Catch Your Breath


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Date: 8/14/10 (IC: After the egg touching)
Location: EW: Jaya's Bar
Synopsis: After the egg touching, Ahnika returns to Jaya's bar intending to finish out the night with her, but the overwhelming experience of touching the eggs on top of her already long day has the redhead barely able to keep her feet and Jaya orders her off to rest.
Rating: PG
Logger: Ahnika

Eastern Weyr: Jaya's Bar

A dark, cozy room has been carved out of the wall on this section of the hallway. It looks as if it was meant to be an archive of sorts, but when the back wall caved in, it made most of it too low for efficient shelving space. Instead, the remaining shelves have all been pushed back against one wall and a large wooden counter - so new it still smells of tree - blocks it off from the rest of the room. A few small tables take up the rest of the place; simple chairs sit around them. It's bare bones and boring, now, but there's potential. It just needs the right touch.

With the last patron teetering out, Jaya and Suli finds themselves cleaning up a littered bar after a busy night. Mugs and other objects litter the floor, along with the scattering of cards from the card games of the night. The two women work as one in closing down the bar - well, Suli has the tables while Jaya is at the counter busy spreading out her profits made for the day to tally up the total.

Usually one sees people staggering out of bars, not staggering in, but in this instance, one very weary looking Ahnika staggers in, her feet dragging a little, as she looks around somewhat in a daze. She blinks, and frowns, “They all left?” She asks in greeting to either Suli or Jaya or both. Then, slow for the cleaning up to sink in, Ahnika begins to roll up her sleeves, “I can at least help clean up at least,” not seeming aware she said ‘at least’ twice. She stifles a yawn and rubs one eye with the edge of her hand before moving to the opposite side of the room with the tables that Suli is already working on, and begins to collect mugs.

With Ahnika staggering in, Jaya looks up from her tallying to find the girl in such a state that it causes her to blink a few times. Suli pauses in her work to watch the candidate go over to the opposite tables before exchanging glances with the bar owner. Her writing stylus going down, "You look like you need to sleep -on- the table rather than clean it," Jaya speaks up, going around the counter to approach the redhead now. Looking as if she was going to take the mugs away from her, "Sit," she seems to order, her gaze taking in the fatigue in Ahnika's face. "Me and Suli can take care of this." -"And then you're on your own, barkeep," Suli tacks on behind her, already sweeping the last of the mugs off the last table on her side of the bar.

“No, no,” workaholic Ahnika insists past a yawn at Jaya’s first, nearly dropping one mug and trying to balance it between her elbow and her hip, “I got this.” But it is the order from Jaya that gives the redhead some pause and she frowns visibly before setting the few mugs back on the table, nearly losing the one mug again, but managing to side it back onto the surface before sinking onto a chair as ordered. “Just … maybe feeling a little overwhelmed … by it all.” She pinches and then rubs the bridge of her nose. “I’ll take a moment, and then I can help.” Her gaze drifts over to Suli and Ahni can’t help but chuckle softly at the other barmaid before rubbing her other eye.

Jaya's shooting out a hand in case one of her mugs fall, shaking her head at the younger woman. "No good to anyone when you're near passed out, shuga," she tells Ahnika, scooting back the indicated chair with one boot. Once the mugs are back on the table, she takes them up and quickly hands them over to a hovering Suli. Now, with the table empty of mugs and glasses, the bar owner places both hands on the table and leans forward to peer at the other with a furrowed brow. With a light frown forming, "Sounds like you got a lot on your mind," she ventures to say, looking over at the a still-hovering Suli and nods the woman off to get back to work. Returning her gaze back to the candidate, "Worked yourself to death today or is there more overwhelming you these days?" Jaya probes, studying Ahnika's face for a long moment.

The rubbing of her eyes turns into a stroke of her hand across her face entirely as Ahnika turns her attention from Jaya to Suli and back again. “Eggs,” she says at first, “They let us touch them tonight,” she exhales a long breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding, “That’s why they were summoning us out to the Sands.” Another taking in of a breath and exhale and Ahni adds, “It was wonderful,” and her voice suggests she means it entirely, and then more softly says, “Just … whew!” as if the latter can possibly begin to explain the overwhelming and in some ways intoxicating experience, and she sinks back against the chair a moment. Then she says, “But I promised I’d help, so I’m going to help.” She starts to get up from her chair again.

Perhaps the bar owner didn't expect that sort of answer, for Jaya looks almost flabbergasted at Ahnika. "Eggs?" she echoes, straightening up her posture from the table. "They had you all touching those eggs…..after what just happened?" There's a small frown there, speculative at most as she lapses into silence. She turns to Suli and find the barmaid looking at the both of them while she wipes down the collected mugs from the tables. When Ahnika looks to be getting up again, she tries to put her hand on the other's shoulder. "Don't want you dropping any of my glasses," she drawls quietly, meaningfully. "You look like you need to get some rest more than help, as much as I appreciate the enthusiasm. Tell you what," and she taps her boot a couple of times in the pause as arms go to fold across her chest. "Get some rest for me, Ahni, and you can promise me to be back here whenever you get the free chance, okay?" Nodding to that, "We'll go over the kinds of drinks we have, so you can be more familiar. Suli can help," and she turns to glance briefly at the older woman. Back to Ahnika with a raised brow, "And if you want to stick around then, us girl could play some cards. Deal?" - "She'll cheat you under the table," Suli pipes up behind them in a teasing warning, though her face remains stiff.

The redhead is easily tipped back down into the chair again, as worn-out as Ahnika is, and she tries unsuccessfully to stifle another yawn, blinking away the tears that it causes. She misses any frown, speculative or otherwise, Jaya has, and too seems to miss any exchange of looks between bar owner and barmaid. The promise is easily made, as Ahnika more or less already made it – at least in her mind - one of the previous times she was here. So she just nods a bit to that, to promising to come here when her duties allow, and brightening a little as Jaya promises further things the redhead can learn, drinks and cards. Won’t Max be proud? She shoots Suli a good-natured grin at the cheating comment and then looks back at Jaya, “I don’t know how to play cards … at least not the gambling that goes on here at the weyr. You’ll teach me? Then I’ll be sure to stick around. You bet.” Pun unintended, or so her expression seems to say. She carefully gets back up again, and yawns yet again, not seeming able to stop, “I’ll see you next time then. Soon.”

"I won't cheat," Jaya is quick to shoot back at Suli, though the words are intended for Ahnika. "We'll play for something else rather than marks, eh? I'll teach you how to play, shuga." Stepping away then, regarding the other intently, "Get some much-needed rest, okay?" the bar owner gives, nodding towards the entrance as she gives Ahnika a faint sympathetic smile. "At least one of us needs to have a good rest tonite." Then Ahnika's up and Jaya's returning to the table, nodding to her last words. "Next time," she agrees readily, quietly. "Have yourself a good night, Ahnika." If the candidate looks over towards the counter, she'll find the sharp nod of farewell from Suli as well, given far more neutrally and genially than she has to any that have come through the bar.

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