Cee No Evil


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Date: 19 Jan 2011
Location: Eastern Weyr: West Hallway North
Synopsis: Cee asks for directions, meeting Neni in the process.
Rating: G
Logger: Nenienne

The northern half of the western hallway is just as rough and unfinished as the rest of the weyr. Glows line the walls at economic intervals. There's technically enough light, but spaces of shadow are frequent as well. On the western side, several doorways open to - from south to north - a stairwell leading up to the Upper Bowl and the entrance to the Baths. On the eastern side, a set of stairs leads down into the Lower Caverns.

It's evening at the Weyr, and Cee is exploring. Or rather, getting lost. She finds herself in a hallway with the sounds of water coming from one room and the very familiar sounds of children coming from another.

Nenienne walks out of the baths, her hair tousled as if she had dried it then used her fingers as a comb. Her clothing is mostly dry, though patches of wetness speak of perhaps some sort of bathing outfit underneath. Seeing an uncertain-looking newcomer, Neni says "Hello." Her voice is kind, though she is frowning.

"Hello," says Cee. "My name is Cee." She blushes slightly, then takes a deep breath and adds, "I'm new here, and lost. Could you help me find the living caverns?"

Nenienne nods and introduces herself. "I'm Neni, and I was on my way to the living caverns myself. I'll be glad to show you." At that she begins walking toward the southern hallway.

[They navigate their way to the living caverns.]

Cee stops in awe as they enter the living caverns. Her eyes wide, she says, barely above a whisper, "It's huge!" She's only half paying attention to where she's going as she follows Neni, and she bumps into a Weyrling. He snarls, "Watch where you're going," then mutters loud enough to be overheard, "Wherry."

Nenienne walks briskly over to the klah pot and, in a ritual with which Cee will no doubt become familiar in the coming days, pours herself a mugful of klah with milk, gulps it down, and immediately prepares a second for herself. Hearing the altercation, she looks up and says, "Get over yourself, V'tol." The Weyrling grumbles ungraciously, "Sorry, journeyman," and finds a seat with some of his collegues. "Sorry about that," says Neni. "Not all people here are that rude."

Cee begins stumbling over herself to apologize when Neni speaks up. She almost seems to expect V'tol to make some sort of scene when Neni reprimands him, and is visibly relieved when he doesn't. Scurrying over to Nenienne, she looks longingly at the klah pot and asks, "Is it all right for me to have some?"

Nenienne glances to Cee's shoulder and says amiably, "Of course, unless you've already been kicked out." She gets herself some roasted wherry, tubers, and vegetables, then heads for a table. "Same goes for food," she says, and if she's joking there's no smile to indicate it, only tone-of-voice.

Cee blushes again and pours herself some klah, adding milk and sweetening. She mimics Neni food-wise, then resumes looking around at the room, which could easily hold a dozen of her whole cabins in it.

Nenienne heads to one of the smaller tables and motions Cee over.

Cee follows eagerly, happy to get far away from V'tol's table. "Thank you for being so nice," she says.

Nenienne doesn't smile, but her voice is warm as she says, "No problem. So, you said you were new here. What brings you to the Weyr? It's a bit early for search, given that neither of the queens have risen."

Cee says, "It's all happened so fast, I'm a bit dizzy. Earlier today Nara came to the cothold with a message from my foster sister," she pauses, then clarifies, "Ahnika, to my foster mother. Nara and Inefredath gave me a ride to find her, and then when she decided to come to the Weyr to talk to Ahnika in person, Nara asked if I could come along. And then, once we were here, I was invited to stay as a guest." She adds quickly, "And Nara says she thinks I might be search-worthy."

Nenienne ahs. "Ahnika is your foster sister? You're a very lucky girl, then." In reply to the bit about being search-worthy, Neni says, "Could be. I stood with Ahni at the first two hatchings."

Cee ooooohs. "What's it like?"

Nenienne is about to answer when another person with a Smith knot comes along and says something hurriedly to her. Neni quickly finishes her food and klah, then says apologetically, "Something has come up. I'll catch you later. Don't let V'tol bug you; he still thinks he's at the Hold, where he can boss people around." She gets up, puts her plate, mug, and utensils into the appropriate bins, and follows her fellow Smith out.

Cee is currently an NPC.

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