Portrayed By Emma Stone.
Position Journeyman Healer
Former title(s) Senior Apprentice (Healer Hall)
Candidate (Fort Weyr)
Apprentice (Healer Hall)
Sex Female
Age 24
Place of Birth Fort Hold
Family Jarvys (Father)
Usien (Mother)
Various Unknown Siblings
Single Known Brother
Faction Progressive

Character History

Cheusia would grow up not knowing her father, but she would always remember his name, unfortunately.

Her mother, Usien, was once a carefree woman who once had a time with a man and this man's name was Jarvys. The one time thing had lead to a permanent problem: Cheusia. The woman, surprisingly, was pregnant and then married off quickly to some cotholder in order to keep her family's good name. Cheusia was not treated as this man's daughter, privately, but publicly, they kept face. And then her brother was born a short few Turns later. Things grew worse for her and she eventually came to question her mother about why father had treated her so cruelly. The truth was revealed and the girl spoke not of it again, only querying her mother about her real father. She was met with no answers.

She did not grow up bitter or hateful, she simply grew until she was old enough to apprentice. Her mother's husband was the first to vote to send the girl to become a Healer to do them some good. She would be worth nothing in marriage he had once said and she packed and left a short few days later. Apprenticing was the best thing that had happened to her. She learned fast and grew quickly, becoming well known for her ability to pick things up. Though she was often punished for bluntly speaking her mind against the other Apprentices who struggled more than others. She had a quick wit and a sharp tongue, not always appreciated as a Healer, but she was one of the best students.

Search for Fort Weyr had came and she was snagged up without much protest, determined to learn new things while at the Weyr. It was an uneventful experience as she left the Sands alone, but she did learn plenty. She had briefly pondered dragonhealing before the idea faded for greater things. She had became quickly enamored in surgery when she was allowed to begin studying. Despite the fact that she would be cutting people open like meat, it fascinated her to great ends and she sought to learn more. Search never occurred to her since then.

She walked the tables at the age of twenty-one, and ever-eager to learn more. Despite her specialty being surgery, she is rounded in other aspects of her crafts as most Healers should be to assist in any healing that may be required in the Infirmary and is still learning. Her request to be transferred from the Hall was met with a swift approval, though she had not specified where she wanted to be placed… She was settled in Eastern Weyr, close to Landing where she may learn and where Healers would be greatly needed.


Nenienne : She gets along with this Journeyman as they arrived at the Weyr at the same time. They got to talking and she considers her a friend.

Rocio : The glowtender who gave her instructions. Believes her to be a nice woman.

Donal : Interesting, grumpy, man. He amuses her.

L'han : A gullible greenrider. Uncertain what to think of him, but certainly is amused by him.

Randi : The goldrider who stole the Starsmiths' coat. Excellent dragonhealer. She's curious to learn dragonhealing from the goldrider.

T'ryn : No real thoughts on the brownrider other than he's kinda weird.

Max : She fixed his nose by setting it properly. She finds him amusing, heavily so. Extremely fond of the Beastmaster, he's like a brother to her despite the heavy flirting/teasing they use to interact. She isn't afraid to share her thoughts with him and is currently heavily devoted to his happiness and being his favorite healer. She has fixed him up more times than one.

Jarvys : Her father. Awkwardness between the two. She treats him more as she would a professional, distant and respectful. There's no hate towards this man at least.

Kason : What once was a burning flame has been dampened and leaving the woman to pick the pieces up on her own. She isn't sure what she'll do if she ever sees his face again.

Bowen : What first was annoyance for the man's unwillingness to be her friend has blossomed into a slow moving romance/relationship. Despite his slowness and the fact that he doesn't use sweet whispered nothings or anything that is considered the norm for romancing, she's heavily attracted to him. His honesty is something she admires most. His respect is highly cherished. And the fact that he punched someone for thinking he was Kason amuses her. She is loyal to the tanner, without a doubt and would do anything for him. He is her man.

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