Code Names And Handshakes


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Date: 2010.08.07
Location: Eastern Weyr: Beast Cavern
Synopsis: Che and Max get to plotting various things. Namely things involving code names and handshakes.
Rating: PG-13ish
Logger: Cheusia

Sweeping upwards from the tunnel's entrance at the easternmost end, this cavern arches well over the heads of its inhabitants; both two- and four-legged. Wooden stalls and pens have been built in rows. Two rows are built into the north and south walls and two are back-to-back down the center, leaving two aisles up and down. Each animal enclosure is spacious, well-built and solid; the whole place smells of new timber and sawdust, with the subtle undertones of leather, animal and hay. The western end opens out into the feeding pens and from there into the upper bowl. The opening is large enough to allow a decent amount of sunlight to enter the cavern, but not quite big enough to allow the adult dragons inside.

In steps Che, dressed as prim and proper as always, hair done up in a rather tight woven bun rather than the braid that it's normally in. Grey eyes are searching as she walks through before she's dipping into the office without knocking. Because she's cool like that. "Max!" Hi!

Max, for a change, does not have his feet up on his desk, but instead poring over stock reports from a nearby hold, a heavy frown in place as he mutters to himself. Che's greeting obviously comes as welcome relief as he's standing to his feet almost immediately to meet her at the door with a kiss to cheek and a warm, "Che, you come as if sent by Faranth herself." An arm opening to extend invitation to the chair opposite his at the desk.

Cheusia laughs as Max is instantly up, returning the kiss on the cheek as her grin suddenly grows wider. "She has sent me. With a message… Take a break. You're working too hard." The invitation to the seat is met with a nod before she moves to settle herself there. "How is my favorite Beastmaster doing?"

Laughter flows for Che's comeback, Max turning a cocky grin over to her as he takes up his own chair once she's seated, "Bring candy? Because that might have me considering taking a break." Teasing. Leaning back in his chair, hands lacing together over his stomach, a short chuckle makes an appearance and then he's setting a rueful look onto the healer, "Learning that being a good boy, isn't always that…good?" by return, "And you darlin'? How's that journeyman fellow, hmm?"

"For you? Yes. I always seem to have some candy in my pocket when I come to visit you." Che teases, shifting to snag it and offering it out to the other. A skeptical look is given to the man, brows lifting as green eyes search his face. "Oh? How is being a good boy not working out for you?" The question has her cheeks instantly turning red and she laughs. "Well… He came to see me and we were locking lips in the Infirmary. I'll probably try and go see him later and hope my father doesn't catch me with one of his Journeymen."

The offered candy is taken up with a crooked grin and popped in his mouth. Talking around the sweet, Max shrugs awkwardly and then tries to make light of the question put to him, "You heard the rumours about the beast manager and the candidate, aye? Trying to make sure those don't come into being." Che's blush however, draws a chuckle from him, "You liiike him!" teasing much like a younger brother would and then frowning lightly, "Why would it matter to him who you were seeing? Not like he's shown much interest in your life before now?"

"Mm. That. Well, she only was puking cause of the concussion. Damn fools all making assumptions about the poor girl because of that incident. Bunch of idiots… Besides, it's not like a trip between won't fix the whole thing." Che points out easily before cheeks go darker. "He… He confuses me so much! He came just to tell me he thought my eyes were pretty. Who does that?!" She tosses her hands up before giving him a shrug. "Because… He doesn't like women. I only have his respect right now because he considers me smart in my craft, despite not approving of what specialty I'm in… I don't want him to think of me poorly, as odd as it may sound. My brother's father… He never saw a use for me, told me that constantly. I hate him… I was so happy that he sent me away to be an apprentice."

"Aye, I know it was just idle gossip but there ain't no way I'd ever put her through that," a trip Between, "Saw up close what it does to a woman and…" shaking his head firmly on that note. Not going to happen. He'd far rather focus on that delightful blush that Che's got going on. Chuckling low in response, "They are pretty. The man clearly has taste." With more sincerity and gently put, "You want him to like you, darlin'?" Max's expression hardens a touch, "You don't got to prove yourself to him as a father, only as a Master. He lost that right," to be viewed as a father, "When he walked away from you." Leaning forward in his chair, the beast manager reaches a hand across the desk, seeking to offer it the healer as comfort, "Listen up darlin'. You are an intelligent, accomplished, beautiful woman. It is the loss of those sods that can't see it. Not your blame to hold onto, aye?"

Cheusia gives him a look, "you're a good man, Max." She smiles and gives him another look, nose wrinkling. "You're both crazy." A pause, thoughtful as she considers his question. "I think I want him to…" His statement earns a shrug, "I don't think he knew… Mother never told me about what led up to them happening. Apparently it was a one time thing and…" She trails off, looking at his hand and then taking it gingerly. "I want to prove to him as a Master. I'm proud of what I do…" Her head bows slightly and she avoids meeting his gaze. "Sometimes I get insecure, but normally, I know who I am most of the time to avoid feeling this way. Men who don't think women deserve a place in their Crafts are still around, and I've been more than happy to kick 'em where it hurts. Sometimes it gets to me."

Max looks a little perplexed by Che's comment, "I'll own up to crazy, but Ahnika?" Guess where his mind seems to live these days if the obvious misunderstanding is anything to go by. His confusion slipping away to be replaced by a warm smile, "Then let him, Che. Live life, remember?" winking. Fingers wrap around the healer's and press a re-assuring grip to her hand, "Then show him you're the best damn journeywoman, or man, this side of Between, aye? But not because you're feeling less than him or your male counterparts. But because you're just that damned good!" Releasing her hand now his own retreats back to his, dragging a length of half braided strand of runnertail with it. Keeping his eyes -firmly- down and onto his hands as they begin to weave midnight black together with lighter bay shades, "Been wondering…is Between the only answer, or…" oh lookie who all's looking shy for a change, "are there other ways of prevention." That being better than cure.

"Oh, no. Not your girl. You and Kason are crazy. Eyes are just eyes." Che points out, giving him a look before leaning back in her seat. "I'll let him. I'm living it… Cause I swear I never would've kissed someone in the Infirmary before meeting you." She teases, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. "I will. Thank you, Max… It's nice to hear from someone else now and then." She gives him a curious look at his behavior once he pulls back, brows lifting. "Well…" She trails off, thoughtful. "I've heard of a mixture of herbs that might prevent it… But, I couldn't tell you if it worked. We have another healer here, she might know more about it… Eissa." She shifts, rising to place a hand on his head and ruffling his hair. "Don't be afraid to ask me about that stuff, silly."

Chuckling and shaking his head as Che clarifies, "Oooh no darlin'. Eyes are not just eyes. Not when you womenfolk turn them on us poor helpless sods in the way you do." Aaand there comes that cocky grin and a teasing 'tsking' sound, "What can I say? I'm a bad, bad man." In response to kisses in the infirmary. "Good on Kason, hope he has you wanting to steal his belt soon too." Brat. As to the latter, dark eyes set a narrowed look onto the healer and Max grumbles, "Not afraid." No, just a big wuss for fear of looking like a lovestruck ass. Shaking his head slightly to approaching anyone else, let alone a stranger about things of such an intimate nature, he straightens in his chair, "Doesn't matter, cold stream works fine." Well it does matter, but he's quickstepping away from that particular subject.

Cheusia laughs, "not my fault." She teases, before rolling her eyes. "You horrible man." Teasing continues before she chuckles softly, "I think stealing belts are just reserved for you, my wild beastmaster. Kason's a gentle sort… I doubt I'd need to tie him with a belt, just sweet words." Though, sweet words seem to work better on her than him! "Aw… Max." She moves around the desk to wrap her arms around him. "You're such a sweet man. She's very lucky." She'll place a kiss upon his head if he doesn't scramble away from her. "I'll see what I can find for you."

Horrible man - That simply serves to draw Max's grin wider and then an amused shake of head, "Wild, eh?" But he won't make further comment on that other than to send a knowing look Che's way. As to Kason, a snicker greets her assessment of him and draws some on the comment he'd held back, "Darlin', every man has a wild beast roaming about just waiting for a chance to get out. Sweet words or no." He doesn't flinch away from the hug, merely attempting to hold his scowl in place, fingers working automatically to twist the runner hair together, and then he fails and drops a short chuckle out as he turns his head to place kiss on her cheek, "And you'll always be my favourite healer." As t his being sweet the mutter in response is more along the lines of , "Fool more like." However, her offer of help does earn her a more genuine response from the beast manager, "Thanks darlin'," the true appreciation in the warm smile.

Cheusia grins wider at the man, "wild." She repeats teasingly before a brow is lifted at his comment. "I don't think so. Kason is very sweet… There's no wild beast hiding inside there." The scowl that remains on his face is utterly ignored until he chuckles and she gives him a look, lips spreading into a wider grin as he kisses her cheek. "Thank you." Her hand lifts again to mess with his hair, "you're not a fool. It's cute. I'm sure if she saw you like this, she'd fall for you even more. You're welcome. I'll do some snooping and sneak something in for you if I find anything."

"Mmhmm," this Max's dubious sounding response to Cheusia on the nature of the other man, whose ears are probably burning something awful round about now. He tries to duck away from that hand that messes with his hair, but it's a good natured action and doesn't really take him far out of her reach, "Keep doing that and by the time you walk out of here, them lot," his assistants, "are going to have a far different take on what went down in here," winking. The healer's last words have him ducking his head slightly and chuckling, "Or she'll just tag me for being the randy brute that I am," poking fun at himself in that. "You going to the hatching?" a rather sudden topic switch there.

"I mean it… I don't think there is." Che murmurs. His ears are likely on fire with the amount of time they've put in talking about the Journeyman. "Ohh, pfft. Let them think what they want. My hair will still be perfect." She points out cheerfully, laughing. There's a shake of her head and she gives him a look, "I bet she wants you, too. I mean, you're her man now… What girl wouldn't want you? She wants you." Simple enough before she nods, "probably. Wondering if they'll ask me to assist if there are any injuries."

Tipping his head to one side, Max regards the healer for a moment before smiling and asking, "And that's what attracts you to him, aye? Because by instinct you know he won't do to you what your father and step-father have done." Cheusia, meet Dr Phil. His grin broadens and he reaches up as if to make a grab for one of the pins holding her hair in place, "Not if I can help it." The pronouncement from Cheusia regarding the securing of herbs or whatever means to justify the ends, earns her an amused look before the beast manager is responding to the topic of the Hatching, "Hopefully nothing more serious a few scratches and some heat exhaustion from being out on the Sands. Some fool put the notion into their heads that they'll be mauled to death if they get in the way of an oncoming hatchling." The roll of eyes expressing his views on that becoming a likelihood.

Cheusia blinks, "I…" There's no response as she considers this, "maybe… Maybe I've been using them as an excuse not to get involved." She decides. A loud squeal follows the attempt to take her pin from her hair, and unable to move quickly enough, the bun is quickly deformed from it's perfect state. "Aaah. Evil man!" Laughter follows before she gives him a rather serious look. "Hopefully. If their smart enough, they'll move… And hopefully that'll save them from anything bigger." A pause and she shrugs, "it's still likely they can get mauled… Not to death, but… During the time when I was a Candidate… Some girl didn't move because she thought the dragon was hers and it walked all over her to the girl behind her."

With a smile as the realization hits Cheusia, "Maybe. Maybe you should give him a chance and let him be his own man, aye?" Triumphant the grin as his fingers catch onto a pin and the bun becomes not quite so perfect anymore. Setting it between his teeth where he assume the healer is not likely to come after it, he listens in silence as his hands go back to working the last strands of the runner's tail hair together and tie it off. Shifting the hairpin to the corner of his mouth so that he better speak, shoulders roll in a light shrug, "Look if they're dumb enough not to take a slight shift to the side when there's sharp taloned hatchling looking set to climb right over them then…?" Interest peaks, "You stood once?"

Cheusia gives him a small look before nodding, "yes. You're right." She smiles faintly and watches him stick the pin between his teeth which has her nose wrinkling up. "Evil man." She repeats, not taking a chance at snagging the pin back from him. She sighs and moves to lean against the desk. "She was a rather stupid girl… You'd have to know when a dragon is yours. You hear it's name…" She tilts her head back, staring upwards. "Mhm… Once. When I was younger."

"Wild -and- Evil? Must be doing something right," Max quips in return, the hairpin staying exactly where it is for the time being. Nodding on how to know if a dragon has chosen you, "So I've heard tell," something said to him recently drops back into focus and draws a short frown from the beast manager and a muttered oath, "Zen was saying to me the other day that one of the candidates has this harebrained idea that she can figure out how to entice a dragon to her. A kid like that could be putting themselves in line for some serious danger." Real concern for the faceless candidate showing up. Tucking the braided length of runner's tail hairs into his top pocket, the hairpin is plucked from his mouth and idly toyed with, "Were you disappointed you didn't impress?"

Cheusia laughs, "must be. Must be, because you're still horribly attractive even with you being wild and evil." She folds her arms across her chest, giving him a curious look. "There's always candidates doing that. Some think taking a bath before going out on the Sands helps. Or bathing with certain scents. Or, acting like they're not afraid. I hope she wouldn't do something stupid like running in front of every dragon." Brows draw into a frown and she shakes her head. "No. I had bigger plans in mind… Maybe that's what kept me from Impressing. I was so focused on everything but Impressing. I studied still, even when doing chores. Dabbled in the thoughts of dragonhealing… I was so focused on healing while being a Candidate."

That has Max letting loose a round of laughter and waggling the hairpin back at its rightful owner, "And they say men are the masters of flattery." Though it's plain to see his male ego has been well and truly stroked. "Don't rightly know if it's serious enough to point out to someone to keep an eye on her out there. Just don't want to see the consequences of one idiot's actions frighten the daylights out of the others out there," because of his obvious vested interest in one candidate in particular. Leaning slightly sideways as he listens, the beast manager slides the hairpin onto the edge of Cheusia's tunic his expression turning contemplative, "Or maybe it's just that you're exactly where you're meant to be. A healer with your skills comes in sore need when Thread rains down," turning more sombre with that last.

Cheusia laughs and makes no movement to take the hairpin back, "mm. I'm just learning from you, dear." She tilts a look to him, grey eyes searching his face for a moment. "Well… If you figure out who it is, let someone know and I'll try and get my ass out there so I can keep her from making a huge fool of herself." Eyes move to watch his movements as he tucks the hairpin into her tunic. "Maybe. And, it is very likely. That's probably why I was posted here. And near Landing… To learn and to heal."

Words on learning things from him have Max sending the healer an entirely wicked look but to his credit, he holds his tongue. Brows furrow into a frown as he searches his memory and then eventually he shakes his head, "Can't remember if Zen put a name to the candidate or not, but I'll ask him and see if he feels the kid needs to be put under watch or something." Leaning back in his chair a warm smile appears, "Having a chance to be so close to a place like Landing must be quite a thing for folk such as yourself, aye? Ahni said she wanted to be a healer but she's got into her head she's no good at it," not that he would know really, "I think we all have our parts to play in this life, sometimes regardless of what it is we might think we want." Waxing on philosophical. The late nights must be catching up

Cheusia sticks her tongue out at that wicked look before retreating to a simple smile and nodding. "Okay… We might have to start a secret group who watches the Candidates and stops them from being huge idiots." She teases before she nods. "Uh-huh. When I requested a new posting… I was hoping to be at Landing, but, Eastern is good, too." She considers quietly, "maybe I should talk to her? See if she wants to work with me sometimes and see if she wants to Apprentice afterwards… I mean, there's no harm in trying." Eyes close as she considers his words, thoughtful. "Perhaps that's true… Eventually, we may fall into those places whether we want it or not. Like Candidates who Impress. They initially had the choice of if they wanted to be on the Sands or not… And then the dragons may take the decision away from them even if they don't feel ready."

Teasing over clandestine clubs has Max grinning, "Do we get like secret code names and handshakes too?" Such a boy at heart sometimes. "Are you disappointed to be here rather than there? Even knowing your father is down there?" Cheusia's offer to help Ahnika possibly pursue a career in healing draws warm smile from the beast manager, respect for the woman growing ever deeper, "I reckon she'd be pleased for the chance. Just…don't let her know I said anything, aye? She might not be too thrilled if she thought I was meddling." And, he'll be in trouble. Again. Shrugging lightly, "How else do you explain which goldrider becomes senior weyrwoman and which bronzerider, weyrleader? We make choices which lead us down certain roads. Good or bad. It's our own decisions that start the ball rolling." Now, if he could just actually apply those philosophies he might not have his foot stuck in his mouth quite so often.

Cheusia laughs, "we could have secret code names. You could be WM. And I'll be CC." She teases, "you'll have to make up the handshakes, though." She teases, before nodding. "I'll talk to her. I won't let her know you said anything… My lips are completely sealed. I'll just see if I can snag her one day when she's working and ask her if she wants to be my assistant. Though she might be suspicious because of that one time she found us at the lake." There's a thoughtful shrug, "I always though the whole leader by mating thing was quite silly…" She points out, "but, I suppose… Even if we think we're making the choices we want, we're all falling into place. Hmm?"

Smoothing his hands down his chest, "Aw, now see, I'm just a lowly beast manager, you're going to have to indulge me and tell me what those stand for, darlin'. But handshakes I can do." Max gives in return with a chuckle for the code names. All teasing aside, he nods his thanks for Cheusia's agreement to discretion in terms of Ahnika and a turn in the infirmary, remarking with an amused twitch of lips, "Naw, I think she was too pissed with me to take that and put it together with your asking her to assist you." And no, he doesn't look too apologetic for having rankled the redhead that particular night. Snorting softly, "Can you imagine how that would work in the Holds? Their precious bloodlines all sullied up because of a randy dragon?" it amuses. With more levity, the man stretches and settles back into an easy sprawl in his chair before commenting on choices made and their ensuing consequences, "We be good to believe that's true."

Cheusia laughs, "WM is Wild Max and CC is Calm Che." She teases, leaning back and nodding. "I see. Well, hopefully she's too distracted to really put two and two together." She chuckles and pushes herself up from her spot on the desk. "It wouldn't work in the Holds. They're far too fickle about sex to even think of such a thing." She moves to fluff his hair again. "Well… Whatever it really is. I'm glad it's turning out this way. I got to meet you." She drifts towards the door, shooting him a teasing grin. "See you later, WM."

He'll wear the WM label, but the CC? Brows lift up and Max shakes his head slowly, "Ooooh no, darlin'. That just won't do. Candy Che. That's the one," grinning. His hand lifts to his hair, trying to smooth it back down into place after the ruffling and sending a feigned scowl over to Cheusia. The amusement in his eyes however, fails to give it any weight whatsoever as he stands a warm smile forming as he moves to put a kiss of farewell to the healer's cheek, "Aye, me too darlin'." Leaning up against the doorframe, arms crossed he'll watch her leave, sending a "Later CC," to her retreating back and then turn and go back to frowning over stock reports.

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