Bigger Fish To Fry


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Date: 20.03.2011
Location: River outside of the Weyr
Synopsis: Now allowed to leave the Weyr for short excursions, L'ron and Ciara take the opportunity to go fishing and reconnect.
Rating: PG
Logger: L'ron

With the weyrlings now given to mounted flights and being allowed a small amount of leeway in terms of being able to leave the Weyr for short trips and lengths of time, it was oddly enough Balkrith that had suggested this particular trip, interested to see what these things called ‘fish’ look like and taste like. With it being over a turn and two months since he and Ciara had first taken that fishing trip together, L’ron had jumped at the chance to return to the small river. And while a whole lot has changed in that time, some things haven’t, one such thing being his total ineptitude at catching fish. But then truth be told, he’s just happy to finally be able to spend some time away from the Weyr with the gold weyrling.

At least this time around, the weather is playing along. Unclipping the carrysack from Balkrith’s side, the bluerider turns a grin over to Ciara, “Wanna stick what we catch in the bathing pools again?”

Suosith was much less enthusiastic about the prospect of seeing fish than Balkrith, but the gold had picked up on Ciara's eagerness to go out to the river and given in. Now the pair were at the riverside, having followed L'ron and Balkrith - Suosith being terrible at directions with straight flights, Ci had let L'ron lead the way - and Ci was dismounting, rubbing her fingers through her hair to resettle it after being under her riding helmet. Grinning back at L'ron, she comments, "do you think we can get away with it a second time?" The carrysack attached to Suosith's straps is unclipped, pulled down and slung over a shoulder. Turning away from her dragon now, Ci adds, "although we do have the advantage that we can carry an enormous fish…or quite a number…." She certainly has a devilish expression on her face now as she smiles at the other weyrling.

Goggles and helmet removed, L’ron drops the carrysack to the ground at his feet and next sets to freeing his blue of his straps, his grin turned cocky as he replies, “Who would suspect a dragonrider of such a thing, hmm?” Erm, anyone that knows him in particular? Balkrith now freed gives a pleased wriggle of glee and bounds off toward the river, stopping halfway to turn a look onto Suosith. Laughter greets Ciara’s next comment and the bluerider unbuttoning his riding jacket closes the distance between them, slinging an arm about her waist if she allows and sends her a wink, “Caught me the best fish of all a while back.” Charmer.

Dragon > To Suosith, Balkrith's mindvoice comes through in an encouraging plop of mud as it rubs up against Suosith's, « We could bathe in there, » the river, « Or you could sun yourself and I'll bring you some fish. The big ones, » the older dragons, « assure me that they make fine eating. » Then again, a convincing dragon could likely lead the blue to believe that leaves taste good too.

Ciara tugs Suosith's gear off too, the gold stepping out of the leather straps delicately and giving Balkrith a funny look as he wriggles and bounds off. She does move towards the river, though stops a 'safe' distance from the edge and peers down at the water with an unimpressed expression. Ci leans in against L'ron as he slides an arm around her. "Certainly not the well-behaved blue and gold weyrlings, hm?" Sarcasm drips off her words, her laughter after her words bright. Then her cheeks go pink at his fish comment, and she nudges him in the side with her elbow. "Are you calling me a fish?" Is the teasing response.

Dragon > To Balkrith, Suosith's drawn by the promise of bathing, but her inspection of the river has her left distinctly unimpressed by its appearance. « Oh /my/! I think I'll sun myself Balkrith, thank you very much. » Faranth forbid she get herself wet from that icky water. « You can catch fish? » She knows Ci can, of course, but the idea of a dragon catching one of the scaly, slimy things she's seen in her rider's mind gets her curious. « Are they good for you to eat? Are they very big? » Says the gold who dislikes eating a whole herdbeast lest she grow fat.

Balkrith, unaffected by the odd look sent to him by his gold counterpart takes a flying leap and lands slap bang in the middle of the river with an almighty splash! Hopefully that safe distance Suosith had left herself, is safe enough. The blue’s antics do however pull a groan from his rider, “You’re going to scare all the fish away you big lump!” There is however affection in the admonishment given and then his attention goes back to Ciara, and his mouth quirks upward in a lopsided grin, “We can always blame A’kon and his bunch.” And for a moment there, he truly looks like he might be considering such a thing. The blush that touches the gold weyrling’s cheeks draws a fond expression into place and he’ll duck his head down in an attempt to brush a kiss to one of them, “Only the very best kind.” He gives, not denying the teasing accusation.

Dragon > To Suosith, Balkrith's mind hovers for a moment unsure quite how to respond to the gold's question and then it scrubs back into motion again as his maw opens and he snaps at the water, « How hard can it be? » Still snapping randomly at the water as the river flows by the next question is given some thought before he answers cautiously, « I think we'll always be bigger than them. » He doesn't know, he's never seen a fish before.

Suosith starts when Balkrith leaps right on into the river, getting splashed on her face and neck by the force of the blue's impact. Shaking water off her, she backs away in a real hurry, looking offended. Ci looks over with a little laugh at the both of them, shaking her head as Suosith lies down /way/ back from the riverbank now. She smiles at the idea of putting the blame on A'kon and his lot, though her eyes slide sideways at the thought of them. "Don't tempt me…." And then she's slipping her arm round L'ron as he kisses her, enjoying the moment with her eyes closes. When they open again, she looks at the river and then the blue weyrling beside her. "So, are we going to catch a record-breaking fish today? Or is Balkrith going to be doing the catching for us?" She adds that as she watches the blue snapping at the river.

Dragon > To Balkrith, Suosith is dubious about Balkrith's fishing method. « Don't you need a fishing…fishing… » What's the word? « Role to catch fish? » Close enough. She ponders the size answer, her attention on the river. « Yes. Well. If you catch a /small/ one I'll try it. » She's nicely settled in the sun now, the soft smell of fresh-cut flowers in her mind's voice.

When Suosith hurriedly backs away, Balkrith utters a small croon of apology, even going so far as to hang his head. Or at least it may seem that way to those standing on the bank for the blue has just felt something tickle along his underbelly and so in short order, his head disappears under the surface of the river and tucks between his front legs as he searches for what it might have been. Catching that sidelong glance coming from Ciara, the blue weyrling produces a wry smile. “They’ll get what’s coming to them,” which might sound a tad ominous though it’s not meant to be. L’ron’s arm tightens briefly about the young goldrider and then his eyes slip out of focus followed by a low chuckle, “Bal reckons we should chase them downstream to him and he’ll catch them for us.” Yeah, like that’s ever going to work. As to catching a record breaking fish, “Let’s face it, babe, you’re the fisherwoman, I’m just here to admire your…” rear? Ahem. “expert handling of a rod.” Flattery much?

Dragon > To Suosith, Balkrith pauses in his snapping at the river, the sound of pots being scrubbed fading as yet again thought is given to the question posed, « Do you think yours would lend hers to me? » And then suddenly his mindvoice freezes as does he. When it returns again, the blue's head now under water, the tone has a sort of burbled quality to it, « I think I just saw one! » a fish, « Quick! Show me what they look like again! » Because he's forgotten already what it is he's supposed to be catching here.

Suosith stares as Balkrith's head goes under the water, and Ciara, likewise, gives the blue a long look. She looks sideways at L'ron now for his almost ominous tone, but says nothing more on the subject. They're here to enjoy themselves after all, not linger on more negative things. She chuckles at Balkrith's idea for fishing, looking at the blue again and shaking her head in amusement. "He'd have to be pretty quick!" L'ron's double entendre, whether it was intentional or not, apparently goes right over her head. "It's what got me into the Weyr in the first place." /Then/ it sinks in what it could have meant and she pulls away, looking mortified. "L'ron!" Now she runs down to the river's edge, carrysack bouncing against her back, looking back with an amused smirk at the blue weyrling.

Dragon > To Balkrith, Suosith says, with a soft voice for the blue she likes, « I don't think dragons can use them. » As far as she knows from Ciara, anyway. When his head goes under water, the gold's attention focuses in on him, her mind crisp with intrigue. « Oh! » She has to delve into Ci's mind rapidly, pulling up the image of the big fish that ended up in the bathing pools; one of the stronger images of fish her rider has. « Was it like this? » The image is sent to Balkrith now, missing a few details thanks to her over-excitement.

A grin appears at how fast Balkrith would need to be to catch any fish chased down his way and then it slips right off when Ciara pulls away looking horrified and goes running down to the river edge leaving L'ron to frown heavily after her. The double innuendo having been unintended had sailed right over his head too. And so it takes him a moment or two to figure out quite what he'd said to have offended her. And when he does, brown eyes widen and he lets out a guffaw of laughter, quickly closing the distance with long strides and coming to a halt next to her at the river's edge. "Not…quite what I meant, Love. Not that I doubt any talents in that department either…" and then it strikes him that all he's currently doing, is opening his mouth to change feet? That's about when the blush hits and darkens tanned skin, causing him to duck his head with a cough and busy himself with stripping off his riding jacket.

Dragon > To Suosith, Balkrith again feels something bump and then tickle along his underbelly and so when the gold produces the image, he quickly latches onto it and offers up what he sees in comparison, « This has…things, » the fins missing from Suosith's image, « sticking out at the sides. Maybe it's not a fish, maybe it's a… » and with a sudden leap the blue lands back on the riverbank eyeing the water warily. « I think…I think maybe it was a thermip. >. His mindvoice sent in urgent whisper. Oh what a brave dragon we are!

Dragon > To Balkrith, Suosith holds the image, still intently curious. « Things? » The addition of fins has her squealing mentally, perhaps a rather overwhelming 'noise'. « Oooh! A thermip! » The urgent way that he says it must mean it's bad, but - « how bad is a thermip? » Should she get further away from the river bank? Is it going to jump right out and get her?

Ciara pouts at first, but as L'ron continues to talk her mouth opens in amazement at his comment, her cheeks going red. Oh dear. Poor little innocent Holdbred girl. She sets her carrysack down, looking studiously at it and trying to compose herself. Her fishing pole is extracted, and her jacket shucked off to drop onto the ground behind her. The cool air on her face helps to dispel her blush, and she looks over at L'ron as she adjusts her pole ready to cast into the river. "I suppose I should take that as a compliment?" She's back to gentle teasing apparently, smiling fondly at him.

Jacket dropped to one side, L’ron sits and busies himself with tugging boots and socks off next, keeping his attention downcast until Ciara’s jacket drops nearby. Only then does he chance a glance her way and catches the bright red of her blush. Brows press toward each other momentarily as he delivers himself a mental ass kicking for his runaway mouth. And so shoving his socks into his boots, and then extracting a redfruit from his carrysack he stands, hands shoved into his pockets in discomforted gesture, until he catches that fond smile and gentle teasing directed at him. Wry the smile he returns and then he gives a short sigh as a hand unpockets and scrubs at his hair, “I’m sorry, Ci. I…well…I’ve never…you know…” been with a woman before, is what he’s not quite able to get out as shoulders give an awkward shrug and then he clears his throat as he holds out the fruit as a sort of ‘peace’ offering and attempt to change the subject, “Redfruit?”

Dragon > To Suosith, Balkrith confirms solemnly, still eyeing the river, « Things. » Still dripping wet he sidles over to Suosith, « Tavaith says the thermips can take you while you're flying. » So in other words, nowhere is safe! And then he puffs his chest out as he positions himself between the river and the gold, « But don't worry, Suosith, I'll protect you. They're scared of turnips! »

Ciara nods understandingly, though the particular line of conversation isn't helping her blush to go away any faster. "yeah…me, um, neither." Biting her lip, she turns to the river to cast, looking satisfied with it. Now she props up the pole securely so that she can take the redfruit, letting her fingers touch L'ron's hand and linger there a little longer than necessary. "A picnic and fishing? I think this is the perfect day." She's all seriousness, smiling as she sits down cross-legged and looks up at him in silent invitation to join her.

Dragon > To Balkrith, Suosith looks at Balkrith as he gets closer, and a warning vibe creeps into her mental presence at his drpping wet proximity. River water, /gross/. But the talk of thermips has her acting more like a worried little girl. « While I'm /flying/! » Oh no! Oh, but Balkrith is going to protect her. Suosith sends him feelings of gratitude, now she understands that he's not going to spray her with river water. « Ohhh, you're a gentleman, Balkrith. I don't think I like thermips. »

A small smile peeks out at Ciara’s admission and L’ron scuffs at a pebble with a bare foot as he gives quietly, “Then we’ll figure it out together, yeah?” And whether he means the actual act of intimacy itself, or simply the slippery slope of having a relationship, he doesn’t qualify for he leaves it there, his attention following the line of her cast in silence. Only once she’s propped her fishing rod up and reaches for the redfruit offered does his solemn gaze slip back onto the gold weyrling, his fingers stilling under hers in that touch before he releases the fruit into her care. Settling himself down next to her as she sits, the blue weyrling leans back, propping himself on his elbows and turns a look up to her. “Are you happy, Ci?” a strange question to be sure, but perhaps it was prompted by her statement on what constitutes a perfect day.

Dragon > To Balkrith, Suosith oooohs. She's learning new things about turnips today. There's a flash of appreciation as Balkrith tucks in his wings. Only a little one though - this is Suosith after all, who expects everyone to know how to treat her exactly as she wants. « Would I have to wear it on a necklace? I might look funny flying around carrying a turnip. »

Ciara nods in reply to that, looking certain. A smile still touches her lips, a softer and more affectionate one compared to the cheekier ones of earlier. "We will.” Of that she's certain. She takes a bite of the redfruit as L'ron settles next to her, glancing over at the float a moment to check its position. As she's sat upright, she's looking down at L'ron as he talks to her, and her expression is a puzzled one at first as she comprehends his question. "Of course I am. I've got Suosith, I've got you…everything's great." The puzzlement fades as Ci smiles down at him, but she does ask: "why?"

In response to her question L’ron gives a small shake of head followed by a smile, “No reason.” And then he shifts so that he’s turned on his side facing her, his head propped in a hand, the look he now wears one worn by the besotted. “You know, when I left home, I was looking for…something. But since coming here,” to the Weyr, “and finding Bal, and you. I think…I’ve got all I want now.” Which doesn’t mean to say that the wanderlust has entirely faded away, just that the reasons behind it will have changed when and if it next bites.

Dragon > To Suosith, Balkrith of course, is always more than happy to oblige a lady, in as much as he's capable that is. Which might explain the apologetic his mindvoice takes on, « I'm afraid you would mi'lady. But only when you're flying. » he hastily adds at the end.

Ciara's eyebrows press inwards in an expression of concentration and curiosity as she listens to L'ron. Her smile's still there though, she's just being really attentive, too. "You weren't going to stay at the Weyr originally?" She asks, her curiosity too burning for her /not/ to ask. She looks out at the river as she speaks again. "I guess I was sort of the same though, when i got here. I just wanted a change of scenery. I wasn't expecting what happened here, but…" And now she looks back at L'ron again, smiling fondly, reaching to touch his cheek softly, "'m glad about what /did/ happen."

Dragon > To Balkrith, Suosith's definitely considering the scenario, her mental presence ebbing and flowing like a tide. Then it crashes ashore with a certainty only the headstrong Suo can manage. « Ci could hold it when I'm not flying. Unless you would hold it for me? » And there may just be a mental fluttering of eyelashes in there for her blue companion.

Amusement dances in L’ron’s eyes and he gives a quick shake of head, “Nope, wasn’t going to stay anywhere in particular, just wherever the road took me. Until I came across Headwoman Indira and her lot, then I kind of didn’t have a choice.” Sheepishness making a fleeting appearance and then he quiets gazing up at Ciara, a warm smile appearing as he turns his head into the touch to his cheek, “Shijan speaks of something called…khar…khar…min,” he’s not too sure of the what the strange word is that the former harper had used, “Whatever it is, he said it’s like fate or destiny. I think he might be right.”

Dragon > To Suosith, Balkrith latches onto the ebb and flow of Suosith’s tide, allowing his mind drift back and forth along with it, fascinated to the point that he almost misses the gold’s solution to what she should do with her turnip when she’s not in the air. « Oh…Oh it would be my honor, mi’lady. I would ensure nothing happens to it, mi’lady. » Bar the vegetable going off as they’re want to do. Yes, he’s easily convinced to play the gold’s willing servant.

Ciara tilts her head a little. "Didn't have a choice…?" She clearly wants some expansion on that point, especially after seeing the brief flicker of sheepishness. Her fingers caress his cheek briefly, before Ci's hand returns to her lap. Another bite of the redfruit is taken, and chewed while she nods at the 'kharmin' talk. "That we've all got a future that's like…uh, planned out for us?" The conversation's getting pretty deep for the cothold-raised girl, but she's intrigued by the idea.

Dragon > To Balkrith, Suosith is most pleased that Balkrith's happy to be her turnip-necklace guardian. « Oh, fantabulous! You're such a darling, Balkrith. » The bubbly tone to her voice is returning now that the issue of thermips is nicely sorted out. « I do think I can trust you with turnips. Ciara says they're your speciality. » The original amused way in which Ci may have said that has become a big compliment to Balkrith in Suosith's eyes, and the gold's tone reflects that.

Brown eyes drop away from Ciara and the blue weyrling lets out a short chuckle, “Um…lets just say that I, uh…owed Max something that Indira made me stay to pay off and then Randi came along and the rest as they say, is history.” Mischief dancing across his expression as his gaze returns once again to the gold weyrling. Now turning to the topic of ‘kharmin’, he gives an enthusiastic nod to what she says, “Yes, just like that. But only for the big things he says. Shijan also says that sometimes, it’s the small choices we make along the way that decides how quick or slow we find it.” Seems someone has spent more time in the former harper’s company than he’s let on before.

Dragon > To Suosith, Balkrith being the simple dragon that he is and thus taking most things at face value, fairly preens for the praise given. And so he draws up from his lounging position, tail tucked about his hindquarters, wings neatly to his sides andchest puffed out, all in a bid to look worthy of such a thing as he gives a grave dip of head, « Yours is most kind. »

The way his eyes drop and he's fairly short in his explanation tells Ci she probably shouldn't press on too much for the finer details. "And then you ended up as a candidate and Balkrith came sniffing your way," she adds on her own end to the 'story' with a smile given to the blue. Looking back at L'ron, the weyrling nods, considering the whole issue of a determined future with furrowed brow. "Do you think our dragons were determined to be ours? Like, if we weren't there, they wouldn't have…they'd have…." Saying 'died' is too much though and Ci trails off there. Suosith gives a croon from her sunning spot, looking over at the weyrlings curiously. Ci shrugs her shoulders to show she doesn't want to finish the sentence.

Dragon > To Balkrith, Suosith's attention is drawn away briefly by her weyrling's emotions over the Impression issue, but she seems to have herself under control, and so the gold's mind is back on Balkrith again. Bubbles of amusement drift among her words for his posture. « She likes you. I like you, Balkrith. » Which is the most important thing, of course. An honour, some would say! « Even if your turnips go funny and smell bad. That's not your fault, I guess. »

Its not that L’ron doesn’t want to tell her about how he lifted a pouch of marks from one passed out drunk beast manager and got caught by his mother, its just that…well this is L’ron and so he finds it fairly irrelevant given that everything turned out well in the end. Thus it’s a wide grin that greets Ciara’s finishing touch to the ‘story’, “Yup, but I found you before I found him.” And that seems somehow important enough for him to point out. Eyes widen when he realizes what it is that the gold weyrling was trying to get across and in one fluid movement he sits up and will wrap his arms about her if she doesn’t evade him, “Oh no, love. Nothing like that. I think…that whoever they found? Would have just been their second choice.” Seeking to try and soothe her worry he smiles and ducks his head, seeking out her eyes, “But we were there and they found us, so it’s all good, yeah?”

Dragon > To Suosith, Balkrith too is momentarily distracted but when it seems his rider has his 'turnip' well in hand, he turns his attention back to Suosith with a happy little plop of mud, « And me and mine like you and yours too, mi'lady. Mine says that yours is better than a turnip because she could never go bad. » So sayeth the dippy blue.

There's a smile at L'ron's addition to the story's ending, before she's letting him embrace her, leaning against him and shaking her head a little. "I'm okay, honestly." Not that she's complaining about his arms being around her, not at all. "I guess so, huh? I can't imagine them not choosing us, that's the weird thing. It's like they're perfect for us and nobody else would have been as good. A second choice, yeah." She looks into his eyes when he seeks hers out, smiling. "And we've got them and each other." The float suddenly disappears beneath the water with an audible 'plop', and Ci's head swivels at the sound. "And maybe a fish, too?"

Dragon > To Balkrith, Suosith would probably usually be offended by her rider being compared to a turnip, but this is Balkrith and his rider, so the comparison is just fine. « Oh, mine will never go bad. » Loving to the end wherever her rider is concerned - like all dragons of course, but with the added fire that is Suosith's often immovable nature. She hears the noise of the fish too, and starts at it. « Oh! Is that a…a fish?! » A sense of her recoiling from the idea of one being so near.

With Ciara stating that she’s okay, the worry in his eyes dissipates and that grin returns once again as lends comment to her words, “Cutest goldrider I ever seen.” And then he’ll even be so bold as to try stealing a quick kiss from her before releasing her, his smile turned lopsided, “Balkrith, you and a fish for dinner. It doesn’t get any better than that.” Yup, he’s not a hard guy to please. Standing he offers her a hand up, “C’mon then, you direct, I’ll follow orders.” More than happy to do so too, it seems.

Dragon > To Suosith, Balkrith gives a satisfied nod of head, sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that what Suosith says is true, because wellshe said so, right? Right. « A fish? » the blue fairly jiggles with excitement, « Do you think they'd share it with us? » Because he clearly sucks at catching his own to eat.

There's the pink flush to her cheeks again for the compliment, but Ci happily lets L'ron steal that kiss. "Nope. Well, if we can get this fish hauled in," she adds with a cheeky wink, taking his hand and letting him help her to her feet. "If you're ready!" The whole thing takes a while, but nobody ends up in the river - always a bonus. Eventually a fat fish is wriggling unhappily in the net, and Ciara's grinning with delight as she squats to get a good look at it. "The fish seem so different here in the south. Must have a different diet or something."

Dragon > To Balkrith, Suosith still seems highly reluctant about the idea of eating one of these apparently scaly, slimy things. « I can ask mine…. » Well, if Balkrith wants some, she's not going to deny him. But she will complain about it. « Eww, it's all wriggly and flappy! » Now that the fish is ashore and she can get a good look at it - which she does, though she doesn't get ehr face too close.

“Look different how?” L’ron asks peering down at the wriggling dinner-to-be over her shoulder. And over his shoulder? One great big blue head trying to get a good look at this fish type creature too, a small amount of drool starting to edge its way down the dragon’s chin whereupon it plops on the back of his rider’s neck. “Balkrith! Aw man, that’s disgusting! You want a fish you can go catch your own, this is ours.” And so Balkrith has his answer and he draaaags himself back over to Suosith and settles down next to her, looking for sympathy, of course. Standing while trying to wipe dragon gob off of his neck, his stomach grumbles and the blue weyrling gives a sheepish grin, “Reckon I should get a fire started then.”

Dragon > To Suosith, Balkrith is all kinds of pouty for having been denied a sampling of the fish and so his mindvoice is awash with soap bubbles, « Probably taste disgusting too. » Yup, he's decided to side with Suosith on the matter.

Ciara runs a finger down the side of the fish through the net, inspiring renewed fearful flapping from the creature. "It's a sort of different colour from the ones up north, and a bit bigger, too. I've noticed the fish here taste different as well, generally - a…darker taste, is probably the best way I can describe it." She shrugs, smiling. "So much for me stopping being the fish expert when I Impressed." She giggles at Balkrith's drooling, and watches the blue crawl back off to Suosith. "How can you be mad at that face?" She asks L'ron teasingly, before nodding at the fire comment. "Yup. I'll deal with the fish if you get that going." And so she flops down to get to work on preparing their meal, while Suosith watches dubiously from beside Balkrith.

Dragon > To Balkrith, Suosith isn't going to comment on Balkrith's drooling. She's just glad he sees the fish her way now. « All slimy and ickyriffic! Let them eat it. We can eat wherries, they're nice and tasty. » And less gross on the claws when one is hunting them, too. Despite all she says though, she can't help but be interested in the fish and the meal to come of it for the weyrlings.

“I…never thought of it like that,” yeah because he wolfs his food down so that it barely touches sides. And then a chuckle is uttered, “Just because we’re dragonriders now doesn’t stop us from being what we were before, yeah? ‘Sides, its good you know all about fish. Maybe you could teach the next batch of weyrlings how to catch them. That way we don’t have to always rely on the good favour of those that tithe.” Er what? The former class clown…actually has a brain on his shoulders? Glancing over his shoulder at the sulking blue, L’ron turns a smirk back onto her, “Naw, I’m not really mad at him but sometimes he needs to think so or he’ll just keep trying his luck.” A wink following those words as he sets about the business of getting a fire going.

Dragon > To Suosith, Balkrith, « Ickyriffic, » he confirms with a snort of air his rider’s way when he catches him looking at him. Wherries? That perks the blue right up. « Do you think they keep any hereabouts? We could go hunting while they…play with that… » searching for a word Suosith had used earlier and failing he makes one of his own up, « slimelicious thing. » Balkrith is interested alright, he’s just being real sneaky about appearing not to be so.

"You think that would really help?" Ci asks, looking all wide-eyed at the notion that it'd do so. "I suppose…we don't have that many dragons now, but when Suosith and Eovarijath have clutches as well, there'll be a lot of mouths to feed…." She looks about her at their surroundings. "There's got to be plenty of wild food for the dragons, yeah?" She's working away at the fish with her knife, and the thing won't be far off ready to cook. The fact that she's hungry is probably helping Ci to hurry the process up. "You are terribly mean to him," Ci teases about Balkrith, but she adds, "He's a sweetie. it's nice to know they'll never actually be mad at us, huh?"

Dragon > To Balkrith, Suosith confirms, in a way: « mine has heard that there are wild ones around. Like the ones that they bring in to the Weyr sometimes. Would you go and catch me one? » Oh boy, here are the fluttering eyelashes again. Funny how they turn up when she wants something done for her. Her giggles ring like bells when Balkrith makes up his own word. « Slimelicious! »

Swivelling on a bootheel where he’s hunkered down, blowing gently on the small flame he’s managed to get going to encourage it to further life, “Don’t see why not? Max was always on about expanding the Weyr’s herds for the same reason. Figure why not do the same with fish and whatever else we can, right?” Chuckling, L’ron tries to look suitably chastised for his handling of his blue but fails. “Well, I do let him keep those blasted turnips of his under my cot so…” words trail as his gaze goes to his blue who while pretending to be asleep, is actually watching Ciara working with the fish with great interest. “Yeah,” the blue weyrling gives in quiet response to their lifemates, “Kinda makes me feel sorry for people that don’t have them.”

Dragon > To Suosith, Balkrith comes to life, shaking off his pretence of sleep and draws to his full height, though its nowhere near anywhere as impressive as Suosith's. « You are hungry, mi'lady? » And yes, those fluttering eyelashes seem to be working on the eager-to-please blue, revelling in the sound of her tinkling mindvoice.

"Maybe I should mention it to Randi," Ci muses, her eyes on the fish but mind elsewhere as she considers the Weyr's supplies. This is going to be one of her areas of interest when she's graduated, so she probably should start thinking about it now, right? Her hands are on automatic, and the knife finally stills as she removes the last of the uneatable innards of the fish. Standing, she heads over to the fire with the fish, carrying it further away from the sneakily-watching Balkrith, and sitting down there now. "He could keep them in his bit of the weyr when we've moved out? Then you won't have to fall asleep to the smell of turnips every night." She's smiling as she says it, joking about again. Ci's nod on the dragon matter is small, her eyes darting to Suosith briefly. "I don't think you know what you're missing until you've experienced it. Good fire," and a slight change of topic now as she admires L'ron's work. "I wish we could do this every day. Nothing like cooking your own food outside like this." She would probably sit next to L'ron, but she's holding the fish and her hands aren't exactly clean, so that will have to wait for the time being.
Dragon > To Balkrith, Suosith is good at being the coy little girl when she wants something, and she's doing it as best she can right now. « Oh, I wouldn't mind a little snack if you're going hunting, Balkrith. » Which in Suosith means, 'go and get me something to eat!' « Maybe just a little wherry? »

As Ciara joins him at the fire that’s burning along brightly, the blue weyrling sets a long and intent look on her, it suddenly having struck him that one day she could well be the goldrider that leads the Weyr. And so he’s a little slow to respond to her comment over Balkrith and his turnips and gives a little shake of head before he does so. “Uh yeah right, of course,” and then because he’s a little distracted he makes a comment that he otherwise might not have, “Would rather fall asleep to the smell of you though.” Attention drops to the freshly gutted fish she has in her hands and he holds out a stick to skewer it on as he gives a nod of head, “Yeah, no way of really explaining it to them either.” A quick smile is given for the compliment on his fire building skills and then he goes quiet a moment, “A pity we didn’t meet up on the road. I bet we would have had a lot of fun together.”

Dragon > To Suosith, Balkrith of course, falls for it, hook, line and sinker! « A small wherry it shall be, » he gives in as dignified a tone as he can muster and without another moment's hesitation, he dives into the nearby scrub and starts crashing about giving great big bellows as if he hopes to scare a wherry to death rather than pounce it. That his version of hunting in the wild it seems.

Ciara blinks at the tardiness of his response, as well as the reply he gives. Is he okay? She's distracted by his next words though, blushing again and looking down at the fish in her hands. Not a particularly pleasant sight, but she's trying to distract herself from the implications of what he's said. The movement of the stick catches her eye and, cheeks still hot and pink, she does lift her head so that she can push the fish onto the skewer ready for cooking. "Nope." She smiles at him at the idea of their meeting up on the road. "I think we would. I wonder if it would've changed our futures, as well?"

Dragon > To Balkrith, Suosith is all girlish giggles at Balkrith's 'hunting'. « Balkrith, you are funny! Aren't you going to scare them all away?? »

Catching the flush that touches Ciara's cheeks, the blue weyrling is quiet for a few moments and then puts out tentatively, "You would not wish it so?" To spend the night with him and all that it implies. And for a time the usually jocular weyrling wears a solemn expression and then he forces it away with a smile, "You don't have to answer that." Suddenly embarrassed to have put himself so far out there as to have asked such a question he turns instead to the topic of having met up earlier than they had, "Not changed, just maybe delayed finding them?" A sudden crash from behind where they sit has L'ron leaping to his feet only to find its Balkrtih sneaking his head toward those discarded fish entrails.

Dragon > To Suosith, Balkrith supremely confident in his hunting strategy sends a mental snort, « I'm chasing them all toward you so that you may have your pick mi'lady. » Of course, he's doing no such and has yet to even smell a wherry. What he is doing, is trying to steal those fishy morsels which he then intends carrying back to the golden lady.

"I would," Ci says softly, looking over at him and answering his solemn expression with a small, shy smile. "I don't think they're ready for it yet though," she glances over meaningfully at the two dragons. Which brings her onto a reply to his next. "Seems strange to think that we might have had to waited longer for them. It feels a bit like my life up until Suosith was just waiting for her to find me…." She jumps at the crash, head turning quickly to see what's going on. "Oh!" Balkrith's sneakiness gets a giggle.

Dragon > To Balkrith, Suosith flutters those eyelashes again, tinkling voice replying, « you are a gentleman, Balkrith. » Though she is a little uneasy at the idea of wherries charging towards her while she's resting. She watches his attempts to pinch the remains of the fish with unconcealed amusement, if a little disgust at the idea of eating the slimy thing's innards.

One corner of L’ron’s mouth turns upward in a crooked smile and he gives a small nod of head, pleased by the answer given and then chuckles quietly as he points out, “We don’t have our own weyrs yet.” In other words, he’s happy to wait. “Really?” surprise colours his expression for Ciara’s comment on her life having felt like it was on hold before Suosith had found her, “I guess…well,” broad shoulders shift a shrug, “impressing just never occurred to me so I my life before him…well, it was just different.” Balkrith of course has been seen but rather than admonish him, the blue weyrling allows the blue to think he’s gotten away with his trophy, a fond smile following the dragon’s retreat back through the scrub and then his focus goes back to Ciara with the rest of the day spent in idle conversation and enjoying each other’s company over freshly caught and cooked fish.

Dragon > To Suosith, Balkrith returns with the entrails carefully held in his maw trying ever so hard not to drool on them and then lays them down at Suosith's feet, « For you mi'lady. » And whether or not she turns up her nose, he'll settle back down next to her dozing on and off in the sun while keeping an eye on both his rider and the gold.

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