Casting Call

By popular request, an actively-used list of actors/faces/played-bys assigned to the cast of Divided Skies. You can also use +actor/search on game to hunt for if a particular person is used or to see which face belongs to a particular character. An actor is not a requirement to join Divided Skies, but it is a popular player option.

NPCs are included on this list.

Character Portrayed By
Aadi Rachel Lefevre
A'tae James Marsters
Ahnika Laura Prepon
Andi Sophia Myles
Ari Mia Kirshner
Brentram Zac Efron
Ch'rii Joaquin Phoenix
Charisli Leighton Meester
Ciara Rhona Cameron
Fiala Megan Follows
Izael David Tennant
Jaya Naya Rivera
Jonavan Henry Cavill
K'lian Ryan Merriman
Lenia Amanda Tapping
L'han David Kross
Lorayit Chad Michael Murray
Maura Natalie Portman
Meiglen Blake Lively
Mohria Olivia Williams
N'zi Salim Kechiouche
Nahia Clotilde Hesme
Nenienne Kristina
P'sec Richard Dean Anderson
Teallan Lea Michele
Thayet Catherine Zeta-Jones
Tiemme Shakira
V'kale Lee Pace
Vanielle Zoe Saldana
Warin Riccardo Scamarcio
Xantes Nat Young
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