Bought Off


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Date: Sept. 18, 2010
Location: Out in the farming fields, EW
Synopsis: Suli reports on what she learns visiting Max in the beast caverns. The two discuss their next move. Takes place the same day as On The Same Page.
Rating: PG
Logger: Lorayit

Suli had to wait until the late night once the bar was closed and cleaned for her to make her getaway and report to the farmer. It was getting easy finding Lo now since the man liked to spend his late nights out in the farming fields where none would linger after a hot day of being right out in them. Dressed like a rider in a skirt, the Telgari barmaid approaches the tall, lean blonde man sitting on his outcropping rock, her eyes heavy with exhaustion from the night's work.

"I trust the day's been well to you, Suli?" Lo was expecting her, so her towering approach never did cause alarms where it would for most others. He was leaning back on elbows in a lazy manner, eyes scanning the dark skies as if he were seeking answers up there rather than from the woman that approaches.

Suli stops walking at his question, blinking before she takes another step forward with her hands clasped behind her back. "Well enough," she admits to him, nodding once. "Bar is as busy as ever. I'll be grateful when Jaya finally hires another barmaid to lessen my workload." Not that she couldn't do the work, of course. More help meant that Suli could slip away more frequently without the Dicori being too suspicious. That invisible runner fiasco was warning enough for her. "Yourself? Still smarting over that runner?" Brows lift at that.

Lo sends the barmaid a wry smile, though his eyes never leave the skies. "Tending the gardens is not bad work," he admits his new station at the Weyr, his finger idly reaching up to touch the new shoulderknot he wears. "Keeps me out of the way. It'll do for now." Finally his blue eyes drop down to regard the older woman, taking in what he could see of her before a hand lifts and he lazily beckons her closer. Once she does so, he points a finger towards her, "What do you got for me, little lady?" gets asked once all the pleasantries are done with, his eyes glinting in the moon's light. "Came to tell me you made contact with Jinnet?"

"Not quite." Suli reaches the outcropping rock and pushes herself up on it beside the farmer. Once he scoots over enough for her, "Max is a skittish little snit, but I managed to at least figure out where he's likely keeping your man," she tells him, leaning back with a tired sigh. Glancing his way, "There's a door he keeps locked. The tack room. Heard some shuffling behind it, so unless his saddles and bridles got some life to them…." and the barmaid chuckles coldly to that before nodding. "Jinnet's likely behind that door. I didn't see him, and the beast manager seemed pretty quick to lead me away from it, but my gut instinct's tellin' me he's being kept there."

Lorayit takes all this information in, his eyes having returned to the sky. Letting silence reign between them once she's done, "You know, I always believed we could find the truth of our lives up there in the stars," he muses idly, talking like he has all the time in the world. There was no hurry, after all. "Used to watch the stars all night with my brother, Besutol. Came up with all kinds of stories…" He lets silence reign longer this time, his eyes scanning the skies as if searching for the very answers. To what? "You think this beast manager could be bought off?" he asks casually then, keeping his eyes there as he seems reluctant to return to the very subject he had brought up before. "What do you know about him?" Other than the fact that he likes to lie, he decides to leave this part off, as it seems the farmer is now well-versed on the fact that the man called Max is the beast manager despite what was said when he first met him.

Lo liked to go off on tangents sometime, so this particular interest in the stars and finding truth from them seemed nothing new to Suli. "Not much," she addresses his question about what she knew on the beast manager first. "Did some digging and only came up with him being weyrbred from the Reaches. Worked a little Tillek way, too. His mother is the Headwoman." As to Max being bought off, there's an open snort for that as the craggy-faced woman shakes her head. "You'd have a better chance seducing him dressed up in a gather dress."

Something gets Lo's interest enough to draw his gaze from the skies and towards Suli, and he even sits up a little to see her face better. "Very one I met? The headwoman?"

Suli nods once, frowning slightly his way. "Indira, yes," she answers dryly. "That is his mother. What's the interest?"

Lo pauses at that, the cogs turning in his mind before he slowly leans himself back down on the rock beside her. The glimmers of a smile starting to show up now, "Good to know," is all he's willing to say on the matter, and he's moving on. "So he can't be bought. A shame. Perhaps one of his 'hands will?" he looks to Suli at this. Of course, he won't be going down there to see about buying off a stablehand or two himself.

"Stablehands? What for?" Suli's frowning heavily now, the woman trying her best to follow Lo's line of thought. She'll let the talk on Indira slide for now, but she wasn't going to forget it. "Buying them off will do little to convince Max to let Jinnet go, Lo."

The blonde farmer shakes his head once, shifting to put both hands behind his head. "We'll need to buy at least one of them off in the case we need to remove Jinnet from the situation permanently," he notes, his tone so easy about the subject. "It's not an option I want to linger on, but, seeing as how we both don't know what this beast manager plans to do with him…" there's a shrug, regretful.

"Perhaps a stablehand or two could be bought off to help him escape," Suli points out, giving the young man another alternative to the inevitable one. "I didn't see a guard there, but there's no guarantee that there won't be one inside that room. We're going to need stablehands fearless enough to get past that door and get Jinnet out of there before alarms are raised."

"I was considering having Passan finish the job," Lo admits, continuing on casually, shrugging.

This gets the barmaid shoot a look his way. "Passan can't show his face in Eastern ever again," Suli warns with utmost gravity, her frown deepening. "Who knows whether his face got known or not from the very same people that caught Jinnet." Shaking her head as she looks away towards the sky, "Send Passan back to Southern," she suggests, her tone carrying a note finality even though the decision really isn't hers. "You have other men there that work for you? Tell him to pass those over here. Solve some of your problem."

Lorayit snorts. "All I got left is a pair of siblings back there," he answers on what men could be sent to replace Jinnet and Passan, though it's obvious by the expression that he's considering this option. Nodding, "I'll see what I can do. As for you," and his blue eyes turn to regard the woman laying next to him, "I'll need you to return to the stables and see about those stablehands. See who can be bought, feel them out…"

Suli's already waving her hand at him before the words on what he wants her to do next spills forth. "I can't go back there so soon, now," she states once Lo finishes speaking. Sitting up from her lean, "If Max is not on his guard now, then me making another appearance so soon will definitely ring the bells." She sends the young man an apologetic glance, however, but then she pauses as a thought occurs to her and she is quick to add, "Although…at night, many of the stablehands drop by the bar for a drink or two, a game of cards…" and a slow smirk appears on her face at this. "I could certainly work the tables and see who would be willing. Maybe even a little manipulation under the influence of drinks…."

Lo doesn't look too pleased at Suli's decline on the offer, but her next one involving the bar seems to raise his spirits considerably. Pulling himself into a sitting position as well, "You lasso up at least two of them and I'll promise to have a crate of your favorite wines delivered to the bar before the next sevenday," he vows, his charming smile piercing his cheeks as he leans over to plant a kiss on Suli's cheek. He knew he could rely on Suli where it counts. "I'll get word out to Passan tomorrow," he says, looking in a much better mood with the situation involving the runner than ever before. If things went his way from now on, then he'll be back in Bitra and freeing his brother from Vaput's clutches before the turn ends.

Suli actually smirks a little at the given kiss, then she nods firmly to what's next to be done between them. With that, business between them was concluded tonite, so she's getting up off the rock and dusting the loose dirt from around her backside until a sudden thought causes her to turn back to Lo. "Oh yeah. I'm gonna need enough marks to purchase a runner," she tosses back with careful non-chalance, her eyes more interested in brushing the loose dirt from her skirt than in seeing his reaction to her request. The way she figured it, Lorayit did sorta owe her ten times over by now.

Tracking the older woman's movements with mild amusement from where he sits, Suli's request gets a brow lift from Lo. "A runner?" he echoes, looking more amused than irritated at the expensive request she's leveling on him. "Should I be asking why, or should I just mind my own business and ask when you'll be needing this large sum?"

"Consider it my entrance fee for my oh-so helpful services." Suli straightens up and sends the young farmer a pockmarked smile. "You're good for it, I'm sure."

He was, but Lorayit didn't want to make it that easy for the woman. "Send the price my way and I'll see what I can do," is all the young farmer says on it, leaning back down on the rock to turn his attention back on the skies. The barmaid could take that as a dismissal, but either way he was done with the conversation. "Sleep dreams, dear Suli," he sends her way then, his smile turning just a tad more genuine in her direction before it fades completely along with his attention.

Lorayit was good for it, Suli was certain, so his answer to her request will be taken as positive. She turns away then with a brief, "Good night," the barmaid heading off back to the Weyr proper and to her cot with a grateful sigh. In the morning she will continue to play her part and be the needed barmaid that Jaya wants - with no one being the wiser. She worried little about Max and his suspicions, whether those involved will connect her to the attempted runner heist, or whether or not all of her manipulations will ever get her into some serious trouble.

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