Bitran's Honor


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Date: August 30, 2010
Location: Baths, EW
Synopsis: Jaya runs into Rio at the baths and the two touch on different topics like life after Impressing, Master Jarvys, and imposing personalities of little dragons.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Jaya

The baths are pretty much empty this evening, though laughter could be heard much further down at one of the smaller pools. Jaya has chosen one of the smaller pools as well on the opposite side. Sitting on the edge with her legs dangling into the warm water, the bar owner has a towel wrapped around her snuggly and is leaning against a propped-up open backpack infront of a stool with her head back and a rag draped over her eyes. There's a bottle right next to her, untouched for the most part since the scarred woman -appears- to be sleep.

This is so weird, for Rio, to be bathing during the day, when people are here. To date, she's only ever bathed once, and had to share the room. Once. Now, though, she is determined to switch her schedule, so that she has a chance to at least socialize with the other weyrlings, if not actually train with them, without feeling like she has run a six day marathon. So she comes in, and reaches to automatically dim the glows, as she always does, before she pauses. Considers the pools. Touches the fabric on her face. Finally, Rio steps well over into the shadows, near that smaller pool Jaya is at, and begins to strip. Very self-consciously. Holder born and bred. It's with a quick few movements that she's in the water.

Jaya's face remains under the rag - well, at least her eyes, that is - so it's quite possible that she misses Rio's arrrival. She seems to up until she seems to detect someone behind her, and then the splash. Shoulders damp as they roll back against the backpack she's leaning against, "It's my lucky night," she states, alerting the other to the fact that she is not, in fact, asleep. Her head slowly comes up, and she drags the rag from her face to see who it was that has dropped into her pool. Rio -must- be familiar, even in water form, for a warm smile lights up her face at the sight of her - unusual for the usually taciturn bar owner - and she sets the rag aside to lean forward. Pulling the towel close about herself as she shifts forward, "Rio, you're here! They don't curfew you weyrlings at this sort of hour?" There's amusement in her tone despite the words, and a fondness for seeing her friend again since the feast.

"I don't know." Rio looks surprised at the thought. "Eovarijath /finally/ went to sleep, so I'm trying to take advantage of it. There's no baths out there, at the barracks, and it felt good to stretch my legs. I feel caged there, but she is /so/ worth it." Rio grins, but as she's kept the veil over her features, that's only heard in her voice. "Is it that late?" Time has become meaningless, counted out in only feedings, oilings and the rare sleeping.

"Late enough," Jaya nods to that, her legs swinging a little in the water and making some waves. "But what's a little late bath, right? Eovarijath's her name?" She tries the name a few times, as if tasting a strange wine for the first time. "Must be…strange, right? Having her in your head?" she asks quietly, watching Rio's veiled face with interest from where she sits. "What's it like, really? What's -she- like? The whole thing…the hatching, seeing them from those eggs…-all- of it…pretty overwhelming stuff." She shakes her head, indication that the hatchings were the first she's ever seen and been to. "I mean, I don't mean to pry and question, just…never really seen stuff like this. Up close. You know?"

Rio nods. "Eovarijath. Very long. And she shortened my name. I think I'll return the favor, but not sure. There's already a 'Jhath', so can't go with that. Maybe 'Eo'," which Rio pronounces 'Ae-o'. "And it's both frightening and amazing. She's … Very strong, in terms of her personality. Very. And oh-so-sure she's right. ALL the time. And she's bossy. Unbelievably bossy. I want to ask Randi and Alara if theirs are that bad." Rio reaches for the soap, unused to the luxury of just sitting, "And she's imperious. And keeps me busy. Itches. Or hungry, and she won't eat it all, and then she's wanting to explore, but she really doesn't have the stamina, and she watches the big dragons flying…" Rio nods. "I don't know if we have restrictions on us, either. But you should come meet her. She may," Rio grins again under her veil, "Grant you an audience."

"Think she'll be against a shortened name?" This is a new concept for Jaya: dragons, their personalities, and how they want their names. It's hard to hold back her fascination. Frowning a bit with a twist of her lips, "Maybe 'Vari', shuga? Don't remember hearing that one among the bunch." And then she's quiet, very quiet, when Rio explains the details of having too strong a mind in your head. Her expression stays contemplative, blinking once, before delivering a low whistle. "Sounds like she's the type to want to boss -you- around, darlin'," she drawls shaking her head. "I wonder if there's anymore bossy types out of that bunch. The other gold didn't seem bossy, the way she was strutting about on the sands. I'd really like to meet her," she tacks on towards the end, not seeming worried about the restrictions in regards to Rio. With a lopsided grin, "See what she would say about me. Heard some riders at the bar say that dragons have an opinion about everything and everybody. You say the word, Rio, and I'll be there." She nods in surety of that. She's quiet again, some of the joy ebbing from her before broaching the next subject. "This surely changes things," she notes, stealing a glance the weyrling's way as her voice lowers. "This. I mean, it's fate, right? But something like this…Crom's bound to hear, you know," and her look turns significant. "Especially, you on a queen, shuga. Can't imagine this piece of news would be pleasing to the ghosts of your past."

"What can they do about that, though, Jaya?" Rio asks, "No one is taking a dragon away from me, and I doubt the Weyr is going to release one of their new golds. So… I suspect that assassins that no doubt have been set on my trail and who may be closing in, will more than likely rethink whatever they considered they might do. Who would want to be the man, or woman, who killed a queen dragon?" Rio nods to the rest, "I am a little unsure what the rules are, but she likes to go out a lot. I can get one of the little kids, probably, to come fetch you."

Jaya props her hands back behind her and rocks back on them. "With my experience, I don't put anything passed anybody," she answers on what assassins would or would not do in the weyrling's case, her tone grave. "I imagine, were I in your boots, Vaputero wouldn't hesitate to at least come here and try to have one of his, ah, 'chats' with me. All the same, if you need me to perhaps…keep an eye on Crom…" she lets that trail, perhaps knowing that the veiled woman would know the rest of that sentence before she drops it. At the end, she lets her smile come back to the fore. "I'd be please to, if you can," she answers on that, showing teeth in her smile. "Suli's been saying that I need to get out of the bar more. Maybe start jogging? Give me something to do other than drink." And speaking of drinking, sort of. "At the feast," she broaches, eyes boring into Rio's again. "How well, if at all, do you know that….Master Jarvys?" It's asked non-chalantly, though the other is probably well-versed in detecting a Jaya-information probe when she hears one.

"Not at all. Should I know about him? And yes… You should be keeping an eye on Crom for me. Please. I — We will repay you in rides, later. Once she can fly, which… Is not soon enough for her, I think." Already, Rio hears nothing but that. Flying. "I didn't get the sense that Master Jarvys is a warm and welcoming sort, Jaya, but I haven't encountered him before and… Don't care if I do again though," she considers. "If I'm a queenrider… I think that means I will be hob-nobbing. Doing the social thing. Public face of the Weyr." The irony is not lost on Rocio. She reaches to touch her face, lightly, under the cloth.

"Not sure," Jaya answers on whether the other should know him or not, frowning at the thought. "I…didn't realize he had connections to this Weyr. Didn't even know he was a /master/. Sorta pulled a scam on him back in Telgar," she finally admits to Rio, the glance going her just a teensy bit apologetic. "Seemed pissed about it. He was quite nice before that though…" Brows furrow, then Jaya clears them with a shrug. "Well, I'm thinking he might retaliate, and he did threaten to, but…Well, I'm not going to worry about it." Jaya, ever-confident. On the account of Crom though, she sends Rio that serious, knowing look. "Crom's taken care of," she states that firmly, her bravado to the fore. "I and Suli got it. They come looking, they'll have to get past us first, and…you don't need to repay me, shuga. Though rides in the future -won't- be turned down." A wink is given before she chuckles low. Even to the last, about diplomacy, the bar owner's amusement is there with respect for the weyrling laced in it as she says, "Hey, I know you'll do fine, there. Study them like you do fine wine and go from there. Get them liquored up if you have to." Yeah. Probably why Jaya's -not- the public face of any Weyr? But she catches the irony all the same and sends the woman an understanding smile. "Scars show the heart and metal of a person," she drawls, leaning back on her hands now. "Those people will love you, Rio. I mean, you managed to get -my- respect, shuga, and I don't give that lightly."

"I… Try to be quiet, to listen. And the scars… I don't show them. /He/ didn't give them to me. Another man… I don't know who… Cut me up. He said, so no other man would love me." There's no hurt there, no self-pity. Just mentioning it. Rio adds, "I used to… Put a great store by my looks, you know. But I guess you realize what's important… When something like that happens. So. So, we'll see. Randi and the Weyrwoman have been nothing less than supportive. I… I think I will enjoy this. But it's still hard to say. I feel like… It's not real yet, you know?" Then she begins rinsing, in earnest, and working soap through her hair, "What sort of scam?"

Jaya is quiet when Rio speaks, her frown pronounced when the man that maimed her is mentioned. She leans forward again as if to hear better, then her lips form a thin line. "You still look great, shuga," she notes, a sad little smile forming at the corners of her lips - perhaps in relation to what Rio feels. "That man's a fuckin' idiot, and he'll get his, one day. Whoever he is." She seems fervent about that, the bar owner still bristling over what happened to her friend. As for looks, she does self-consciously brush her hand over her own scar before shrugging. "No man's worthy that puts stock by a flawless face," she drawls dryly on that front, the corner of her mouth pinched. "Us girls may be scarred, hardened, but it doesn't mean we're no less better than those out there. We hold our own." Perhaps words she's heard before, or has told herself a few times before moving on. A private grin is given when Rio mentions it all not feeling real yet, but that question on the scam gives her pause. Her head moving from side to side as she stretches her neck, "The card game type," she gives her husky answer. "Had a lot of marks on the table. I had a few cards up my sleeves. One literally slipped out. A pity, really." There's a dramatic sigh at this. "He can't say I didn't warn him though," she notes wryly. "I -did- tell him I was Bitran. Most Bitrans I know bend the games to their own ends."

Rio laughs, at that, and then dips her head under, to let the swirling water rinse the suds out of thick dark hair. When she comes up, her veil is plastered to her face, the scars' ridges visible against the thin cloth. Rio is still grinning, though, and she shakes her head. "Right. So to say that you are Bitran, is tantamount to admitting that you will cheat in a card game? I won't be playing cards with you, then, Jaya." Rio's hands twist her hair, squeeze out a bit more moisture, before she settles to sit, and, for a moment, relax. "So exactly what does he think he'll do? What did he threaten?"

Jaya is easy to laugh with her, watching the veiled head duck under the water and return to surface. Rio's words on card playing has her laughing even louder, which probably alerts the brief attention of the couple over across the pool. Waving a hand her way once the laughter subsides, "You have my word, I won't cheat you, shuga," she says, showing her charming Bitran smile full of mischief and debauchery. "Since being here, I find myself becoming quite….selective, in who I pull such endeavors on." It's a logic and train of thought Jaya thinks on for a moment before nodding in its confirmation. "Things were different at the Blood and Bucket, Rio. I did what I had to. Here, got my bar. Got marks coming in. Hard to find reasons to scam, these days." At least she's being honest, right? "But one day, we'll play cards," she promises with a smile that tries to be innocent. "Over wine. And I'll wear no sleeves or any pockets so that you can see I won't cheat you. Bitran's honor, for what it's worth." To the last, there's a cold chuckle and a "He claims he will soon come for his payment. Whatever -that- means. Says he has his -ways- to find me." She snorts at that, rolling her eyes. "How many times have I've heard that? Men say the darnest things. Like he'll pull anything over my eyes without me swinging first."

"Well," Rio returns pragmatically, "He knows where to find you now. You own the bar. Everyone knows you own the bar. He recognized you, then? So he can be back. And he might use his underlings to spy on you." She's spent enough time around the Holdless, that Rio sure understands the dynamics of people, all too well. She glances about, then rises hurriedly out of the baths, to grab a towel. Jaya's seeing her is no bother. Rio has that ingrained abhorrence at having a man see her nude. "I think we Weyrlings are supposed to start running. Maybe you can run with us, Eovarijath and I." Then, perhaps as a non-sequitor, "I'm glad Suli is with you most of the time." In case Master Jarvys is… A bad guy.

"He's welcome to try." Despite Jaya's cleverness in some situations, and her advice, the woman could very well be far too impulsive for her own good. "He recognized me, but there are far worse men looking to slice my throat that I will focus on." Grabbing the washrag and bending the wring out the excess water, "He can send his spies, but if I catch them, I'll send them back bloody and bruised," she tells the weyrling with a hard gaze. Getting to her feet now once Rio's out of the water, she unwraps the towel from herself and turns to pull at her clothes stuffed into the backpack. "Not worried about this Master Jarvys," she repeats again, sending Rio a proud smirk over her top that she shoves on. "He can meet Suli, should he decides to…collect payment from me. I got his payment, alright." Her trousers are shoved on, then the bar owner turns toward her confidant and sends a crooked smile at both the concern and note on the weyrlings. She nods to that, "I think I will run with you both sometime," she decides, pleased at the offer. "It'd be nice. Thank you, Rio. For the talk. It really is good seeing you again."

"I doubt a Master in a craft is going to put his very title and place at risk, by committing a murder." Likely someone, somewhere, once said that of a woman who might marry a Lord's son. "Better, if you can spare the marks, to make it right with the man. He did not strike me as the forgiving sort, but he might be the honorable sort, and if you…" She thinks, "Oblige him with your debt, then he cannot in good faith act against you. And it's one less person for you to worry about, Jaya." She nods, and reaches to squeeze the other woman's forearm lightly. "Not long enough. We'll talk again soon, yes."

Such wise words to consider, and impulsive-Jaya is considering Rio's words on the man with a pause from rummaging in her backpack. Head lifting a little, "You may have a point," she finally admits soberly, seeming to put the impulsive side of her away for something more practical. "If he's honorable, which, I'm not sure. My views on people are a bit skewed." She straightens up though, fixing Rio with a considering glance before she nods again with a lopsided smile. "Where were you when I took that knife and ran flit-crazy out of Bitra with only my boots to carry me?" she seems to tease, the quiet amusement present in her tone despite the fact that she is poking fun at her own mistakes. When Rio squeezes her forearm, the smile turns more real, and she agrees. "Not soon enough for me, but I don't want your little queen knocking down my bar looking for you. Sleep easy, my friend. My place is always open to you." She nods firmly to that before she collects up her backpack and towel and prepares to depart with her hair and body still somewhat damp.

"I was probably in jail for murdering my husband." Rio returns, dryly. "But," a bit more light of tone, "We have each other now, to bounce ideas off of, right? So we will learn from one another's mistake, yes?" And Rio is dressed, and she, too, will head out of the baths, and back to her own life. "Soon, Jaya. See you."

"More's the pity I didn't end up in Crom, smuggling what I could get my hands on," Jaya notes dryly on Rio being locked up, shaking her head dramatically at the injustice of the past. "But that we do, have each other. I think we're better off, now. Perhaps you can help keep me out of trouble." Riiight. Might be more than the weyrling could bite off, in that case, but the bar owner's laughing and sending the veiled woman a wave as she finally makes her exit. "See you, shuga." Then she's gone back the dark hallways towards her bar.

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