Appease The Odds


Kelarad.jpg Max.jpg Crawl and Waine (NPCs)

Date: March 4, 2011
Location: Docks, Tillek
Synopsis: Max stops by the Tillekian docks to swallow his pride in order to make amends to Kelarad on the failure of his meeting with his cousin. Their alliance is then further solidified through exchange of business and information for the near future.
Rating: PG-15 for language
Logger: Jaya

It's a late morning at the docks. The Tillekian docks were busy this day with traders and shipriders making short work of moving their cargo from one bay to another. Kelarad is here, walking along the docks with his second-in-command flanking him along with one of the dock workers - all three engaged in animated talk of something or other. The dock work gestures repeatedly towards one of the banked caravans within the vicinity, explaining the sort of cargo that the drivers were looking to haul with Rad's approval. "…they gripe about the commission fee," he was saying with hand gestures, nodding, but Kelarad is shaking his head and is not looking to broker any further argurment. "60 percent is my generosity," the crimelord of Tillek seems to warn, shooting a look towards the dock worker. "They'd do well not to press me further." - "Or ever," Crawl puts in, his demeanor more cool than his boss's.

Dressed in black trousers with boots of the same shade on his feet, an open necked white long sleeved shirt, and black wide brimmed hat pulled low over his eyes, the man leaned up against a nearby post is obviously clearly out of place. Not out of place is the big burly ‘dockworker’ nearby that passes good natured comment to the quietly observant stranger as a pretty blonde girl with a basket of fish set to one hip, sashays on by, “Now those are high seas I’ll be happy to be tossed about in my bunk for.” He gets little more than a grunt in return, as Kelarad, Crawl and the dockworker come level with their position, the stranger pushing away from his lean and tipping his hat back from his face to reveal none other than southern’s young crimelord. “Kelarad,” he puts the Tillekian’s name out low as he takes a step forward. Not enough to intrude upon the man’s current business dealings but rather as a means to making his presence known.

One would think that the crimelord of Tillek would be shocked at finding the southern man up in the north, on his dock of all places. However, the man turns and ceases talk when Max speaks, only choosing to raise brows to his appearance. Crawl, not looking all pleased to find the man here, is sending his boss a hard look that gets missed. Abruptly Kelarad turns toward the dock worker who was momentarily cowed by Crawl's earlier comment. "Suggest to them that they should stick around for another night," he tells him, dismissing the man from his sight. "We will discuss the rest of this later. Max!" He turns back towards Max then, moving as if to embrace the new crimelord here in public. The impromptu meeting is getting many glances from those walking by, including the group of traders that the dock worker returns to relay Rad's 'suggestion'. "It feels like yesterday since I've seen you!" Probably not too far from the truth. Moving to clap the man on the shoulder, "You remember Crawl, don't you?" Of course he does. "Walk with me. I'm in the process of surveying my docks for the movement of cargo. Time to pull in favors for the fights coming up, you know."

Hands to pockets Max remains silent as Tillek’s crimelord dismisses the other man, his expression giving little away. The burly ‘dockworker’, Waine, also known as Jaisyn in these parts takes a step in behind his boss and puts a cheerful grin to Crawl. Thankfully, he says nothing for now. Probably too distracted by a brunette that’s gone wandering passed with a trap full of crustaceans slung over one shoulder, tossing him a saucy wink as she goes. His name spoken by Kelarad has the southerner drawing the idea of an easygoing grin into place for the benefit of those about on the docks and uttering a low spoken, “Brother,” along with a small incline of head. His attention drawn to Crawl, he puts a long though unchallenging look to the man his words going to the northern crimelord, “The days pass quickly for men with much on their minds.” His reply of agreement simple though pointed in its deliverance to there not having been much time lapsed since their last meeting. Interest peaks as he falls into step with his counterpart and gives the once familiar docks a sweep of his dark gaze, catching Waine in the act of trying yet again, to pick up a little something to amuse himself with later on that night no doubt. Eyes narrow in warning and then he turns back to conversation with Kelarad the smile he puts out, strained at the edges. “I see your business continues to thrive and grow,” this with a nod to the banked caravans waiting to move cargo, “It does the heart good to see such things.” With his gaze falling to the wooden boards as they walk the docks, he adds with a sidelong glance to the man at his side, “I fear however that my own is burdened by troublesome concerns put in the mind of a trusted brother.”

With Crawl watching everything - including Max's second with a slight sneer of distaste already in place for finding the docks suddenly interrupted by them - "Reveal the thoughts and let the days pass more slowly then," Kelarad welcomes interest piquing at the title 'brother'. Gesturing for him and Waine to fall into step with him as he resumes his tour, "He can have any of the women that want him here," the crimelord picks up on the look to the distracted Waine easily, laughter in his voice. "Hospitality should be shared in kind, hm?" As they walk, his eyes now focusing on the those working on the docks - for him, no doubt - he appears pleased by the words given on his business, though tries to not show such demeanor. "Well, you know, a man has to eat," he gives good-naturedly and humbly, shrugging it off. "Can't rely on the circuits alone. You will, someday, see such successes as I." Well, he couldn't help it. Kelarad is an arrogant ass, after all. He falls silent when Max does then, a brow lifting at the end before his eyes slides over to seek out the other. "Ah, my note," he states then, perhaps the cause to Max's vexation. Looking ahead now with a slight smirk in place, "I trusted Keane to deliver to you, so it's good that he's reliable. Not many are in the lands, you'll find." Beat. "You'll have to excuse the abrupt departure for Tillek after my meeting with my cousin," he adds then, nodding. "I had pressing business attend that couldn't be delayed a moment longer, hence, the note left behind. Which I trust, is the reason why you're here."

On the offer to speak his mind as they fall into step, Max puts a faint smile to his northern counterpart and then gives pointed surveillance of their surrounds, “Perhaps in less public surroundings.” Amusement flirts about the southern crimelord’s features for the offer extended his second and he gives in return, “Your generosity is appreciated I’m sure.” - “I’ll try to leave a few for you,” Waine puts out to Crawl as big hands palm over his wide chest in anticipatory gesture. “Diversify and amplify,” Max agrees on expanding business interests and then he schools his expression about the humour that threatens for Kelarad’s arrogance and instead he gives a small incline of head, “It is much desired.” The note. Lips press briefly into a discomforted line and then release as he puts words of agreement to Keane’s business worth first, “The Telgari barkeep is an asset to be sure.” Taking his attention from the hustle and bustle of the docks about them, the southerner’s expression colours troubled. “Aye,” he gives to his reason for being there, “it weighs on me that you have been falsely advised on my intentions. I come to assure that I am not of a mind to overthrow either yourself or any other of our renegade brothers and to offer apology for insult given.” His tone modulated to keep conversation just between themselves. It also not hard to see that he’s not happy about the position he’s been put in with regards to having to swallow pride and basically lick arse in order to keep his favour with his Tillekian brother in crime.

When Max asks for privacy, Kelarad gives a nods and guides them all towards his offices on the dock. "You're more than welcome to my seconds," Crawl returns the snide comment to Waine, a cold smirk flashing on his face. "My generosity." Once they reach the separate offices, looking immaculate in comparison to the loud and dirty docks, Kelarad directs Max and Waine to the chair there, stating, "I don't spend time here that often," hence the smallness of the place. He reaches out to retrieve a bottle from the shelves behind him - all lined with various dark shades of bottles - "Your woman is quite….supportive of your position," he only reveals once Max has brought it up directly, reaching for glasses to pour into. "Her and Olira are of the opinion that I, along with others, are running the lands wrong and not to their liking. And yours. It upset me, I'll admit," he goes on to say, uncorking the bottle and starting to pour. "But we can put all that behind us!" Holding out a glass for him to take, "You don't take me for the type to fuck the brotherhood over. Hence the courtesy note. You showing up here warms the heart and lends you credit, Southern. A man looking to do so would not have bothered."

Waine utters a snort in response to Crawl’s comment, “If you were getting any to begin with, you’d be a happier man.” Getting laid being the burly stablehand’s answer to all that ails apparently. As they step into the offices of the Tillekian crimelord its faint surprise that colours Max’s expression as he takes in the neat and tidy area. Settling into the seating offered, his second taking up position behind him, his tone and expression are carefully bland in response to the support Ahnika gives him, “So it would seem.” Initially there is a distinct line of discomfort that forms for Kelarad’s next words in regards to his cousin and the green weyrling’s opinion on the running of the lands and then he puts out in wry return, “For the most part, women ain’t gonna get the nature of running such an enterprise as ours, Rad.” Except of course Ritalia, but then she’s the exception to the rule isn’t she? The glass offered over is taken with a nod of thanks and Max utters a low snort of dry amusement to upsetting the brotherhood, “Contrary to what some might think, I ain’t got no deathwish.” Some of the tension he’d been holding does seem to relax at the other’s acceptance of the apology given and his gaze takes to a slow wander about the office as he lifts his glass to lips.

"Perhaps if you weren't chasing skirts so much, you would have been of more use…and more skilled," Crawl returns, the second just not able to resist, before Kelarad shoots him a look and tosses out to them both, "Keep it up, the both of you, and I'll be of the opinion that you're both merely engaging in foreplay." That effectively shuts Crawl up, at least, the man shooting his boss a wide look. Turning and getting back to business, Kelarad takes up his own glass and settles into his chair with Crawl flanking him at the side, standing. The matter of women has him snorting and shaking his head, the glass almost to his lips until words stop him from drinking. "It's not secret what I think about women and their places," he admits with no apology in his tone, his gaze falling on the contents in the glass. "I agree on them not getting the nature of what we do, and yet that doesn't seem to still their tongues." Nodding towards him and Waine, "If you had a deathwish, though," he goes on to say upon Max's words there, the smirk faint, "then you would be better off in my circuits where I've known you, Max." Upon study, there's not much to be seen in the office - it being used in a functionary manner and nothing else. A few maps adorn one side of the room, however, showing every nuance of the waters that Tillek controls. While Max studies the area, "I appreciate the sentiment of you being here to clear things up," he states with a thankful nod. "Not many would have, even those in the circle. Been by the circuits already?" he asks then, changing tactics with a twitch of brows. "I imagine it's been a while since you've graced the lands of Tillek?"

Waine lets the jab go falling quiet for a second at Kelarad’s admonition, and then gives in low aside to Crawl, “Always knew you wanted me.” And then he too shuts up, just an annoying smirk left in place as the other second steps away and takes up position next to his boss. Having just swallowed down a mouthful of his drink, Max sets the other crimelord with a faintly amused look on the topic of women and them ‘knowing their places’, “That would be a standpoint we’ll have to agree to disagree on. One I’m sure Ritalia would argue with you too.” Cue the trace of a smirk there. His glass hand lowers as Kelarad brings up the fight circuits and his previous participation in them, “The lust for a good fight don’t never leave a man, Rad.” This he gives in sober tone, suggesting that he often still feels the pull of the rings himself. It’s the maps of Tillekian waters to which his attention falls to and holds with interest. His gaze holds there a moment longer as if he were committing them to memory and then it turns back to the other, “You were prepared to give me a chance and back me, offer me first alliance,” his glass then lifts as if in toast, “A gesture not soon forgotten, brother.” The Tillekian’s last however, that draws Max to silence, filling it with another drink from his glass before replying, dark eyes dropping to study the contents remaining, “Ain’t been back before now but,” and here his gaze lifts and fits to Kelarad, “I’ve got people inserted up at the Hold.” Tone and expression unapologetic for the admission as he adds, “Time’s come to put you in the know as to why and to lay out the details of that marker I’ll be calling on once your man is…re-situated.” Thus putting his counterpart to knowledge that his presence in Tillek goes beyond merely smoothing things over with him.

While Crawl was willing to subside the assault of barbs, Waine's muttered one earns him both a cold look and a dry "In your nightly dreams, Jaisynn," right back. "You and I come from different places, Max," Kelarad goes on to say on women knowing their places, acknowledging their difference of opinions. "Come from a place where such tradition and beliefs outside of Holds still stands." He snorts loudly on Ritalia, however, knowing full well that that was one woman - a crimelord at that - that wouldn't stay in her place if she found it on one of his maps. "I can think up many a name for that woman," he notes, amusement lingering in his tone as he lingers on the taste of his drink. "She and I have our blowouts, but I know how to appease her properly. That and I keep my dealings with her to a minimum." He seems to understand the lust for the circuits, nodding a bit before adding in with a grunt, "You never really get the taste out of your mouth. The fights….they're a part of you. Turns and turns have past and I still remember what it was like to enter the ring for the first time." There's a bit of wistfulness here, the man craving the lust for the fight himself. He notes Max's interest in the maps but doesn't draw attention to them just yet, focusing on his words on their growing alliance and his being back in Tillek. "I hope not," he drawls with a smile, speaking on gestures not to be forgotten. "Allies come in small supply these days." Beat. "So what is it that you need in regards to the Hold here?" he asks now, his tone shifting slightly to one of business talk as his interest piques upon hearing that Max had other engagements in his territory.

Waine’s smirk merely deepens at the return from Crawl but he seems to have lost interest in the wordplay, at least for now for he gives nothing in response. Max puts a dip of head to acknowledging what the Tillekian says with regards to their holding different viewpoints but can’t help an amused look as he echoes, “Know how to appease her, huh?” Brows waggle in suggestion of double innuendo intended there. That amusement then turns wry on the matter of the circuits getting into one’s blood and he responds through a short exhalation of air, “Aye, that they do.” His last fight having been the unexpected one with Kaskan but enough to keep that fight lust still strong in the young crimelord. With talk turning to the more serious topic of his interests up at the Hold proper, Max doesn’t immediately reply but instead pushes up from his seating and taking his drink with him, moves to where the maps are hung to put closer study to them. Taking a sip from the glass, attention to the maps as he traces an outgoing line from Tillek’s docks down in the direction southern would lie, “I’ll soon have need of making someone…disappear.” Now turning a glance over to Kelarad, “The matter is delicate and could draw a lot of attention. I’d had my hopes stacked on a certain outcome that would have fallen to my advantage but as things now stand…” here his voice fades and a troubled frown is left in its place for Lady Tillek having delivered herself of a child very obviously not that of the dark skinned stable manager’s lineage.

With Waine not saying anything else, Crawl lets matters on his end cease long enough to continue listening on the business talk between his boss and southern's crimelord. Kelarad snorts his amusement at Max's waggling brows on the account of the Neratian crimelord, merely stating once more what he has warned of the woman before: "You'll see." This time though, when Max gets to his feet and moves to study the various hanging maps of the docks and waters about them, "Didn't realize you had an interest in the docks," he makes open note now before addressing the serious business of what really brought the man to his lands. It was an open invitation to speak on such a topic, leaving it to Max to interpret. Once it's mentioned that he needs someone to disappear, Kelarad exchanges a long glance with his second before leaning back more comfortably in his chair. "Things now stand….?" he welcomes further words, brows coming together along with his fingers before him propped on the desk. Pausing, "How would you want this someone to….disappear? Many a man would have different interpretations of the word." That being, either to move the person discretely, or to make them vanish for good.

Waine, having the uncanny ability to be aware of what’s going on about him despite the often moronic display he puts on, can’t help the salacious grin that appears when Ritalia’s name comes up. Oh yeah, he was looking forward to that little expedition alright. As to his boss? Max simply gives a short snort of amusement and lets the matter lie. Turning from his study of the maps, a light smirk is in place as responds, “It’s taken some time but Southern’s docks are now starting to fall to my control,” his gaze goes back to the maps as he continues on, “One can never have enough…trade agreements in place, aye?” marginally sly his expression as he turns and moves back toward the chair he’d been occupying. That all slips away and is replaced by a particularly sober though guarded look and instead of answering any of the questions put to him just, puts one of his own out, “What do you know of the goings on up at the Hold?” Even although he plans on heading up there himself and meeting with Lazerne, he’s interested to know what, if any, word has reached Tillek’s crimelord on the state of affairs within the Hold proper.

Kelarad flicks a wry glance in Waine's direction for his part to play in the future, regarding that salacious grin before he returns to Max's study of his maps. Upon hearing that some of the southern docks were falling under his control, "Timekis, Talia and Harvis have most the docks secured up here," he admits, refreshing his own drink. "Been in talks with the three of them to include Tillek. We don't have as big an enterprise in comparison to their places, due to location, but I do believe that there's some usefulness to the docks here. Harvis and Talia appear to be interested, in any case." Beat. "Southern has a big market," he goes on to say regarding Max now with slightly narrowed eyes. "Southern's docks are attached to a wide swath of ocean. Perhaps you and I can talk on the matter should the three of them turn their heads from mine." Then Max returns to his seat, asking about his information on the Hold. Kelarad sniffs at that, though he could be sniffing his drink since it's brought close to his nose briefly. "Tillek Hold? Not all that much," and he shakes his head to that. "Have an informant there, but he feels the Hold is about as active as a mountain." He could be lying though, the words easily taken as being evasive. Non-chalant now, "Got some dealings with the Hold?" he asks now, showing his interest.

Max seems unsurprised to hear that the three crimelords named have most of the control over the ports of the northern continent. “It ain’t about size, it’s what you do with it that counts,” he gives in response on the matter of Kelarad’s slice of the shipping action and then adds with another sly smile, “”Sides, you got the Seacraft Hall falling in your territory. Seems to me a wise man could use such a thing to his advantage, aye?” His innate ability to sniff out a potential business deal starting to kick with his mind turning to the many ways in which it could be used to boost one’s coffers. “Aye,” southern’s crimelord gives to the size of the shipping industry out of his territory as he puts a contemplative look onto Kelarad, “What you got in mind?” interest peaking. Dark eyes narrow slightly and he puts out a soft snort in response to the Hold proper being considered inactive. “As is a volcano just before it erupts,” that flatly given as he takes a drink. “I’ve been sent word of trouble brewing. Might need to get someone out in a hurry but I ain’t gonna know the full details until I’ve had a chance to talk with my people up there. Problem is,” here he pauses and while he maintains a relatively guarded mask, dark eyes turn troubled, “I can’t show my face up there. Not until I know what I’m dealing with. Need somewhere…secure that we can meet.” He, Lazerne and Elia, this being the first part of where he’s in need of the Tillekian’s help in the matter.

"Am I planning on employing fishers to feed the Tillekian masses?" Kelarad seems to tease on the matter of size, though one can be sure that the man had already puts plans into effect - as ambitious as he's known to be. With Max's interest known now, "The three of them have access to each other's docks, for a fee," he notes, setting his glass down to steeple his fingers together. "Perhaps you and I can have the same sort of agreement. Though I do advise," he tacks on with a raised brow, "that you look into dealing with the three of them too - or at least, one of them. If you can stand her, you can talk to Ritalia best. Her and Harvis will be more amendable to opening relations there…..though, not without its price." There's an odd slyness to voice here, but it's so brief that the young crimelord could easily miss it. He doesn't linger on such business either, gesturing towards the maps and adding, "In any case, we'll talk - now that I know you have an interest. Perhaps there's a way for us both to benefit in our pockets, hm?" He silences up when Max starts speaking on the Hold, the crimelord of Tillek sending Crawl a look to suggest he does indeed have knowledge of what's been going on there in his territory. With a heavy sigh as he runs a hand through his dirty blonde hair, "I know many secure places," he says naturally. "Is that all you need? Is this place to be used as temporary for the one you're looking to smuggle out of there?" - "I didn't realize that the Hold was so impregnable a fortress," Crawl puts in, breaking his silence with his suspicion. Kelarad holds a hand up to stall his second from further words, adding to Max, "The Hold can be as suffocating as the Weyr, in my opinion."

Amusement shows itself and Max answers the one before the other, “Everything comes with a price tag attached. A man that thinks otherwise is a fool waiting to be exploited.” If he noticed that brief appearance of cunning in the other’s tone, he doesn’t give hint thereof and instead with an agreeable nod of head he lifts his near empty glass in gesture of toast to future business dealings between ports, “To mutual benefits.” His glass then goes to his lips and he drains the last of its contents, leaning forward to set the emptied vessel down onto the desk. “That’s all I need…for now…depending on what my people have to tell me that is,” shoulders then shift in what is meant to be a nonchalant shrug but due to the tension held just below the surface of the man’s demeanour, comes across more as a discomforted twitch of barely contained anger. A sentiment that is conveyed in the sharp look sent to Crawl as he interjects, his words however being given to Kelarad in a slightly flat tone, “I show myself, the one I seek to remove from the Hold is put in further danger. A risk I’m not prepared to take until I have all the facts.” Leaning back in his chair once again another long look is settled upon the other crimelord, “Can I count on you in this, brother?”

"The you will do better than the last one," Kelarad answers on price tags, one corner of his mouth lifting. "Ampherol thought otherwise and thought himself entitled since the lands he had were far bigger than any of ours. Bigger doesn't always mean better." Or entitled, for that matter, since the man was missing. He meets the toast easily with a silent incline of his head, though he remains silent when Max speaks on his business. The shrug and its demeanor doesn't go unnoticed, either. Crawl falls silent for his part too, meeting Kelarad's gaze with little apology. It's only when Max asks on his counting on the other that the crimelord leans forward heavily to send confirmation in the way of a nod. "You help me out, I help you out," he states, it being a no-brainer for him. "You have shown yourself to be conscientious this day, so I'll be more than agreeable. I know what place would be perfect, too. Not too far from the Hold, but difficult to get to. Ideal, if you're looking to stay undetected. I can lend you one of my men that know the best way into the place if you need to move on this now." Generous? Sure, but can be sure that such favors with Kelarad always come with some sort of price down the road. It doesn't even need to be said.

Max utters a snort of agreement in response to his predecessor’s mindset, “The bigger the lands, the bigger the headache that goes with them.” And then he’s listening in deep silence as Kelarad responds on the matter of his business at Tillek Hold. A long breath is inhaled and then exhaled heavily as he nods, “Your will, my hands, brother.” Thus delivering both understanding and agreement to there being a price to pay in the future for the Tillekian’s help. However he’s soon giving a firm shake of head and in giving in a determined tone, “I appreciate the offer of extra help, Rad, but if there is to be any privy to the meeting and the information you’re hoping to glean from it, I’d rather leave out the middle man and have it fall directly to your ears.” Yeah, he’s well aware that the man, who was offered forward as help, was likely also to act as an informant for the Tillekian crimelord on the business of the southerner in his territory.

"You seem to have your head fixed far more than his," Kelarad notes, his having been down south only recently. "It seems the large land of the south agrees with you in the most strangest of ways. Working out of a Weyr, for one thing." Business is set on the matter of Tillek Hold on Max's words - the deal sealed. When Max turns down the offer of a guide though, "Are you certain?" he asks smoothly, though one can note that there's no look of shock or appearing taken aback by the refusal - where one, perhaps, should be. "It will be hard to pick your way to the place alone, though if you insist…." and hands lift in the gesture of leaving the option to the young man, - however, the last bit does have him tacking on, "You'd rather I attend?" Just to make sure he heard right. The guide indeed was likely an informant, but then again, such things need not be said aloud. Right?

A small incline of head is given for what is taken as a compliment and then a crooked smirk breaks free for his chosen place of operation, “There’s a lot to be said of hiding in plain sight, Rad.” One might even expect him to add a conspiratorial wink in there but Max doesn’t go quite that far. The lack of surprise when Kelarad’s offer is turned down is confirmation enough on the intentions the other had had in having offered him a guide. Despite the gravity of his situation a smirk touches across the southerner’s lips, “You’d have me believe you don’t know how to pick your way up and back down again?” Dark eyes slip first to Waine at his side and then Crawl at the Tillekian’s and then he nods verification of Kelarad attending, “On one condition, what is to be discussed remains between you, me and my informants. These two are to take up position outside of earshot.” Thus lending belief that not even Waine is in full awareness of the business to be discussed at the clandestine meeting.

"If you wanted to be hidden in plain sight," Kelarad counters smoothly, "then you wouldn't be here asking, hm?" Nope, no wink here as well. When Max questions his knowing the route to the hidden place, there's finally some laughter. "Tillek is mine, after all," he states, it being obvious. "I was just granting you discretion - whereas who knew what, anyway - though one's already guessed at the guide's dual nature." And so, confirmation is made. Crawl doesn't look too happy at hearing that Kelarad would be within the cave without him, the man throwing a hardened look in Waine's direction while Kelarad states with a nod, "Deal, southern. I'll comply. I'll make arrangements to have someone working in my stead during that time in Tillek proper. Let me know when as soon as you're ready." He was definitely interested in who this person was that needed such discretion, which probably alludes to why he agreed so earnestly. He knew later Crawl was going to protest, but the man sent him look enough to convey that such arguments can happen later.

It’s the bare edge of a crooked grin that meets Kelarad’s laughter, “A hand well played, brother.” Approval laces through his tone for the Tillekian having tried to insert an informant in the guise of offering forward a guide to the meeting place he has in mind, for it is something he himself would have done. Waine is just as unhappy about the arrangements as Crawl is and lets it be known with the narrowed look he sets onto his boss. He says nothing at this time however, sure to bring the matter up with Max at first opportunity. The southern crimelord gives a short dip of head when Kelarad agrees to the deal, his tone oddly heavy with appreciation, “Gratitude.” As to when the meeting needs to take place, “Tomorrow if you can swing it? My informant gives sign of it being a matter of urgency and I would prefer to meet sooner rather than later for it may mean moving the target sooner than I had intended.”

Yeah, he still got it. The Tillekian gets to his feet now that Max drains his glass, signaling it being towards the end of the impromptu meeting. Shrugging a bit to hands well-played, "And you wouldn't have offered the same in my boots?" Kelarad directs pointedly to Max, a brow lifting at him as he passes from around the desk and pass the maps. He merely nods to Max's gratitude once he's standing face to face, fists planting on hips as he listens to the meeting being met with much sooner than he expected. "Tomorrow?" he blinks once at that before smoothly recovering and giving the other a swift nod. "Tomorrow," he confirms then with a grin then. "I can assume that you'll be staying and needing some proper quarters for the night?" he offers, turning into the proper host for his territory - something that has Crawl scowling towards the southerners for the offer of having them there and close in the first place.

Standing as Kelarad does, the southerner’s amusement remains in place when that question on the playing of hands is put to him, “I’d be shirking my duties to my territory if I didn’t.” So yes, he’d have done exactly the same thing were he in the Tillekian’s position. Stepping away from his chair as the other rounds his desk, there’s a pause of silence at the other’s surprise at the need for urgency on the meeting to be set up, and then a shadow of relief as agreement comes. Waine perks right up at talk of spending the night in the area for one can be sure he plans on tracking that brunette with the tantalising, hip-swaying walk down. “Aye, if you could see your way clear it would be much appreciated,” Max gives with a nod on the offer of hospitality and then adds, “I’ll send word to my contact in the meantime with details of the time and place of our meeting.” A glance going Crawl’s way catches that scowl coming off of him and the southerner puts smirk his way, “Don’t worry, he’ll not be poaching your territory. I need him bright-eyed and busy tailed in the morning,” a pointed look going to Waine, “not sprawled beneath some dock whore.” To which the southern second sends his boss a disgruntled look for his spoiling his fun.

"I will give you and your second one of my best rooms away from the docks," Kelarad offers once it's decided that the crimelord of the south would be spending the night. Turning to send Waine an amused look, "It's still early enough to catch the brunt of my people supping in the main hall - where the women would be gathered," he adds in specific to the second's benefit, to which Crawl snorts. To the words from Max on dock whores, "A good fuck may have him in the same bright-eyed state," the crimelord notes, his amusement bare despite his second's coldness to the southern pair. "My territory is yours for the night - as good friends." Turning directly towards Crawl then, "See the room prepared and gather what information you can on the location for the meet," he orders, slipping easily into his authoritative role without pause. "We can go over the location details and how you want to set this off in the quarters once I have some food brought up," he offers to Max then, seeming eager to be getting on with details of this meeting. "If we're done here…?" he gestures towards the door, with Crawl already heading out to do his boss's bidding without any protest.

Waine fairly beams as Kelarad provides both source of hunting grounds and permission to do so, sending a deep smirk his boss’ way suggesting that he totally intends disregarding his initial orders leaving Max able to do little else but utter an amused shake of head in defeat. “You’re not helping any…friend,” this he gives to the Tillekian crimelord though it’s clear to see his words are delivered in good humour. “Gratitude,” the southerner utters on the matter of accommodations and food and then nods his agreement to the two of them going over the details to be set in place for the meeting the following day. Moving toward the doorway behind Crawl and setting his hat back to his head, Max gives a short shake of head, and “I’m all good for now. Think I might take me a wander about and see how it’s done.” There’s a faintly cocky grin that attaches itself for what is intended as compliment for the other’s operation as well as tease to the man’s arrogance in thinking none can do it better than he. And then he pauses in his exit to set a more sober look onto his Tillekian counterpart, “Your understanding in the other matter,” the one he’d sought the man out for in the first place, “won’t be forgotten, brother.”

With Waine looking quite pleased, and Crawl trying his best to keep from tossing Max's second out of the room - or Tillek, for that matter - "Just being a useful host," is Kelarad's witty response to Max on reversing his order, the smile almsot cheeky in its deliverance. With them all moving towards the door, and further out the office, Max's decline for wandering the place has the crimelord nodding to that with every intention of not letting the young man out of his sight. He says it openly so with "Crawl and I can show you the cargo holds. Newly built." - "Rivalling that of Talia's," Crawl puts in wryly, exchanging glances with his boss as they walk. Once Max pauses to speak the last though, the crimelord of Tillek moves to clap a hand on his shoulder and gives him a deft nod along with a crooked smile. "I'm sure you and I will become great allies and partners of business," he states in earnest, the light entering his eyes. "Old matters of you fighting in my circuits have been long laid to rest. We have the future ahead of us, Southern - one I have every intention of not wasting."

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