Biding Time


Jaya.jpg Rocio.jpg Bhedri / Beddie (NPC'd by Jaya)

Date: Nov. 30, 2010
Location: Kitchen, EW
Synopsis: Late-night meals bring a gold weyrling and two Dicori twins together. Jaya and do a little catch-up while Beddie is fascinated by Rio's veil. She might have a future customer in the weyrling, also.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Jaya

Late nights in the kitchen is really the only time one can see the barkeep eat. Sure, there's the rare occasion of her going to the living cavern, but those times were indeed few and far between. This night, however, one gets a treat in seeing not only the barkeep finishing up a late dinner - but another woman looking near-identical to Jaya save for her face being smooth and scar-free as she settles at the sole table with Jaya. Bhedri Dicori, who's not eating, is in the throes of one of her tales from back home, hardly noticing that her twin sister is has stopped listening back when she started a detailed rendition of her getting caught with her skirt down with a stablehand by their father: "…and it was quite the shock, let me tell you," she's saying, flapping fingers at an oblivious Jaya as she finishes up the tale with laughter. "I think our father's eyes are scarred for life. Much like that scar you wear," and her eyes stray to the side of Jaya's face curiously. "You still won't tell me how you got it," she notes, a manicured brow lifting up. "Or about that sudden trip of yours up north. Why all the secrecy?" - "So eating in peace is not happening," Jaya quips dryly, finally breaking her silence as she pushes her finished plate away from her on the table.

"Not in a Weyr, Barkeep." Rio's High-Crom drawl can be heard, then, from the door as she deliberately scuffs a shoe on the floor. "Not while you're alive, and not in the kitchen." She'll pad in, then, resuming her trajectory to where sticky-buns are sometimes kept. Today has been a sticky-bun day and it continues to be one, when Rio kneels down and opens the cabinet and…No sticky buns. Never fails. When you /need/ a sticky bun…There is none to be had. But Rio rises with a touch that secures her veil once more, and dark eyes seek out the woman who looks so much like her friend. "You've relatives visiting, Jaya?"

Both Jaya and Beddie turn theiw heads toward the arrival, all talking ceasing. While Beddie grows perplexed at the fact that this arrival has on a veil, "Some brat got the last one before we got in here," Jaya notes to Rio, figuring that was what the weyrling was going after as she gets to her feet and closes the distance with the intention of throwing her arms around Rio. "I don't see you enough," she says aloud, but in her ear with a whisper, "Much has changed." Straightening up, now turning to include her twin sister, "Unfortunately," she answers Rio's question aloud on the visiting relative present in the room, and Beddie throws Jaya a wry look. The scar-less twin gets to her feet and holds out her hand for the weyrling to take, "You must be Rio," she says, her heavy Bitran accent a smooth soprano with a cheery-like smile in place. "I've heard nothing but good things about you from my sister here." Pause. "Once I drag it out of her, that is."

Rio returns the hug, firmly, and perhaps nods a bit at the whisper, before turning to the twin, "She's a marvelous liar." Rio's voice shows what her features do not: Humor lilts through the alto. Her eyes tilt just slightly, squint with what might be a smile. "And barkeeps have to be secret-keepers. They hear nothing but other people's secrets all the time. Information has a value all to itself, of course." A quirk of her head, "Are you here for a good visit, Jaya's Sister, or brief?" Rio seems to pause her quest for food, then, in favor of speaking with these two.

Holding Rio tight, briefly, "So is Bajie," Beddie returns on marvelous liars before Jaya could get a word in edgewise. That got Jaya to bring herself up short though, throwing her twin a scowl. Ignoring that scowl since Rio was addressing her, "Such a boring job," she gives her opinion on barkeepers loftily, her tone light and amused. "I mean, all you do is stand there and hear some poor sap's problems all night over and over and over…. finding out which laundress does which bronzerider hardly constitutes as worthy secrets, friend of my sister!" No she's not insulting her sister at all, even if said sister is still in the room. "Value is what could be told over a tense game of cards, or during a runner race. Anyway," and with a flutter of manicured fingers, she's gesturing the topic away, "I'm Bhedri, but everyone calls me Beddie," she introduces since Jaya clearly wasn't going to. Then, her eyes falling on Rio's face closely, "Why do you wear a scarf over your-" - "I would give my left tit that her stay is brief," Jaya speaks up, cutting Beddie's probing question off by answering Rio's own. Of course, Beddie tacks on right behind her with a playful slap to Jaya's shoulder, "A few weeks, Rio, and nothing more. I'm sure it pains my sister to see me go so soon, however…" Yeah right.

"I see that." Brightly. "I have twice the cuts your sister has, and don't want to see them, even accidentally." One might consider that Rio wouldn't even address that question when she first arrived; she's come a long way. Someday the veil might come off. Or not. For now, the ebon eyes track back to Jaya and then to her sister again. "In case you haven't been welcomed, I welcome you to Eastern Weyr, Beddie. Clear skies on your trip here, and back, when you do go. " Rio's hand, with its van-brace, reaches to squeeze Jaya's shoulder lightly. "I'd give…Much to see my sister." Not exactly chiding, that. Just mentioning.

That got Beddie's attention. "But how did you get yours?" she asks with open curiosity as Jaya says around Beddie's question, "She's been thoroughly welcomed. I hear." Sardonic to the last, there. But the barkeep warms to Rio's touch, the last given with a pause that has a slight frown touching her face, perhaps getting the double meaning behind the words with a slight awkward incline of her head. "Oh, don't mind her, Rio," Beddie speaks for her, not one that believes in subtly, apparently. "She does appreciate me. It's just how she is. You know, save for that scar down her face, she really hasn't changed all that much." - "Of course, Beddie," Jaya quips, flashing a three-second smile before nudging the twin in the side sharply. Ah, sisters. "Perhaps when you can leave this place, you can," the barkeep suggests quietly, Beddie nodding along with her. "How much longer before you can fly?" She means the dragon, that is.

"Ages, according to Eovarijath. She was flying at night, regularly, before we got a regular Weyrlingmaster. Now she's chafing and aching, but she's got a respect for that man's brown, so she's not sneaking around much anymore. Does that answer your question, Beddie?" Rio murmurs again with that squint-eyed humor. The other question is simply ignored, and Rio sidelongs a look at Jaya. A question is /not/ asked. Instead, the sister is again studied. "What do you do?" Other than bed stablehands. Rio has excellent hearing.

"I heard about this official weyrlingmaster," Jaya responds, taking to leaning herself against the kitchen counter with a crooked smile in place. "Hear he doesn't take any shit, either. How do you like him?" Jaya, talking about dragonriders. It was news to Beddie, so for once she actually shuts up long enough to listen to the exchange between friends. At the question though, "Of course, dearie," is all the sunny Dicori says, well noting the fact that Rio doesn't answer her question about the scars. It only serves to intrigue her more and make her that more curious to find out. With Jaya meeting Rio's gaze with both brows lifting meaningfully, it's Jaya's turn to turn a studying look on her sister at Rio's question for Beddie. To that question? "Dicori trader still," comes lightly from the scarless twin, moving to try and imitate Jaya's posture against the counter. "Not like I can run off and do anything else, can I?" Is there a slight bitter detection there? No, couldn't be. Maybe the slight shift of gaze towards Jaya is briefly noticed. "I don't mind it, though," she continues to say with a non-chalant shrug. "My family needs me." What a way to toss on a guilt trip! Jaya's brow lifts at Beddie, but it's a testament that the barkeep doesn't rise to the bait.

"I guess… I don't really… Worry about… Like or dislike. He teaches and I try to learn. He seems fair. That's all I ask." Rio answers Jaya, about the brownrider who runs her life now. She draws her fingers through her hair, somewhat maneuvering the veil and bringing it back into place with a quick motion. "And there's no other options, so… We'll take what we can get. A teacher is better than none." She did that latter route with her glow-tending. "I will be anxious to peruse Aivis on the matter of dragons, though. See what there is there. So much information that has not yet been accessed, I bet." Rio turns back to the sister and nods, "A trader. Do you bring wares with you now?"

"Fair is good," Jaya seems to agree readily on the weyrlingmaster, nodding a few times to that. "From what I hear, he seems pretty decent. Perhaps, soon, he will clear you for flight, and you can see your sister." Yeah, and speaking of sisters… "Can anyone check out Aivas?" Beddie's asking, looking from one to the other as she tries to recall. "I'd love to see Landing while I've down here. Maybe we can all go?" Yeah, Rio is a weyrling and Jaya is a busy barkeep, but none of that registers much in her mind. Rio's question for her does give her pause though, the woman appearing slightly taken aback by it. Then, eyes narrowing slightly as she takes a look about them (as if there's anyone else in that kitchen at this time of night), she sidles closer to them and asks, "Well…in the market for a good knife?" For the Dicoris' specialty catered mostly to renegades, but they did have their fair share of surface stuff to keep suspicions low.

"I'm Weyrbound for another turn or so." She's evidently been hanging around with those who use oldspeak. "But L'han is always happy to come here and I can ask Eovarijath to bespeak his green and he could come take you, if he's not busy, Beddie." Rio offers. Then she'll consider, and finally palm her own belt-knife, and offer this over. "Better or worse than that?" Utilitarian blade. Rocio's own prize knife was, of course, used for evidence in her murder trial. It was not given back.

"We can look into that," Jaya offers for Beddie as well, her tone neutral. Well, looks like she can be nice to her sister after all. Maybe. "Perhaps we can take a few hours away from the Weyr." Beddie beams at that, the expression near child-like before she nods to her sister and turns to address Rio by taking the offered belt knife. At this, her demeanor slightly shifts. Instead of the bubbly, nosy young woman from Bitra, now she seems more like the Bitran Dicori trader looking to make a sale. She turns the knife over in her hands, examining its make and model with an expert eye while the two women watch on. Then Beddie holds it up, hilt upwards, and narrows one eye at it with a slightly tilted head. "Better," she gives her diagnosis as it was, straightening back up and handing the belt knife back over to Rio. "We have better, that is," she clarifies. "You know, good quality knives are really hard to find these days," and she shakes her head at the injustice of such words. Jaya quirks her lips can't help but to agree. "We have someone that's good at making them," Jaya explains to Rio then, "along with a few….acquirings?" Fancy word for 'stolen' ones, but Rio probably already has figured that out.

"Well. Might be worth looking at." She is getting an allowance for being a Weyrling, which amuses Rio to no end, and having no idea what she should be spending her money on, might be willing to do a trade. "I take Jaya as my champion in all deals, though." Again that quirk of eyes. She's not above pitting Bitran against Bitran, sister against sister. Her own knife is reclaimed and slid into its home at her side, before she'll look for any other food item. "And you should go to Landing, too, Jaya. You'd enjoy getting out, I think. There's a lovely little inn there, that serves the /best/ klah."

Frowning, "I don't cheat anyone!" Beddie is taking Rio's offering up her twin as a challenge to her integrity, hands going into her skirt pockets. "I'm an honest girl!" - "She's smart, is all," Jaya drawls on Rio with a wink going the weyrling's way for it. One really couldn't trust a Bitran - even a cheerful, carefree one. Rio's words for her has Jaya grinning her way and slipping close to the weyrling to say wryly, "I actually am thinking of getting away for a little while," she admits, nodding once. "Hang on a beach or something, on days where Thread isn't falling. Still thinking about it, but right now I have too much on my plate to be thinking about trips." Still, it has been a long while since she's been to Landing, the last time being the reason for commandeering some stolen goods meant for the bar. "Your accent," Beddie addresses Rio again, trying to place it. "Where up north are you from?" she asks.

"Crom." Rio answers that question easily. "And I wasn't saying you weren't honest. But I honestly don't want to part with any more marks than necessary." She inclines her head again, eyes twinkling at that. To Jaya, a nod and voiced reply, "You should. There's a lot here that could do without your attention. And if… There are people who…" Rio's voice drops and her gaze flickers over to Jaya's sister, "Might be in danger if you were here… If you leave…Maybe they would." Rio did notice the absence of the hulking bodyguard.

"Never been," Beddie says to that on the heels of Rio's response, then she steps away from the counter and adds, "And of course you don't want to, Rio. No one does! That's why we have to convince you to part with enough-" - "She's kidding," Jaya is quick to interject, even flashing an enigmatic smile towards the weyrling Rio's more sober words hit her. There's a slight frown to that, regarding Rio for a long moment before she allows herself to nod and say, "No one's going to get hurt in this Weyr as long as I and others helping me draw breath," very carefully, sending Rio a meaningful. "Don't worry. Things have changed." Things she won't be mentioning in front of Beddie, apparently, for the traderwoman is looking at them both intently now. "But I do want to get away, at least to clear my head," she adds more briskly, nodding once at her confidant. "I wish you could go with me, really."

"We would." Rio shrugs somewhat. "I … Our balm, is that in a turn or so, the entirety of Pern will be open to us. We will fly wherever, whenever we want. Well. Around Thread-schedules and duties. But all Eovarijath thinks about is flying, so I expect that 'getting away' will happen all too often. Just now.. Biding my time. And I've done time before." Rio slips in the turn of phrase that might have meaning to only one of the two, though the second twin may be sharp enough to pick up on that.

The turn of phrase seems to go over Beddie's head (or she's smartly choosing to actually stay out of personal business for once) while Jaya catches it easily and inclining her head to that. "Biding time," she agrees on that, the smile wistful. "One day, Rio." Those words are filled with promise - of her being free from trouble and of Rio being able to fly. Together, they can do damage. "I'm not going anywhere," she tells her, the smile fond for her friend. "I've stopped running, and I'll be around in a turn or so to see you and Eovarijath fly. The winds are changing," she notes cryptically, turning to look towards the entrance to perhaps where the shadow of Shijan can be seen faintly. "In my favor." As for Beddie, well, she knows nothing about changing winds, but she's regarding them both all the same and missing nothing between the two of them.

"Good then." Rio nods. And she'll settle for a half-loaf of bread, which is not a sticky bun, but which will get her through breakfast. "Eovarijath itches. Her highness calls, so I must be off. Beddie, it was lovely making your acquaintance." Rio formally will curtsy to the Bitran trader, "Perhaps we can talk knives later. Jaya…" Warmer tones and another quick hug, "Take care." In all senses of the word. Rio, and her bread, are heading out.

When Rio looks to depart, Beddie lifts a hand as if to wave….and it ends up covering her mouth in a yawn. "Really lovely," she agrees through her yawn, then lifting the hand once more to complete the wave. "I'd love to, ah, 'talk knives'? Yes, I'd rather like that." Jaya leans into that needed hug, squeezing the weyrling briefly before moving away and nodding to her words. "I will find you soon, Rio," she vows, stepping back so that the weyrling could depart. "Be well, my friend." Then once Rio has gone, the twin Dicoris will head out themselves only to return to the bar to hunker down for the rest of the night.

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