Born as Chariulin
Position Avarice Wingrider
Dragon Brown Zekoith
Sex Male
Age 26
Place of Birth Igen Weyr
Family Unilis (father), Ichari (mother), Charisli (younger sister)
Faction Neutral
Portrayed By Joaquin Phoenix
Journal thiefandahealer

Character History

Igen is not the most hospitable place if you aren't born lucky. And Chariulin, along with his younger sister, were not born lucky. They were at the Weyr, sure, but things are more difficult to come by sometimes when you're simply another one of the residents ensconced in the mountaintop that's surrounded by harsh desert. To pass the time, and to help keep he and his sister in the habit of at least a few nice things, he often found himself pilfering other people's goods. Right out of their pockets, in fact. A few solid years of practice, and he even became /good/ at it. It was his sale of the stolen items that started to gain him attention from those who dealt in the business of fencing. Not only could be get the goods, he had a good sense of how far to go with his bargaining and when to cut his losses.

It was fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on one's point of view), that one of Char's victims happened to be a searchrider; he and his dragon caught the young man red-handed, and gave him a simple choice. Either stand for Igen's next clutch, or be be arrested. Kind of an easy choice for someone who doesn't want to spend their time in a dirty, dingy dungeon with bread and water as their menu. Not that candidacy was a treat, since that was a lot more chores, no freedom, and food barely /above/ bread and water as the menu.

Impressing brown Zekoith didn't really end the criminal aspects of Ch'rii's life any — merely delayed them. His work as a dragonrider kept him too busy to do much theft, though he did end up occasionally getting in fights. He never started them, not physically anyway, but a sheer talent in martial arts left him blamed for many a blooded nose.

It was U'rrem who brought him to Randi's attention when Eastern Weyr was in trouble, bringing him into the wing of the Renegade Riders. Ch'rii jumped in instantly, though Zekoith was harder to persuade.

Upon returning to Eastern after being infected with Iceblood, it was with some relief and positive health effects for both — Ch'rii and Zekoith both had damaged lungs that were fawning in the humidity.



Memorable Quotes:

"We could buy a small stakehold with these winnings." Called on his exaggeration by another player, Ch'rii only shrugs. "Okay. Half." — from A Magnet for Valuables

"I just went for a walk," softly, innocently. "Through the crowd. Those things /stuck/ to me!" — also from A Magnet for Valuables

Ch'rii holds up his hands. Okay, okay. And then he pulls out: a designer-style pocketwatch, three fancy earrings (maybe the lady wearing them still has the fourth one?), a stylish quill, a huge pile of bracelets, a leather wallet, a chain that doesn't attach anything to anything at all but is made of valuable metal, several other wads of money that did not come from the poker game, and a ring with a /giant/ stone on it. All from his coat and pants pockets. Come to think of it those pants do have a /lot/ of pockets. — the valuables in question in A Magnet for Valuables

Trivia and Notes:

  • He is a magnet for valuables. Ch'rii is a GOOD thief, and any criminally-oriented character familiar with Igen's thieves will know about Ch'rii. He was trained by the best of them, a woman he refers to as his "mentor," Brihela.
  • Ch'rii drinks a bizarre drink at Jaya's; it steams. It's for his lungs.
  • He does a good job of disguising his lung troubles, but likely a lot of his wing know anyway.
  • He hums when entering and leaving the baths, but not always during his bath.
  • Ch'rii generally chooses to lunch at a table where he can watch the comings and goings of at least one staircase. He is often seen eating in the company of the other Renegades, especially Maura.
  • The entire Weyr knows he and Maura are dating. No. Really. There's no question to it.

Ch'rii's Logs


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