Brats And Firelizards


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Date: September 13, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Infirmary Weyr
Synopsis: Alara is checking supplies against a list, and Teallan is wandering around. The two chat.
Rating: G
Logger: Alara

Day #: 02 Month #: 11 Turn #: 1
Time : 07:00:00 AM
It is the summer season, on a hot and clear morning.

It is morning, and with the passing of the rainy season, the air is already hot. However, inside the Infirmary Weyr, it is cool. Alara sits on the edge of the bed, looking over the supplies, and comparing it to a list she has in her hand. She frowns slightly at a couple things, and sighs, reaching up to rub her face in annoyance.

The Weyr's children are off on their morning chores. Helping with collecting spent glows, filling in where there were previously candidates to labor… All the fun stuff before they'll settle down with Teallan to see to their daily lessons. It leaves some time for her for things such as reflection and the sort. Or to wander. Every day, the Weyr nears completion and it's a fascination for the young woman. The Infirmary, this day, is where she slips inside. "I imagine this was one of the first places finished," she states simply once within, words likely directed towards Alara.

Alara startles slightly, not expecting to hear the voice. "Ah. Teallan. Come. Sit." She pats the bed beside her, giving enough room for the woman to sit beside her comfortably, if she wishes. "I'm not sure. It was high on their priority list, though, I'm sure." She smiles wryly. "Unfortunately, it definitely will be used." She gazes down to the hide in her hands. "Some of these things I know we need…" She falls silent mid-sentence, not wanting to brush her worries off on her friend. "How are the kids, then?" Setting the hide down, she turns to face the young woman, whether she's chosen to sit or not.

With long strides, Teallan does make her way to the bed and settles in, hands folding in her lap. She looks around the infirmary. "It's… the way of Threadfall, I hear. Even the best wings will have at least minor injuries. The riders know what it is," a glance towards Alara, "as do those that Stand." She adjusts her skirt slightly, considering the question. "They're well. The lessons are so… time-honored and arranged that it's really just a matter of being able to keep their attention and help those that need it."

"Isn't it though." Alara responds, still smiling. It's not clear if she's talking about Threadfall, or the Harpers' lessons. Probably both, though. "I'm glad to know you're helping out, Teallan. It's quite a load off my mind. Now." She gives a quick nod and continues. "What's on your mind, luv?"

"Well, with Uveline Impressing and I haven't… I imagine it was easier for the Weyr to keep a Harper on rather than send me back and wait for the Hall to select a replacement." Teallan points this out simply enough, but lapses into quiet at the question, her brow furrowing. "I… well, I had hoped to hear something from the Masterharper after the ballad. I didn't expect anything right away, since I know he's very busy and I imagine even more so after a Hatching, but…" she gestures faintly. "People seemed to enjoy it, I thought."

"Oh, your ballad was lovely. And …" She pauses for a moment. "I can't say I've heard from Master Gallifren, but he doesn't always respond right away. He gets so caught up in the bigger things. You know he probably has to have his Journeyman remind him of things." She smiles knowingly. "You know how he gets." It is meant as a reassurance. "You're alright with it, then? The returning to Harpering?" Left unsaid is, 'being left on the sands.' "If you need anything, Teallan, do let us know, though we're nearly as busy as our dear Master himself sometimes."

"It's alright," Teallan says with a soft chuckle. "Not sure what else I would do." She was torn up for a while, of course. Most of those left Standing likely are or were. But she kept busy and it helped. "Being a Harper is who I am and.. well, I like being here." She plucks at a loose string on her skirt. "I wonder when we'll get a Weaver here. I need some new outfits."

"Good." This is for the first part. Alara is empathetic toward those who've been in her care, either as nanny or now as weyrwoman. However, living with Rauzath has hardened that somewhat. "I know it must be extremely difficult at first, but it often helps to have something you know you can do. And we're very glad to have you, as I've said." She's repeating herself. She watches as Teallan picks at the cloth. "Yes, we could. I don't know why we don't have one yet. Perhaps the Master Weaver is as absentminded as some of the rest of us." She does lump herself in there now. "I know we've been doing decently on tithes when we get them, but sometimes a girl just wants a new dress." She turns to face forward again, and gazes over at the supplies. "How many students do you have now? On average." She knows that the kids don't come every day, and there are students coming in and out all the time.

"You know, I can serve as Harper more than just instructing the kids," Teallan points out. "I know you have Kestian, but I could help also. Sending word to various Halls and the like." Shoulders roll in a small shrug. "I… oddly got used to how busy I was as a Candidate." She smirks briefly. "Mmm… Not quite a dozen, I suppose? I know a lot of the older ones have been helping out more since the Hatching, so they're not at the lessons as often."

Alara nods. "If you would like to work that out between yourself and the Journeyman, feel free. I've not seen him as much as I thought I might." She purses her lips, and considers it. "But he is posted here, and will take priority." As if that was a question. Well, it might come up. "Oh, yes. There is a rhythm to how we do things here. It will probably serve you well to know that rhythm, even if you never are a part of it completely." Harsh in some ways, but very pragmatic. Alara stands up, and starts opening the shelves and rumaging through as she talks. "Well, that's good, then, isn't it?" The numbers. It's worth remembering at any rate.

"If I spot him, I'll talk to him about it. I imagine he's been buried in his work with how rarely anyone sees him… He might welcome someone to assist." Or so Teallan hopes. The more she can learn of it while here, well… perhaps the more likely she is to have her role made into a more permanent position. "It is good. Most of them are doing well, too. The ones that aren't…" she shrugs, watching Alara. "they're no worse than some of the junior apprentices can be. Restless, mostly."

Alara nods again, and considers it a good thing. "That will work, yes." She chuckles softly. "Well, if Randi had her way, the restless ones would be running with the Weyrlings, I think." It isn't unusual to see the poor weyrlings running for all they're worth around both bowls at all times of day. Not just for infractions, either. "If you do have too much trouble with some, let me know. I'm sure we can … encourage them to pay attention." She grins again, remembering some of the things she used to tell the littles to get them to work. Fear of drudgery can be an effective tool sometimes. She moves a few things around, making mental notes. "I'll have to ask Randi about some of this, too. It looks like she's low on a few things, but I don't know how full she wants…" She trails off. "I'll have to have Rauzath bespeak Kaseth soon, I think." Though she doesn't usually, because they see each other enough, perhaps, or because the far-looking little gold is often harder to stir than her own gossipy queen.

"That's not a bad idea," Teallan muses, thoughtful. "So many of them have dreams of being Searched someday and that's what has them so restless… Maybe showing them what hard work it can be might calm them down." She leans slightly on the table, catching a glimpse of the cabinets. "The kids also work well as messengers about the Weyr. All that energy and such."

"That is also a good idea. Maybe they can have a system? If they do so much work, they can run a message or two to someone in the Weyr. For the ones who'd rather be working than studying, at least." Alara ponders this, and pauses in her rifling through things. "I suppose it's worth an attempt." She starts to put the stuff back where it was, paying close attention to where Randi had put it. Mostly. "Write something up for me, so I can remember. It might be something to talk to the nannies about as well."

Somewhere on her person- ah. Teallan finds a small notebook and writing utensil. One of her favorite things about all this new technology. Paper. Longer lasting, doesn't smell like hides, and so much smaller and more convenient. She still savours every single bit of it like most, but it enables her to write lyrics conveniently, or take notes like this. Without carrying around a whole bag or something else larger everywhere she goes. "I'll write a formal proposal for you to take around, from me."

"Excellent." Alara finishes up her putting away, and walks over toward her former charge. "I am glad you're here, Teallan, even if I don't get to spend as much time with you. Sometime, you'll have to just drop by the weyr and tell Rauzath your stories even if I'm running around like an angry firelizard." She chuckles. "She enjoyed your conversation on the Sands. It gave her something to think about other than the walls around her."

"Well, I'll come by if she's ever restless. Even if it's not gossip, I imagine I can turn a ballad into a story for her, so long as she doesn't mind that." Teallan is also concerned the gold might turn it into gossip and make things a little crazy. She gets up and puts away the notepad on her belt, having jotted down what notes she needs. "I'm… glad I'm here too. I'm finding I enjoy… /doing/ things rather than just studying and having lessons."

Alara nods. "I found that out too. That's part of the reason I ended up taking care of you lot instead of following in either parent's footsteps." With a Harper father, and a Papercrafting mother, it was rather assumed she'd apprentice there, too. She had different ideas. She claps once, just an energetic movement, and goes to pick up her hide. "I do have to get back to figuring a few of these things out. It was good to talk to you, my dear." A bright, affectionate smile for Teallan crosses her face. "I'm sure she'd love whatever you told her, or sung to her."

"Ahhh, singing is easy. Well, send word for me if you ever have need of me to help keep her busy. I imagine she's a bit restless herself without her eggs to tend to. I've seen mothers at Fort and the Hall get that way when their kids go off to apprentice." They suddenly get all busybody. Especially the women who worked in the kitchens at both. Teallan smiles to Alara, then glances off all wistful. "It'd be easier if more of us had firelizards… A shame it's hard to tell when days will be clear and safe or I'd take the kids out to explore the river banks one day. That'd keep them occupied well and enough."

With a slight flush, for some reason, Alara grins, more shyly than before. "Well, if it's weather predicting you're wanting, Ther — I mean, T'ryn's fairly good at that. I'll ask him if he's got any ideas on when would be good for it. The summer's finally come, so it'll be more often these days." She chuckles, and turns toward the door. "Oh, I wouldn't mind a little beastie, but Randi isn't well-inclined to have many here, and I can see her point. With there not being as many right now, we haven't the need that the Crafters and Holders do." She shrugs. "Oh, Rauzath's well enough, but she's always restless, especially when it comes to new information." Just how the gold is. "Well, fair day to you, Teallan, and I'll see you around, alright?" She turns to face the woman again, and gives her a farewell nod, waiting for her reply before leaving the room.

"Does Kestian have one? He or I… well, beyond how… admittedly neat it would be," Teallan is not one of those who refuses to admit that she still harbors the same fascination all kids did and most adults still do. "should have one. I feel bad when I have to get a dragon to give me a lift to Landing… Maybe once the Weyrlings are able to do transport and the like…" she gives a small shrug. "If T'ryn knows though, let me know, thank you. If anything, it might work out how restless some of the kids probably are. The lake has helped a lot, though."

Alara frowns, trying to remember. "No, I think the only people I've seen with one are Isilna and Smith Master Jarvys. I can't be sure, though." She shrugs. "They're so rare. " She nods to the rest of the information, and considers. "Well, that's part of the job of the weyrlings, or those three who are still not in line…" There's a bit of complaint in her voice in reference to those three riders. "I'm glad you're enjoying the lake, though. I'm glad it worked out."

"Yeah, but until the Weyrlings can cart me around, I'm taking Thread-fighting riders away should an emergency fall," Teallan says with a brief furrowed brow. "Well, if we find a clutch, we do, and the kids are happy. If not, at least they get out and about on a nice day. There's still the brightness and chipper demeanor, to be certain, but Tea is becoming a poster-child for that 'growing up too fast' generation much of Pern's youngest are now. She smirks a bit, "Plus, something to carry notes would free up more time for working on songs."

"Not those three. They're on ferry duty until they start to pay more attention." Alara says, now her displeasure fairly evident. "I wish they'd realize the situation…" She shrugs. "Oh, yes, it'd be lovely, but I don't see it happening, not with the dearth of population lately. I haven't a clue why they're so sparse these days, but it's definitely noticeable. But it's worth a thought or two, eh?" She gives the girl a quick wink. "I do like your songs. So anything that leads to writing can be a good thing." She won't say that it is categorically a good thing, but that it could be.

"It could be how erratic Thread is. Wiping out their clutches," Teallan hypothesizes, aiming for the exit slowly. More thoughtful now than anything else. "I wonder if anyone of the Beastcraft has considered it. Maybe a breeding program, just for them. To help the population as well as to ensure people who need one of the creatures can get one." She glances to Alara, "And I mean beyond the Lord and Lady Holders and all their children. Need isn't just… privaledged. A Journeyman at a small cothold has a greater need than a Lord Holder should an emergency arise." Her nose wrinkles, "Because even with the technology we have, that's… something that hasn't been overcome. Those holds, from what I've seen in records, are still struggling as much as they ever were."

Alara nods. "That could be something to consider. If you think about it and want to talk to a Beastcrafter, then make the time next time you're at Landing. Surely there are one or two who come and go?" She smiles. "I'm not sure it's the Thread though. They've survived through that for Turns. I have a bad feeling about it. I don't know. Maybe it's nothing." She shrugs, and shuffles the hides in her arms.

Teallan frowns a bit at that. She's always been so avoidant of overly serious thoughts. They just make things sad. But now she can't help it. Assisting as a Harper until a new one is sent or she's perhaps made a permnanent one at the weyr has introduced her to far more than she knew. She's taking to it, but ahh… "Next time I go, I'll be sure to seek one out."

"Good, then. Always increasing your knowledge in every area. Excellent." And with that thought, she does step through the door, off to start her day in earnest.

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