Position Laundry worker
Former titles Candidate (Fort Weyr), Weyr Brat
Sex Male
Age 17
Place of Birth Fort Weyr
Family mother Breannli, father T'mar, little half-sister Libbi, assorted other paternal half-sibs
Faction Traditional
Portrayed By Zac Efron
Journal Brentram


Brentram is a moderately-short teenager, although his poofy brown hair often adds another inch or two to his height before falling down over his forehead and into his eyes, neatly obscuring strong eyebrows. His eyes themselves are a deep and clear bluish-grey, spaced evenly above a strong, narrow nose. His cheekbones are broad, his jawline and chin not *too* strong, and his lips frequently hint at a smirk. He probably has ears, but they're almost always hidden by the fall of his hair.

Today, his shirt is blue — technically, at least. It appears as though, in fact, it's a re-sewn shirt of alternating faded-black and white stripes, almost zig-zagging, although the seams have been worn down enough to be comfortable. The entire thing was lightly soaked in a bath of blue dye, at some point, with the end result of being dark almost-blue-grey and light blue, instead — and surprisingly effective at bringing out his eyes. It is paired with rugged trousers in a light blue denim, marked with strangely-colored stains from hard work, plus the occasional hole, tear, or loosely-dangling thread. His sturdy leather boots were never formally dyed, but are splotched with a vibrant array of colors from the many strange substances they've encountered in their life to date.

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