Colorful Types


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Date: Dec. 5, 2010
Location: The Bar, EW
Synopsis: Jaya meets the weyrlings' new Weyrlingmaster, and the two skirt around a bit on origins.
Rating: PG
Logger: Jaya

The bar is fairly crowded this night with its usual customers, but the card tables are not a hit. Most are there to drink before retiring, with most being dragonriders coming off of whatever tasks they’ve been doing to catch a nightcap or to chat up friends. Jaya is present behind the counter as usual, making drinks – but the barkeep is not her loud, bantering self like she normally is. The barmaids Suli and Hayli are running the tables as usual while Shijan mans the door and watches everyone that goes in and out. There’s a lot of stools free at the counter, but every table in the bar is occupied with dragonriders and weyrfolks alike deep in low conversations. Overall, not a rowdy atmosphere, but certainly still a friendly one despite the coming late hour.

W'red walks into the bar blue eyes scanning the crowd, firstly to make sure there are no wayward Weyrlings still there, secondly checking for familiar faces, a few of the riders present nod as he scans over the patrons, he returns the acknowledgements with a nod of his own, and proceeds to the bar counter, the tall man leans on the wooden top, he gets the attention of the woman behind the counter and with a wave of his hand, "whiskey, straight up," his deep gruff voice softened slightly in the confines of the room.

With her back still towards the bar, missing the new arrival, “Must be a whiskey sort of night,” comes from the barkeep in her slight Bitran accent, the husky overtones both tired yet wry. Turning finally, she has an empty glass in hand that she sets down before him, her eyes raking over him briefly before turning again to get the right bottle. Straightening up once she has it, “Rough day, shuga?” she asks then, brushing her hair back on the side of her face where a long nasty scar could be seen marring her otherwise youthful features. Since she finds no shoulderknot on him, she adds while she pours the whiskey, “Enjoy it. It’s Bitran stock.” And the glass is filled and pushed gently towards him.

The tall man nods, "Every night is a whiskey sort of night, my personal stock is run down at the moment forcing me out of my office, which in itself is not a bad thing, work too much anyhow." A smile creases the big man's face, "Rough days, rough nights, sometimes wonder if I made the right choice coming down here, then others are good and successful and make the change worth it." The glass is taken and lifted to his lips a taste of the liquid brings a sigh from the rider, the smile changing from a smile to a grin of sorts, and a slight lift of eyebrows as he takes in the young woman's face, eyes dropping slightly to look further, but manners bring his gaze back up to her face for now, "all the stock here from Bitra then?" He seems to be questioning her origins as well as the whiskey's.

“My kind of words,” Jaya seems to approve of every night being a whiskey night, leaning back to lean against the counter and scan the bar idly. “Where were you last, hm?” she asks then, back to regarding the man with slight interest as he speaks. “The south getting too much for you?” Since she feels like she is asking a series of questions, she is quick to put in, “I wonder the same sometimes, too. Whether I made the right choice in coming down here. The cold seems to match my personality better,” she adds this wryly. She watches that smile that erupts from him tasting his drink, not seeming to mind his eyes on her as she answers his last with a slight snort. “I wish, shuga. It’s from all over. I put all my favorites from back home and some dragonrider or other’s going to claim I’m playing favorites in my drinks.” Well, she is, and she still is now.

Taking another sip of the whiskey, "Mmmm, this is good whiskey, not as good as I normally have but good nonetheless," the grin still on his face, although the brow lift has gone. "I was in the Reaches before here, before that, many places. The South doesn't bother me it's the job but as I said there are good days and bad, and that goes for anywhere on Pern." Another sip taken from the glass, "well if cold suits you better then the Reaches would fit you like a glove, cold and miserable for longer than it is warm and sort of bearable." W'red finishes the first glass and pushes it back towards the barkeep, "Well as you are offering your good stuff I'll have another, back home you say? Bitra, your home?" The question is pointed. "Far from home for a walker aren't you?"

Leaning almost playfully her elbows on the counter at his initial words, “So why don’t you share a little and tell me which whiskey stock you normally have so that, next time, I can oblige?” Jaya notes, that crooked smirk in place with the man, though as he speaks further, a brow goes up and she just can’t help but to ask, “And what job is that, stranger?” Talk of moving to the Reaches fits a light snort onto the barkeep as she leans away and straightens. “Been to the Reaches once,” she admits, turning to collect up the dirty mugs just set down by one of the barmaids. “Cold sort of people, but I was never without a warm body to while away the nights.” Hips sway when she turns back empty-handed, reaching for the bottle to get him that refill as her amusement with him rises with the question. “Bitra’s my home,” she agrees on that, pouring the whiskey with her eyes briefly touching his before she passes the glass back over. “Came from Telgar, actually,” she continues to say. “Was helping run a bar up there before one of the weyrwomen offered me up one of my own here. It’s been a pretty good opportunity for me. But as for Bitra…” there’s a pause, the scarred woman grabbing a washrag from below to start cleaning out the mugs behind her in the pause. “Used to be home,” she finishes blithely on that. “Not anymore, shuga.”

W'red chuckles, "Well I would share a little with you, but seeing as I don't really know you, I think for now I'll keep that piece of information to myself for now. Perhaps if we get to know one another a little better, then I may share with you where my stock comes from and we can do a little business." With a light shrug of his broad shoulders, "Weyrlingmaster, herder of all young weyrlings in training," his smile hides the disdain he holds for -some- of his trainees, "most of them are good at what we do, some of them give me more grey hair than I'd like to admit to." The glass is taken with the refill and a small sip taken, "the Reaches is cold, the people, well some are warmer than others, some can be helpful if you know the right ones, spent some time in Southern Weyr, actually enjoyed Southern, which is what tempted me to come here warmer climate, better for some creaky old bones." He watches as the young woman starts to wash the mugs, "thought I recognized the accent, Bitran twang to it," again the big man chuckles more to himself than to anyone in particular, "Bitra, certainly breeds some characters, by the way, W'red's the name, fearless Weyrlingmaster, Eastern Weyr," he says half putting his hand out in greeting, if she reciprocates his hand will fully extend in a hand shake.

Laughing to herself at W’red’s answer on his stock, “Then I guess we’ll have to get to know each other, then,” Jaya drawls that out, a little flirty in its deliverance. At finding out that he was the Weyrlingmaster, that draws her a little up short and she fits a curious glance onto him now in the pause. Having heard of him before, she reaches to take his hand then and says, “So I finally get to meet the new Weyrlingmaster. Your reputation proceeds you, W’red.” The smoky smile lopsided, “Jaya, fearless bar owner,” she gives for introductions then, her handshake of very firm and sturdy quality for a woman not yet 20. “Well met, shuga.” Once their hands part, “Been to Bitra yourself?” she asks, confirming his guess in her being Bitran. She even chuckles a bit to herself on his comment of Bitra breeding characters, the woman remarking, “That would be called an understatement.” Beat. “You don’t seem too old,” she puts out there now, openly studying the dragonrider now that the pleasantries have been extended. “Though, admittedly, it amuses me that you’re training the likes of L’ron, Ahnika and Rio. I happen to know them. Are they giving you trouble?” And then, a thought suddenly occurs to her and she tacks on in a lowered voice, “How’s Relly doing?” Relly being the new name Olira’s been under since arriving to the Weyr.

"Well I don't have that much free time for socializing, but on the few occasions I do have yes we can get to know each other better, then perhaps I will divulge my source, and you can make a plan to get the stock here, on my limited time I just cannot get there and back without upsetting the suppliers." The big rider smiles, the offered hand is shaken the firm grip noted, "Hopefully my reputation is only of good things, well met Jaya fearless bar owner." On the question of whether or not he has been to Bitra the brownrider simply avoids answering, "old no, not too old, just been through a lot is all, have some old injuries that play up in the cold." W'red nods and smiles, "yes, training all the mentioned, no, no trouble," he doesn't lower his voice however answering on the latter, as she is supposed to fit in at the Weyr and whispering about her won't make that happen, "Relly is doing alright, not the best at keeping records, but she'll learn."

The crooked smile falling in place once more as she goes about cleaning the dirty mugs, “I’m not leaving anytime soon, shuga,” Jaya notes on the times to get to know each other with an incline of her head. “And I wouldn’t worry about me getting the stock here, shuga. I have my ways.” Ominous ways, apparently. Once W’red shakes her hand, “Your reputation is of good things,” she confirms, going back to cleaning mugs. “Hear you’re fair. Strict. Have an authority. The very things that lacked in my life growing up.” While she notes that he doesn’t answer on him being in Bitra before, the barkeep is astute enough to file away what doesn’t get said as opposed to what does get said. “Glad to have you here, Weyrlingmaster.” She can actually be friendly. Maybe it was a good profit day? She nods a few times at hearing about the weyrlings she mentioned, but on the topic of Relly, “Who better would you need?” she asks on Relly’s prowess at bookkeeping. “She worked for the Telgari crime-“ Pause. “…for someone of high influence,” the barkeep clears her throat and amends, eyes darting to those on either side of W’red should they have heard any part of her statement. All the same though, “I, we, do appreciate you taking her in,” she adds, noting her inclusion along with Max in bringing the Tillekian in the Weyr barracks. “If there’s anything you need, there, don’t be afraid to stop by.”

The big brownrider nods, "I'm pretty sure you won't be leaving too soon, this place looks like it could turn over a few marks for certain, and I'm sure you have ways to get your stock here, if you have some Bitran whiskey you must have transport sorted out." A knowing sort of half smirk flashes quickly over his before the smile is slipped back in place, "discipline is needed more for some than others but a guideline is most certainly needed, you then know where it is that you can push boundaries and where you need to tread carefully, being aware of that line, leaves you with all the power you will ever need. I have pushed enough boundaries in my time and have at times learned the hard way where the line is." The welcome is appreciated and verbalized, "Thank you for the welcome, although I don't know if everyone is of the same opinion though, my being here may bring more than a few shady characters and colourful characters as well, down this way, some of my -friends- can be more than people expect or want around here." This said with a broad grin once again creasing his face drawing the deep laugh lines around his eyes to the fore, taking another sip of whiskey, blue eyes fix the young woman, "I have a fair idea of the girls history, but that doesn't help much with writing up training manuals, filing and other such mundane tasks, she may be good at numbers, doesn't mean she can do everything as I've proved to her over and over. Nevertheless she has proved helpful and at the same time she is kept out of harms way, which is what was asked of me." A nod given to her last, "I'll keep that in mind if I do ever need a hand which I doubt, I am resourceful and have a lot of untapped resources to call on." W'red's grin seemingly plastered in place now, he may have needed a break more than he had thought and this seemed a relaxing sort of place.

“You could say that,” Jaya merely says to how the Bitran stock got there, her shoulder shifting while she moves to work. A smirk filters out on discipline, “Where I come from, few have guidelines,” she lets W’red know, but it’s his next said that has her in pause. W’red being here and the possibility of colorful folks coming down after him is the probably to her, an understatement. She leans a little forward in her silence, making a show of looking to the left and right of him before her eyes meet his and she lowers her voice dramatically. “Sorry, shuga,” she drawls, amusement coloring her husky tone. “But this Weyr already seems suited to us more…ah, colorful types?” Winking since she has knowingly included herself in that statement, “Something tells me your ‘friends’ will feel right at home here at Eastern,” she adds, now straightening up and letting her voice return to normal levels. On to the talk of Relly, the barkeep’s gaze lingering over the big man’s frame while he talks of the Tillekian’s skills before letting out a small chuckle. “She’ll prove useful, never you worry,” she seems sure of that, the woman nodding firmly. Changing the subject then, “So tell me about your life in Southern,” she says, eyes briefly lighting on a passing dragonrider and nodding her greeting to him. “How different is it from here?”

W'red, laughs lightly, "I'm sure you do have your guidelines, we all do, even if we make them ourselves." As Jaya leans closer and their eyes meet, W'red's laughter becomes a little more pronounced, "well a friend of mine came down here for a sevenday or so, and his antics were not appreciated by all, some of course thought he was really colorful others didn't know what to make of him, you may have had the pleasure while he was here, although doubtful he seemed to find a greenrider of similar nature and I hardly saw him again until he left." Jaya's statement on Relly makes the brownrider smile, "she is useful no doubt of that, just not as useful as I thought she may be, that may change over time." The question over his life in Southern, is met with a brief pause and a shrug, "Southern is a Weyr, as warm as it is here, otherwise, the same as any Weyr, dragons, riders, traders all the usual folk, I was mostly in the infirmary and with the weyrlings while there, made a few friends, met a few woman, had some of my colorful friends visit, nothing out of the ordinary." W'red doesn't elaborate on why he was in Southern and much of what he did there, perhaps if he gets to know the young woman better she may hear more, but he never tells more than needed to anyone.

“Actually,” Jaya seems to counter on having guidelines, turning her face slightly where the scar is more prominent before she just lets that one word fade. She lets her amusement continue to be present through W’red’s response to her words on the Wery being a colorful place, eyes narrowing slightly as she tries to remember hearing anything out of the ordinary about a traveling man with unappreciative antics. “I don’t think I had the pleasure, unfortunately,” she notes, starting in on making drinks for a waiting blonde barmaid. She doesn’t seem surprised to hear the man made off with a greenrider, being that the most she’s seen come through her bar were pretty randy in general. “Some friend he is to abandon you in favor of some greenrider tail,” she drawls, passing one drink over to her barmaid standing next to the Weyrlingmaster. She starts in on the next drink while she makes no comment on Relly, though one can catch the smirk given to him for his answer. Even his brief answer on his time spent in the Weyr at Southern – so short and to the point – gets low chuckles to herself. “Dare I ask why you were in the infirmary so much?” she asks wryly, making the assumption that he was talking about the whole time he was there. She’s not expecting him to answer it, so the question could be little more than rhetorical – however, she passes on two more drinks towards Hayli, her barmaid before the blonde moves off and she puts to W’red, “Another round?”

W'red looks at the scar on her face, although does not ask how it got there, "well those sort of lines a lot of folk have, they help you to know where the other lines are that should be avoided." As to his friend abandoning him, "I was busy, he came down to deliver a message, I used him in a lesson, and he had great fun while here so all's good, I know I can call on him at anytime and he'll be here in a few heartbeats." He downs the last of the whiskey in the glass, "I was recuperating in the infirmary and in a few greenriders weyrs as well, you recuperate where you can." The blonde gets the roving eye of the brownrider as he checks her from head to toe, nothing wrong with looking at woman, something W'red does a lot of these days, when he has time away from the weyrlings. The glass gets pushed gently in Jaya's direction, "Sure I'll have another, then it's time to turn in, early mornings don't leave to much social time for me, but this class will be needing me less and less, but then another gold is sure to rise and I start all over again."

Jaya acknowledges that response from the Weyrlingmaster on guidelines with a nod, though it’s perhaps clear the woman hasn’t too much found her own yet. “Good friends like that are hard to come by,” she choose to speak on his next instead, eyes on his glass briefly before she turns to get the right bottle for the refill. His recuperation quip gets a sharp, but rather amused look from the barkeep. “Looks like you and this friend have a thing for greenriders,” she notes, though she does note the mention of his recuperating as she looks W’red over again. “Well, their weyrs and the infirmary must have done their job well,” she says then since she doesn’t see anything looking serious from where she stands, and the crooked smirk that lifts up turns towards Hayli since she catches where the man’s roving eyes go. Once the glass gets her attention, she leans forward to take it and pour more of the whiskey into it as she slides a look up his way. “How much longer, you think?” she asks on the weyrlings, though one could also interpret this to be in reference to the next gold to rise, too.

W'red chuckles, looks down at his shoulder remembers he isn't wearing his knot, "Yeah, well T'bin is a bronzerider I ride a brown, we've known each other from long before either of us impressed, and we are pretty much like brothers, so we have done many things and many greenriders together." The chuckles changes again to light laugh, "there's actually very little we haven't tried at one time or another." He takes the glass lifts t slowly to his lips sips a little, "Mmmm, the Weyr, the infirmary did their jobs well enough," On the subject of weyrlings, W'red nods, "they still have a long way to go, my involvement will just diminish as they get better at their training, leaving me free to start with the next golds dragonets, whenever that will be, during a pass it is unpredictable, they seem to know when more dragons are needed and rise in order to produce them, throws the weyrlings off a bit if it happens too soon, but other than that it isn't a problem." Again the brownrider grins, "Queens rising just makes the Weyr real fun for a few days, much more than a rising green."

“You don’t look the type,” Jaya observes on his response on him and T’bin’s wild times together, leaning against the counter now as she continues to linger by the Weyrlingmaster. “You seem more…ah, in line,” she finds the words, a finger lifting briefly to the ceiling. “Perhaps someday I will meet this friend of yours, hm?” Meeting wild-like folks, Jaya is always down for. She shows interest when he speaks on the topic of the weyrlings, “I’m sure, dealing with that lot, you could use the break,” she states, right before Suli appears by her side and muttering a few words to her along with a sharp look to bring her attention towards the entrance. Looking beyond W’red now, “I suppose your brown will be joining in the, ah, fun then,” she makes it more of a statement than a question, but the barkeep’s moving away to get from behind the counter as she tells him, “Need to speak with someone before they leave, shuga.” She’ll nod her leave towards the Weyrlingmaster first before she steps behind the counter and moves near him to head towards the bar entrance.

W'red smiles as he lifts the glass of whiskey to his lips for a final drink, "You don't know me very well, Jaya, I have to put on an appearance of being sensible and responsible as that is what my current position requires, but I've had my moments and will again, this won't last forever, from my experience Weyrlingmasters generally only manage this for around six turns before it just gets too much." He slides the glass upside down across the counter indication that it was the last a few marks slide across with the glass, "Not so much the training but the consequences of thread and the Weyrlings becoming like kids to you." A grin spreads again, "Tavaith! He chases every time he can, very seldom catches anything be it green or gold, but the ensuing fun is not bad at all, although the brown lump sulks for days afterwards." Seeing her distraction the brownrider nods, "Go ahead, I must be heading off in any case, but be assured I'll be back until I can restock with my own whiskey yours is definitely the best around." With that and a last long look around the bar he heads for the exit, a last nod towards the barkeep, eyes lingering perhaps a little longer than required before he ducks out of the doorway.

“I barely know any dragonriders all that well, shuga,” Jaya seems to correct wryly, the scar-faced woman not really seen conversing among dragonriders all too often since she’s moved down to the Weyr. It’s likely because she equates the lot of them to guards. Still, she manages to reach for the payment and pocket it in two seconds, flat, a brow lifting when W’red speaks on his dragon and looking to answer before that distraction at the entrance arrives. As she passes him by and hears his comment on her stock, “Look forward to it, Weyrlingmaster,” she says, pleased, before she hurries and meets up with a burly-looking man lingering at the entrance with a crate held in both hands. While she talks up the man, she notes that nod from the passing brownrider with one of her own before she’s questioned on something, so one wouldn’t be too sure whether or not the barkeep caught the lingering look W’red gives her on his way out of the bar.

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