Bathing And Eggs


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Date: August 12, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Baths
Synopsis: Uveline and Teallan clean up after chores, discussing the recent shocker with Lexi. Neni cleans out the baths briefly.
Rating: PG for veiled suggestion of violence.
Logger: Uveline

Day 01, Month 09, Turn 01, AIVAS Reckoning, First Long Pass

Eastern Weyr: Baths

Underneath the upper set of hatching sands, this cavern is fairly large in size, though it is dwarfed in comparison to others nearby. A natural hot spring, the steamy water has been diverted into one large pool - capable of holding about twenty odd people - and several smaller ones around the edges. Shelves have been set up along the northern wall, lined with different scents of bathing salts, sweetsands and oils. Under the shelves are benches where folk can dress and undress. Even given the tropical nature of the climate, this is still one of the most popular places in the weyr.

Mid-morning and already Uveline has had to make a trip to the baths, as her shift in the oh-so-muddy lake has ended and the mud-plastered candidate seeks to free her skin of the gooey substance. After collecting scented sand and a skin oil from the shelves, Uveline begins stripping off her mud-encrusted clothing. "We shouldn't have said anything about dragons helping," she mutters to herself as she peels the cloth free of her skin, careful to drop them in the laundry basket without scattering mud everywhere. "Orralth is helpful, but shards, the /mess/!"

The stench that heralds Teallan's arrival to the baths is proof enough that lake duty might have been a blessing. The poor lass was given latrine/midden duty today and some might argue that mucking out stables is even better. The hay there, at least, can mask the scent a bit. The Harper-Candidate is swift to begin stripping down and is about halfway there before she's even fully within the cavern. Her clothing is unceremoniously dumped along with the rest that needs to go to the laundry and she grabs up scented sand and a complimentary scent of oil for after. "It might mean the job will be over sooner, though," she calls towards Uveline.

Soaking in a pool is Lexi. For once there is no basket of clean towels to put away, the laundress is relaxing. Her head is on a towel that it placed just at the edge of the pool. But as she hears voices, she turns her head in their direction and opens her eyes. Seeing that it is the twso Candidates, she smiles lazily and waves them over. "You poor girls, don't they give you a restday?" It certainly looks like Lexi is using hers well.

Uveline wrinkles her nose as she catches Teallan's pungent scent, turning her head and watching her friend approach. "Oh, dear. Latrines today? I hope you were lucky enough to not be on Jaret's shift?" Uveline asks as Teallan collects her cleansing options. "Hmm, yes, but the mud is awful. My skin gets so soft from the mudcaking that I've been getting more blisters than before." Lexi's question draws Uvvy's attention away from Teallan and she shrugs. "Sure, we get the occasional rest day, but more work than not." Uveline heads toward Lexi, but slips into the neighboring pool instead. "I don't want to muck you up," she explains as she begins vigorously scrubbing herself.

"Jaret's on nanny duty today," Teallan says with a look to the ceiling. Possibly praying to Faranth for those poor children. She follows Uveline into that neighboring pool, but looks longingly in Lexi's direction. Likely jealous of being able to relax so. "I usually spend my rest days working on studying what I can get sent over from Landing," she admits, letting shoulders rise and fall in a shrug. Water sluices away from them in little droplets. "Can't let myself fall behind, possibility of Impressing or not." She draws in a breath and ducks beneath the water, surfacing seconds later. The young woman begins scrubbing furiously at her arms. "Just imagine how wonderful it will be when the lake is done."

Lexi grins at Uveline, and shrugs, "As you like." She says as she shifts in the water and wades the ledge closer to the one the Candidate is using. Crossing her arms on the legde she rests her chin on them, her black hair clinging wetly to her cheeks. She smiles at Teallan, "Good on you for keeping up on your studies." Her expression changes, turning a little more serious. "How are things? Any word on how it happened yet? Or whose responsible?" Her voice doesn't hold any malice, just genuine concern.

"Really? I thought he was permenantly assigned to latrines by weyrwoman Randi. Maybe he actually unbent enough to apologize," Uveline muses as she takes a small brush to her nails. "And believe me, I daily imagine the lake being done, and getting to swim there instead of the river. Speaking of your studying, how's the song coming?" Uveline asks as Teallan surfaces, tilting her head curiously. Lexi's question darkens her expression and the older candidate shakes her head slightly. "I haven't heard anything that I'm willing to take at face value. There are dozens of rumours, of course, but nothing that seems like truth. I just can't imagine why anyone would ever harm a dragon, let alone eggs. The poor things. I hope they didn't feel anything when it happened, but given how much of a presence the eggs had at the touching I attended… I'm worried about how it might affect the other eggs."

Nenienne arrives, carrying a load of clean, dry towels. She sets them on one of the shelves and begins gathering up other towels left by bathers. She waves to her fellow candidates and to the laundress in between picking them up.

"I'd forgotten about that," Teallan says to Uveline, brow furrowing slightly. "Maybe he traded chores with someone? Or, well. I mean, it's entirely possible he's decided to just do something else anyway. Maybe he thinks if he keeps busy…" She rubs soapsand into her hair, letting it lather up. "Well, we know someone stole K'rell's overalls to get in there," she says glancing to the ceiling again. "Probably took them while they were in the laundry when he went to the wedding. But… other than that," she exhales in a sigh. "Even the Masterharper is trying to help find out. That's why the Weyr is on lockdown. To make sure whoever did it doesn't leave."

Lexi sighs heavily at what the candidates say and smiles wanely at Neni as she comes in with a load of towels. "Well whoever did it has to have nerves of steel. I mean, who could even consider it? And those poor babies." She shakes her head a little bit. "If you believe what they say about a dragon has only one person they will impress to, what about those people that those dragons were meant to Impress? Would their chance at being a rider never happen?" Way to be tactful Lex, talking crazy talk with three Candidates in the room. Girl has got to learn to think before she speaks.

Uveline shakes her head slowly. "I don't think anyone knows, Lexi. It's never happened before, that I know of. Everyone knows dragon eggs are untouchable. How could someone even have /thought/ of doing it? That is one very sick person. They won't live long enough to see a mindhealer, though - everyone is out for blood." Thoroughly depressed by the turn of topic, Uveline ducks underwater to wet her hair, resurfacing after several long moments and beginning to scrub silently.

Nenienne has studiously appeared not to be listening, but at Lexi's comment she turns and says "That's my fear exactly." She says nothing further as she grimly checks the levels of the various soapsands and oils. After finishing the restocking, Neni takes the wet towels and heads out, waving almost as an afterthought.

"Eggs have been stolen before, haven't they?" Teallan ventures thoughtfully. She ducks beneath to rinse her hair once again. Surfacing, she spits out some water that got into her mouth by mistake. Back to scrubbing the rest of herself, she exhales in a long sigh. "Who knows. I wish AIVAS had more information on dragons. It's helped with learning so much, but… so much is still unknown, it seems."

Sighing heavily, Lexi shift her gaze to her arm, thoughtfully contemplating the soft hairs she finds there. She waves as Neni leaves and then clears her throat. "So you've been on the Sands? What is it like? As hot as they say?" Attempting to change the subject, she dips her head back, thoroughly wetting her hair so that it looks even darker than dry is that's at all possible. Reaching to where she left a comb near the edge of the pool and begins running it through her wet locks.

"One egg, only once that I know of, and it wasn't harmed. This… this is more of an abomination than anyone could ever consider AIVAS to be," Uveline replies as she scrubs and scrubs at her hair, absently waving to Nenienne as she departs. "It's… I don't know how to describe it. I mean, yeah, it's hot and steamy from all the humidity, but it's more than that, too. Touching the eggs, though, is a whole other matter. Randi called it being touched by a developing telepath. All colors and smells and sensations… it was scary, and exciting, and everything else, all at once."

"I haven't gone out on the Sands yet," Teallan admits faintly, rinsing off the last of the sand. She heaves herself from that pool and is quick to switch over and settle into the same one Lexi is in. Perhaps for the change of pace, or just to get away from all the dirt and the like still being cycled out of the pool she and Uveline were in. "I can't wait until I'm able to go out and Touch the eggs, though."

Uveline rinses her hair out and follows Teallan to the soaking pool, slipping in after her friend. "I don't think we'll be touching any more eggs for a while," she says softly. "And that's not the heat talking, Lexi. It's the eggs. Dragons are telepaths even in the shells, they just aren't fully developed, which means they don't talk. They just, y'know, give impressions of… would it be their dreams? I don't know if they are really aware of what's happening when we touch them." As for the signs, "Will there be room in the stands? I'd think it'll be pretty packed when they get to rocking. Which is probably a ways away yet."

"She could hang them, perhaps?" Teallan ventures, smirking a bit at Lexi's idea. The young Harper lass lets herself sink into the water until it laps at her neck, just above her collar bone. "Ohhh, that feels so good. I never knew a person could ache so much, I really didn't."

Lexi is pondering this dillema, "Hanging them might be an option that's for sure. Or holding them up on sticks." She shakes her head a little bit and continues to un-tangle her long tresses. "That sounds so neat. I like that idea, that you're kind of peeking into their dreams. I'm so excited for the hatching. It's always more exciting in a Weyr when there are Eggs on the Sands." Too late, Lex realize she has yet again fallen prey to her own foot in mouth disorder.

"A bit too exciting, this time," Uveline says dryly as she settles comfortably in the water. "But the hatchings might help restore good spirits. I imagine Kaseth will be sad for a while. I wonder if she'll forget about it? I know dragons are talked about has having short memories…" With a sigh, Uveline tips her head back against the edge of the pool, closing her eyes. "I hope they find the horrible person who did this soon."

"I hope, for her sake, that she does forget eventually. I doubt Randi ever will, though, and I imagine that will lead to Kaseth remembering, too." Teallan sighs and flicks at the water a bit. "I'm adapting my song to include this, so I think it's going to be more of a ballad than a celebration song. It's the trial and tribulation the Weyr must overcome for the happy ending."

Lexi nods quietly to the others' comments and sinks into the water once more. "You're writting a song? That's awesome Tea! If you want an un-educated opinion you can always ask me." She giggle a bit before looking at Uveline and back to Tea. "So what's with this Zen boy anyway?" she asks in a non-challant way.

Uveline mmms softly. "With any luck, you'll be able to include that the attacker was found and dealt with, as a warning to any other fools who might be tempted to emulate that horrible person," she says, voice low and savage. "I just cannot understand why /anyone/ would attack dragon eggs. What is there to gain from it? I mean, that's depriving Pern of two dragons fighting Thread, and now we need them more than ever. Where's the sense in that?" She lapses into pained silence again, not responding to Lexi's question about Zen - she really doesn't know him well, anyhow.

Lexi looks as if she is about to say something and then slaps her forehead with such force that it sprays water in the direction of the other two girls. "So sorry! I totally forgot!" she says as she scrambles out of the pool, pulling a towel around her slight frame and grabbing her clothes before rushing out of the baths. No word on what she totally forgot though.

"It seems people either love or hate him," Teallan murmurs as Lexi departs. She smirks briefly, glancing back to Uveline. "That's why I'm holding off on writing it for now. I want to see how this comes out so it can be written properly."

Uveline waves to Lexi as the girl scrambles off, eyes still closed, head on the pool edge. "The sooner this is resolved, the sooner everything can get back to normal. Poor Randi and Kaseth." A soft sigh escapes her, and Uveline opens her eyes. "I'm glad that everyone is so supportive, at least, and nobody has been mouthing off. Not that I've heard, anyway."

"I can't imagine who would," Teallan says, finally moving to pull herself from the bath. She grabs the oil she'd chosen and settles on a bench nearby to begin working it into her skin. "An angry Weyrwoman is one thing, but imagine upsetting Kaseth when she's already so upset." The young woman shudders faintly.

Uveline nods, adding, "At least with the Oldtimers, there was a real /reason/ for stealing an egg, way back when. Misguided, but still a reason - they were dying out. Nobody profits from this." Sighing again, Uveline follows the younger harper-candidate out of the pool and joins her at the bench, unstoppering her own oil bottle. "Enough talking about that. How have you been doing?"

"I've been alright. It was wonderful seeing the Masterharper. He came to visit, to, uh… pay his respects and offer his aid in the matter." Teallan falls silent for a moment while rubbing onto into her leg and then foot. "I'm… kind of looking forward to the Hatching. I want a break from all this work."

Uveline smiles slightly, nodding. "It was good of him, and Fort's leaders, to come and offer their support. He's a good man, and a wonderful Masterharper. I can imagine he has a lot to deal with, now - not only with what happened here, but you've seen the Lady Isilna, right? A candidate now, after her wedding went so badly. Poor dear." She shakes her head slightly. "Anyway, do you really think you'd get a break? If you Impress, there's a dozen new things to do, if not more, and if you don't, there'll be more chores as a candidate."

"Yeah, true," Teallan says with a long sigh. "If I don't Impress, I'm not sure I'll stay as a Candidate. If I do, I mean… it'll be hard work, but for a dragon. I think that makes a difference." She puts the oil back where she'd retrieved it from and begins redressing in a much cleaner outfit. "How is she handling it? I know that… Boll girl, Andi, seems to be trading off any dirty chores as fast as she can. Isilna isn't a Lady anymore, but… I guess I haven't seen her much. If Andi is any indication, I pray I don't end up working with her on a chore."

"Will you at least remain through the second hatching? It will be several sevendays between the two, after all," Uveline asks curiously. "I'll be here either way, since I'm posted here, and I imagine I can ask to resume Harper duties as part of my chores after these first clutches hatch and the Weyr starts to form up." Teallan's clarification draws a shrug from the older candidate. "Exactly. She isn't a Lady anymore, and her wedding was a disaster, from what I heard. I know there has been a lot of fallout, and he's probably working a lot to smooth that mess out. As for working with people on chores, if they don't pull their weight, I imagine they won't last long."

"I'm sure I will," Teallan says after a moment's thought. "It isn't too much time between them. Not like waiting until one of the gold's rise again." She uses a towel to get most moisture from her hair and begins to fingercomb it gently. "I know us Craft people don't work as hard as the Weyrfolk, or so they say, but I think the holders, especially those like Isilna, are worse. They barely know what hard work means, it seems."

"All the more reason for them to learn now. It'll be much more work, with a delicate hatchling on the receiving end, if they Impress," Uveline replies as she finishes oiling her skin. "Well, I need to get some lunch, and head on to my next chore. We'll see if I run into one of them this afternoon." Uveline rises, moving over to collect a robe for returning to the barracks and depositing her wet towel and empty jar in the appropriate places. "I'll see you later, Tea."

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