Portrayed By Christian Kane
Position Tanner (Eastern Weyr)
Former title(s) Holdless, Tanner (Southern Hold), Apprentice
Sex Male
Age 23
Place of Birth Southern Hold
Family Father: Kayne Mother: Zeime Brother (Younger): Harson, Sister (Younger): Paerin
Faction Neutral

Character History

What's easy to find out about Bowen, or Bo, for those with the right connections is that he is from Southern Hold, born to a Tanner crafter there named Kayne, and his wife Zeime, and taking to the work himself like a duck to water from an early age. He went to the Tanner Hall for apprenticeship just like everyone expected, but he left it as a senior apprentice just like everyone had not expected. He brought home a wife with a bun in the oven and took up duties under his father at the Hold, doing general tanner duties not requiring the expertise and professionalism of a crafter Tanner.

Unfortunately, his wife, Darla, miscarried, leaving them childless and grieving. A few turns later and tragedy struck again as Darla's body, or what was left of it, was found by Bo, mauled by felines in the countryside. Rumors were that her body was not the only one found, with allegations of a lover's tryst turned sour, but hers was the only one identifiable through hair and bits of clothing.

Now a little over a turn later, Bo has not remarried and has decided for whatever reason(s) to move on, seeking out Eastern Weyr as a place to start this new chapter in his life. New weyr brings with it new riders, young and old, and that means new leathers and riding gear. Surely they'd have need of a simple tanner, yes?


  • Cheusia: Initially this Healer, like all women, scared Bowen in a manner he understands all too well - by yelling, nagging, badgering, and ordering him around - and he liked nothing more than to keep her at arm's length. But eventually he found himself getting to know her better and surprised to find that she wasn't always like that, and that she could be kind and patient with him, too. This led to a courtship with her where Bowen is quickly beginning to feel more than a little affection for this woman, admitting that he wants little else than to keep her safe and happy, if she allowed it. She amazes him more and more every day.
  • Indira: His initial impression of her is how much like his own mother hen she reminds him of, only perhaps not quite as prudish as his own mother. He respects her, but is thankful he doesn't have to deal with her on a daily basis. She scares him. The fact that he recently found out she is Max's mother only helps to reaffirm that mental association of her to his mother. But then he's only met with her in an official capacity, so far. It may change if he ever encounters her in a "hair-down" moment.
  • Max: Bowen generally likes Max and sees him as becoming a good, trustworthy friend. There's a part of him who feels naturally compelled to play "big brother" with Max at times, and at times looking to Max for his own woes and companionship and a drinking buddy. The recent trouble with runner thieves at the weyr has only served to strengthen their bond in Bo's mind, but something that Cheusia said has been slowly eating at Bo, secretly, in the back of his mind ever since. He may decide to confront Max with it, or he may decide he's better off not knowing.
  • Strider: Bo has a deeper attachment for his runner (a blanket patterned Appaloosa-style breed) than perhaps most people do, and definitely a deeper attachment than he lets on publicly. Strider, like all pets/animal companions, has nothing but unconditional affection for his rider, save for perhaps getting fed and rubbed down and generally treated as a runner would like to be treated. The gelding's needs are simple and uncomplicated (unlike a woman's, in Bo's mind) and Strider was there for him whenever he just needed to get away from the nagging and go for a ride to cool off and get some thinking done. Strider has been a loyal, easy-going companion since he's owned him and his attachment for the runner goes deep.

Memorable Quotes:

Not particularly chatty, this guy, but I'll see what I can turn up.

Trivia and Notes:

As above, Bo is the "strong, silent type" in a lot of ways, but give him time (and probably something to drink) and he can be sociable and interesting in his own way.

Theme Song: Jason Meadows - "100% Cowboy"

Bowen's Logs


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