Late Night Bath(s)


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Date: 6/13/11-6/14/11
Location: Eastern Weyr: Baths
Synopsis: L'han and Teallan both decide to take a late-night bath and at the nudging of a certain green dragon, they wind up sharing it.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: L'han

[ Eastern Weyr: Baths ]

Underneath the upper set of hatching sands, this cavern is fairly large in size, though it is dwarfed in comparison to others nearby. A natural hot spring, the steamy water has been diverted into one large pool - capable of holding about twenty odd people - and several smaller ones around the edges. Shelves have been set up along the northern wall, lined with different scents of bathing salts, sweetsands and oils. Under the shelves are benches where folk can dress and undress. Even given the tropical nature of the climate, this is still one of the most popular places in the weyr.

The late evening has settled into Eastern with most of the crafters and weyrfolk settling down for the night and going to sleep. The baths therefore are not so busy with many having taken their baths and gone to their rest so L'han slips into the room with naught but a towel around his shoulders and in shorts and not much else. Finding a clean and unoccupied bath on one side of the room, L'han walks over to the shelves and picks out some salt for his bath and returns to his picked out one, pouring the salts in slowly to let them mix.

Dressed only in a simple shift, Teallan makes her slow plodding way into the baths. She holds a small pile of things in her arms — towel, change of clothes, etc — and pauses by the shelves. She hasn't seemed to notice any occupants yet, humming absently to herself. She sets her pile on a bench before sorting through the various items on the shelves.

L'han looks up when he hears the humming of Teallan. While he continues to pour the salts, he gives an appreciative glance at her from the back, whilst seemingly avoids oogling. When he's done pouring salts into his bath, he quietly sneaks up behind Teallan and whispers to her, "I find a good combination of salts works wonders on skin, especially after a hard day." Of course he times this just when she has nothing in her hands to drop, but he smiles, leaning back to let her have some space. "It's been awhile Teallan. Teaching the young'uns well?"

That's fortunate, because the woman is clearly startled. Her body jerks slightly, as if a string through her spine was suddenly tugged. She turns slightly, blinking rapidly at L'han. "I was just deciding on oils," she murmurs, glancing back to the salts, sands, and oils. A couple are finally plucked from the shelf. "Well enough, I'd imagine. I've heard no complaints."

A smile comes with the reaction of Teallan. L'han didn't mean no harm by it so he takes a step back and says, "Well that's probably a good choice for you. Unless you'd like some from me? Goodness knows riders get covered in enough oil for half the Weyr." His voice is teasing as he reaches past Teallan for some sweetsands before he grins, walking back towards his bath, tossing over his shoulder, "There's another clean bath over here by mine if you want it."

Teallan snorts softly to herself, "I don't think the oil for your dragon would do as well in my hair." She does follow suit, after wiggling out of the shift she's wearing. Feet pad softly over the floors until she reaches the bath, setting down her sands and the like at the edge before lowering herself into the waters with a sigh.

L'han glances over his shoulder as he hears her following and blinks as he gets an eyeful of Teallan. The greenrider flushes a bit red, but he takes it in stride and has the good decency not to stare as he sets the sands down by his bath and strips from his shorts before he himself climbs in. A groan and roll of his shoulders. There's a moment before L'han snorts, "Escaeth, so help me if you share that with any of the other dragons, there will be no flying except for drills. And yes, I do mean it." He looks over to Teallan with a smile by explaination and not much else.

Teallan settles comfortably into the pool, not seeming out of sorts for the stare she's received. She's been at the Weyr long enough, clearly. The young woman does blink at the statement and twists a bit as she pauses in getting her hair wet. "Hmm?"

L'han smiles a bit nervously but says, "Well, you know how our dragons are always up in our heads? Well mine is entirely too nosy and likes to see what I'm up to. And she was commenting on you… not to mention asked me why I didn't invite you to share my bath. I told her that was rude, she thought she'd ask another dragon for what his rider would do…" Hence why he told her not to. He sighs shaking his head, before he dunks underwater for a moment, resurfacing and wiping his face clean of water and the aforementioned oils.

"Commenting on me?" Teallan's eyebrows raise and she seems rather curious, drifting in the water to the side of her bath closest to L'han. "What does a green dragon have to say about little ol' me?"

L'han drifts over towards his side of the bath where he's close to Teallan, resting his arms on the edge and he remarks, "Oh about the last time I took you and Neni to Landing, and then when I saw you… so did she, and I can't hide anything from her so… she thinks that I should share a bath with you and to her it's no big deal." At least he has no problems talking about embarassing stuff, but he is still quite flushed from his dragon's comments. There are drawbacks to having an intelligent creature that doesn't understand human ways in your head. L'han tilts his head and says, "Don't suppose you'd care to? She'll forget eventually, but it'd shut her up at least."

At the very least, Teallan understands it. Weyr-life… it suits the lass. She pulls herself up out of the bath and gathers the jars with her choice of bathing accompaniments. "Might as well," she muses, "it'd be a waste to spread ourselves out." She drops quickly into the bath that L'han is in, sighing once she's back within the warm waters.

L'han is quite suprised when the Harper agrees and that earns her a smile, although he does drop his eyes when Teallan gets out of her bath and he lifts them again when she drops into his bath. "Well, at least she's satisfied… for now." He looks at the oils, sands, and salts, and then shifts across the bath to tap two of the salts. "These two are already in the water, I like a good soak before anything else." He then leans back against the side of the bath, although he doesn't go across to the other side where he was.

Teallan glances at the salts and tips her head in a nod. "No need for more then. Well, see? We're doing the Weyr a favor." She smirks briefly, but reaches for the sands to begin scrubbing at her shoulders absently. She's clearly taking her time, but at least /trying/ to bathe.

L'han watches Teallan start to scrub at her shoulders before he grins and says, "Doing the Weyr a favor, but not yourself just yet… turn around." He reaches for some of the sands himself and says, "Let me please? You're helping me keep my dragon from being annoying, it's the least I can do, Teallan."

Teallan gleams a little; she doesn't seem bothered in the least. The Harper Journeyman turns, pulling her hair forward over her shoulder to keep it out of the way. "Thank you. I can certainly do the same for you."

L'han smiles as she pulls her hair forward and he begins to scrub her shoulders and upper back, his rough hands a blessing here as they work the sands over and across the skin, cleansing it before he uses handfuls of water to wash away the sands from where he's worked on. And he takes his sweet time about it making sure for Teallan to work any tension out of her shoulders with a slight massage before he asks, "Feel good?"

Teallan exhales in a small, pleased sigh as the back scrubbing also equates to a back rubbing. "Oh yes," she murmurs at the end, flagging forward a bit. There's a small laugh, "Never knew a backrub could feel so good."

L'han smiles and says, "Warm salts, good sands, and a dragonrider's hands. I'd say there's no where else on Pern these things can be found except a Weyr." He laughs, working the massage down Teallan's back although he stops once he reaches her hips. "This is funny though, the last thing we shared together was a pie. Now it's a bath. What's next?"

"You rhymed," Teallan says with a brief flash of a smirk. She makes a small noise as he reaches her lower back though; clearly there are some knots there. Likely from all the time she spends hunched over paperwork in the lower caverns. "Pie, bath… I'm not sure what's next. I never took that class." There's mirth in her tone.

A laugh comes from the greenrider when she comments on his rhyming and when she makes that noise, he continues working on that lower back feeling and working out each knot that he can find. "Well I don't do it often. Otherwise I'd might be a Harper than a rider, no?" He reaches for some sand to brush against her lower back even in the water while he massages. "As to what's next, I don't know either… although I think there's no class for that, it's more independant study if anything else." His voice is mirthful like hers, light and fun, although there is a slight hint of daring behind it.

Eyes flutter a bit as Teallan puts an arm on the edge of the bath to brace herself, allowing her back to relax somewhat. There's a slight grunt as he gets a particularly bad knot. "Non-Harpers have been known to write a good thing or two before," she says, amused. "As for independent study… well, I suppose you may be right."

L'han remarks as he works through the knots, "Well, if you do write it down, make sure to include my name please?" He continues to work through Teallan's lower back before his hands sweep up her sides, brushing the sides of her breasts before they return to work on her upper back and neck. There is a moment before the greenrider adds, "I guess we'll just have to find out, won't we?"

There's a brief surprised — but not displeased — sound as his hands make their way back up her torso. Teallan turns, settling her back against the side of the bath. She gathers up some of the sweetsands to begin working into her scalp to clean her hair, looking much more relaxed. "Should we write a paper on it?"

L'han withdraws his hands as Teallan turns to settle back against the bath. He as well with gather up some sand to work into his arms and chest for some stubborn oil spots that havn't come out in the bath. "If you'd like. I imagine it might be a very interesting topic for Weyrfolk." He smiles at Teallan as he leans back against the bath next to her.

"The talk of the Caverns, I bet it'd be," Teallan says with a soft chuckle, ducking beneath the water to let her hair rinse free of the sand. Toussled hair surfaces first, water dripping away as she relaxes back in the warm bath.

L'han grins languidly as he watches her wash her hair clean of the sands. "I'd bet." He considers the texture of the wall for a moment before he looks to her, "So did you get a chance to use the computer the last time you were down at Landing?" He just relaxes against the wall, the warm water working wonders for the both of them it seems.

"Now that I'm a Journeyman," Teallan explains as she slowly begins working oil into her hair, "I can use the computer whenever I want…" She pauses, thoughtful. "Well, provided I request time for it and there's space in the schedule for me."

L'han looks over to Teallan as she works oil into her hair enjoying the sight before he tilts his head, "Ahh you can? Splendid. Find anything interesting? Most of my time has been spent helping the Smiths and Starsmiths with looking up information and helping with the new Threadfall charts."

"Nothing really outstanding so far," Teallan says with a small shrug. She's working from the ends slowly upwards, taking her time. "But I'm just browsing through and seeing what I can find, so I haven't expected much."

"Well, I'm sure you'll find something remarkable soon. There is so much information in there we've barely scratched the surface." L'han continues to watch Teallan work her hair and he watches curiously at how much oil she puts into it. He then snorts, shaking silently with laughter before he remarks, "My dragon's still spying on me, she thinks you should use more oil, I told her you don't need as much as she does."

"Not nearly as much as she," Teallan affirms, laughing softly. "Just enough to protect my hair from the heat and keep it looking good." She even ducks under to rinse some of it out once she's done. She looks to L'han, amusement glinting in her eyes. "Escaeth really likes to be involved, doesn't she?"

L'han chuckles and says, "You don't know the half of it, Teallan. She just does what she thinks is best for me and I for her. We're good like that, better than some dragonpairs I know. But sometimes she gets a little too involved… especially when it comes to me and relationships. She always tries to push me towards those I like, as our current situation attests to." He grins to the woman before he leans back against the bath again. "Although the flip side is she's extremely guillible when it comes to the other dragons."

"You li-" Teallan pauses and blinks a few times. "I suppose you must." She blushes, ducking her head a bit as she gathers more sand to finish scrubbing the day's grime away. "It's good that you both work so well together."

L'han reaches over to put two fingers under Teallan's chin to lift her head to meet his eyes. "I do… I just find it hard to voice, which is why she's pushy." He lets her head go though, looking back towards the wall. "She's a green, so she rises, other dragons catch, and she knows that's the one thing about riding green I don't appreciate, but I don't complain for her sake. So if she thinks I'll be happy, she's pushy. For my sake."

"It must be a strange thing to deal with," Teallan offers, still blushing rather furiously in the wake of the admission. It hasn't seemed to bother her though. "I understand from a… relationship standpoint, I suppose. That you can't guarantee you'll always be with the same person. But I guess that's all I understand. And… well, that makes sense I guess, as a non-rider."

L'han nods and says, "With riders, some of us do choose a rider to be weyrmates with, but our dragons have choices of their own. We all know we may have to spend a night with someone not of our choice, but that makes the relationships we do choose all the more important to us, you know?" He does grin however, "Teallan, is the bath that hot or is it just you?" He of course referring to how red she is with a teasing tone.

If she could blush harder, she would. "Of course," Teallan murmurs, in agreement with the statement about relationships. "That and… even if you have problems with someone, you may need to fight Thread alongside them. It's… why I like Weyrs. We're more like family than some families."

L'han smiles at her before he says, "Indeed, we are. Even Randi and I, who don't really get along… if she were in trouble or I were, we'd come running to help each other. Riders protect ourselves, our loved ones, and those that care for us most and live alongside us." He looks at Teallan and asks, "Do you intend to stay at the Weyr for quite awhile yet?"

"I am Harper here, am I not?" Teallan smirks briefly, "I would /like/ to stay here as long as possible. I like it and I care for people here. I cannot, however, have total say in it." She lifts her hair up to twist it to lay atop her head as she leans back to soak in the bath. "If the Craft decides to move me, I'll have to go."

L'han nods to Teallan, returning her smirk with a smile of his own. "Well, that's not entirely true is it? If the Weyr specifically requests you to stay?" He leans back with her before he turns to her and says, "Besides, it's a pain to get a new person used to a Weyr. And I'd like you to stay, Teallan."

"That's true enough," Teallan says with a small smile. "Well, so long as it is in my hands… I want to stay here." She stretches her arms out just above the surface of the water, watching the droplets roll away from her skin. "The weather is so much better here than at Fort."

L'han smiles and grins, "Aww, Fort is not that bad, Teallan. I grew up there you know, impressed to Escaeth at the same Weyr." He though lifts a finger to turn Teallan's chin once more and he leans in towards her, whispering. "Then stay for as long as you can." Before he will press his lips against hers if she will allow it.

Teallan was about to respond in some fashion, but, well. She's been shut up. In quite a good way, mind you. The woman seems startled at first, but soon relaxes into the kiss and returns it in kind.

L'han is at first tenative, but when Teallan begins to respond, his kiss is given with a touch more firmness and enthusiasm. His hand intially cupping her chin will drift down to her lower back, holding her while they enjoy that kiss. And when they do break apart, L'han looks rather flushed, but happy. There's an ease to his features and his body that wasn't there before, the tension that might have been now gone.

Teallan draws in a deep — yet contended — breath when they part, settling back against the stone wall once again. She gives a small laugh, watching L'han from slightly lowered eyelids. "I… have to admit, curiousity has the better of me. What does Escaeth think now?"

L'han laughs as he draws a faintly distant look before he returns and shakes his head, grinning. "Smug, absolutely smug. Like she planned that to happen all on her own. But she's happy, she really thinks well of you, still thinks you should Stand for the next clutch, but I told her that's your choice and not to count the dragons before they've hatched." He lets go of her though so he can lean back against the wall again and he says, "Darn green, but she does seem to know people pretty well."

"I've heard the legends that they're the best at Searching," Teallan points out, smirking briefly. "So I'd imagine that they must know people well." She seems content as she relaxes. "If I'm allowed to, I intend to Stand again. Though I imagine there won't be an issue…"

L'han smiles and says, "Actually I believe blues and browns are better, but my girl seems to have a talent at it. She knows a rider, or future rider on smell. And yes I do quite literally mean on smell. When we searched Rio, one of the new goldriders, Escaeth sniffed her out of a crowd and she wasn't even there to be Searched." He smiles and says, "So I think you and Nenienne do have a chance of becoming riders yet if my girl still thinks you smell like riders. You can never know till the dragons hatch."

"I'm not worried about it," Teallan admits, flashing L'han a smile. "I trust the dragons. And Alara still feels I can manage it and wants me here, so even if I don't Impress this time… maybe the next time. I'm still young enough for a few hatchings yet."

"Yep. And with three, well four if Alara and Rauzath return, golds, hatchings will be pretty frequent till we get the Weyr numbers up to what they should be. Plenty of opportunities." He grins before he looks at his fingers and says, "Water's getting cool." And indeed it is, they've been in here for quite long enough as L'han stands up and climbs out of the bath and reaches for the towels set aside, wrapping one around his waist as he glances to Teallan. "Still going to soak for awhile? I can bring some warmer water over if you want, Teallan." Otherwise, he's holding a towel for her too.

Brow furrows somewhat, "I'm sure they'll return." Alara has to, afterall. She's Tea's biggest supporter, after a fashion. The young woman considers, pulling herself out of the water to accept the towel she's been offered. "No, no. This rate, I'm going to turn wrinkly."

"That's part of why I got out, despite enjoying this with you very much." L'han smiles to Teallan as she takes the towel and he gets another one to dry off his hair. "Well if you're in the scenic mood later this seven, Escaeth wants to fly around the countryside and see whats what and if you're interested, I'd like you to come along, Teallan."

Teallan considers the offer as she wraps the towel about herself and heads to the bench with her things, retrieving another towel for her own hair. "That would be lovely," she says gently to L'han. "I usually work on personal projects in the evenings, but I'm sure I could set them aside today."

L'han smiles to Teallan, "If you want to and they can wait, that'd be great. I'll see you later then, Teallan." He pulls on his shorts under his towel so he can walk unhindered back to his weyr and one very smug green. He does however return all the used products to where they can be sorted through by the bath staff and so Teallan doesn't have to do it. He asks before he leaves though, "I can find you down in the main cavern later? Or is there someplace better?"

"I'll wait in the Main Cavern," Teallan says, smirking absently. "I did take over Uveline's room once I was promoted, so you can also find me there sometimes."

L'han nods and says, "Uveline's room, ok. If I'm not around and you want to talk to me, just ask any rider to have their dragon bespeak Escaeth that you want to see me. Also my weyr is up somewhat high, but it's near where the carved steps end and I usually do have a ladder down from there, for those that don't have a dragon to get them up there." He smiles before he waves, "See you later, Teallan." The greenrider walks on towards the door, a slight grin on his features.

"I'll keep that in mind," Teallan murmurs, mildly bemused… and also a bit distant in thought as she continues to dress herself.

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