Bronze Chickenriders


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Date: 2010.04.04
Location: Lower Caverns and storage room
Synopsis: Nenienne is assigned to assist Indira for the day. The headwoman manages to get a smile from her.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Indira

It is just after breakfast time on a stormy but at least warm morning. Most people wandering around are bedraggled and soggy, and Nenienne is no exception. At least she isn't wandering, though — wherever she's going, she is striding with a purpose.

Another with a stride of purpose this morning is Indira. Unlike some seeking shelter from the rain in the lower caverns, the headwoman is obviously quite dry and put together in her usually meticulous manner. Several soft knitted blankets firmly tucked under one arm, she appears to be carrying on a clipped conversation with one of the appointed Weyr’s nannies.

Noticing Indira and, more importantly, noticing that the Headwoman is already talking to someone, Neni heads over to the two and stands respectfully, her hands clasped behind her back.

Anyone who’s seen the headwoman at work (a whirlwind in boots) will know that it’s either jump in or get lost in the wake. As such Nenienne initially goes unnoticed as Indira hands over the bundle of blankets to the nanny with a curt, “The next time there’s a need for the nursery, don’t wait until the last minute to come and talk to me about it. I can’t really read minds.” The nanny bobs her head and utters a quick, “Yes ma’am,” and then she’s hurrying off to her young charges. A soft sound of annoyance and then the headwoman turns to take her leave, dark eyes landing on the candidate standing there. “Yes?” a brow lifting up in prompt.

Nenienne says politely "Hello, Headwoman. I'm Neni, and I've been assigned to assist you today." She seems to have finished speaking, but tacks on, "What needs to be done today?"

That brow remains lifted as Indira passes a critical look over the candidate. “You’re wet,” she states and then goes quiet as she makes a note on the clipboard that had been hidden under the blankets. Before she’ll answer what is required of Nenienne for the day, she puts a question to her, “What line of work are you most suited to?” Interest coloring the gaze still pinned on the girl, perhaps curious to see how the girl will respond.

"Before I was searched I was a journeyman jewelry-crafter, but I had been helping out the other Smiths with non-digging aspects of building the Lake. I'm also sufficient in all the candidate chores I've been set to as yet," Neni says. She remains rooted to the spot, her customary frown in place.

Nodding as she takes in this information, Indira hugs the clipboard to her chest in a loose embrace, “Journeyman jewelry-crafter, hmm? Got any pieces you worked on with you at the Weyr?” A closer study of the candidate is taken, “Something wrong, Neni?”

Nenienne shakes her head. "I don't have any of my former pieces, but I do have the drawings I've done for a commission for Jaya which I'll be doing after the Hatchings are over." THen she shakes her head again. "No, Headwoman, everything is fine. Why?"

“Ah, a pity that,” Indira comments and starting to walk and simply expecting Nenienne to keep pace, she turns a sidelong glance onto the girl, “People don’t usually wear a permanent frown on their faces when everything is fine, candidate. Keep that up for much longer and your face will stay like that.” She could be teasing, however the bland delivery makes that hard to define.

Nenienne does, in fact, keep pace. At Indira's last statement her frowns lessons slightly, and she quips, "Too late." Then she explains, "People have been thinking I'm angry or something is wrong for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure why I'm like this, but I can't for the life of me fake smiling."

Quiet as they make their way out of the lower caverns and down a passageway, Indira finally breaks the silence. “For as long as you can remember?” a soft hmming sound comes from the woman, “You should try not to take life so seriously. Walk barefoot on the grass, lie on your back and make shapes out of the clouds. You’re far too young to be wearing such a solemn expression, candidate.”

Nenienne automatically says "Yes, ma'am." As they continue walking she notes, "I love playing cloud shapes, but people never see what I see in them. I would almost have thought what I felt at the egg touching yesterday was just my imagination, but the other candidates did as well."

Listening as they round a corner and come to a door, Indira turns a confounded look onto Nenienne and ends up just staring at her for a moment or two. Eventually, still having said nothing, she pulls a key from her pocket, unlocks the door and lets it swing inward. Just before crossing the threshold to unlid a glow, her expression still bemused she turns to the candidate and asks, “Playing cloud shapes is like touching eggs?” Trying to make the connection there.

Nenienne appears to be used to that kind of like, she even vaguely smiles as if to say "I did it again." What she actually says, though, is, "No, no. Not quite. It's just that I always feel like I'm the only person who sees what I see in clouds. And the other night, when we touched eggs, I figured it was just me who felt strange. Then I noticed the others were, too, though theirs were different, so…" she trails of.

“Oh,” missing that smile that comes from Nenienne, dark eyes now grazing over the crates stacked higgledy piggeldy in one corner of the shelved room. “Well, that’s kind of the point of playing the cloud game. Everyone sees something different. Just like we don’t all like whiskey, or rum, or brandy, or even the same flavor of bubbly pies.” And now to the task at hand as she steps further into the room, “This shipment of crockery just recently came in,” no mention of where it had come in from, “and needs to be unpacked and stacked on the shelves with a full inventory taken which needs to come back to me. Think you can handle that?” a brow lifting in query. As to the matter of touching eggs, Indira seems carefully indifferent, “Well, they’re not chicken eggs,” she notes with a half-smirk at the end.

Nenienne nods when Indira has completely gone over the instructions, then affirms, "I can. If something is broken, how should I note it?" Then she adds "And I'm glad they're not chicken eggs. Can you imagine a chicken that big? Oh wait, I suppose I can, if I think of a wherry which looks like a chicken."

With a brow arching up high, “There had better be nothing broken or I’ll have that…” Indira cuts off whatever she was going to say in favor of putting a vaguely amused look onto Nenienne, “You made a joke. Good for you.” Approval filtering into her tone, “Now if you just add a smile next time you do that, you’ll have it in the bag.” The no frowning thing. Unlidding another two glows to brighten the room, she turns to leave, with the hint of a smile flickering, “That would make all those strutting bronzeriders out there, nothing more than chickenriders.” Adding her own bit to the joke before she leaves.

Nenienne tries an experimental smile and… fails. It is so very obiously faked and looks more like a grimace when all is said and done. Although the mention of bronze chickenriders does evoke a real one.

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