Business Of Marksmanship


Lorayit.jpg Daye (NPC)

Date: Feb. 23, 2011
Location: The Bar, EW
Synopsis: After receiving the sought-after list of names from Bowen, Lo and Daye discuss the nest course of action: leading Solak off his trail for good while buying some time up in Bitra.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Lorayit

And so it was done.

Somehow, Bowen and Max managed to barter the list of hunted names from Enker, much to Lorayit’s relief. He wasn’t too chuffed about having Max involved in any of his business, but since he hasn’t run into the man, his ass was still saved. Reports from Calec in Landing, however, states that after the run-in with Bowen’s hunters, then Bowen himself and the beast manager, Enker predictably pulled up anchor and vanished. Where the man could be now was anyone’s guess, but Lo knew that if he truly wanted, he could find ways to locate the weasley man again. Enker was always bound to surface when routine was involved.

All that mattered now, and was left, was that bounty hunter that his boss pulled on him.

“Haven’t seen Solak about these parts lately,” Daye, his hired hand was telling him as they both occupy a table at Jaya’s bar late one night. Her fingers dealt out cards deftly without even looking at them – her eyes remained firmly on her blonde boss. “Now that you have the list –“

“He’s around,” Lorayit cuts her off shortly as he picks up his dealt cards grimly. “Don’t mistake his silence.” In fact, Solak was making sure the gardener knew of his presence in subtle ways these days: his men would always be around and every now and then his room would be tossed about whenever he got back in. “Now that we have the list,” he borrows her words now, Bowen having delivered the list as promised over another card game with the farmers, “we can see about getting rid of Solak for good.”

“By drawing his nose elsewhere?” Daye lifts her chin to that. “How do you know that Vaputero’s not paying him tops for you?”

Good question. Lo appears non-chalant on that matter, however, as if he always was in control even when he wasn’t. “I recognize some of the names on that list,” and he produces it on the spot from one of his pockets, laying it down within reaching distance to the woman. “Perhaps you will, too.”

At that, Daye lays down her hand of cards face-down and collects the list. Upon unfolding and looking it over briefly, eyes immediately narrow and she shoots her gaze towards Lo. “Ashafor?” she breathes that name in suspicion. “That’s a running wherry chase, there.”

Nodding towards the list as he picks up his mug, “I was hoping that name in particular would wet his appetite,” the gardener notes with a crooked smirk in place. “Perhaps, Vaput’s too.”

“Did you enter that name here?” Daye returns then, setting the list down with an austere look.

“Of course not. I should be offended that you would think me to tamper with the business of marksmanship, dear Daye.”

“And yet you’re not,” Daye returns on that crisply, not looking wholly convinced as she slowly returns to her cards. She was well versed on how the man operated by now. Returning to the topic at hand after the pause, “Do you need me to accompany you when you confront Solak? You know he may well pull something unsavory.”

Waving a hand in dismissal of all and he grabs up the list and pockets it, “I want to try Bowen out for now,” Lo answers with a cough into his drink. For now, he’s not aware that Max should be attending along, too. “A brawny tanner will appear more prominent and imposing than a wiry non-descript stablehand. I have another task for you instead.” At this, he reaches to pull another folded sheet of hide out and slides it across the table towards her. “I’m going to need you and your brother down in Landing to buy me some time up in Bitra,” he tells her, his tone turning serious. “I can’t have Vaput putting another merc on me. Best we nip this in the bud, right?”

Daye’s head tilts slightly to the side at hearing there’s to be a new task put in front of her – and one she doesn’t look so keen on doing, either. Coming in contact with the Bitran crimelord? “Perhaps leaving matters lie would be the best course of action,” she suggests gingerly picking up the sheet of hide as if it was going to bite her at any moment’s notice. “My and Calec’s presence would only stir up the man.”

“I trust you to convince him otherwise,” Lorayit returns blithely with his drink in hand. “Suli will be accompanying you and doing the talking. Just make sure she gets out of there alive.” He was so blunt in such matters to suggest the trip would be a picnic. Chin dropping along with a serious look in place, “I trust we’re of an accord?” he asks then, brokering no further argument.

Of course Daye would do her duty. At least she’s not the one talking. Shrugging as he pockets the note without opening it and takes up her own drink finally, she merely answers back, “My will, your hands, boss.”

Solak wasn’t her problem, and soon, he wasn’t going to be the gardener’s either.

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