Eastern Weyr's Clutches

Eastern's Second PC Clutch

Randi's Kaseth x E'ro's bronze Yzuruth
August 28, 2010
IC date unknown, but the day after Rauzath x Erikath below

Rio (Rocio) and Watchful Shieldmaiden Gold Eovarijath
K'din (Kaladien) and Happily Hyper Desert Blue Jinith
L'ron (Leron) and A Cunning Plan Blue Balkrith
Isilna and Charles In Charge Blue Orteith

L'don and High King Lion's Brown Narsalath
Belira and Born Before Time Blue Sauth

Eastern's First PC Clutch

Alara's Rauzath x J'cobi's bronze Erikath
August 28, 2010
IC date unknown
Egg Images

Ciara and Pretty in Pink Gold Suosith
M'zen (Menderezen) and Boisterous and Brassy Bronze Tuorth
J'ret (Jaret) and Fierce and Free Painted Bronze Uallath
Uveline and Lady with the Lamp Green Enceth
Ahnika and Trial by Fire Green Jhath

A'kon and Rotundly Maternal Candy-Apple Green Ranuth
P'ret and Awkwardly Intelligent Scholarly Blue Kidath
V'tol and Devilishly Dusty and Defiant Brown Wreth

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