Beddie Hates Rules


Jaya.jpg Max.jpg Bhedri/Beddie (NPC'd by Jaya)

Date: Dec. 6, 2010
Location: Stables, EW
Synopsis: Beddie declares mutiny on Jaya's rules for her and lays a seduction trap on Max. Jaya shows up in the nick of time to haul her out, and she delivers the news to Max on his debt being paid in full to the Tillekian crimelord.
Rating: PG-15 for language and some adult situations
Logger: Jaya

Bhedri Dicori hates rules. She resents the fact that she has to abide by anything. Beddie never abides by anything she doesn’t want to. Not even back in Bitra. So, with every intention of hopping into at least one man’s bed before she has to return home, tonite the traderwoman was going to make her move – and she knew exactly who she was going to make her move with.

When she did her touring of the Weyr, Beddie had first spied on Max on the feeding grounds when he was working with his shirt off. She immediately found out that he worked in the stables, and from there she figured out his schedule – or, at least the times when all the stablehands left him alone in the stables late at night. She just had to meet this man – and only in the best way she knew how from back home!

On this night, Beddie – wrapped in only a long dark brown overcoat – breezes into the stables long after the stablehands had retired and Max had stepped out for whatever activity he was planning to do. She wasn’t accosted at all, managing to reach his office and slightly closes the door behind her before she got to work. Well, her work was only to be settling herself into his chair at his desk in stark nakedness, her slender legs crossed and propped up on the desk itself as she waits for the beast manager to return to his surprise. Such a tactic like this she has pulled plenty of times on the men she was interested in, and only a few times did it get her into trouble. As much as she flits about like one, Beddie is no holdbred girl in any way – and she likes to show rather than tell her seduction. She wasn’t sure what kind of relationship Max had with her sister – or if there was one since Jaya was so tight-lipped about her relationships – but what better way to find out, right?

Beddie had managed to breeze right on passed Waine because she'd presented the side of her face on which her twin bore no scars. With Jaya having become a common enough sight down at the beast caverns of late, the burly stablehand had merely given her a nod and returned to whittling away at whatever that was he was busy with, assuming his boss to have made arrangements to meet with the barkeep.

Max, having taken to using the cooler hours of night to train, ending his circuit with a run about the lake arrives but a half hour after Beddie does at the beast caverns. Hot, sweaty, and wearing little more than a pair of lightweight shorts and the Pernese equivalent of running shoes, he's of a mind to pick up fresh clothing from his quarters and then make a turn passed the bathing caverns. A look of faint confusion greets the jut of chin Waine sends toward his office as he passes by the man. The last thing he's expecting to find arranged in his chair, is a butt naked Dicori. As such when he pushes the door to his quarters open, it takes a moment or two for the sight presented to sink in. Brows go up and 'Jaya' is set with a startled look with the beast manager staying exactly where he is. "What the fuck?" dark eyes narrow slightly as he takes a step in closer, "Are you out of your mind, Dicori?' Either he can't see the side of the woman's face that would otherwise hold a scar, or…he's simply too shocked to realize that the woman before him, bears none.

Scarless and smooth indeed, when Max enters his own office presenting a sight himself, Beddie looks up from the sheet of hide she was looking over that she found on his desk and runs hungry eyes over the man. “Very nice,” she says in answer to his own words, making a show of checking him out with her heavy Bitran accent. Her voice is low is sultry for a soprano, the traderwoman pausing as she gets some of her confirmation on the man at least knowing who her sister is since he calls her ‘Dicori.’ With a slow roll of her shoulders, she drops her slender legs from his desk and gets to her feet in a full show of her body. Running a pink tongue over her lips, “I like the way you move,” she says, step by step approaching him like a predator stalking its prey. “The way you speak.” Another step. In his personal space now, her voice lowering further with that look full of delectable promise, “I wonder if I’ll like the way you taste?” she puts to him then with a puff of breath, a slender hand reaching up to try and run her fingers from his exposed collarbone on down his abdomen before she runs it back up to land behind his neck as she lifts a bit on tip toes to attempt a searing kiss on his lips.

Max is quite simply, rooted to the spot, head twisting to dart a glance out into the aisle for surely this is some kind of a prank, yes? Clearly not, for when he turns his attention back to 'Jaya', she's right there, up in his personal space. Dark eyes fix to that seductive display of tongue tip running over lips, taking in every nuance of the woman's body language and tone as she speaks. He's still not moved however, perhaps undecided on quite how to handle such a situation. Nara had been one thing. He'd been asleep at the time and she a total stranger but this was…Jaya. A woman he had personal history with that he'd worked hard to set behind him and thought they'd come a long way since in forming new understandings, not to mention their newly formed working relationship. However, it's with that run of fingers down his chest and over his abdomen, that it finally sinks in that this woman's face is scar free. A hand snaps upward and wraps about her wrist, fingers closing in a steel grip, as his head jerks back and away from those searching lips, expression taking on a hard line, "Who.the.fuck.are you!?" spoken in deadly quiet tone. He well realizes who she likely is but that’s not the point, now is it?

Beddie watches him as he tries to figure her out, that seductive little smile lingering on her face before Max has her by the wrist. Eyes dip to those hands, then lift to meet his hard gaze at his words before her head tilts slightly to the side and she answers, “Who do you think is it?” Yeah, she’ll play this game. The kiss didn’t connect, but that wasn’t going to stop her from trying again. Since he has one of her wrists, she shifts to reach the other hand to try and touch those kissable lips of his. “Why don’t we take a pause,” she says breathlessly with a sway of her hips, “and get to know each other better, hm?” Meeting his gaze as she lets her free hand fall on the top of his shorts rather suggestively, “You tell me about you, and I’ll tell you about me …after another workout?” This woman has no shame, the smile more prominent now as she again tries to kiss him.

"You're not, Jaya," Max states the obvious in half reply not releasing his grip on her wrist just yet. He's not quite quick enough this time, perhaps not expecting the woman to continue to be so bold with him, and so it is that as her fingertips brush across his mouth, his lips press into a thin line. The sway of hips against him has the beast manager's jaw tightening and anger glittering in dark eyes, "You got more chance…" his other hand moving to try and capture the wrist of hers at the top of his shorts, his mouth lowering as if to greet that kiss and then moving on past to her ear, "of getting water, from a rock." This grated out as the beast manager, (if he's been able to gain purchase and trap her other hand) tries to turn her in his arms so that she's facing outward and away from him. "How 'bout you tell me what you're doing down here, and maybe I'll consider not hog tying you and putting you out in the feeding pens for the dragons to drool over, hmm?"

With light laughter at Max’s understatement on which she is, “Do you want me to be?” Beddie all but purrs, her boldness not relenting before the beast manager captures her other wrist and turns her away from him successfully with a gasp. Throwing her head back against him in that lingering laugh to his words on her chances with him, “Oh please, darlin; I’ve already charmed the pants off of two Lord Holder sons from under their wives, so I think my chances are about as high as getting that rock to bleed water.” Her back to him, she’ll playfully try to wriggle her arms free from his grasp and respond to his last with, “Hog tying?” Head moving a fraction to catch Max in the corner of her eye, “You’re into that kind of play, aren’t you, sweetie? I could be game for that-“

“What the fuck?” Jaya appears at the door, a brown packet in hand and her face ashen with shock as she faces her butt naked twin struggling with the beast manager. Eyes are wide and hard as she takes the scene in, one hand tightening on the door handle as she blinks over the shameless look on Beddie’s face. Is this-? “Beddie…” she starts, taking a slow step into the room as she darts a glance full of shock and confusion towards Max.

Now that he has Beddie effectively under control (or so he seems to think), her back against his chest, and his around and folded across the front of her due to his grip on her wrists, Max isn't really too sure what to do with the woman outside of using that threat of his as a last resort. A rough snort greets her words on those whose she's charmed, "I ain't no Lord Holder's son, darlin'." That playful wriggle has the poor man gritting his teeth against it and giving her a tug in against him, meant to still the movement as he growls out, "Quit it!" It's her last words that decide the man who starts to take a few steps backwards, dragging her along with him, to where his rope is coiled about a peg next to the door. However, in order to reach it, he's going to have to let go of one of her wrists in order to do so.

“Well we all can’t be perfect, sweetie,” Beddie drops one of her favorite catch-phrases to Max not being related to a Lord Holder, and his hissed command at her wriggling causes laughter to erupt. Well, it does until the sudden arrival of Jaya has her stopping cold. All movement ceases at those shocked words from her sister, the traderwoman straightening up in Max’s hold as he starts dragging her back towards where the rope is. Just as Max comes fully in Jaya’s line of sight, “Max!” the barkeep calls out, now coming to action as she steps forward. “Beddie, what the fuck are you doing here?” she shoots toward her sister, in which Beddie immediately puts on a look of shocked surprise to see Jaya there and cries, “Oh, Bajie! What are you doing here?” To which Jaya moves to Max’s side and tries to put both hands on the man’s shoulder and gives him a push. “Let her go!” she cries to him, seemingly in defense of her sister (and Beddie’s gasping in protest as she gets tossled in the process). Anger is laced through her features, the barkeep throwing mostly Beddie the eye as she regards Max and waits for him to release his hold on her sister.

Max has nothing to give to Beddie in return, frame having gone taut against her with Jaya's sudden arrival, dark eyes pinned to the barkeep and unease rife across his features. It's only once she sets her hands to his shoulders and gives him that slight push that he snaps out of it, looses her twin's wrists and steps back from her, hands held out to his sides as he growls out quietly, "I think you lost something." That something, being her butt naked look-alike. Anger glowing through his utter discomfort, he turns away from the two women and heads over to where a towel had been discarded over the edge of the press at the foot of his mattress. Taking the few steps back again, he tosses it in Beddie's direction with a low snarl, "Cover yourself up!"

Once Max backs away, Beddie throws a rather disappointed pout over her shoulder towards him. To Jaya, “Must you always come by and ruin my fun?” she sends her way around the same time that Jaya responds to Max’s comment with a dry, “I’ve lost something turns ago when she was born.” Beat. Raising the package in her hand as she tries to bring attention to it, “I’m here to deliver something,” she answers Beddie first, her tone cold as she takes in the fact that, yes, her twin is naked in front of her. “What are you doing?”At that moment Max tosses a towel Beddie’s way with that snarl and before Beddie could respond, Jaya’s up in her personal space and hissing, “Get your fucking coat and get out of here.” – “No.” Beddie has the towel, but she’s wrapping it around herself. Looking from Max to her sister, “What is it this time, Bajaya?” she cries, letting her frustration come to the fore – especially since she’s not where she wants to be at this very moment, which is on the floor with Max on top of her. Throwing hands in the air, “You can’t truly expect me to follow those stupid rules!” Eyes falling on Max, “I want him, and so I’ll have him,” she says with Dicori arrogance in her frame, now slapping the towel over her shoulder until Jaya rips the towel from her fingers. “You don’t get it, do you?” the barkeep tosses back, her tolerance reaching her limit. Both women with the identical faces stare off at each other then, letting the tension rise in the silence that follows. Jaya’s the first to break it. “This is my territory, Beddie,” she says this carefully to make sure her sister captures every word and nuance given. “Fuck whoever you want in Bitra, but here?” There’s a snort, the scar-faced woman throwing a pointed look towards the coat draped over one of the chairs. “I’m tolerating you here, sister, but you are really working my patience,” she warns her, no trace of amusement nor ‘sisterly love’ in her tone or frame. “Get your shit and scram, or I’m hauling you out of here whether you’re dressed or not. Your choice.” And she can believe that they would be talking about this later, Jaya didn’t need to add, her hard gaze telling everything.

Beddie's disappointed pout earns her little more than a narrow eyed look from the bare-chested beast manager who is being very sure to keep a good distance between himself and his 'stalker'. A snort greets Jaya's words on having lost something long ago, dark eyes falling to the package she holds up and then lifting to meet her eyes. "Your trip was a success?" carefully worded given the presence of her twin, and not reaching to take the item until it's handed over to him. But then the two sisters are up in each other's space and having a verbal go at each other. Stepping back, Max leans his butt against his desk, arms folding over his chest watching on through an unreadable expression in silence broken only to comment in a tight tone, "I ain't yours for the taking darlin'." Not unless she's of a mind to meet the short end of a certain redhead's temper and her rather large and fearsome back up in the form of her militaristic green dragonet. And so the face off between siblings continues with little more than a faint smirk tracing onto his mouth when the barkeep sends her packing.

“That’s what they all say, sweetie,” Beddie is quick to toss over her shoulder towards Max for his comment, but it loses its sultriness in the face of her imposing twin. Eyes narrow at Jaya for her forceful words and the way she gets into her personal space. To all of that, “You’re right,” she says, fingers lifting as she shifts weight from one foot to the other, “this is not Bitra. Therefore, I really don’t have to follow your authority, sister.” Turning from Jaya with unbound hair spilling over her shoulders, “And the nerve of you to talk to me like this,” she continues to say, reaching for her coat but not yet putting it on as she looks back at her sister. “He’s just a man, Bajaya.” – “Out, Beddie!” Jaya tosses in exasperation, hands falling audibly to her sides as she angles herself towards the open door. Silence meets that command, the scarless twin looking from her sister to the beast manager and back with no amount of shame showing across her face. After a moment, once she realizes that Jaya wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon for her to be making anymore moves, the traderwoman stuffs arms into the sleeves of her long coat and pulls it loosely about her frame before she sends to Max, “Alas, a shame. Perhaps some other time.” Jaya gets a hard look, her chin lifting mutinously before she shoulders the barkeep out of the way and flits out the office. It’s only then, when Jaya waits until she was sure her sister was away from the office, that she answers Max’s question with a tight, “Yes, a success. Here.” The package gets tossed in the hopes that Max catches it. “Sorry…about Beddie,” she adds awkwardly, a hand pressing into her forehead for the headache already forming.

"Already taken, darlin'," Max gives to Beddie with a smirk glimmering in and then out again, seemingly blind to the fact that the woman is still stark naked and has yet to make use of either towel or coat to cover herself. He's learned long ago not to get between siblings when tempers are flared as such the comment he'd had on the tip of his tongue about who has what authority where, gets left unspoken, just a narrowed look sent the troublesome 'stalker's' way. Just a man? Those words actually manage to draw a rough laugh from the beast manager who with a brow lifting upward for the look Beddie sends between himself and her sister, gives sardonically, "How about we make that a date. Say…the first of….never?" Once she's gone, a more genuine sounding chuckle looses from his chest for the apology given by Jaya, and he shakes his head slightly, "Between her and that greenrider trying to jump me while I was sleeping, I'm starting to think I've got 'fuck me', written on my back somewhere." The package tossed his way is plucked out of the air and turned over in his hands, a questioning look going the barkeep’s way before opening it, "Kelarad give you any lip?"

“No one didn’t tell you?” Jaya seems to joke on there being a sign on Max’s back, some of her amusement coming to the fore before ebbing off. “What greenrider?” She catches that, abruptly asking before she steps forward and claims one of the chairs. She was hoping that her shameless twin was not in her bar by the time she returned, and so she wasn’t planning on going back so soon. You know, just to save herself from having to throttle the woman. But then, back to business the reason she was here. “Rad had Crawl out there,” she explains, leaning back with a grateful sigh and her hands clasp before her as she talks about the run. “Must admit, Shijan was pretty good a partner,” she gives almost grudgingly, turning towards the door where one can be sure the bodyguard was just outside of it. “We managed to get the letters before they reached Crom, and I passed them on over. He says your debt is now paid in full.” Opening the package, he will find in it nothing but marks – payment Crawl gave for the run. Jaya was actually good in not taking her cut from it already. An improvement! “So looks like it’s a ‘go’ on you getting your little girl out of that Hold,” she says then, watching the beast manager intently since she knows the run was just a stepping stone to him doing just that. She grows silent then, feeling the need to add, “Beddie…she’ll be leaving soon. I’ll toss her on a dragon myself if she decides to linger. Her coming was…unexpected.”

A snort of amusement greets Jaya's tease, with the beast manager even going so far as to lift an arm, hand going over his shoulder and making a display of feeling about on his back for such a sign. Nope, nothing there. When she claims a chair he remains where he is, leaned up against the desk and likely right near where she's taken to sitting. Answering on the matter of the greenrider, "Some transfer in from Ista. Seems to have appointed herself Ahnika's mentor or something." A light frown forms as he recalls something said by Nara that night, "Also seems to know something of Kelarad." Crawl's name being dropped into conversation draws a slightly antagonistic look from Max, though not nearly of the strength it had been on that first meeting with the Tillekian's right hand man up in Telgar. Discomfort is next to form for his debt now being cleared, dark eyes kept down to the package now set next to him as he opens it. Upending it, the marks are allowed to spill free onto the desk top before them. Fingers hover lightly over them, as he quickly totals them up and then scoops two thirds of the pile free of the others, and pushes it toward Jaya. More than her agreed upon cut. Only now does his attention lift and fit to the dark haired woman, those same shadows at play behind his eyes whenever the matter of his daughter is brought up as he shakes his head slightly on being able to retrieve Larissa just yet. "Thanks, Jaya." Speaking instead to what she'd just done for him in making the run and clearing his debt. The small edge of a sympathetic smile turns out, "Ain't no harm done, darlin'. She's…an interesting one, your sister." A glance goes toward the door through which the barkeep had all but shoved her sibling, "She always been like that?"

There’s an even louder snort to Max’s antics from Jaya, the scarred woman shaking her head at before but choosing to address the matter of this greenrider. Some of that amusement fades a little when he announces that Nara knows something about Kelarad, the barkeep finding that news very peculiar. “You think she’s in his pocket?” she asks the obvious, frowning a little as she recalls what she knows of the Tillekian crimelord. She then puts in, “Rad doesn’t have much love for dragonriders, but I suppose it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think that he has a couple on his payroll.” Sure, up north, but down here in the south? Still, she does add in, “Perhaps we should look into this transfer.” She catches that reaction to Crawl’s name, and it brings a fond smile to her face before it drops to that package. Once Max offers her up more than her share of the profits, “That wasn’t agreed upon,” she notes, but she’s taking it all the same. “I suppose, I should pay Shijan a cut.” Nodding once, “You’re welcome, boss. Whenever you’re ready,” she gives on retrieving his daughter, the Bitran intending to be present in some way there. On talk of her sister, that headache returns too easily and she closes her eyes with two propped up fingers to the bridge of her nose at it. “You don’t have to be polite about her, you know,” she offers on his comment, her eyes opening to fit a look towards the beast manager. “She’s not a polite sort herself.” Well, who was she to talk? To his question, her head turning a fraction towards what she could see of the door, “Usually,” she answers, meeting Max’s eyes then. “She’d probably be a mind healer’s dream. Strangely enough, she’s considered the saner one out of my family.” She snorts at her own words, eyes rolling as she shakes her head to that. “I think she’s just craving attention,” she guesses, slapping both hands to the armrests as if she was about to rise. “Fuck knows she’s not getting any of it at home, from what I’ve been reading.”

"No sharding clue," Max gives on whether or not Nara might be in Kelarad's pocket. "I plan on looking into it," given with a nod to Jaya's suggestion of doing so. A faint smile flickers out for having handed over more than they'd agreed upon, but he conveniently glosses over the why of it, bared shoulders rolling in a shrug, "S'up to you what you do with it darlin'." This to her paying Shijan a cut. That smiles flares into one of gratitude as arms fold over his chest once again, the remaining marks left out on his desk for the time being, "If it were up to me, I'd go up there and take her back today. But that'll do nothing but bring a whole world of trouble down on the Weyr." Lips purse as a frown forms, driven away by a frustrated exhalation of air, "Gotta lay the trap good 'n proper for the tunnelsnake first, aye?" The beast manager then considers the dark haired woman in silence for a moment before giving a short sound of amusement, "If that's your family's idea of sane then give me crazy any day." That meant as compliment to her rather than insult to her family. Again a light frown forms, with Max tipping his head to one side a thoughtful expression settling into place, "You think maybe if she'd settle down if she were to relocate, say maybe…here?"

Jaya looks appeased on the Nara topic, the woman filing away the greenrider for later – and perhaps whenever she runs into Ahnika since Nara is her mentor. Some of her amusement from before ebbs on talk of saving his daughter, the barkeep frowning as she asks, “Sounds like you already have an idea on this trap you want to lay out. You think that Lady Holder’s going to claim she’s not yours?” His compliment as it was on her rather than her family gets her amusement to come back – even though she snorts to it. “Don’t come crying then when I unhinge on you one day,” she seems to warn then, her teeth flashing in a cheeky smile. Yeah, she knows she’s not exactly ‘sane’ herself. She’s just not like her twin. “Makes me wonder how my brother’s been turning out all these turns.” Max’s last gets a frown, and then an incredulous stare and the words coming from his mouth. “Beddie… here?” she summarizes, wanting to make sure she was hearing correctly. As much as she wants to be crass and say a disparaging return on her scarless sister, the words caught in her throat when she actually considered the thought. Blinking a few times, “I don’t know if a Weyr would be any better,” she admits soberly, eyes lingering on the desk as she carefully forms the words. “I mean, sure. Perhaps being here, like me, would change her, but…” The rest of the words trail, the woman meeting Max’s eyes before putting out there, “You’d have to continue to fend her off until the next man catches her attention, shuga,” she warns a bit dryly on that. “Not to mention she’ll want to get involved …in this,” ‘this’ being their business, for the twin always had a way with finding things out that wasn’t her business. Shaking her head, “You sure you want that kind of heat? Bhadri won’t let her move away, anyway.” Bhadri being their father, a cold looks being sent towards the beast manager. “Beddie takes care of him, no questions asked. Keeping her here will bring down trouble you might not be sure you want.” Dicori temper-type of trouble, too, to which Jaya doesn’t have to voice. Then again, there was a battle raging within her with a big part of her wanting to keep her sister close – realizing despite all of Beddie’s crazy antics that she indeed missed having family around. It would be something she’s forced to admit, however.

A rough snort is uttered on the Lady Holder claiming her daughter's father not to be him, "She's been doing it for over a turn now, darlin'. Going to take more than me showing up for the truth to come out." So yes, he's working on a plan to entirely discredit the scheming woman. Jaya's next comment draws a crooked grin from the beast manager as arms unfold and he starts setting the remaining marks back into the package in which they'd arrived, "You unhinge on me, you might find yourself taking a long swim in a cold lake," teasing. Maybe. Folding the opened end of the package over, Max sets it to one side watching her reaction to the idea of her sister potentially moving to the Weyr with veiled interest. Initially a faint smile slips out and shoulders twitch in the semblance of a shrug, "Reckon she was just trying one on me. Don't think she'd do it again, aye?" Or at least he hopes when it comes to her twin having another go at trying to bed him. It's what the barkeep says about Beddie potentially sticking her nose into what it is they do outside of usual Weyr duties that draws him up short, setting a wary look onto her, "No, the less that know about this, the better." For obvious reasons. He doesn't however look too perturbed about possibly having to deal with the senior Dicori, merely giving another light shrug on the matter and then offering through a crooked grin, "Met my fair share of rampaging fathers darlin'." Wink. He's not stupid, he well knows where she's coming from and is using humor simply to smooth over the situation.

“I sure hope you’re going to teach that bitch a good lesson,” Jaya notes on the Lady Holder, the smirk full of trouble at the thought of a plan. “Maybe even get her rooms cased out and see what good stuff she has that we can use…” she trails on that, clearly joking. Maybe. Max’s words on her unhinging on him gets laughter, the woman feeling more at ease now that the scarless twin is out of sight and out of mind. “Is that how it’s going to be when you teach how to ride my runner?” she tosses the tease right back, brows lifting in wry askance. Talk of Beddie gets a light snort and a shaking of he head as she notes, “She’d do it again, make no mistake.” Leaning back in the chair, “I’ll keep her too busy to go wandering back in here,” she offers on her twin, for it being the least that she can do. “I gave her the ‘no talking’, ‘no fucking’ rule, and I see that I have a mutiny on my hands.” The wary look is taken in stride, however, the Bitran regarding the other before admitting slowly, “She…doesn’t know anything. At all. Not even where I got my scar.” Shaking her head, “I dunno how much longer I can keep her in the dark, about what happened,” she notes, meeting Max’s eyes. “Part of me thinks she’s safer knowing. Vaputero lives in Bitra, too, and there was always the possibility that he would come after her and Nacor. Beddie’s the type to go…exploring,” she calls it, frowning a bit. “If she’s kept out of the dark. I wonder why Vaput hasn’t approached her yet.” As to him meeting his fair share of fathers, there’s a snort to that, amused. “When Ahnika and Jhath can fly, I have half a mind to send you both right over to him just for public relation purposes,” she states wryly.

Max's mouth curls around a dark smirk, a low laugh of similar proportions uttered, "Chances are good Lord Elisser will give us whatever personal effects she can't carry out the door once I'm done with her." A crooked grin appears on teaching Jaya to ride, brushing ominous plans aside, "Only if ya back talk ya tutor." Brief amusement follows on her twin trying it on with him again, "She does that I'll have her hog tied and in the middle of the feeding pens faster'n she can blink with Jhath drooling all over her." Repeating the threat he'd delivered earlier to her sibling embellishing with the addition of the green dragonet. Short laughter lifts out and the beast manager waggles a finger in the barkeep's direction, "Now there was your mistake, darlin'. Next time you have yourself a willing playmate on hand to keep that sister of yours occupied and then you won't be needing to worry about rules, aye?" Humor drains off and he sets her with a long look, mouth pressing into a frown and then gives quietly, "Knowledge is power, Jaya. You know this. You need to tell her enough to keep her alert and safe but not enough that she's gonna go trying something stupid with that bastard.” For a short spell amusement lifts back in again, "You'd send the two of us," he and Ahnika, "to bargain with your Pa?"

Jaya perks up at the thought of getting a Lady Holder’s worth in bounty, and she’s nodding a few times to that – pleased. “Imagine what we can hock with some of it,” because she is, anyway. Max’s comment on his training her how to ride the runner has laughter bubbling up from within as she tosses back, “Then I’m doomed, aren’t I?” Nope, she’s not worried. Not by the cheeky smile on her face. That laughter continues on the account of her sister being hog-tied, the barkeep shrugging over that one. “You honestly think hog-tying her with a green dragon drooling over her is going to lay her off of you?” she asks, alluding to the other twin’s persistence. Hands lifting up from the armrests, “Like I said, she’ll hunt until she either gets bored or finds someone else. Maybe toss one of your thugs at her?” Yep, and this goes to his comment on her finding a willing playmate for Beddie, too. She does tack on, however, “No, next time I’m going to hog-tie her out on the lake. That should keep her out of my hair.” Right. Beddie would likely charm the pants off some passing male and he would break her free in an instant. Max’s soberness on the topic of what Beddie should know, the barkeep nodding once and saying, “I know, I know. I just…” and lips press into a thin line, not finishing that and choosing to say instead, “Need to know what she knows, first, about Vaput. I’ll give her a good talk before she has to leave.” Slowly, she’s getting to her feet then, the last on bargains with her father getting her humor to resurface. “He won’t be yelling at me,” is what she says to that, brows lifting meaningfully on her not doing so. “Maybe one day you need a better knife. They have good stock. I should probably go and make sure she’s not smashing up my bar,” she tacks on the last without pause, stepping away from the chair. But before she leaves, “What’s going on with that plan of yours with the dead body?” she asks then.

As to what they could get selling off Lady Tillek's belongings, Max gives quietly, "A better future for Little Bit." He's soon moving away from that subject to offer with a taunting grin, a hand setting to his bared chest in a show of solemn oath, "I do solemnly swear to gag you during said lessons." Because he's helpful like that, right? Riiight. When Jaya speaks to her twin's persistence and how she's likely to just keep coming after him a light frown of puzzlement forms, not sure quite what to make of that. He answers instead to putting one of his 'hands on loan to keep the Bitran traderwoman out of her sibling's (and his) hair the next time she comes to visit. Sly the grin that precedes words, "She can have Okran." The ancient snaggle toothed old chap that tends the domesticated avians as if they were his children. That grin melts away into a something more serious as he gives a nod to her having a firm talk with her sister, "You need anything, or want someone up there to keep an eye on her, just shout, aye?" Pushing away from his lean against his desk as Jaya stands a chuckle forms on the topic of her father, "And here I thought you liked me?" Not quite pulling off the look of hurt he affects. Heading toward his personal area to take up fresh clothing for the bathing caverns, Max turns a crooked grin back to her, "Got him on ice down the Infirmary caverns. Just need to stop by the Weyrlingmaster to loan a tank and I'll be good to go." Clothing shoved into a carrysack and that towel he'd flung at Beddie slung about his neck, he looks to be following her out.

Max’s quiet answer on the selling of bounty draws some soberness to the fore in Jaya as she pauses. Regarding him for a long moment, “I’d drink to that,” she says finally, nodding her support of his daughter before he has her laughing again with his oath. “I’d like to see you try,” she taunts playfully right back, but his next involving what plaything to give her sister has her snorting loud. “Okran? Oh, I think you must like my sister’s attentions then,” she teases, knowing full well what Beddie would think of the old man if she was placed in his lap. The amusement drains when he offers his assistance in taking care of the twin, the Bitran nodding her thanks before she drawls out, “Been wanting to put a tag on her for turns. Tackas says that every man he sent Bitra’s way got found out. Bhadri has the camp perimeter all locked up as if he was a crimelord himself.” And speaking of that father, she spies that faux hurt look and plays a brief pout on her lips to that before smiling again. “Like you enough to send you to the one called father,” she tosses back, the words purely a tease. She watches him go to get his things, then she heads toward the door with the intention of moving out. She matches his grin when he speaks on the having the dead body already, seeming to wait for him before she departs. “So I suppose this body’s our next move?” she asks then, now that Kelarad and Max’s debt was squared off. She had to admit to herself that she was looking forward with getting back into the business she’s more suited for – the activities and runs Vaputero had her on for many turns of her life. The run up near Crom has sparked something that was lying dormant within her since she’s been a fugitive, and she was finding it quite difficult to hide her eagerness from Max with his endeavors.

Dark eyes return that look coming from Jaya in silence for a moment and then a quick smile appears, there and gone again, "Thanks, Jaya." The appreciation of her support with regards to getting his daughter back, sitting clearly in those two sincerely spoken words. A brow peaks upward, with Max attempting to bump an elbow into her side as they make their way out of his quarters and down the aisle toward the tunnel leading out of the beast caverns, "That a dare?" Because she can bet he'll now give gagging her serious thought in a prankster kind of way. Eyes roll dramatically and the beast manager snorts on liking her sister's attentions which then morphs into a small smile accompanied by a shrug, "Wouldn't do that to Ahni." He gives with a determined note set to his tone. Slipping into silent thought as they exit the tunnel he eventually puts forward as suggestion, "Indira has someone that might work if you could think of a way to get them into the Dicori camp as a trader. Could maybe have them faking having been attacked and left on the side of the road for your lot to pick up?" Making the assumption that her family wouldn't pass a man in need by. Leaving that for her to mull over, Max nods, "Aye. Send the boys up north a message and see what comes of it." He of course hoping it will have the effect of at least some of the informants being recalled from the southern continent.

The sincere words getting a more genuine smile from the Bitran, but that elbow to her side gets a quick snort. “What part of ‘I can take you on’, don’t you understand?” Jaya teases back in a challenge, harking to one of their earlier conversations with a cheeky grin in place. “Gag me and see if I don’t break your nose again.” Max’s determined words about her sister gets a quick look towards his face as they walk, then the barkeep drawls out, “Didn’t say you wouldn’t, shuga, but you need not worry about Beddie. I’ll keep her busy and tired to cause any trouble.” Well, she’ll try to, anyway. When Max grows silent, she looks over at him again, and his sudden suggestion getting a thoughtful look before she pushes hands into her trouser pockets and adds pep in her step as she puts in, “One of your spies, you mean?” Dark eyes land on Max knowingly then, the woman well aware of Hayli and Shijan’s capacity – especially since Suli had pegged it from the beginning. Shrugging as she looks away, “Could work,” she allows, thinking on it. “You’re better off having them fake it, like you said. Bhadri doesn’t take in as many into his camp like he used to. Him and Nacor have been the suspicious sort these days.” In other words, the ball was in his and Indira’s court there for them take the risk. At least in regards to them, there wasn’t much else they could learn on her family beyond what she’s alluded to. She thinks, anyway. She nods then to his last, “A nice welcoming gift of your bid on the south,” she says as they walk, teeth bared in her smile. “Wish I was up north to see their reactions.”

Grinning, "The part where I put you on your ass this time, Dicori." Max gives in quick return turning so that he's now walking backwards and lifting a hand in a beckoning gesture for her to try another attempt at his nose. A laugh and then he turns back round again, meeting that sidelong look she sends him with a short smile. "Ain't in it for the information with your lot," he gives in assurance. "Need my people focused and if you're worrying 'bout Beddie and what that bastard," Vaputero, "is likely to do then you ain't focused, aye? Call it insurance." Or asset management or his understanding her need to know that her family is protected from the Bitran. Chances are the offer has been made with all three in mind. A short shake of head as they near the entrance to the living caverns, dark eyes sweeping this way and that as if scouting the area for something, or someone, "Decision's yours, Jaya." Squarely putting the ball back in her court as he adds, "Talk to Beddie and let me know what you want to do and we'll take it from there." A cunning grin cuts across his features next, "Was thinking of maybe adding a bow." A wink ending the tease along the lines of his little 'gift' for his northern counterparts. A soft snort greets her last as he halts at the point of their path where they're likely to part ways, "Don't reckon it'll be long after delivery before we'll start hearing the whisperings down here."

“Bold words from one who thinks he can!” Jaya counters, turning back when she finds Max walking backwards and rushing up with a lifted fist as if she was going to put action to words. Instead, she tries to push at his chest before laughter erupts and she’s darting away before the beast manager could retaliate. Turning and continuing along the way, “Oh I’ll stay focused,” she gives him then a little breathlessly now, the eagerness entering her eyes as she looks his way. “This is what I do – moreso than me running a bar.” But she’s considering the offer all the same, choosing to wait until her talk with Beddie before making a concrete decision. “You’ll be the first to know,” is all she says to it, nodding firmly before his comment on the body gets a loud snicker. “A bow? Oh now you just want to rub it in with them,” she teases on that front. She does add, however, to his last once they stop at the crossroads, “I’ll talk to Ralik about it once he gets back. The man hears almost everything up there, and I have a feeling that some of the more unpredictable ones like Timekis might take our little gift as a means to bring in more men down here than its opposite effect. I’ll keep an eye out for him.” Taking a step back then now as she prepares to go on her way back to the bar, “I’ll catch you around soon, boss,” she drawls out, the slight smirk pulling at her scar as slow steps take her further away from the beast manager. “Be on the lookout for Dicori look-alikes being as naked as the day they were born from now on.” Yeah, she’ll likely not let him live it down – even though the lookalike is her sister.

Open laughter greets Jaya's words with the beast manager still walking backwards, dropping into a classic boxer's stance, loose fists held up in front of him in guarding gesture. With her changing tactics and pushing at his chest, he gives a mock groan, doubling over in a faked injury, "You win. Far too tough for me." The grin and wink as he straightens once again, completely knocking that idea on the head. Fond amusement touches in for the eagerness displayed by the barkeep. "Aye," he states to this being what she does, "except now the rules have changed and we play clean as far as possible, hmm?" a pointed look setting to the dark haired woman. A simple nod is given in response to her letting him know how she wants to proceed. Dark eyes narrow at talk of Timekis possibly responding to his message by simply setting more of his informants in place on the Southern continent, "Those he'll get back dressed in pink dresses with bows in their hair. That I promise you." And one can believe that if he can catch a said informant, that's exactly what he'd do. "Speak to Ralik and let me know." That given with a slightly grim undertone to it. Jaya's parting words earn a bark of laughter and a middle fingered salute for the tease, "Later, Jaya." And with that he turns an expression set about a light frown as he makes his way in the direction of the bathing caverns.

“Keep it up,” Jaya seems to warn in her teasing manner to his fake wound at her push, but the woman’s far too tickled to say anything more to it. To his next though, a hand steals to her heart as if Max has wounded her verbally, “Hey, I’ll be good,” she seems to promise with that hand over her heart, head tilting to the side before she winks. “I can play clean. Cleaner than you, even.” Yeah, right. She snorts when Max states what he would do to those new informants coming down south, passing him a look before that snort turns a bit comical. She’ll even eye that middle fingered salute with a chuckle to herself, but all the beast manager gets is a lifted hand in a wave before the barkeep turns around and heads off towards her bar with a continued pep in her step.

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