Being Useful


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Date: 6/12/11
Location: Lakeshore-EW
Synopsis: P'sec and Maura discuss being useful, while having breakfast.
Rating: If above PG-13, please note here.
Logger: Maura

Maura has, apparently, decided that it's too nice a morning to spend inside. So her klah and her breakfast - consisting entirely of rolls - is still wasting away in a basket beside her while she tries to read some hide-bound book. Rikath is not helping, obviously, apparently peppering the young woman with questions if the slightly exasperated and glazed expression is any indication.

P'sec has similar thoughts, minus the breakfast. He and Abydoth are winging out over the Bowl and headed for the hills, until Rikath is spotted and a snap decision made. The bronze circles over the lake and comes down near the blue. P'sec's feet hit the earth a moment later. "Morning," he calls, rooting around for a thermos that presumably contains klah.

Using the book as a shield against the sun, Maura peeks out from around Rikath's foreleg until P'sec is in clear view. "Hey, P'sec. Enjoying the morning too?" She picks herself up and dusts herself off, to move towards a midway point where they can both sit comfortably. "Seemed just too nice to stay in the living caverns." The conversation is kept light, obviously.

"Yeah. We're off till drills - was thinking of scoping out the area a bit more so Abydoth can have a hunt after." P'sec unscrews the thermos lid and takes a healthy slug. "What've you got?" The book he means, though meaning could be confused when he tries to swipe a roll.

"I hope you're not trying to tell me I'm fat by stealing my food." Maura drawls, a sly glance sent over at the older bronzerider just to see if she can make him blanch a bit. And regardless, she reaches for her own thermos while handing the book over to him. "Weyr history. Boring stuf to most people. Thought I'd start with Igen and work my way across the rest." Nerd alert! There's a pause in her words when she takes a drink, as if talking about the book has stirred her memory. "You finished with that bottle yet? I need to bring it with me next trip there so I can have it cut up."

"Would I do that?" P'sec is straight-faced, deadpan. He juggles his klah and his roll so there's a spare hand available when Maura offers her book. "Find out anything interesting?" Igen's history interests him more than another Weyr's might, so he doesn't hand it back immediately, flipping through a couple pages and probably getting fingerprints on the pages. "Didn't realise your gift involved having to drink it as soon as possible," he remarks, glancing up. "Aren't I allowed to admire it for awhile first?"

"Mmmm. I don't know, old man. You're a tricky one." Maura doesn't seem to care overly much about fingerprints on the pages, so she just watches the other renegade flip through pages for a moment. "It's all interesting to me. But I'm looking forward to reading about the most recent history. Never know what might be useful to us." she explains, plucking a blade of grass up from the ground and twirling it around to study it. "Sure, take your time. I can always make more then one trip." There's no impatience in her voice either, just mild curiousity.

"Old man?" P'sec predictably picks up, pausing on a page that details a Weyrleadership handover in the Ninth Pass. "Not usually one for my history - that's harper stuff. But I see your point about how it might be useful. I'll trade you, book for bottle."

Maura tries to cover up a laugh by taking a drink from the thermos, but doesn't quite succeed. "I… can I have the book back when you're done reading it?" she wonders, considering the terms of the trade. "I want to -be- useful, that's why I'm reading up on all this. Rikath's been the useful one. I've just sort of been the innocent face that helps turn away suspicion. And, I want to be more then that." Thus, reading. And lots of it.

P'sec snaps the book shut and offers it back to Maura. "You have it first. Maybe stick a note in about what you think the important things are so I can skip the boring bits." He smiles down at the younger rider, a bit gruff as he says, "You're useful, don't start thinking like that."

She seems to like that idea; making a note about the highlights. So, Maura nods agreeably. "Anything specific you're actually interested in finding out? I can mark those pages for you." is offered, even while she makes a bit of a face. "It's not like the notion upsets me. I just want to offer more." Obviously she has to smile for the words though. "Don't worry, I won't stop making everyone's klah or start letting my ego get the best of me." the bluerider jokes next.

P'sec hadn't thought that far. "I don't know," he replies, being vague. "Anything that might suggest there's a time we should visit - or shouldn't. Or anything that would describe why the Senior's such a pain in the rear." He's joking about the last, mostly. He takes a bite of his roll and teases back, "Good, cause I don't know what I'll do if I have to try to find the klah pot myself."

"See - the idea of picking the best times to visit, that's part of why I.." Well, P'sec gets it so there's no need to go rambling on;. His eyes would likely start to glaze over anyway. Instead, Maura falls back when he talks about the Senior being a PITA and laughs. "Yeah, I'll be sure to look for that!" Hey, you -never know-. "Rikath's making grumbly noises in my head about finding something big and fat to chase down. Mind if we join you on the hunt?"

"Not at all," P'sec replies, open to Maura inviting herself along. "Though Abydoth's just going to look for now - he flies better when he has an appetite. If he ate now he'd be half-asleep in the air for drills. Like Wyncrath." The bronzerider finishes his roll and heads back towards his waiting dragon, calling over his shoulder, "Follow us!"

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