Avert Your Eyes


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Date: July 15, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr - Baths
Synopsis: Atsya finds Andi soaking in the caverns, and they take briefly about Zen.
Rating: PG-13, Generic Nudity
Logger: Andi

Eastern Weyr: Baths
Underneath the upper set of hatching sands, this cavern is fairly large in size, though it is dwarfed in comparison to others nearby. A natural hot spring, the steamy water has been diverted into one large pool - capable of holding about twenty odd people - and several smaller ones around the edges. Shelves have been set up along the northern wall, lined with different scents of bathing salts, sweetsands and oils. Under the shelves are benches where folk can dress and undress. Even given the tropical nature of the climate, this is still one of the most popular places in the weyr.

Andi was far more careful this time, in her selection of a small pool to sink into, having also verified that there was no sneaky Zen lurking in it - or in any of the others for that matter. On this evening, many of the Weyrfolk are still enjoying the lingering light, leaving the area rather empty, aside from the Scribe who is sinking into the water further, hair piled damply on top of her head.

The scuffling of boot in the hallway announces an imminent arrival a moment before a short rider comes into the cavern, still head to toe in riding gear and apparently fresh from a ride. Helmet off and jacket open Atsya makes a straight line for the benches, already sliding the jacket off behind her. It's dropped onto the bench with a clattering of buckles before she bothers to look around the mostly unoccupied room. "Oh, hello," she greets in a soft voice when her eyes alight upon the soaking bather.

With ears in the water, muffling the majority of the sounds around her, Andi is all but oblivious to the new arrival. Its only at a slight change in the light that she shifts, jumping as she catches the sound fo clacking buckles, hurriedly turning to blink in the direction of the other woman. The nervous look, however, quickly fades at the realization that it is not Zen - and in fact not a man - blushing as she hurriedly looks back to the water. "Hey.." She offers in a soft whisper which carries with surprising ease.

Atsya giggles softly, covering her mouth a small hand. "My apologies, I didn't mean to startle you. I didn't see you there." The jacket is picked back up and hung up inside-out to let it breath a bit. She sits, bending down to remove her steel-shod boots. "It won't be noisy for long."

"I… I thought you were someone else.." She admits softly, shaking her head, and while she gives another hesitant peek over her shoulder at Atsya, she's soon blushing a pink that cannot simply be attributed to the warm water, looking back. "Its.. Its okay."

Atsya pauses in the removal of her second boot, giving the girl a long look. She says nothing though, setting the boots under her jacket and standing back up to begin unbuckling her pants. Finally, however, curiosity overcomes her silence. "Would me having been this other person have been a good thing, or a bad thing?" she asks as she slides the wherhide off her hips, revealing a pair of thin, tight cloth shorts beneath that seems to match the sleeveless top above.

"Bad." And after a moment, Andi elaborates, sort of. "Very bad." She says softly, though with a certain vehemance present despite the lack of volume. Arms fold over her chest as she shifts somewhat in the pool, settled to not have her back directly to the rider, though her eyes still linger elsewhere as the rider underdresses.

Atsya turns and smile, a warm, friendly gesture, "Then I am glad I am not them." The pants are turned inside out and laid out on the bench to air as well. Reaching back for the length of braid behide her she pulls it over her shoulder and unties a short blue ribbon on the end, setting the ribbon by the pants before starting to work the braid loose, her hair bent into waves. "If they come back we can fight them off together."

"Me too.." She offers, eyes darting briefly at the rider, following the sight of motion, before she reaches hesitantly out of the pool to snag at a bag of sweetsand, tugging it closer. "I.. I would like to see that." She murmurs softly, shy as she admits it.

Atsya pauses in her detangling, watching Andi move the sand before turning and shaking out the last of her braid. Falling freely now her hair reaches most of the length of the back that is turned towards the other woman. "Sometimes we have to stick together, right?" she asks over her shoulder before she lifts up her top and pulls it off over her head.

"I'm.. I'm not sure what he was getting at. He was.." She shakes her head and sighs, closing her eyes slowly, taking a deep breath. "He was so.. mean." Andi's voice quivers just a little, nodding at Atsya again, though as she's turning to pull off her shirt, Andi's quickly slipping under the surface of the water, wetting her hair down once more.

Atsya neatly lays out her top to air out next to the pants before turning to look back over a bare shoulder with a frown. "Was… was he a rider?" she asks, concerned. She quickly hooks her thumbs in her shorts and slides them down to pool at her feet.

"I.. I don't think so." Andi says after a moment, contemplating Atysa's question as her hands work sweetsand into her hair, all the while staying carefully submerged in the water. "I never saw him dressed… Dressed in leathers."

Atsya is somewhat relieved it wasn't a rider, but somehow the thought of weyrfolk being troublesome doesn't seem much better. She crouches down to pick up her shorts, knees firmly closed, and sets them out to dry as well. She turns and pads naked towards the water, her breasts smallish but firm, high on her chest, her lower body neatly groomed. "Did he give you a name?" comes the whispery questions as she nears. Atsya moves around the side of the bath, giving the other some space before she starts down into the pool.

Andi keeps her eyes firmly averted as Atsya finishes her derobing ritual, and as the rider turns, Andi is taking that time to lean back to rinse the sweetsand from her hair, eyes closed even as she would otherwise be staring up at the ceiling. "Z-something.." Andi finally supplies, having to think about it.

Atsya frowns, the look doing unhappy things to her face, but only until she starts to slide into the hot water. The frown is replaced with a soft gasp, then a barely audible moan as the heat reaches her ride-weary thighs. She pauses waist-deep for a moment then, slides down to her neck, eyes closed as she bites her lower lip, her hair streaming out around her.

Andi seems to still be pondering the name, even as she's carefully gathering up her hair, pulling it to twist it around and settle it on top of her head, eyes settled out of the pool and on a bench while she gives Atsya time to settle into the water. "Zan, maybe. Or.. Zen."

Atsya dips beneath the water, surfacing a couple seconds later with a long sigh. "Sometimes this is my favorite part of the day," she comments before moving to the edge and sitting neck deep, just soaking. She too gathers her hair, pulling it in front of her into a wet twist. Finally she can focus her attention on the other woman completely. "Did it sound contracted?" she asks Andi as she shifts to move a little closer so that they can speak more quietly.

"Not.. Not contracted. And he never said anything about like… a dragon. I think." Andi contemplates, giving a nervous look sideways at Atsya, biting her lip just a little as she forces herself to stay put. Well, mostly, as she does scoot a little bit in the opposite direction. "And.. he met some one in the tunnel. With a package."

Atsya frowns again as she tries to think of the hundreds of people now in the Weyr who it might be. "I'm afraid I do not know. May I ask what he did or said? Nobody here should have to feel threatened." Putting actions to words she slides back just a little bit herself

"He.." A shake of her head and Andi's scrambling out of the pool, making a dive for her robe and clothes. "He just wasn't very nice." Andi offers, deciding not to talk about it, gathering her clothes up and excusing herself with a bob of her head, ducking somewhere out of the way to get changed.

Atsya stands up, water streaming off her body as she watches the other woman flee. "Wait…" she calls out after her, "I'm sorry. Please, you don't have to go." She moves to the edge of the bath, face full of concern.

Andi pauses at the door, shaking her head a little bit, with a shy smile. "No.. No need to apologize.." She offers awkwardly, eyes focused on some point over Atsya's head on the far wall. And with a bashful nod then, she really disappears.

Atsya sinks back down into the water, her relaxation disturbed and her thoughts heavy as she gazes off towards the doorway.

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