Cheusia.jpg Kayne (NPC played by Bowen)

Date: 11/20/10
Location: Southern Hold
Synopsis: Cheusia has a brief one-on-one conversation with Kayne, Bowen's father.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Bowen

It is early afternoon and Kayne has returned from his workshop which is blessedly not anywhere near the tanning vats. He would normally stay out awhile longer even though he has finished everything he planned to finish for the day, but his eldest son was in town, with his betrothed, and apparently they were intending to marry before they left. The whole thing left Kayne scratching his head a little, but it meant he would at least try to spend more time at home with Bowen and Cheusia, their guests, until they left. Who knows when he would get the opportunity to see them again next? However, the poor man climbs up the steps to the front porch of their modest home, opens the door, and steps in to the most ear-splitting shriek from his wife as he’s heard. The woman, not realizing Kayne was home, goes off on some tangent about something or other relating to the wedding. Kayne had learned to tune a lot of Zeime out over the years. Without waiting to see what it was all about, and hoping Zeime hadn’t noticed he had stepped in, Kayne steps back out again and closes the door quietly behind him with a sigh. He settles on one of the steps instead, pulling out a little piece of wood from his satchel and leaning back against a post. He eyes the length of wood a moment before removing his knife and starting to whittle a little of it away while more shrieks and rapid fire questions drift out from inside his modest home. Kayne starts to hum to himself softly.

The shrieking from the home is likely what first caused Che to abandon the area, with or without Bo. The second being uncertainty of her mother coming, and what with her husband's dislike of her, it was doubtful. But the third thing that sparked it was the thought of not seeing her mother. Her return is slow, with a bottle of whiskey in hand and grey eyes catch sight of the man settled upon the steps and she moves easily to settle down beside him and ohso carefully settles that bottle closer to himself. "Might need it more than I do." And then, she settles there, placing her elbows upon her knees and then using her hands to cup her chin.

Kayne watches Che approach, his eyes going to the whiskey bottle of course, and then going back to his whittling. He’s a tannercrafter through and through, but a little bit of woodcrafting hobby has been an interest of his since he was a boy. It is a full twenty seconds of quiet, well, quiet out here anyway, before Kayne puts the wood and knife down and takes up the whiskey bottle with a murmured, “Much obliged, ma’am,” to Cheusia. She may have been able to get Bo out of the habit of ‘ma’am’, at least with her, but Kayne has been too stubborn on the point. At least he’s been quiet in his stubbornness. After he takes another sip, he sets the bottle back down between them, retakes his piece of wood and knife up, and gets back to whittling. And here we understand where a lot of Bo’s quiet nature has come from.

Cheusia turns her attention to the man beside her, thoughtful and not protesting the ma'am. Though her brows do furrow at her own thoughts on the matter. Then, she sighs and shifts position, legs stretched out in front of her. "Sorry." She starts, grey eyes drifting away and considering other things. "Last minute thing for the wedding… Can't imagine that she's giving you a break. And it doesn't really need to be a big deal…"

“Reckon since she missed th’ last one with Bo marryin’ Darla up north, she’s prolly tryin’ ta make dis one count more,” Kayne drawls slowly as he whittles, and then lapses quiet again. Sure he’s bothered by the antics of the shrew he married, but he’s not voicing it, preferring to just stay out of the way whenever she gets in her manic state. Another shriek comes from the interior and he pauses to take another sip of the whiskey before setting it down again and resuming his whittling. He is not a complainer. He just turns to drink instead of complaining. Still, there’s something to be said for loyalty in light of what he’s had to deal with for so long, which could be a mark in Bo’s favor as far as not one to abandon his women, sticking with them through thick and thin, if his father’s example has been any influence.

Cheusia nods once, thoughtful before she considers him. "Still, you're being dragged into it. But, I guess I can see why she cares so much… Mussing the last one and all…" She trails off and considers once more, watching the man with a thoughtful tilt of her head. "You're a good man…"

Slow to respond, Kayne eyes Che briefly with her last, and another few seconds pass before he dips his head a little, “Thank ya kindly. Yer … nice.” It’s clear he is not used to giving women compliments, so that little one comes at a cost of smooth delivery. Inwardly, he’s just wondering if his son really knows what he’s doing. But he’s not going to voice it.

Cheusia chuckles softly, "I'm not going to yell at you for speaking you're mind. Could tell me you don't like me or that you want me to get out." The woman looks thoughtful for a moment, "but that doesn't mean I'll leave Bo or anything." More silent considering and then she shrugs, leaving it at that.

“Hmm,” Kayne says initially, lapsing quiet for another long pause, and then finally saying slowly with a shrug, “Don’t reckon it matters whut I think a’ya as much as it matters whut Bo thinks a’ya. I ain’t th’ one gonna be livin’ with ya.” Back to his silent shroud as he whittles.

Cheusia considers for a moment before she nods, "true." She relents after a moment and then considers him once more. "You talk a little more than Bo did when we first met." She notes softly, "he was afraid of saying something wrong. Or, just women…"

Kayne was about to suggest he could go completely quiet if that’s what she preferred, but her last statement gets a look from him, briefly, and then he is back to whittling. A few moments later he says, “Reckon he’s dun told ya all ‘bout how things ended b’tween him an’ Darla already.” And he’s not meaning her death. He considered their marriage over long before that, even if Bo didn’t.

"Mhm." Che starts, frowning more. "And it bugs me… The way she treated him." Though she pauses and sighs, "the way it made him." He is considered again, thoughtful but then remains quiet. "Not a bad thing to express yourself now and then…"

His eyes cut over to her again, briefly, and then he looks at his little project, which is increasingly looking like a few rounded lumps in a vaguely rectangular form. Kayne then stretches his legs out in front of him a little more, “She wuzn’t th’ only one ta blame there …” and then a few heartbeats later offers a shrug regarding expressing oneself now and then. So much for Kayne expressing himself on that matter.

Cheusia nods, "I know…" She slowly rises, "Bo was at fault too, for distancing himself and not trying to talk things out. But, that's what we promised one another. We're always going to be honest and talk about what is bugging us." She gives the man a polite little smile and then makes her way into the noisy house.

Kayne watches her go, blinking several times in quick succession as he takes all that in. There’s a hint of a frown at the corners of his lips and then it is gone and he is back to whittling. Don’t think he didn’t notice that she left the whiskey bottle there, either. No doubt that will be empty before he enters that house and the domain of his shrew of a wife.

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