Portrayed By Rhona Cameron
Position Weyrling to Suosith
Former title(s) Candidate (Eastern Weyr), Fisher (Eastern Weyr), Kitchen Helper (Nerat), Holder (Nerat)
Sex Female
Age 18
Place of Birth Nerat Hold
Family Mother: Cilette; Father: Einan; Siblings: Ceinan, Cinetta, Eimon, Lienan, Lettie
Faction Neutral

Character History

Born in a small family cothold outside of Nerat, by the sea, Ciara's father was a fisherman and her mother a housewife. She left her birthplace when she was thirteen, seeking a change in scenery, and wound up as a kitchen helper at Nerat Hold proper. She was there for four Turns, before she got the itch for change again. After visiting Landing and meeting some of the new Eastern Weyr's riders, Ci managed to wrangle a new job at Eastern Weyr as a fisher.

It wasn't long after gaining this position that Ciara found her life taking another turn. While reporting to Randi about her progress at Landing, the (not entirely sober) junior Weyrwoman made the girl a candidate. Ci was surprised, but delighted - the latter even more so that she and Ahnika were both candidates for the two clutches.

It was near the time of the hatchings that Ciara and Leron shared a sweet moment together. He'd Impress a blue and she'd Impress a green - that was their "plan". And then Rauzath's clutch cracked shell, and Ci's fate was sealed. « Introductions must be made-ified, of course! I am Suosith. » She walked away from the hatching a gold weyrling, stunned, but in absolute love with her dragon. A few days later, Kaseth's eggs hatched, and Leron became L'ron, blue Balkrith's rider. Their plan hadn't quite worked out like they thought it would.


Ahnika: Ciara first met Ahnika when she was naked in a bath, and had forgotten her towel. Fortunately however, the two have gotten over an unusual meeting and have become firm friends.

F'min: Ciara's met him once, but the ex-seacrafter has her intrigued, especially given his fondness (and Voldrath's) for fishing. She's likely to be after more time with this guy.

L'ron: He and Ciara went fishing, which resulted in a fish in the bathing pools. The day of Rauzath's clutch's hatching, they had an interesting moment. Through weyrlinghood they maintained their relationship at an acceptable level to protect their young dragons, before finally moving in together after graduating.

Max: Ciara's met him once, and so far hasn't made the connection of how he's related to Ahnika, despite her initial suspicions. His bold ways made her blush, and she left in a bit of a flap.

M'zen: Ciara has met him only briefly, but, having heard more of his "charming" antics from Ahnika, is not particularly keen on the guy. She probably needs to spend more time with him to make her mind up on how she considers him.

Nenienne: Ciara has met Nenienne a number of times now, and likes the gemcrafter. She got a commission from her after graduation.

Randi: Ciara has a soft spot for the gold rider, seeing as she was the one who got her into Eastern Weyr, and also into lessons at Landing. She has a good amount of awe and respect for the rider, but Ci also wants to regard her as a friend. In reality, they're probably just acquaintances.

Memorable Quotes:

  • Randi: "I'm glad those Harpers teach you holder fish something useful, anyway." (From 'Fisher Ladywoman')

Trivia and Notes:

  • Ciara is neutral politically, leaning towards progressive. She could go either way, however, and I'm more than open to characters influencing her.

Ciara's Logs


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