Portrayed By Rachel Lader (
Position Wingrider
Former title(s) Wingrider (Southern), Weyrling (Southern), Candidate (Southern), Apprentice Weaver.
Sex Female
Age 18
Place of Birth Ista Hold
Family Mother: Melesya (Weavercraft); Father: Atfamo (Weavercraft)
Faction Neutral

Character History

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Atsya is not currently engaged in any relationships, casual or otherwise. However she does seem to have an interesting and varried history of past suitors that were largely entertained out of pure politeness.

Memorable Quotes:


Trivia and Notes:

  • Atsya is a very quiet girl, both in mannerisms and speech. She speaks in a whispery alto.
  • She was raised to enter the weavercraft, but never made it past apprenticeship.
  • She impressed the blue dragon Zhiyth when she was 16.
  • Zhiyth has not risen to mate… yet.

Atsya's Logs


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