Theme of Clutch: Noble and Ignoble
Dragon Name: Balkrith
Dragon Colour: Blue
Hatchling Name: A Cunning Plan's Blue Hatchling



Baldrick - the faithful, though not always so clever - sidekick of Blackadder throughout the ages, is a stalwart companion who slingshots between utter genius and absolute absurdity. Through all of it, however, he will have your back - whether it's a job what needs doing, or a Cunning Plan to get you out of whatever bind you find yourself in. No matter what the case, Balkrith will be your man!

Hatchling Description

All harsh angles and long, skinny limbs, this little blue hatchling doesn't look like much. His hide, though smooth and supple, is tinted a sickly smoky blue. Wicked talons seem too big to be curving from his stick-like legs, and are a clean slate color. Browns that range from muddy to sandy swirl around his legs and underbelly, then crest along his ridges and headknobs. His wingsails alone are a pure clean blue; dark as midnight and just as powerful.

Dragon Description

All harsh angles and long, lean limbs, this blue dragon doesn't look like much. His hide, though smooth and supple, is tinted a sickly smoky blue. Wicked talons curving from long legs look to be carved from purest slate, though they always seem to be covered in dirt. Browns that range from muddy to sandy swirl around his legs and underbelly - disguising the layers of strong muscle that lie there - then crest along his ridges and headknobs. His wingsails alone are a pure clean blue; dark as midnight and just as powerful.


When the annals of the bravest and cleverest dragons are written down for future generations, Balkrith's name … will not be among them. Nevertheless, he will be your faithful sidekick, dogsbody, man-at-arms, or whatever you need him to be. Having known he was destined for you from the very beginning, his loyalty is the one thing that never ever falters.

"Baldrick, your brain is like the four headed, man-eating haddock fish beast of Aberdeen"
"In what way?"
"It doesn't exist " - Baldrick and Blackadder

There are some things that come naturally to all dragons. Even those things they must learn come easily because somewhere in their minds they know they are meant to be doing them. Not so with Balkrith. Whether it was a flaw in his genetics or a particularly nasty bump on the head during his hatching, this stalwart little blue doesn't quite have the ability to make those intuitive leaps that others take for granted. He can learn, but he'll need you to guide him through step-by-step. Don't worry if you lose your patience on occasion - sometimes that helps the lesson stick. One of the perks to this is, however, that once you take the time to teach him something this way, he'll never, ever forget it. It takes time, but that time is - in the long run - well invested.

"My lord… I have … a Cunning Plan!" - Baldrick

Though on average, Balkrith must have things spelled out step-by-step and rather explicitly for him, there is one instance where he can - and does - think for himself. His Cunning Plans. Whenever you find yourself in a bind - whether it's a small mishap or what seems to be the end of your world - he will come up with a solution. « I have a cunning plan to help you out. » "Is it more cunning than the first cunning wher who got his Mastery in Cunning from Cunning Hall?" « … Yes. » "All right, let's hear it, then." It may seem utterly ridiculous, off-the-wall, no-way-it-could-possibly-work and even a bit daft, but as you'll learn over the Turns, these plans are Balkrith's true genius. They almost never fail.

"As a reward, Baldrick, take a short holiday…did you enjoy it?" - Blackadder

Perhaps because Balkrith knows it takes him a while to pick up on things and a while to wrap his head around complex tasks he's never had to perform before, he is an incredibly diligent worker. Never one to slough duty or complain about long hours or extra rotations, he always has his shoulder to the plow or his nose to the grindstone. Downtime comes as something as a surprise to him and he doesn't really take it well. Even when he sunbathes - even when he sleeps - he is twitchy and agitated. Idleness is a foreign creature.

E : Right, let's get the book. Now; Baldrick, where's the manuscript?
B: You mean the big papery thing tied up with string?
E: Yes, Baldrick — the manuscript belonging to Dr. Johnson.
B: You mean the baity fellow in the black coat who just left?
E: Yes, Baldrick — Dr. Johnson.
B: So you're asking where the big papery thing tied up with string belonging to the baity fellow in the black coat who just left is.
E: Yes, Baldrick, I am, and if you don't answer, then the booted bony thing with five toes at the end of my leg will soon connect sharply with the soft dangly collection of objects in your trousers. For the last time, Baldrick, where is Dr. Johnson's manuscript?
B: On the fire.
E: (shocked) On the *what*?
B: The hot orangy thing under the stony mantlepiece.

Probably because he is normally so sweet-tempered and willing to lend a hand getting down in the dirty work, very few get the chance to see Balkrith's dry wit and oddly intelligent sense of humor. He knows that he isn't as quick on his wits as the other dragons and will play on this to be deliberately thick and unhelpful - then turn your careful phrasing back on you in a comic twist. It doesn't happen often - though its frequency will increase rapidly with age - but when it does, even you will have to admit that it's funny. Especially when it happens to someone else.

"Have you any other aspirations in life aside from the acquisition of turnips, Baldrick?"
"Er, no sir. I haven't."

One of the more humorous aspects of your little blue is that he has an obsession with turnips. Always when you go somewhere new, he'll want to know if there are any turnips to be had. « Do I have to give Lord Voronis a ride? He weighs more than two sacks of turnips! And he doesn't smell nearly as nice. » His couch first, then his weyr, will be full of the things. Finding you've sat on a turnip or waking up to a bed full of turnips will become just another part of life, eventually. Conversely, anytime he's being particularly stubborn about something, bribe him with promises of turnips. It will make life easier in the long run. « That was a waste. We could have bought six turnips with the marks you just gambled away! »

"My, what a jolly young girl!" - Blackadder
"Yeah, pity she nicked all the presents." - Baldrick

Since he's not exactly a prime example of either his color or gender, Balkrith has a defensively low view of the female sex. Of golds he doesn't say much. They're high and fine ladies compared to his humble self. Of greens however, no matter how much he may scoff and grumble about their flighty natures and inconsistent affections, he'll still get up and doggedly chase every single time. His catching will be a rare enough thing that every time it happens, it surprises even him and for as long as that lady will have him, he will stay devoted to her, in that sad, kicked puppy, needy sort of way. The right green could make him bloom and grow into a better soul, but it would take a lot of patience on her part - and yours.

Mind Voice

A light and slightly nasal tenor voice breaks through whenever Balkrith needs to use words, but the clangs of pots and pans, the rhythm of rugs being beaten with wooden spoons and the scrubbing of a wet brush on sudsy stone provide the rhythm and back beats for everything else. Occasionally you'll hear the squeak of rats or a dog's pant, but those are for more extreme emotions.

Mind Scent

Lye and soap and mold and mud and dust. All of these make up Balkrith's mind at some point or other. Happiness is usually dirt or dust, while more unpleasant emotions are the cleaner ones. Bliss is the taste and smell of turnips. You might as well get used to that. Turnips and mold. Mmmm.

Physical Voice

Like a horn on an automobile. That's the only way I know how to describe his voice, but the Pernese - especially a Harper - might say it sounds like a trumpet that's badly out of tune, played by an idiot.


Your Balkrith is awkward from the moment he cracks shell. As he grows, it's always in bits and pieces. First his front legs will grow, then his neck, then his wings, then his front legs again and then finally his back legs will catch up. Eventually he'll even out, but he'll always be on the small end of his color.

Eating Habits

A true glutton in every sense of the word, your Balkrith loves to eat. You'll really have to watch him and rein him in or he'll end up gorging until he's sick. Unlike a few of his siblings, he's not creative or curious in his eating. On occasion, he'll try and eat turnips, but you'll have to keep him from having more than one or two, otherwise he will be sick.


Egg Name: Buried in the Sand Egg
Egg Desc: A clear wash covers this egg, giving it the appearance of varied depths. Points of color seemingly gathered from the sands themselves draw attention to the swirls of light that shimmer throughout. Here and there, well-defined lines create the illusion of sharp points, balanced by brown smudges that might be impurities in the overall design. To the touch, however, its cool smoothness remains as it ought.
Inspiration: There is a lot of Gypsum around my home, and it always fascinates me to see what shapes can be seen in the clear of the rock.
Submitter: Alara

Hatching Foo

HATCHING_POSE: And suddenly, despite everyone thinking the whole parade is done, a little grey-ish blue crawls out from where his egg had been buried in the sand. A piece of his shell is still stuck to the top of his head like a hat and the A Cunning Plan's Blue Hatchling peers about him in utter confusion.

PUBLIC_IMPRESSION: It doesn't take this little guy long to figure out where it is he needs to go. Racing towards a mischievous youth with brown eyes and curly brown hair, he trips at the last and stumbles to the sand at the boy's feet.

PRIVATE_IMPRESSION: « Well, hullo! » The sound of pots and pans banging against each other meet incongruously with the smell of mud and mold. « You've forgotten my name again? Well, that was very silly of you, sir. » There's a pause as the little blue mind catches up with itself. « Oh of course, I forgot to tell you. Name's Balkrith. Listen, you don't know where I could find some turnips, do you? I'm absolutely famished and I'd love a little turnip of my very own. »

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