Clash Of Minds


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Date: 2010.08.13
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lower Hatching Sands
Synopsis: The Candidates touch Rauzath's Clutch
Rating: G
Logger: Merendezen

The Lower Hatching Sands are laid open for all the Weyr to see, in stark contrast to the closed caverns at the north. A large, circular area, naturally heated by geothermic energy, these sands are kept perpetually warm. Because of the southern continent's mild climate, this bowl is the warmer of the two, though it is much more public.

Despite all that's happened, Rauzath and Alara realize that the cycle of a hatching must go on. And so it is that, since Rauzath has deemed the eggs hard enough to remove them from their sandy mounds and be exposed to the wet air, Alara summons all the available candidates into the open-air cavern to conduct an egg-touching. "Now, in the light of … " She is unable to continue for a moment, and decides for gentle euphemism. "In the light of … things, please be very careful how you walk and move around the eggs. She moves over to Rauzath's side, attempting to remind her and reassure her that the candidates are supposed to be there. Rauzath gazes down at the large group of young men and women and gives them a long, interested look. At this point, her eyes whirl between curiously blue and contented green, with just the barest hint of yellow warning them to beware her precious offspring.

Nenienne takes the lesson learned from Neythan at the last touching and tries bowing to Rauzath. She doesn't approach the eggs yet, either.

Standing there. She didn't twitch, instead Vanielle simply watched… the large dragon, the rider and finally te eggs. "Amazing…" she murmurs quietly, she wasn't even sure she spoke… She drew herself up, touching… things that would soon be able to interact with the world. It made her smiles.

Teallan is perhaps more excited than she needs to be. Even if she is trying very, very hard to keep from doing anything that might startle Rauzath. Her hands are clasped tightly before her and she watches Alara with wide eyes, bobbing head frantically in response to the directions. Even that isn't enough and the Harper-Candidate near quivers in excitement. She watches the others for various clues and follows suite from Nenienne, bowing to the dam of the clutch as well. Still, she waits for others to venture out before she herself does.

Standing amongst the other Candidates, Ahnika's hands are linked and folded together in front of her, her grey eyes showing mostly curiosity and reverence. Having already bowed her head and shoulders to Alara upon arrival, she dips her head deferentially to Rauzath now that she and the other Candidates have captured the gold dragon's attention. And then she returns to listening intently to the Senior Weyrwoman, nodding mutely at the instructions.

Isilna was busy doing chores when she was collared and directed to join the queue of candidates in the open-air area. Not having time to even wash her hands, she wipes them on the borrowed apron, promising herself that she'll wash it as soon as she can. Mellon carols a greeting to Rauzath as he cavorts with grace but only some appropriate solemnity above his mistress' head, the bronze firelizard quite pleased to be here. "Hush now, dearheart," Isilna says as she has him land on her shoulder and settle down. "Weyrwoman," she begins formally, remaining near the back of the gathering, "should I send my firelizard away, so as not to disturb things?" She doesn't bow, she curtseys with the trained grace that came with her former station, politely awaiting the answer, but then adding, "Or we can wait in the galleries, if you'd prefer."

Her first trip to the Sands, and it seems from this standpoint, the view is quite different indeed - the buried lumps so carefully described from the Stands are now in fact obvious eggs - Eggs which are stand there infront of Andi, waiting to be touched. Eyes dart nervously from eggs to gold, gold to Weyrwoman, and Weyrwoman to fellow candidates, before she's offering a graceful bow, the lanky young woman's head dipping in turn as she does so, a murmured 'yes'm' slipping from her lips as she's shifting lightly from foot to foot as she remains lingering near the back of the group of candidates, sparing a glance around her, clearly in search of someone - or something - else for this first experience.

Roused out of her sleep, tangled in veils and hair and exhaustion-strewn limbs, Rocio hastily roused herself and trotted after the main group of Candidates as they tromped toward the Sands. The veiled candidate did slow, perceptibly as they passed Kaseth's well-guarded clutch. There, really, Rocio spent the duration of the other Candidates' walking, in peering at what might be see of eggs, or lumps in the sands. So it's late that she arrives in here, fringing the other Candidates. Inky regard sparks from visible egg to egg, before settling on the gold dragon and her rider. Rocio also bows, before straightening. Then she'll clear away, step and step, so that she remains visible to all. There's a particular egg that Rocio takes some time in seeking out, and as yet, she does not see it.

Alara takes a long moment to converse with Rauzath about the little firelizard. "I think, Isilna, that he should be fine, as long as he is either on your person, or perched on something." Rauzath flicks a wing to indicate, and sends a message to confirm, that she considers herself an acceptable 'something' for the little guy to perch on. "It is your choice, though. And, no, you are here; I would appreciate it if you did participate." She gives a quick nod in return to those bowing. She starts to say something else, but a nudge from behind stops her words, and she just sighs her worry.

Merendezen somehow ended up falling behind the others, or, he's taking time to be as watchful as ever on his way over, listening and checking all those who enter the 'Sands before following after. Alara is greeted with a salute and Razauth is given a polite bow before he is taking a few steps forward to join the rest, looking to the eggs but not yet approaching.

Nenienne slowly approaches the Confetti by the Handful egg, watching Rauzath all the time, and begins to reach out for it.

Vanielle offers the respectfl bow, eyes meander from visible egg to visible egg. She tries to decide which to visit first, when they're allow.

Teallan draws in a breath and glances to Rauzath. "I might have some… information for you later," she says towards the gold, tone lighthearted. Definitely information of a more gossip sort, rather than anything pertaining to bad news. As the others fan out, she does the same and approaches near to the Molten Ball of Starlight Egg, reaching out slowly. Slowly, very slowly. Like she's almost fearful, but… well, the quivering shows she's just doing her best to be gentle. Finally, fingertips alight on the egg's surface.

Andi hesitates upon the edge of the Sands, even as Alara is once again addressing them, blue eyes slipping to Rauzath, before taking the gold's motion as an invitation. And even at that, she still lingers, watching as the other candidates step forward, each in their own turn. Gathering her nerves, steeling her stomach, and talking a long look to Zen, she's slowly stepping forwards, offering another bow to Alara and her lifemate before she's pausing, standing awkwardly infront of the Ancient Canyon Treasure Egg, not touching yet, merely looking with a look of disbelief.

Isilna nods to the instructions given her, and looking at the wee bronze, and with a gentle flick of her hand, she sends him aloft again, the silly but useful creature chittering with pride as he wings over the clutch, well above the eggs. With rather too much flourish, considering the mortified expression on his mistress's face, Mellon alights right on Rauzath's head and then leans far far over to peer into her eye like a demented wherry. He gives her a most respectful chirrup before settling in to watch the candidates and the queen's eggs. Isilna remains back, slowly approaching the clutch, trepidation creeping up on her face. She pauses to watch how the others do it, from the ones with hesitation constantly checking Rauzath's reaction, to the one next to her pretending indifference.

Ahnika continues to stand and wait with barely contained patience, until she's sure the preliminary instructions are completed and the group has been given the go-ahead to proceed. Even in her curious excitement, however, she knows better than to go running through the sands touching eggs. She moves forward at an easy, cautious pace, her attention wandering between the eggs and the gold dragon at various times, respectfully. But in the end it is the red-hued egg, Red as Love, that captures her attention the most initially and she quietly closes the distance to it, reaching out to touch it gently.

Nenienne closes her eyes as she touches the egg, sighing blissfully, and actually smiling — a genuine happy smile.

Merendezen grins widely at Andi as she looks in his direction, no longer pausing as he takes a step forward to approach an egg. The Sugared Sapphire Egg is considered, up close before his is touching it with a gentle hand, waiting.

Ahnika's face breaks into a sweet smile, one bespeaking of endearment and simple pleasures as she rests her hand on the red egg, and then withdraws slowly, staring at it a long moment afterward, her expression exuding reverence once more.

Vanielle eyes move from egg to egg around the clutch as a whole, trying look between the gold, and then slowly proceeding. Vanielle approaches the Ancient Canyon Treasure egg, andreaches out slowly with a delicate had towards the colorful egg..

"Afternoon, Merendezen," Rocio's also murmurs, perhaps as a warning as the slight woman edges around the lad, to head toward the egg, unoccupied for the moment. It's the Geode egg that Rocio seeks, and that one, with a moment of hesitation, she'll draw a delicate caress across.

Andi glances in each direction carefully, gaze resting on each candidate and their chosen egg in turn, before her gaze is turning to the violet hues of the shell that stands infront of her. And then, with Vanielle approaching the ovoid as well, Andi's quickly losing her nerve and slipping away, finding herself in the empty area around the Gold Rush egg, holding her breath as her fingers brush against the top of the shell. "Well.." She whispers to herself, to keep from changing her mind.

Teallan grins briefly. A fierce, fascinated grin. Her eyes don't close. No, instead, she watches the egg intently. "Wow," the young woman breathes, leaning in slightly closer to the ovoid. Her fingertips shift, flexing, until the palm of her hand settles upon the egg. "You will, yes," the Harper continues. "To much song and dance," she says with a brief flare of laughter. An almost tinny sound, the way it rises and falls in the near silence of the rest of the Sands.

Nenienne finally removes her hand and moves over to a nearby egg, the glowing like moonstone Smooth as Glass one. With only a hint of hesitation she reaches out and rests her hand on the shell.

Murmuring more to herself, obviously awestruck, "Amazing," Ahnika stares at the red egg another moment longer. Then she offers a curious glance for others and their own reactions, before finally Ahnika steps cautiously away from the crimson egg and moves on to the next one.

Isilna was instructed to participate, so she'll participate. Her movements are smooth, considered, and definitely hesitant, almost excessively careful. She waits until one of the eggs is available and moves carefully to the Juicy Fruit egg. Encouraged by another chirp from her firelizard, she bridges the gap and silently brushes her fingertips across the shell. She knows that they wouldn't've been allowed here if a mere touch could damage an egg, but she's taking no chances. Her expression has a hint of the wonder that most holders would have to actually touch a dragon's egg. After a swift check to ensure Rauzath's still where she was, she daringly places her whole palm on the egg and just holds it there.

Alara watches amusedly, interested in the faces and comments of those looking at the eggs. It always interests her how much the eggs vary, and it seems that this time is no exception. Rauzath gives an amuzed snort, flicking her eyelid closed and then open again, to play a sort of peek-a-boo with her haberdashery. It keeps her attention at least somewhat away from the 'invading' masses. However, she does focus at least some attention on the moving people.

Merendezen gives Rocio a polite nod at her greeting, offering a smile before his attention returns fully to the egg. The feeling is offered an instant look, his hand pulling back instantly. He considers the egg a moment longer but does not reach out again, stepping towards another egg, waiting for a moment before approaching the Eternal Flame Contained Egg and his hand comes to rest gently upon the shell.

Vanielle stands there seeming to wait for a long moment, starring at the egg for a long long time, not quiet zoning out but cleary focuses. She raises her head, and turns to look around. Others were moving. She quietly makes her way towards the Smooth as Glass egg curiously. The others were so beautiful like… a dream, but the white ovoid was her focus now.

"Ahnika." Rocio calls out in subdued alto, "What was it like? That egg? What did you feel?" The shorter woman casts a glance over to the red egg, before she tracks Merendezen's progress to the next egg. Rocio has cleared the space between herself and that first egg she has touched, and shifts her feet in the warm sands; perhaps no one will notice the somewhat one-footed lean.

Fingers snap back suddenly from the shell as there's a feeling, a sensation, a flash of something forming in her mind, the Holder's daughter's eyes going wide as Andi stares at the shell, quite as if she'd just been bitten. Continuing to eye it out of the corner of her eye, she slowly backs away, hand still extended. "I… It.." She whispers softly to herself, hand slowly curling into a loose fist at her hand. A deep breath and she looks around her as her fellows continue to move, and she's forcing herself to move onwards, returning to that violet shell, fingertips resting a little more surely on the Ancient Canyon Treasure Egg.

Nenienne steps back from the egg, not as if startled or dismayed, just that her turn is over. She looks to see where the others are before moving off.

"It'll be interesting to see you," Teallan says softly, stepping away from the Molten Ball of Starlight Egg with a final fond pat upon its surface. She moves gingerly amongst the eggs, doing her best to contain her excitement and not do anything that might cause problems. Like trip and fall. Or be too exhuberant. She finally comes up near the Gold Rush Egg and considers it a moment, glancing to the others to gauge their own reactions to their eggs before she touches it gently.

The frown that is passing over Andi's face seems to be visual proof that perhaps it was a poor choice for her to make a second attempt with, the young woman sighing softly as her hand is pulled back again, and she shakes her head, shuffling away from the shell before she's standing almost stupidly in the middle of the path way, turning and following the progress of one, then the next, feet rooted to the ground. "Now what.." She softly inquires to herself, even as she sighs, looking nervous as she tries to decide.

The egg she was aiming for next being taken by Zen, Ahnika chooses to move on, not wanting to crowd it, especially after what happened recently. And so, Ahnika nears the picture of Sugared Sapphire egg with that same muted awed excitement, and standing close but not too close, she turns her attention to Rocio as she hears her name, and grins at her, giving a brief wave and contemplating it a moment before saying with a nod, "A celebration," she says simply, "A reminder that life shouldn't be taken too seriously." Something Max has said to her among others. Then she returns her attention to the egg before her reaches out her hand for it, resting it there upon Sugared Sapphire reverently for a moment.

Vanielle Takes a few moments to walk around the egg slowly, her fingers never leaving the Smooth as Glass's shell. "You're a interesting one." she says softly to the shell, and then she looks around. Was it ok to talk to them? She seems to check around her for others doing the same.

Merendezen takes a breath, deep and slow, eyes closing for a moment before he chuckles. "Not ready." He answers the silent question, not hesitating to speak and quite clearly convinced that the egg can hear him. He approaches the Confetti By The Handful Egg next, curious and leaning to place a hand gently upon the shell.

Nenienne finally makes her way over to the recently vacated Convex Geode egg, silently and solemnly placing her hand on the shell.

Teallan's brow furrows as her fingertips drift over the egg. As if she's trying to understand something, perhaps. After another brief moment, she steps back. "Well," the woman says simply, perhaps not quite sure what to say. She turns slowly, regarding the others. Perhaps trying to decide where to go next.

In her turning, her consideration, Andi's gaze slips over Zen, hesitating on the young man for a moment where he lingers over the egg, and with a bit of quiet urging to herself, she's setting her feet into motion, shuffling as she slips to the side of the Love is Red Egg, fingers once more tentatively brushing over the curved shell, lingering lightly, ready to snatch her hand away at a moment's notice. "What are you.."

Isilna's brows pucker as she looks down at the egg, and her face retains that thoughtful look on it as she rises to her feet again and makes her way to another egg, this one being the Sugared Sapphire egg. Her movements are more fluid, slightly less hesitant, but still respectful. And she still needs another croon from Mellon to get her to touch this one. However, she waits her turn patiently, her gaze shifting from face to face, smiling hesitantly to a couple of the candidates she's met, but still seemingly very uncertain of herself.

A silent nod to Ahnika's estimation, seems to send Rocio into motion again. She pads around the eggs, but finds herself sidestepping more Candidates than eggs. The woman sidles over to the edge of the rough collection, tugging her veil over her features a bit more, and turning to watch the gold dragon and the firelizard.

Vanielle smiles at the other candidates. She's observing the others, and then then the gold dragon, turning her attnetion back to the eggs. She begins to approach the Juicy Fruit egg with a big grin on her face. "Aren't you a pretty one?" she asks the egg in a cheery voice. "So bright and colorful." She reaches out a hand, and falls silent a moment to focus.

Rauzath will add her soft crooning to the firelizard's, encouraging them. After all, it appears they are very polite and deferential. Teallan's words are not forgotten, and she playfully tracks the young former harper for a while, perhaps unseating the bronze on her head from time to time.

"Oh," Ahnika breathes with a wistful and touched expression, her grey eyes studying the surface of the egg where her hand rests. "Ohhh," she says again even more softly, and then swallows visibly, managing not to actually drool on herself. And then she blinks a few times before withdrawing her hand and staring at the Sugared Sapphire egg for a long moment before shaking herself a little out of it and stepping back and looking around for the next available egg. She clears her throat, though, obviously more than a little stunned by that one, and while others have the space to take in this egg, she isn't quite ready to move onto her next one, choosing to stand there and absorb it a little longer, instead.

Merendezen removes his hand from the egg, letting out a soft huff. Clearly he is not pleased. Instead, he turns a look towards Andi, watching her for a moment before pushing forward. He approaches the Gold Rush Egg, cause hey. He's curious why Teallan reacted as she did.

The soft croon from Rauzath is enough to draw Andi's attention away from the red shell infront of her, her hand still lingering above the curving top. Blinking across the distance at the gold, the Boll-bred young woman is looking rather sheepish, biting her lip as she slips away, twining in and out of the clutch, eying some of those eggs still more covered than not, trying to figure out what identifying information she can, before she's finding herself face to fa- er.. shell, with the Molten Ball of Starlight Egg, catching sight of Zen at the first egg she dared touch before she's closing her eyes, and holding her breath as fingers brush the curves.

Teallan notices Rauzath at one point and winks at the gold, giggling a little to herself. "I'll tell you later! I can't share in front of /everyone/," she says at one point. She finds herself near the Smooth as Glass Egg and slowly reaches out to touch it, fingertips still light. Perhaps not as light as the start, but she's still gentle in her attentions.

Nenienne tries something new; instead of just resting her hand on the Convex Geode egg, she actually moves her hand in a circling motion, gently rubbing the shell.

At the first response from the egg infront of her, Andi's brow furrows, and slowly but surely her hand begins to flatten out, even the palm of her hand lightly settled on the ovoid. A soft hum, and she lingers for another moment, forehead still wrinkled as she slips away from the shell, nervously glancing at Alara as she edges her way towards Zen, reaching for his arm only once he's safely away from the shell. Blushing a bit, certainly confused by her current experience, she whispers softly. "Z-Zen.."

At length, Rocio spies another egg that seems less patronized by the Candidates, and she issues forth toward that rather bold-hued orb. She takes her time, though, feet lifting quite clear of the steaming sands, one step at a time, while she watches the other Candidates, and tries to mark their reactions. Then she's there, at the Canyon egg, russets upon oranges. A brush of lightest touch, respectful, against that which separates her from the entity within.

Finally getting her wits and breath about her again, Ahnika moves on next to the Eternal Flame Contained egg, approaching it slowly before placing her hand gingerly upon its surface.

"Thanks," Teallan says softly towards the Smooth as Glass egg, but it's a gentler reaction than to the other egg. Much more so. She smiles faintly and steps away, drifting in amongst the eggs again. Perhaps nearer to Rauzath. Will she reveal her gossip today? Maybe! Likely later, though, considering the glances she casts to the others.

Isilna straightens up once more, and this time, she takes a moment and wipes the heel of her hand across her face, for there is moisture on her cheeks for a moment. Meanwhile, Mellon peers across the open space to the harper, twisting his head around so he can get a good look at who would address a dragon. The bronze firelizard exchanges a pleasantry with the queen he's perched upon, wings folded to his back easy as you please. Isilna passes by the egg she'd touched earlier as she slowly approaches the Gold Rush egg, since others seemed to stop there as well. Her motions are still studied, but still a little easier than before.

Merendezen chuckles almost darkly at the egg his lips curling into an easy grin before his attention is turned away to Andi as she approaches, stepping away from the shell as she reaches for his arm. An affectionate pat is given upon her head. "It's alright, Andi…" He offers, giving the woman a grin. "Keep going at it?" He moves to approach the Juicy Fruit egg, with or without Andi attached to his arm and the free arm's hand is used to gently touch the egg.

Nenienne also backs away from this egg, then glances at the firelizard perched on Rauzath's head, her expression amused. She seems in no rush to head to another egg yet, just watching the others fir the time being.

Alara snorts at Rauzath's and Teallan's sort of 'conversation.' "You silly thing," she chides cheerfully. "Well, as long as your duties don't prohibit it, I'd appreciate that news. She'll not forget, and be bothering me about it, for as long as draconic memory allows." Her tone is droll. Thanks a lot. Rauzath replies in kind to Mellon, a secondary 'conversation' between the two beginning.

"I.. I don't understand it.. Them." Andi whispers under her breath to the young man, blushing as she admits it, sparing a glance at the other candidates, starting to ask another question. And then, he's moving on, her hand remaining on his arm for a long moment, squeezing it gently before she eventually lets go, slipping away to allow Zen some peace while he experiences what the eggs have to offer. Biting her lip, she pauses finally at the Convex Geode Surprise egg, one, then two, then three fingertips ending up on the shell.

Stepping back from the egg, Rocio looks at the Canyon egg, then the Geode one, and back again. She rubs her fingertips together, then lightly dusts them off on the hem of her shirt, oblivious to who might be watching her. As voices finally murmur, and the sound of crunched sand and moving bodies creates a sort of white noise, Rocio steps clear of that egg and takes another long survey of which eggs might lie unvisited.

Like something hit her hard, Andi's gasping, mouth hanging slightly ajar as she hurriedly backs away from the shell, staring at the Geode egg with a look of confusion, though a hint of familiarity lingers there in blue eyes as well. Glancing at the other eggs, and then back at the most recent, she's shaking her head, "C-Can't." She whispers, before she's slipping quietly towards Alara, a little bow and a bob of her head. "May I.. May I be excused, Weyrwoman ma'am?" She asks politely, even though her eyes are settled on Alara's feet instead.

Teallan gleams, a little, at Alara. "I'll come between breakfast and when my chores begin tomorrow," she promises. "I usually have a small gap there." She hovers a bit, seeming to be waiting for a particular egg to clear perhaps. Or just watching the reactions of others. She blinks rapidly at Andi's reaction, eyebrow's raising somewhat.

"For certain, Andromeda. Are you well?" Alara worries about these candidates. "The emotions and sensations that come from the little ones can often be … overpowering. You may go rest for a candlemark or two, to clear your mind, if it will help." She gives a benign smile. It can be a lot to deal with.

Merendezen considers the egg with a wrinkle of his nose, pulling his hand away quickly. Green eyes flicker quickly to Andi, watching her with a concerned frown but making no move to follow her. Only a very slight smile is given before he considers the eggs he has not touched, leading him to the egg previously touched by Andi. The Convex Geode Egg. Curiosity and concern bring him to place his hand gingerly upon the shell.

"Y-Yes ma'am." Andi is quickly hoping to reassure the Weyrwoman, sparing a long glance back at the egg, spotting Zen there now, before she's offering a shy smile at Alara. "It.. They just caught me off my guard, ma'am." She offers in explanation, even as she's backing up with another graceful bow to the Senior and her lifemate. "Too familiar.." She whispers to herself as she goes, off to find somewhere in the Weyr that she can sit and think, and determine which thoughts are truly her own.

Isilna pauses once as Andi reacts strongly to one of the other eggs, her fingers mere inches from the Gold Rush egg's shell. Worry crosses her features, and even Mellon's eyes shift color, the greens and blues melding with a little bit of yellow. Not strong worry, but not complete contentment either. The Bendenite looks up at her friend for a moment, then lets her fingers briefly skitter across the shell of the egg. A touch, but little more, as others are awaiting their turns. With a nod to the next candidate waiting to touch the egg, Isilna continues on her journey through the clutch.

Nenienne is closest to the Gold Rush egg, and nods politely in reply to Isilna. She doesn't automatically step up to the egg, though, instead watching Andi with obvious concern. Eventually, though, she does reach out, this time leaving her hand splayed and still on the shell.

Still more or less off in her own world, Ahnika smiles softly at the Eternal Flame Contained as she touches it and finds connection of a sorts. "Me too," she murmurs to the egg and gives the shell a fond stroke before withdrawing and stepping away. She only seems belatedly to have caught Andi's reaction to the egg and frowns at the departing girl in concern for a moment before looking around to determine her next course.

Merendezen gives the egg a thoughtful look, furrowing his brow and considering it. Andi is given a brief look once more as she departs and then he steps away, his movements eventually leading him to Love is Red Egg and his hand gingerly touches the shell.

Teallan watches Ahnika for a moment and seems to decide that will be her next stop. She sidles on up and looks over the Eternal Flame Contained Egg before reaching out gently to touch it. "Hello," she greets softly.

Nenienne hmmmms, looking somewhat puzzled, if intrigued. She lingers at the egg until another candidate ahems, then steps away, deep in thought.

Isilna seems to be troubled by whatever she felt from the egg she just left, and she takes awhile before she gathers herself to go to another egg. In fact, she seems to be bracing herself for the one that Andi had a reaction to. Taking a deep breath, she squares her shoulders, lifts her chin, and gently but firmly places her hand on the Geode egg.

As Zen steps away from the egg Andi had a reaction to and moves onto another, Ahnika considers it from a distance briefly. But she isn't ready to see what it's about just yet. Instead, she cautiously threads her way to Juicy Fruit and reaches out to lightly press her hand against the shell there.

Teallan smiles distantly and closes her eyes, letting this egg take her a bit. She leans in towards it a little, tilting her head as if she could try to listen. "So much to learn," she murmurs under her breath, lingering for just a moment longer before stepping away. The young woman draws in a long breath and looks to Alara and Rauzath. "I… I think I'd like to rest now myself, please?"

Merendezen gives a nod of approval to this egg, thoughtful once more as his hand is gingerly removed from the shell. A look to the rest that have not been touched before he drifts quietly to the Smooth as Glass egg. He doesn't rest his hand down instantly, turning to consider the rest still present before his hand is placed.

Rocio picks her third egg to touch, with the same deliberation that marked her other two choices. This time, she'll cross over toward the Molten Starlight egg, and with a glance toward those who are traipsing off the sands, lay an easy hand on its shell.

Isilna tilts her head to the side and then looks toward where Andi had gone. She hadn't caught that whisper toward the end, but her puzzlement is greater now, and she sends a mental command to her firelizard to stay where he is, after he'd unfurled his wings to come to her. "I do not understand," she finally states, her eyes trailing those who are departing, but not yet getting ready herself. "But then I suppose, there's many things I don't understand," she adds gloomily.

Alara nods, and makes a general statement. "If you need to leave, if the sensations become more than you can bear at the moment, feel free to go ahead and rest for a while, if that will help. "

To this, the Juicy Fruit egg, Ahni merely smirks, shaking her head, still awed, though not seemingly as quite affected as she was with the previous two eggs she's touched. She steps back, noticing another candidate wanting to touch it, and nods once before moving on through the eggs to find another.

Merendezen laughs and shakes his head, pulling back. "Not soothing at all." He considers, taking a breath and stepping away from the rest of the eggs for a moment. He remains towards the side, watching the candidates and eggs with a careful expression.

Nenienne had been moving toward the silvery egg, but notices Rocio heading to it. She ponders for a few moments, then carefully approaches and touches the Love is Red egg.

This achromatic egg gets Rocio's full attention, and her hands splay on the shell, the second joining the first, as if to soak up some of what might be felt in there. Finally becoming aware again of the cavern without, she'll send a quick, unconscious nod of respect to the egg and release contact, to step back. Drawing a deep breath, Rocio closes her eyes for a long moment, before she'll mark the location of this egg with respect to the rest. Definitely one to watch.

Nenienne steps back, murmuring mostly to herself "That's the most alien yet. But at least it wasn't warning me away." She is beginning to sweat heavily now, but seems loathe to leave the sands, looking in turn at the eggs she hasn't touched yet.

As Ahnika moves on, she nods to Alara, dipping her head a bit in respectful acknowledgement before noticing that another candidate is leaving the side of the Ancient Canyon Treasure egg. She gives it a moment, perhaps for fear of overwhelming the eggs, and then she closes the few steps distance and rests her hand on Ancient Canyon Treasure.

Isilna once more moves forward to lightly brush her fingertips against the Smooth as Glass egg, her brows smoothing out much like the shell of the ovoid her fingers are marching across. She continues running her fingers over the shell as if it might suddenly reveal some crack or mar.

In trade with Nenienne, Rocio turns toward the Love is Red egg as she clears the silvery one. The veiled woman reaches to again adjust the cloth that hides her features, and re-tuck the ends in. Then she's pacing long way around a glut of female Candidates around one of the eggs that has traces of gilded gold in its shell. Rocio's bare fingers come in contact with the sanguine shell, instead.

Merendezen considers the others, searching for reactions from them and looking to Nenienne for her reaction, but nothing more as he moves to place his hand upon the Molten Ball of Starlight Egg, curious.

Brief lilting laughter comes from Ahnika at this Ancient Canyon Treasure egg and she rubs the shell gingerly but fondly as a mother or nanny might pat the head of a little. "Every day," she murmurs to it softly, "Something new and special every day." And then she shakes her head a bit and steps away, withdrawing her hand at the same time and taking in a steadying breath before moving on to the rest of the eggs. She does seem a little worn out from the experience, but not quite ready to go and rest yet.

Isilna wrinkles her nose and then rubs it, as if she smells something a bit funny, or acrid. Another candidate gives her a questioning look, and she smiles faintly, slowly beckoning the other to take her place. Patiently, she pads to another egg she hasn't touched yet and this time, her fingers skitter across the Ancient Canyon Treasure egg, just as another girl touches it. Isilna, with the practice of many turns, ignores the glare shot to her by the other girl, taking up her allotted time as she perceives it and no more. She brushes sand off her borrowed apron as she straightens up and gracefully gestures for the other girl to take whatever time she needs.

Rocio hisses, pulling back her hand and wiping it, repeatedly, against the rough cloth of her leg. Her movement may convey a sense of urgency, as she takes two quick steps back and away from the vibrant red egg. Now, for the first time, Rocio seems rattled, and she'll wrap her arms around herself, taking a few more paces to clear her immediate space of the eggs.

Nenienne glances over as Rocio reacts. "That egg was somewhat disturbing for me as well," she notes. She patiently waits for the next egg she's staked out to free up.

Rauzath is starting to get a little antsy, and begins to whuff down at Alara, lowering her head, trying not to dislodge Mellon between her 'knobs. Alara notices this, and nods. "Alright, candidates, we need to tie this up soon. She is starting to…feel the need to shift them around again, and she won't do that with anybody else here but me. I'm sorry to cut this short. You all were very well behaved."

Nenienne nods, glancing over at the first egg she touched, the opalescent one, but doesn't make a move toward it. Instead she says politely "Thank you Weyrwoman, Rauzath. The eggs are wonderful."

Ahnika was headed toward the Convex Geode egg next when the Senior Weyrwoman announces the end to this touching. Trying to hide her disappointment, Ahnika nods simply and heads back over to the entrance. Only once she has cleared all the eggs does she turn and bow her head and shoulders to Alara and Rauzath, "Thank you for the honor." She speaks respectfully, but somewhat quieted by her experiences here today.

Merendezen steps back from the egg, considering and letting out a soft sound, eyeing the egg a moment before he carefully takes another step back. Alara speaks and his attention returns to the Weyrwoman, a smile is given as well as a polite nod before another bow is dipped. "Thank you." And then, he's drifting out. Lost in thought once more.

Isilna frowns in Rocio's direction, concern warring with indecisiveness as she touches the Ancient Canyon Treasure egg, or rather completes her touching thereof. Once more straightening up, she brushes off the borrowed apron and skirt and moves away from the eggs before reiterating her original curtsey. "Thank you both for the opportunity," she says quietly, a signal causing Mellon to give Rauzath a warm farewell before launching himself up in a wide arc over the eggs, alighting neatly on Isilna's shoulder again.

Rocio drops her head in acceptance of Alara's words, and turns to bow to both queen and Weyrwoman again, before she'll begin to evade eggs and other bodies on the sands, to the firmer ground beyond. No words. No extra looks. She just heads off, as directed.

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