Position Healer Sr. Apprentice (Eastern)
Former title(s) Healer Apprentice (Igen Weyr), Weyrbrat (Igen Weyr)
Sex Female
Age 17
Place of Birth Igen Weyr
Family father Unilis, mother Ichari, older brother Ch'rii
Faction Progressive
Portrayed By Leighton Meester
Journal thiefandahealer


Dark brown hair peppered with cinnamon falls in framing layers past this young woman's squared face and down towards the shoulderblades. Equally dark eyes are framed by thick brows and unblemished skin, culminating in a slightly lopsided smile. She is lean and tall, giving the appearance of someone who is careful about her fitness.

A purple caduceus stitched into the shoulders of solid cotton tunics in varying shades helps to alert people that she's a healer, accompanied by the more rugged tan wherhide pants that seem a staple of weyr life. Sturdy looking shoes with no-slip soles ensure she can traverse the infirmary or bowl in a hurry as well, without risking an untimely fall.

Character History

Charisli, called Isli or Sli for as long as she can remember, grew up at Igen Weyr. She is the second child of former dragonrider Ichari and her husband Unilis, ten turns after the birth of older brother Chariulin (now Ch'rii). The family didn't have much in the way of money, though by the time Charisli was old enough to notice much of anything, Ch'rii was bringing things home for her, passing off gifts to their parents — when she was around eight her brother was caught and Impressed instead of going to jail. A strange punishment, if you ask a sensible person, but youing Charisli was largely unscarred by it. It seemed normal. Entirely.

That didn't stop Ch'rii's stealing tendencies any. Or any of his /other/ criminal tendencies that Charisli really didn't know anything about, but other than the fact he sent her gifts, she was largely unaffected. At thirteen, she set out on her own at least somewhat, apprenticing under a Journeyman Healer at the weyr.

Training well and specializing in physical therapy, massage and other such rehabilitation efforts, Charisli has always been the avid healer. She even studied for six months under Ista's master rehabilitator Xantes. After the injuries to bluerider Maura's sister Miene had Ch'rii asking Sli to care for her, the girl followed Ch'rii, Maura and Miene back to Eastern where she joined the healers there, instead.

Trivia and Notes:

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Ch'rii: Her older brother is the only real constant in Charisli's life; for all that their father tries to be, he's much more caught up in his wife than his children. Ch'rii has always been there for her, and now she spends a great deal of time with him indeed, having moved to Eastern for the time being.

Maura: Charisli has come to really like her brother's girlfriend, and it does help that Maura is so close in age to her. (No, it doesn't bother her. Really.) She has a female friend she feels she can confide in in the bluerider, for all that half of what she ends up confiding about is things about her brother!

Miene: On the other hand, she thinks Maura's sister is a total pain. A total pain who needs mindhealing and may be redeemable, but a total pain.

Xantes: She idolizes the healer who essentially formed the specialty she has now found herself in. Imagine her delight when she found he and his mindhealing wife had transferred to Eastern! While she'll miss the chance at another trip to Ista, she's glad to get to be working with him now every day.

Memorable Quotes:

"And she — Sli — Charisli, my little sister — would sleep /on/ him. Apparently the huge vibrating dragon was actually soothing." — Ch'rii, here

Charisli's Logs


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