Candidates Poison


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Date: 8/13/10
Location: EW: Jaya's Bar
Synopsis: A few Candidates walk into a bar…
Rating: PG
Logger: Ahnika

Eastern Weyr: Jaya's Bar

A dark, cozy room has been carved out of the wall on this section of the hallway. It looks as if it was meant to be an archive of sorts, but when the back wall caved in, it made most of it too low for efficient shelving space. Instead, the remaining shelves have all been pushed back against one wall and a large wooden counter - so new it still smells of tree - blocks it off from the rest of the room. A few small tables take up the rest of the place; simple chairs sit around them. It's bare bones and boring, now, but there's potential. It just needs the right touch.

The bar is busy this early evening with the raucous calls of its patrons making merry - that being, getting an early start on the drinking and the gambling. There's a few card tables set up around the perimeter of the floor, with most of them occupied save for a few seats here and there. Despite the crowdedness, there's still a few seats available at the bar itself - moreso with two riders having paid for their drinks and getting up to leave. The towering barmaid is doing her rounds among them, and Jaya behind the counter going from order to order and is looking all the more pleased by it. It's probably because of the profits she's going to reap this night.

Fortunately, Ahnika pulled duty for assisting Indira today, and as such while she had a full day of tasks and errands and administrative work, none of it really meant a lot of mess for the candidate. As such, she isn’t as interested in making a dash for the baths as soon as she is done her to-do list for Indira. Instead, the redhead wanders in, slowing as she crosses the threshold and eyeing the crowd a moment before continuing on to the bar and Jaya. She offers the bar owner a disarming smile and says, "Busy? Need an extra pair of hands?"

Nenienne, too, has finished her chores for the day, and apparently also bathed recently, her clothes clean and dry except around her shoulders. She slips in and looks around. Finding it fuller than perhaps expected, she approaches the bar and one of the unoccupied seats.

What leads Zen in would normally be a drink, the man dressed in clothing that doesn't suggest the heavier lifting chores for the evening. Green eyes are scanning the bar, first, before he proceeds and scans the rest of the place with ease. Ahnika is given a look, brief before attention is turning to Jaya and he offers the woman a polite little salute. "Jaya." He greets before turning an easy smile to Ahnika and Nenienne since they're present.

"Throw my glass, Kadur, and I'll have to show you how we used to escort our problem patrons from the Blood and Bucket!" Jaya could be heard to yell over the murmurs of the crowd - even if she's not yet seen. Seeing Ahnika, there's a brief flash of relief on her face as she turns to find herself facing Ahnika, there and gone. "Very," she catches her words, passing three filled mugs on over to her whether she asked for them or not. "Be a darlin' and give those to that table of men there?" She nods towards the very table behind the candidate before Nenienne and Zen gets her eye. "Evening, Neni," she greets the woman with a nod, then turns a little wary smirk on Zen. "Zen, evening. What will it be for you both tonite?" she addresses them both, eyes going from one to the other as Suli brushes past her.

Ahnika’s attention moves to Neni as the other candidate enters, and Ahni’s expression softens a little. Ahni’s attention shifts back to Jaya though as the bar owner slides her three mugs, and Ahni flashes Jaya a positively thrilled smile. Give her a few hours doing it non-stop and she might not be quite as excited about it, but for now she welcomes the change in pace and learning something new. To Zen and his ‘look’, Ahni grins a bit impishly with a look of her own in those glow-lit grey eyes as if to say, ‘what? I ain’t doin’ nuthin’’. Oh yeah. Here comes trouble with red hair. Taking up two mugs by the handles in one hand and the third with her other hand, Ahni carefully turns and follows Jaya’s nod and heads over. She’s not as fast as more experienced barmaids, more than likely, trying not to spill any of it before she gets to the table.

Nenienne nods politely to Zen, then answers Jaya with a question, "Do you have any of that spiced apple juice from the other night?" She gives an encouraging look toward Ahnika as the other candidate wends her way to the table with the drinks.

Merendezen gives Jaya a smirk, settling in one of the bar stools. "Nothing… Unless you've heard anything interesting lately?" He asks of the woman, giving her an easy grin after a moment before he's falling into silence to watch around the bar, green eyes searching before watching Ahni for any potential accident and then to the men receiving the drinks, watching them carefully.

Being away from the bar the moment Neni places her order, Ahni unfortunately misses hearing it. She might have liked to try some herself. The redhead lingers a few moments around the table of men that needed those drinks, chatting them up briefly, all smiles and warmth and friendliness for now, which might mean trouble if she weren’t wearing her Candidate’s knot. Or who knows, maybe they’re well enough in their cups for it to be trouble later regardless of her knot, considering the frustrated morale of the weyr lately. After laughing and shaking her head at something said, Ahni heads back to the bar. It’s one thing to be friendly and keep the patrons wanting to come back, but it’s another to shirk duties entirely. There are other tables to be served, likely. So, Ahni settles in at the bar between Neni and Zen when she gets back, and looks expectantly at Jaya, “So what did I serve them? I’m trying to memorize the drinks.” There’s a pause and Ahni reaches over to give Neni’s shoulder a light squeeze if she allows, and then smirks up at Zen before giving Jaya another look, “And which table next?”

"Thanks, little lady!" One of the men at the table Ahnika heads to is calling to her already, his hand lifting in a little wave. If the other men at the table are alittle leery at the redhead, they at least have the grace (for now) to not put voice to it. "That I do, shuga," Jaya is answering Neni meanwhile as she sets a glass right infront of her once she's settled at the bar. Pulling up the bottle for the apple juice, "Interesting?" she seems to mull over Zen's words as she pours Neni's drink, her intense gaze settling on him for a long moment. Passing the drink over to Neni then, there's a rolling shrug and a "Heard a man fell head first into one of the washing basins today," she drawls, setting an empty glass before the man with daring in her keen eyes. "Unless you're looking for other news…." and the spiced apple juice bottle gets lifted up. "Juice?" she asks, now seeming to match his smirk. When Ahnika returns, she turns to settle her gaze on the redhead and her question with a wry, "It was ale. The heavy drinkers I have Suli on," and she nods sharply towards the more raucouse card tables where the towering older woman can be seen. Since there's always another order, she's turning to pass Ahnika a reddish drink along with, "That card table there," and gives a nod in the direction it needs to go. "Then settle yourself in once you're done."

Nenienne thanks Jaya and drinks this much differently than klah — small sips instead of massive gulps. As is normal, she tries not to overhear any conversations, staring at some random point in the bar. She doesn't object when Ahnika pats her, or pull away.

Merendezen watches Ahnika still, and then relaxing as the drinks are delivered and then he turns attention back to Jaya as Ahnika settles between Neni and himself. "He did…?" The man chuckles and then shakes his head. "Some other news would be nice, yes. Been listening for Alara." The man clarifies, giving the woman a look as she offers the juice and his smirk grows into a wide grin. "Is the juice on the house? Or shall we barter for a more reasonable drink?"

Ahnika flashes Jaya a bright smile, nodding once, “Ale. Got it. Thanks.” She looks over at Suli and waves at the other towering barmaid before carefully picking up the glass of reddish liquid. She doesn’t know her well, but there’s no reason not to be friendly. She turns her attention to the card table the drink is indicated for, pausing to glance from Neni and her drink and then to Zen, arching her eyebrow briefly. But if it is from the comment about listening for Alara or the bartering for more reasonable drink, she doesn’t say. She glides carefully over to the card table and lingers long enough to figure out which person is owed the drink and offer smiles and friendliness there, as well, one hand going to her hip as she offers brief small talk, before heading back to the bar and the other candidates and Jaya. This time, as Jaya instructs, Ahni actually takes a seat there, “So, that was what, wine?” She asks Jaya enthusiastically. Then she looks at Neni, "What're you drinking?" Not accusatory in her tone at all, more curious. "Is it good?"

Giving Nenienne an answering nod once the juice is taken, "Haven' heard a thing, shuga," Jaya sends Zen's way before she looks at him, setting the juice bottle aside to bring up another bottle from below. Once she straightens, "I've only been gettin' the bits and pieces, and it's news I'm sure you've heard before. Haven't seen anything suspicious, either, but as I told Max, I'll be looking out." The look given on the juice offer earns him just the barest of chuckles, brief. She clicks her tongue against her teeth at his question on bartering, "I'm interested in this barter you speak of, shuga," she tosses back at him, baring her teeth in a daring smile. "I've got plenty reasonables, here. Got my payment?" She seems willing to play the game for now, anyway. Once Ahnika returns to the bar, the scarred-faced woman takes her gaze off of Zen to address her with a nod. "Spiced wine, yes," she answers her, moving to set an empty glass infront of her as well. "From Nerat. Juice, or are you looking to barter for something more reasonable like Zen here?" and she nods sharply with her chin towards the green-eyed man beside her.

Peering into the cozy room, carved out of the hallway, Vanielle steps into the Bar, and for a moment takes a moment to adjust to the colored darkness, the scent of the new place, asaults her. For a moment she observes the place curiously…

Merendezen gives Ahni a little look for the eyebrow arching, chuckling and inclining his head to the other candidate in a good mannered sort of way before he looks to Jaya, nodding. "Thanks, Jaya… Been hearing a lot, no one worth dragging to the Weyrwomen…" Lips are pressed into a thin line for a moment as his green eyes quickly consider the patrons of the bar once more. A breath is taken before he releases a sigh and quirks a grin towards the woman. "I never come in without payment, dear… Actually think I'll have wine, this time." Marks are fetched and settled on the bar top.

Nenienne says, "Spiced apple juice, and it's far too good for my own good." Noticing Vanielle, she nods politely to the other candidate. "Come on in."

“Spiced wine,” Ahni echoes, giving a glance for the card table she just served and the reddish liquid in the glass. Then as the question is put to Ahni she considers first Zen to one side of her and Neni to the other. If shoulder-perching devils and angels were really a prevalent concept on Pern, never would a more picturesque image be found than right here. After some hesitation, and Neni’s positive feedback about the juice, Ahni decides to side with the angel, and says, “Spiced apple juice tonight, Jaya.” She gives the bar owner a smile, “Anything stronger and I may not be able to keep my feet while serving tables.” That’s practical Ahni for you. Facing the bar as she is, Ahni doesn’t notice Vanielle enter immediately. It’s not until Neni waves to her that Ahni turns to look over her shoulder to see who she is waving to and offer Vanielle a smile and wave as well. She looks about ready to say something to Zen, then stops with a worried look at Neni and decides against it, apparently. She turns back to her empty glass.

"I'll find you if anything comes up, hm?" Jaya offers to Zen on the account of the Weyrwomen, her face turning just a shade somber at that particular topic. "Suli and I will keep an eye on the tunnels around here." Speaking of Suli, she's at the counter now depositing empty mugs and is sending Ahnika a belated return nod in greeting. "Good to see you back," the barmaid says to her in her grave tone before she sweeps her gaze over Neni and Zen, then heads off after a meaningful look to the bar owner. Jaya returns that silent glance to Suli before addressing Zen again. "My kind of man," she drawls on him never coming by without payment, the tease evident in her tone. "Wine it is." She goes to bring the spiced apple juice over Ahnika's way first, pouring her the brownish juice with a lopsided grin for her. "You'll be falling into a chair either way if you serve -this- crowd all night," she returns to the redhead on her comment in good nature, passing the filled glass towards her. "You're welcome to stay behind and clean up with us instead, once they leave." Then it's back to Zen and his wine, the bar owner bending to get the appropriate bottle and starts pouring into the glass, nodding briefly a greeting to Vanielle and sending a grin Neni's way at her comment on the juice.

Vanielle Smiles. "Thanks." She says approaching Nenienne with a quick step she approached. "What's going on?" She asks, she raises an eye eyebrow. "Anything good?" The dark skinned candidate scoots closer to the Nenienne. " Soo…" she murmurs in a quiet tone. She watches the others for a moment taking all of them in carefully. "Would you all be so kind as to introduce … and remind me of your names… I've not sure.. if we've all been formally introduced yet…" she inhales. "Anyway… ummm we've been asked to meet down by the Lower Sands…" she says cheerfully "Or at least that's what someone told me to pass along. Though it could be a bad rumor.. I don't know." she bites her lip. "But worth it? I am going to go check it out if anyone wants to come?"

Merendezen quirks a look to Ahni once more, considering the teen with a questioning look in response to her attempt at saying something but stopping. "Something wrong, Ahni?" He questions before looking back to Jaya and inclining his head once more. "I live to please, dearest Jaya." Though he's teasing back, offering the woman a grin the match the tone of his voice. When the other Candidate comes in asking for them he lets out a soft sigh. "Thanks for keeping your ears open, Jaya. It is greatly appreciated." He'll even snag his glass to down all of the wine before he'll head out towards the Lower Hatching Caverns.

Nenienne drinks down her apple juice quickly, thanks and pays Jaya, then turns to Vanielle and says "Lead on."

Ahnika flashes Suli a grin and nods in return, “Thanks,” feeling good about getting those few words from the other barmaid, and then glances from Jaya to Zen curiously at the interaction there, before nodding in thanks to Jaya for the juice and a grin about the comment of falling into a chair and asking, bluntly, “So, how much do I owe you for this juice?” And without waiting on the answer, she begins with a sip, tasting it and looking approvingly at Jaya before taking a longer draught, nearly draining it to half full with a small gasp for breath as she sets it back down on the counter. The girl was thirsty, apparently. She glances over at Vanielle, her eyebrows arching, “Everything okay? It’s a bit early for Hatching …” She frowns, suddenly worried, and nodding, “If we’re being told to go, we should go.” She’s not taking any chances, not with what else is going on around here lately. To Zen, she shakes her head mutely, giving a look of ‘maybe later’. And then she downs nearly the rest of her juice with another small gasp to punctuate it before looking at Jaya and starting to pull out some marks to pay.

Vanielle shrugs. "WE should. I guess they want to get a count or something. Maybe just a an inspection… maybe the dragons start counting and refindng.. I don't know." she says. "Perhaps the riders want to look us over… though after the… umm… incident… perhaps they're scrutinizing." she bites her lip "It could be any number of things. Lets just go."

Jaya takes up the marks on the counter and pockets them with a grinning nod to each. With a smirk especially for Zen, "See you around, Zen," she states as the man leaves, nodding to Neni again with another, "See you around," with Vanielle included before she turns fully to Ahnika. With the low price given for the juice upon command, "Don't choke yourself," she gives on her drinking the juice down quickly, though it's hard for her to hide her amusement at the other's enthusiasm. Once it looks like she is leaving as well, "See you later, hm?" she gives before a man shoulders his way beside them and starts telling his order without pleasantries.

As the other candidates seem all to be leaving Ahni behind, though naturally expecting Ahni to be coming along, there is a flash of unease on her expression as she watches them go off without her right there with them. She nods to Jaya distractedly and leaves the appropriate marks, rounded up, perhaps for tip or just because she can’t give the exact amount, and slides off the stool yelling, “Hey! Hold up!” As she runs after.

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