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Date: July 2nd, 2011
Location: Landing: Cove - Main Pier
Synopsis: Gaelene meets a Master Seacrafter and inquires about apprenticing.
Rating: G
Logger: Gaelene

The end of the main pier sways and creaks a little with the motion of the deep cove water around it and the larger harbor and ocean beyond the few protective, natural reefs. The wind is more noticeable here, as well, without any trees and such for it to break against. The water itself is dark and deep here without actually being murky.

Not long past the evening meal and the sun is beginning its descent past the horizon. The air has cooled down and there's a nice breeze coming off of the sea. At the end of the pier stands a strange individual… well, strange to some. Disconcerting to others. With eyepatch on — though some scarring is visible around it — Lyrinal gazes out towards the sea with her good eye. Hands, balled into fists, rest upon hips as the Seacraft master stands there. No boat sits nearby, so it is a kind of odd sight.

The pod of dolphins have just gone out to sea for the evening, telling the children pointedly that they should get out of the water now that it's getting dark. Gael complies, and heads over to the pier so she can watch them for as long as possible.

Perhaps it's these shipfish that have brought Lyrinal out this evening. For she does seem to track their departure through the waters with an interested gaze. The girl nearing the pier however is also given a studious look. "Are you the one who learned of their speech?" the Seacrafter asks once the girl is close enough to conversate.

Gaelene greets dutifully, with a polite, "Hello, Master." When addressed she appears fairly startled, but quickly recovers and adds, "Yes, ma'am."

There's a nod in response to the greeting, then a crinkling of brow that… might be a narrowing of the eyes? It's hard to tell when there isn't one eye. "I see," Lyrinal states, glancing back towards the departing pod. "What else have you learned about them?" It seems a genuine curiousity; there's no hint of mocking or malice to her tone.

Gaelene grins at the question. "Journeyman Xantin and I looked them up on the terminal. They are called "dolphins", spelled dee-oh-ell-pee-aich-eye-enn. They're mammals like us, and they came over in the first crossing, asleep like the humans. I still have a lot of the printout to sort through, but I'm mostly reading it only when I'm not in classes or when it's storming out so I can't play with them. I did memorize the bell codes, though. They used to have a bunch for different messages." She pauses to take a breath, then asks, "I have a question as well, ma'am, if you have some time?"

"Dolphins." Lyrinal repeats the word slowly, letting it roll around in her mouth as one may when tasting a new wine. She settles in contemplation of the rest; their being mammals and coming over on the first crossing. The question, however, draws her attention and that one good eye blinks at the child. "Yes?"

Gaelene takes another deep breath, then says, "I had always planned on being a Healer or a Computerer, but since the dolphins have been reintroduced, I was wondering what I would need to do or know to apprentice to the Seacraft?"

"Have you ever fished or sailed on a ship?" Lyrinal turns from watching the waters and the disappearing wakes of the departing pod. "I imagine you swim well enough. It is a hard craft, yes. Many long days spent in the sun, on the water, or in it. No sitting in a building away from the elements." Her lips quirk in a brief smirk. "As for those shipf-," she stops and corrects herself, "dolphins of yours… The craft has not fully decided yet. Too many old men far and away thinking it is just silly fancies." A pause and she glances skyward as she considers, before her voice softens as she looks back to Gaelene. "I believe, though, and I am the Master here in Landing."

Gaelene shakes her head to both questions, and says sheepishly, "I'd never even held a fish until a sevenday or so ago." She adds impishly, "I can hold them now without being squeamish. Much." She ponders the rest of what the Master says, and hmmmms. "So I would need to learn a lot, and if I got sent to the Mainland I might not even be able to interract with the dolphins?"

"Well, I did not say that," Lyrinal says, glancing back towards the waters. "If you were to go to the mainlands immediately… yes, likely so. The… dolphins are not seen so often there and would they… interact the same as they do here?" She gives a small shrug. "You would not have to go unless you wished or were made a Journeyman… which would be some time." She glances to the girl. "Perhaps we can see how you would do on a boat one day and you can decide if it is something you really wish… in exchange, I would like to meet these dolphins."

Gaelene hmmms. "I suppose the water is warmer here, maybe? I would have to ask them, but they're gone for the night." She also brightens at the offer and the request. "I would love to, and they'll be happy to meet you. They like everyone, even Master Jarvys."

There's a slight smirk at that. Lyrinal, like most posted to Landing, knows of Jarvys and his reputation. "Well, I suppose it will have to wait for daytime hours… You will have to send word to me when they would be willing to meet with me."

Gaelene nods. "I usually go out immediately after morning classes for a morning meeting. And often I get so busy that I'm out here through lunch, although I'm getting better about that. I think they would come any time I ring the bell with the emergency cadence, though for obvious reasons I'd just as soon not do it just any time."

Another furrow of brow and Lyrinal shakes her head slightly. "No, you do not want to do that just to summon them." She glances out to the waters. "Do they have leaders? Any.. technology?" She sounds rather skeptical at this point. "You said they came on the crossing… is it the same ones? Or later generations, like we are?"

Gaelene says, "They have a leader, but I've not met him yet. They call him "Tillek", and it sounds like it's a title rather than a name. I don't think they have technology… no hands to make things with." She notes, "They aren't the original dolphins from the crossing; another generation. I think Tillek is the oldest or something. They do keep track of things like lineage, but all in their heads."

"Tillek. Like the Hold… Hmm." Lyrinal nods slowly to herself, glancing to Gaelene again. "In their heads? Much like some traveling Harpers would when we still only had hides. Interesting. Why did we not know of these dolphins before, I wonder?"

Gaelene says, "I'm not sure, ma'am, but the first thing Dare asked me was where we went. I'm guessing he meant the second crossing — maybe thread took them so much by surprise that they didn't have time to tell the dolphins? And I think maybe they were waiting for the bell. I have heard Seacrafters talk about dolphins saving them in storms, though I'm not sure why the dolphins didn't talk to them then."

"Maybe they do and we don't realize it," Lyrinal says with a slight smirk. "They saved me, but I was barely conscious and most people didn't even believe that shipfish had saved me, let alone I thought I heard them talking."

Gaelene ahs. "Maybe. I guess during shipwrecks there are usually other things to think about." She does look intrigued, though. "How did they save you, ma'am? Was it like they lifted you out of the water like they do with the littler children, or did they take you for a fin-swim?"

"They must have lifted me," Lyrinal admits, shoulders moving in a small shrug. A hand lifts and touches absently at the scarring around her eyee. "I was… not entirely aware, after the broken mast hit me. When I try to remember, it's like a dream."

Gaelene winces. "Ouch — that must have hurt. Although if you were nearly unconscious, I wonder how else they think you would have gotten to safety?"

There's a small chuckle and Lyrinal glances to the waters. "Oh, the same way driftwood and the like ends up on the shore. It happens often enough, that someone survives such an ordeal. I know I was under a Healer's care for quite some time afterwards as it was."

Gaelene nods, her expression owing something to awe at the Seacrafter's story. "Do storms at sea always come to land? It almost seems like the sea is big enough that there are some which only ever happen there."

"No, not always," Lyrinal says with a brief smile. "Though sometimes the bigger ones do. Those are the ones that cause the most damage, because moving over the surface of the water only gives them strength."

Gaelene nods. "I can believe that, seeing what this last big one did. And some of the older people here say that it wa nothing compared to a couple of others which have happened. I wonder how dolphins make it through storms."

"I imagine the waters aren't as bad if you go deeper," Lyrinal says, thoughtfully. "Fish survive, yes? Perhaps being able to swim deep helps to avoid storms."

Gaelene mmmms. "That sounds probable. I really need to start studying that sort of stuff if I'm going to apprentice to the Seacrafters."

"We'll see how you do on a boat first," Lyrinal says with a brief grin. "No point in joining a craft if you can't handle the focus of it. Some folks just don't take well to riding on the water."

Gaelene nods, then cocks her head to listen to something. "I think it's dinnertime, and the pod's gone. Thank you for talking with me, ma'am."

There's a tilt of the head from Lyrinal. "When the pod can see me, send word for Master Lyrinal… or Master Lyra. Either works." She winks — or is that a blink? it's hard to tell with only one visible eye — at the girl and begins to amble her own way towards Landing proper.

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