Candidacy, Family, And Sinkholes?


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Date: July 23, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Baths
Synopsis: Teallan and Uveline share a bath, and discuss candidacy, crafting, and family. F'min arrives somewhat the worse for wear after meeting a sinkhole.
Rating: PG
Logger: Uveline

Day 24, Month 07, Turn 01, AIVAS Reckoning, First Long Pass

Eastern Weyr: Baths

Underneath the upper set of hatching sands, this cavern is fairly large in size, though it is dwarfed in comparison to others nearby. A natural hot spring, the steamy water has been diverted into one large pool - capable of holding about twenty odd people - and several smaller ones around the edges. Shelves have been set up along the northern wall, lined with different scents of bathing salts, sweetsands and oils. Under the shelves are benches where folk can dress and undress. Even given the tropical nature of the climate, this is still one of the most popular places in the weyr.

It's been a couple of days of grueling chores and Teallan is no worse for wear. Smellier, perhaps, but she's still in good spirits. Today's particular chore had her taking an immediate beeline for the baths afterwards. Mucking. Ugh. Already her clothing — fortunately, she's managed to secure some work clothes — has been put aside to be washed and a more normal outfit, for her, laid out for after the bath. Just recently immersed in the warm waters, she's using sweetsand to scrub at her hair. There's quiet humming eminating from the Harper-turned-candidate and she seems rather oblivious of whatever else may be going on in the bathing cavern.

While the lake may be great for swimming, and for bathing dragons, bathing humans is much more suited to the baths, and as such, Uveline has come here after her daily swim in the river to rinse sand and worse from her skin. The sound of humming attracts Uveline as she enters, and she detours toward the source. Peering through the ever-present steam, Uveline recognizes Teallan. "Oh, hi!" she calls in greeting, moving to the disrobing bench nearest the candidate. "I haven't seen you much lately. How's candidacy going for you?"

Not that the lake — the one meant to be within the Weyr — is completed yet. Oh, the time Teallan has spent staring at it in mild dismay. When shall it be ready?! She, being a candidate, cannot go far. The lake is right outside the Weyrling Barracks that the candidates must shove into; so convenient for a morning swim… were there a lake to be used. She glances up at Uveline and gives a little smile, hands all a-tangled up in her hair as she continues to work at scrubbing. Letting the sweetsand get to her scalp. "It's going great! A bit harder than I expected, but I can't imagine being a dragonrider is easy work."

Uveline nods as she begins disrobing, listening to Teallan's reply. "Glad to hear it. You're right, being a dragonrider cannot possibly be easy. I would hope that the chores and duties would actually prepare candidates for their possible lives at riders," she says when Teallan finishes. "How did your master take it when you were offered the chance to be a candidate?" she asks curiously, dropping her soiled clothes in the hamper and moving to join the younger woman in the bathing pool.

"They were proud of me," Teallan offers with a smile. Unlike some of the other crafts, the Harpers have supported the dragonriders the whole time. Sure, more recently, there is a divide between traditionalists and progressives, but that same divide can be found amongst the dragonmen. "I think it may have helped that the Weyrwoman herself was there to make the request." A shrug, then. "And I'm close enough to Landing that should I be needed for studies, a rider doing sweeps could perhaps take me." It's not like she was taken halfway across the planet. She scrubs a bit more and ducks under the water, rinsing her hair free of the sand.

Uveline slips into the water, wincing for a moment at the warmth. She begins scrubbing, removing the sand and dust from her skin with firm strokes. "And if you don't Impress, you're certainly handy to plenty of teachers to continue your training, if you so desire. Of course, you're young enough to stand for several Turns, so if you don't Impress immediately, you could always still Impress later," she comments once Teallan surfaces.

"This is true," Teallan says with a flash of teeth in smile. She begins scrubbing at the rest of her, now that her hair is done. Dirt from working in the stables is swept away with the refreshing of water from the natural spring. "I may return to Landing if I don't Impress, simply so that I can continue training there. I'd still be near to the Weyr to try Standing again if that happens, but…" she glances at Uveline and grins. "I think 'lara- er, the Weyrwoman would like me here, so perhaps I ought to look to continue training with you."

Uveline's hair is thick enough to take some careful attention while she washes it, and so she's a bit slow to reply to Teallan. "Hmm? Oh, well, if the masters approve it, sure, I can teach you. They're more likely to assign you to Kestian, though, since I'm already working as the teacher for the children here. And I really don't have the experience to train an apprentice. Kestian has a good eight or nine Turns more in the craft." She uses her fingers to work through her hair, combing it out before she starts to rub sweetsand into the mass. "You know the Weyrwoman well?" she asks, glancing at the candidate curiously.

"Ahh, well. Perhaps both of you, then? I imagine I could do with learning how to teach a bit." Perhaps that's a bit hopeful of her. Teallan wouldn't mind having special chores, such as helping the Harpers. Mmhmm. She scrubs at her arms a bit more, splashing water to rinse them. At the question, she glances up and grins briefly. "She was my Nanny until she was Searched."

In one of the bathing pools, Uveline and Teallan are washing up, the two chatting comfortably together. "Oh, I didn't realize you grew up at the Hall," Uveline says, smiling briefly. "I knew Alara worked there, but I never was in a position to interact with her. I didn't go to the Hall until I was twelve, so there was no reason for me to know her then. I've only known her since coming here." Uveline seems thoughtful and murmurs, "That would be a very good reason for you to stay here if you don't Impress. I wonder why you weren't posted here in the first place."

"My parents are both Journeymen," Teallan explains, moving to a ledge to relax in the warm waters. She closes her eyes and exhales with a sigh. "I was born and raised in the Hall. Apprenticed as soon as I could." She smiles a bit, eyes opening briefly. "I'm not sure. It may have been because I think my posting was decided before they knew who they were sending here to Eastern."

Uveline remarks, "So are mine, but they are both at Nerat, so I was raised there." Uveline takes her turn ducking underwater to rinse her hair free of cleansing sand, surfacing quickly and once again combing it out carefully with her fingers. "Oh, that would make sense. I wasn't sent until after the first group of riders were in place," she explains as her fingers smooth the snarls out of her thick hair. "I never noticed, do you have any siblings, at the Hall or elsewhere?"

With a towel wrapped around his waist, F'min's torso clearly shows the thread scoring that wraps around his right shoulder and ropes across his chest and stomach. His face and neck are caked with a dirty grit, the line at his collar and the circles around his eyes stark against the grime. He doesn't take much notice of the occupants of the cavern at first, instead, heading to the nearest pool that happens to be next to the harper women. The towel drops to the floor seconds before he splashes into the pool, submerging immediately.

"I suppose being a Candidate is the easiest way to get to stay here," Teallan says with a grin. "It's… fascinating to be at a Weyr. And not just any, /this/ one. I can't wait to see the lake when it's done." She's mostly just lounging now, enjoying the feeling of being clean. "Mmm, siblings? None, no."

While Uveline doesn't pay much attention to what's going on in the cavern, F'min's proximity is noted when he enters the nearest pool. "Sure. Stay on as a candidate, and convince them to let you keep training instead of doing candidate chores all the time, and you'll be set." Mention of the lake has Uveline sighing wistfully, nodding her agreement. "Swimming in the river is tolerable, because it's still swimming, but the lake would be much better. No need to worry about snakes or the current or bad plants in awkward places," she says, voice full of longing. A pause, and then, "No siblings seems so odd. I have two myself."

F'min surfaces, grabbing a handful of sweet sand to scrub at his face. He squints one eye open when he hears the mention of Canidate chores, and chuckles. "I don'think so," he says in the direction he hears the conversation coming from. He ducks down to rinse the first washing off, revealing his usual tanned skin tone, and leans his forearms on the edge of the pool. "If y're a candidate, then y'don't have any affiliations with your craft durin' yer candidacy. Y'do th'same chores as th'others," he winks to reinforce the absence of condemnation. "Many have tried." The conversation of siblings he doesn't enter uninvited, just the dragon talk.

"I think she means after Candidacy," Teallan offers to F'min, eyes opening as if she's first noticing the man. She can't help but glance over the scars, lips pursing briefly. "Well, after the Hatching, that is. I've been told that if you don't Impress, you can stay as a Candidate and continue doing the same work, but… I would guess some could go back to their craft training." She shrugs and pulls herself from the waters, moving for the oils to select one and begin fingercombing it through her hair. "My mother once made some comments that implied that she has been unable to have more children," the teen says softly.

Uveline mms at F'min's interjection, nodding to the rider as she defers to his statement. Her eyes widen as she takes in the visible scarring, but she refrains from comment upon it. "Well, depends on if they consider you to still be a candidate after the hatching or not. There's two clutches to be considered, or there will be, anyhow, and after that, who knows?" Shrugging, the harper finally leaves her hair alone, hanging in thick, wet strands across her shoulders and the sides of her face. Teallan's soft words draw her back to looking at the candidate and she nods slowly. "I see," is all she says, voice subdued.

"Oh, there is that," Teallan says with a brief flash of mild surprise. She shrugs, then, rubbing her hands together to free them of the remaining oil after she finishes brushing it through her hair. "But after that, should I not Impress… yes, I imagine I'll be allowed to stay and perhaps train." Why not? Especially if she can keep up with some of the holdover Candidate tasks alongside the other work.

Uveline offers, "It's always worth a shot. Eastern's new and different, so maybe it will be one more unconventional thing about this Weyr." She too levers out of the water, pulling a towel about herself as she walks toward her clean clothes on the bench. "So F'min, were you out riding sweeps to get so messy?" she asks, glancing toward him as she towels her hair gently.

F'min nods, rubbing the sweet sand at the edges of the grime, working on cleaning himself more thoroughly. If he notices Teallan's reaction to his thread scoring, he doesn't acknowledge it. "Quite o' few candidates stay after th'Hatchin', an' find themselves places in th'Weyr if the want." He leans his head forward to work at the back of his neck. "Nah, not sweep ridin'. Took Voldrath huntin' an' found myself a sink hole. Good thing I had a strong dragon with me."

"A sink hole?" Teallan's distracted now, barely focusing on drying herself off. "What are those like? I've heard about them, but I thought they were just…" she waves a hand, nearly dropping her towel. "y'know, a tale. Speculated."

Uveline tilts her head at F'min's words, eyes widening again. "A good thing indeed. At least it wasn't quicksand. A sink hole, hmm? I wonder what made it form…" She looks thoughtful, then shrugs, beginning to get dressed. "Did Voldrath have a chance to actually hunt, or was your trip aborted?"

F'min grins. "No worries, he's eaten. I'd still be hearin' about it if he hadn't." He splashes the water up around his neck, and glances around for a mirror. "It was probably just from th'ocean weakenin'th'bluff I was on over th'turns, an'I just happened t'walk along th'right time t'trigger it." He runs his fingers across his face, around the edge of his hairline. "Did I get it all?"

"Where was it at? Could you show me sometime? I've never seen one before." Teallan's somewhat excited now. But then, she gets excited at these kinds of things all the time. She pauses in drying off, winding towel around herself. She leans in to squint at F'min, before pointing a bit to a spot. "There's some right there."

Uveline finishes getting dressed and grabs a brush, beginning to work it through her hair. "That's good. I wonder if there are other weak spots in the bluff," she muses. F'min's question has her squinting at his hairline. "I don't see anything. Might not hurt to do another rinse, though, just in case?" But Teallan's catching the spots, so it's all good. "Well, I need to get going. Good to catch up with you, Teallan, F'min. I'm sure I'll run into you both later." And the crafter, after tossing her used towels into the hamper, heads out of the baths.

F'min gives one of his dimpled grins to Teallan at her interest, and nods. "Perhaps. Have t'make sure y'finish yer chores first, Candidate," he teases. Raising his hand with some of the sand in it, he scrubs in the spot indicated. "That it?" he asks. He waves the still sandy hand towards Uveline as she leaves, bidding her good day. "The bluff is probably safe enough for th'most part. We were out away from any holds."

"Looks like it," Teallan says with a firm nod. She moves for her clothing and begins to dress, damp hair moved out and away when necessary. "Well, perhaps I'll have an easy chore or a day off and if you don't have sweeps, you could show me. I'd love to see a sinkhole." Why the enthusiasm? Oh, right. Tea is Tea. "It'd help me to avoid the risk of falling into one someday."

F'min takes Uveline's advice as well, and does one more thorough scrubbing, submerging while Teallan dresses, letting the bubbles and suds float up and away. Finally, with a sputtering splash he rises from the water, and lazily works at scrubbing the rest of himself. "Well, y'r next day off, look me up, then. Voldrath won't mind huntin' there again. There were some nice flocks o'fat wherries along th'marsh."

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