Capeless Crusaders


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Date: 10/7/10
Location: EW: Lakeshore
Synopsis: L'han confronts Ahnika about her beliefs which, of course, doesn't end well and L'han states his intention on issuing a penance to the entire weyrling class for Ahnika's attitude.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Ahnika

It's early morning in Eastern as both riders, weyrfolk, and dragons all are roused from their sleep by the brightening sky. Well prehaps the sound of a green emerging from Between might also wake some up that were not quite there yet. Escaeth's rider directs her to land nearby the lake. When she's on the ground, L'han slides from her neck, rubbing the green's neck affectionately and says, "You need an oiling soonish girl. Hide's getting too dry." The green softly bugles to her own rider as she moves to dip her head to take a drink from the lake.

As early risers among the weyrlings, Jhath and Ahnika emerge among the first from the breakfast eaters and make their way for bathing and oiling at the lake. Among the fastest-growing, tallest and stockiest of the green weyrlings, Jhath’s growth spurt since hatching seems to no no end, though as with most things Jhath does, it is strictly regimented across all parts of her body in customary soldier fashion, and Ahnika finds herself bathing her and oiling her more often than nearly all the other weyrlings. As such, Ahnika walks along side her long, tall green, looking up at her on occasion as they speak internally, and carrying a three-legged stool in one hand and over her shoulder on the other arm is a leather pack. The two marshal their pace toward the lakeshore. Someone could easily mistake the quiet from the redhead as being sleepy yet, but in reality the pair, as usual, are in deep internal conversation. The only time Ahnika uses her outside voice is for the benefit of a third party nearby, to be polite.

Jhath's larger cousin senses her coming and it is by virtue of that L'han looks over to Ahnika and Jhath as they arrive. He walks on over towards where they're going, followed by Escaeth and when he is close enough to address without shouting, he does so. "Weyrling Ahnika and Jhath… Good morning." He glances at what Ahnika is carrying but he doesn't ask what it's for or if she needs help with it. The larger green mentally communicates a good morning to Jhath as she simply follows the group.

Turning at the address simultaneously, though Jhath’s head clears Ahnika’s by a good couple feet as she turns so there’s no fear of her accidentally bumping into her lifemate, the pair take only a moment to register a superior before Ahnika straightens and salutes L’han while Jhath simply adopts her usual stately position beside the redhead, bowing her head a little politely to the other green pair. Mentally, she replies to Escaeth’s greeting with an easy and polite good morning in kind. As is proper, Ahnika maintains protocol even when not in formation, and so does not speak until the return salute is issued. But there is nothing in her manner to suggest she is either upset at the delay for bathing and oiling, nor ecstatic at it. She simply salutes.

L'han smiles as Ahnika gives him a salute, even though he did not ask for one. "At ease and carry on, Weyrling. Don't let me keep you from your duties." He returns the salute and says, "Although while you're giving Jhath her oiling, would you mind speaking with me? A discussion, not a lecture. Seems you've had quite enough of those of late." He glances at Escaeth and says, "You can sit down girl, we don't need to go anywhere for awhile. Escaeth sits down then within drinking reach of the water, listening to the whole conversation.

Waiting for a superior to ask for one is dangerous, and Ahnika knows this. Better to be safe than sorry. So, as he returns it and instructs her to carry on, she does so, smiling and nodding to him, “Thank you, sir,” before heading on more to the part of lakeshore that seems to work best for bathing her big girl. She slows and then stops as he talks about having a discussion. Normally, she’d not even blink to it, but the comment about lectures has her giving him a wary look, as typically when anyone has started off talking to her like that, they really mean a lecture, not a discussion. So, with wary look on her freckled features, she finally says, “As you like, sir,” and turns and continues walking alongside Jhath to their favorite spot. Her tone is polite and respectful though.

L'han chuckles at the look Ahnika gives him and says, "I swear, Ahnika. Lectures are one-sided with one person wanting to just tell you stuff and not have you say anything back. And quite frankly, I hated them myself back at Fort Weyr. Now I hear tell that you're pretty strong willed, same as your Jhath. And that you've even said that if you felt your Wingleader was about to get your wing killed or hurt that you'd take command. Do you really mean that?" He continues to walk along, although Escaeth refuses to move. She's settled down and here she'll stay till called or otherwise. It's morning and she was roused so early!

When Ahnika first arrived at Eastern she was as green about weyrlife and intrigue and backstabbing as the day she was born. Two slain eggs, a body, bodily attacked herself as a candidate, and now presented with a variety of nefarious miscreants at the weyr, including runner thieves, Ahnika’s lost a lot of innocence and naivety, as such, something that L’han says actually has her guard going higher, not lower. She looks over her shoulder at him, carefully studying his expression, wanting to trust him, but those specific words used … she turns back around, closing her expression, schooling it neutral and indifferent, “I see you’ve been talking to Mohria, sir,” comes her only reply, cool and neutral as her expression. She may not subscribe to a lot of spying and intrigue activities herself, preferring more direct confrontation than sneaking around and deception, but she’s not about to let herself walk into what she thinks is a trap. She finally gets to just the right spot and settles the pack and stool down on the ground before stripping to her swimming skins while Jhath wades in a little way, dutifully extending her wings and appearing not to pay any attention to L’han as he talks to her lifemate.

L'han returns Ahnika's look with one of simply curiosity. He's heard quite a bit, from both dragon and riders and thus he wants to be sure of what's being said. So when Ahnika says that he's been talking to Mohria, he nods and says, "That I have. She's worried about you, Ahnika. Thats why I'm here. To talk with you." He puts emphasis on with as he speaks and he adds, "I want to know what's going on with you and Jhath, not heresay or rumor, but actually what is in your heads. If you don't want to talk then, that's fine. I'll leave you to your oiling… but I really would like a answer to that question I asked if you wouldn't mind? Because it makes me suspect you havn't had any education yet as to the chain of command here in a weyr, Ahnika."

The weyrling listens as she takes off her boots next and sets them aside. But before wading in with a pouch of dragonet-tolerant sweetsand in her hand, Ahnika stands and arches her eyebrows at something, or perhaps everything L’han had to say. Finally she chuckles, shaking her head a little, “Wow. Chain of command, sir? You don’t even bother to veil the insult. I like that, sir. Direct.” Then she snorts a little, “Oh I’m just sure Mohria cares about me alright,” not hiding the sarcasm in her voice, “That’s why she’s standing right here in front of me, expressing her concern. I’m no fool. Wake up. She’s just using you while trying to take up for her weyrmate, which I get. I’d actually respect her more if she’d be more direct about it though.” Her tone isn’t sarcastic now as much as matter-of-fact, and she continues, “Though, while I understand it, it really makes F’min look worse, not having the balls to come confront me himself, and instead sending his woman and you to try beat me down into submission. We can’t have progressive upstarts questioning tradition, now can we? Let me ask you, where would we be today if someone somewhere didn’t question something along the line that didn’t make a lick of sense? Nowhere. Progress depends on it.” She shakes her head a little, starting to wade into the water, “Next time, tell her to be more direct with me rather than sending a lackey to try and trap me into earning more laps, though if you’re dishing out more, that’s okay too, sir.” She’s been doing more PT in her spare time anyway, liking the way she feels after the extra run or swimming.

L'han sighs and rubs at his eyes. It's clear he did not intend for the conversation to go this way, but the response by the Weyrling did indeed reach Escaeth's ears and the green's eyes are bloodshot red before one can say Hello. Her angry bugle rips the air over the lake as she glares towards the greenpair in the water. "Escaeth enough. I know I should hang her by her toes from the reaches for that one." He looks from the seething green to Ahnika. "I'm not going to give you laps, Ahnika. I really don't see what good that would do, since it's clear you're already used to them. What I will give you is another matter entirely. But the thing is… you won't be the only one doing it. All the Weyrlings will participate. And they will know exactly who is the reason for their extra activity. So unless you intend to be the most miserable and lonely greenrider here in Eastern, I suggest you get that attitude reigned in real quick. Good day, Ahnika. You will be informed as to the punishment and the time it will take place." He turns to walk on back towards his dragon.

It is Jhath who reacts first, and really, she reacts more to Escaeth than she does L’han. She straightens and stiffens where she is in the water, her eyes swirling a warning yellow for the moment, and not red or spitting or hissing. After all, L’han’s not actually charging her lifemate threateningly. As soon as Escaeth’s bugle lets off, Jhath sends a challenging one in return, probably drowning out a lot of what L’han says at first, as she stands by her chosen one to the bloody, bitter end. Righting injustices where ever they are, even if they involve absconded turnips. She needs a cape, really. Tights might be a different matter. The weyrling herself continues to regard L’han calmly, who had only encouraged her to speak her mind, as had Mohria, and yep, just as she foresaw it: entrapment. But if she is startled or alarmed or worried about being some lonely greenrider here, she doesn’t show it. So either that speaks to her confidence in rallying troops to her causes or that speaks to her ignorance or perhaps she just doesn’t care. Whatever the case is, her expression remains that way, until he starts to leave, at which time she gives him the proper salute and merely states calmly, “Yes, sir. Good day.” As he turns to walk back to his dragon, she turns back to Jhath herself, and gets back to the task that drew her there today.

L'han walks over to his own green, whispering soothing words to her that bleeds the red from her eyes in short order before he looks back to Ahnika. "Nothing I could say or do girl." He pats the green before climbing onto her neck to take flight once more into the sky above Eastern and into Between.

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