s that fear that tends to have people staying on the side of traditional rather than taking a stand to move forward.” Hands finally still as eyes wander about the now quiet and almost serene setting, “Have you suggested that people here who have aptitude for using a knife and hand-to-hand combat, get the necessary training? Sure, those of us that can hunt have an advantage, but those here are unlikely to have even that to call upon.”

L'han shakes his head, "Not yet… I'm new here and I need to get to know these people and the masters… they're the ones that run the show out here… I only get to call the shots if Threadfall happens here and only then until Southern can arrive to take up the fight." He shrugs as he finishes off that roll he's eating and says, "I'll make a suggestion to the Masterstarsmith… do you know anything about him… fellow by the name of Donal?"

“Donal?” Indira queries, expression dropping into one of contemplation and then shaking her head, “No, can’t say that I do. Still too new down this way myself to be acquainted with many of the locals. I could make enquiries though?” Slowly, the headwoman stands to her feet and puts an apologetic smile down to L’han, “I’m afraid R’ean will be by soon to pick me up. He had a parcel to deliver to Lannie’s mother, so he offered me a lift.”

L'han nods to Indira and smiles, "Thanks for the delivery though and for coming to see me… unless they're down here for a reason, no other rider has." He tilts his head and says, "Hope that healer learned his lesson though, I'd rather not have to have Escaeth strand him on a distant mountain next time." He chuckles at the thought, but it's short and brief.

Indira tips a small frown down to L’han, “No one’s come by just to see how you’re doing?” Quiet for a while and then with a smile, “How about we make this a regular thing? You gather together the good gossip from down here, I’ll do the same from the Weyr and we’ll meet up and trade. You game?” She is nothing if not concerned for the wellbeing of all and sundry in the Weyr no matter where they may be serving. Arching a brow up high, her expression turns a little smug, “Once I’d apprised weyrwoman Alara of the manner in which he’d been padding expenses to keep his mistress in the manner to which she became accustomed…he was sent packing back to the Hall.”

L'han nods with a smile as to the healer's punishment. "Good, I had wondered what he was doing to irk you so." He then nods in agreement. "Yeah, that sounds right, if I can stop Escaeth from sharing it all with Rauzath. That gold is very insatiable for gossip."

With the downward pressure of air signaling the arrival of a dragon from Between, Indira offers with a low chuckle, “Someone pisses me off personally; I’ll deal with it myself. Someone touches on the Weyr? I’ll use whatever means I might have at my disposal to get it seen to.” And then the Eastern blue is landing and his rider beckoning for the headwoman, “That’s my ride,” bending down with a fall of hair tumbling over her shoulder, she’ll try to lay companionable farewell kiss to the greenrider’s cheek and then straighten once again. Calling over her shoulder as she heads toward the blue pair, “Until next seven.”

L'han blinks and reaches up to touch the kissed cheek before he gives a wave to the Headwoman, "Till next seven." He looks over to his green, which is looking at him rather curiously as he walks over to her, "Come'on girl, we've got a sweep to fly." He gets onto her neck as she stretches, getting to her feet and ready to fly.

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